Chapter 2

       When I finally took off the bandages all over my body, I unwrapped the ‘silkworm chrysalis’ next to the bed like a gift, and inside it was a small snake.


       The little snake looked at me with teary eyes. I was affected by my Quantum Beast and wanted to cry too.


       So I hugged the little snake and we cried together.


       Cripple comforted me from the distance, “Big brother, don’t cry. Hey, this… This, amnesia can still be cured.”


       Brain Hurt also comforted me, “Yes, it’s true, it’s just a memory loss. Anyway, at least you have military honours. I heard that the First-Class Military Honours gives you the right to have a blind date with the guide!”


       One Arm waved his arm, “Yeah, look on the bright side.”


       “Really?” I wiped my eyes as the little snake coiled pitifully on my wrist. I guessed it must not have been this small before.


       Cripple nodded vigorously, “Isn’t that right? You see, we were lightly injured, and we don’t have first-class military achievements, and now we don’t have a guide.”


       But now I had amnesia, I would not even remember my bank password, and I had no relatives to come to see me. So I probably had no money, no house and both of my parents died, how can there be a guide who can take a fancy to me?


       I felt sad again.


       “Wuwuwu…” I started to weep again as I hold the little snake, and the three elder brothers were scared by me.


       Afterwards, a doctor came in to give me a health check-up and told me, “You are in a good shape, and you will be discharged from the hospital in half a month. The military department has arranged a blind date for you.”


       I asked cautiously, “Doctor, can I not leave the hospital? “


       The doctor asked me as he wrote on the medical record, “Why? Is there any discomfort in your body?”


       I instantly burst into tears again, “Wuwuwu, I have no money, doctor. I remember that there is no charge for being hospitalized due to the war.”


       The doctor was obviously startled by me, “What’s up with that? Major General Guan, you made a first-class military achievement in the battle, and the Empire gave you a lot of bonuses, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money.”


       I was even more upset when he said that, “Doctor, I forgot my bank card password.”


       It was probably the first time the doctor had seen it, but he reassured me, “It’s okay, it will come back to you.”


       In the end, I was kicked out of the hospital, and it was useless to cry and hug the doctor’s thigh.


       The military department sent a few mid-level sentinels to pick me up. They came and carried me onto the aircraft and took me out of the hospital.


       I was taken back to what I was told was my home. Cripple has nanny robots in his house, but when I look at mine, I didn’t even have a nanny robot. I’m sure I’m poor.


       Wuwuwu, it was better to stay in the hospital.


       The Lead Sentinel gave me a badge, “Major General Guan, this is a blind date permit. Next week you will be able to go on a blind date with a guide with a high match rate in the Tower1 it’s supposed to 文塔 or Wenta some sort of Pagoda/tower but I’ll keep it as Tower, so please keep it safe.


       I wiped my tears as I pinned the badge to my shirt.


       The sentinel said awkwardly, “Don’t be late. We’re leaving first.”


       After they left, I wandered around the house alone.


       There were no nanny bots in my house, wuwuwu.


       Who’s going to cook for me, wuwuwu.


       The more I thought about it, the sadder I got, and the little snake also shed tears along with me.


       I rummaged in the kitchen while weeping, and finally found some nutritional supplements, which I drank.


       Wuwuwu, this fvcking thing is so hard to drink.

I think I will just stick with wuwuwu for the crying sounds Guan Lie make (≧▽≦)
I never encounter a gong crying so much like this one, lololol
I wonder how majestic he was in the battle before you turned into an amnesiac cry baby~~

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  1. Ketkai

    Poor mc 😅 kicked out of the hospital and no one telling him anything. Starting from scratch alone and a sudden forced blind date… Prolly even 180° change in personality? OwO … Does he also have no friends or close subordinates that visit and assist him qwq

  2. Evie

    aajajjajajjajajajja me encanta!!! un gong llorón ….gracias!!


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