Chapter 5

       There was a friend request on the System and when I opened it, I found it was from He Qing.


       He Qing said that my contact details were public at the military department.


       I also found that in addition to the military department account that automatically logged in, there was also an alternate account on the System, which was not automatically logged in.


       Wuwuwu, this must be what I usually use for hooking up.


       There must be a list of fvck buddies when I logged in.


       I hoped from the bottom of my heart that I would never remember it for the rest of my life. I wanted to have a good life with He Qing in the future.


       He Qing sent me a copy of the report form to submit to the military department.


       I wrote it down and make an official request to the military department to be with He Qing as my guide.


       The military department replied, and the approval began the next day.


       I waited at home for three days for the approval to be completed and for the System to be ready for use, and I finally opened the garage of my own home.


       I took my aircraft to the Tower to pick up He Qing.


       I made sure to get rid of the colourful condoms and another set of toiletries I had at home before heading out.


       Wuwuwu, I will treat He Qing well in the future.


       I’m going to devote myself wholly to He Qing.


       He Qing was carrying a small box and was waiting for me at the gate of the Tower.


       He looked very happy when he saw me coming in with the aircraft.


       I showed the soldiers the official document of the military department and took He Qing away.


       I went back to my home first.


       Wuwuwu, despite being connected to the System, my financial account is so poor that I can’t even afford a nanny robot.


       I was so afraid that He Qing would not like it.


       Fortunately, He Qing was not surprised at all. I guessed he must have read the information from the military headquarters and know that I was poor.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing is so nice.


       He Qing walked straight away into the bedroom, and I had the feeling that he was very familiar with the way.


       Wuwuwu, it must be because He Qing was so nice that he wanted to make me think he was supposed to be my wife.


       It was a shameful thought on my part.


       He Qing went to the bathroom and looked around, smiling a little, “I thought you’d have a set of toiletries for me.”


       I just regretted throwing that extra set away earlier.


       But I couldn’t give He Qing the ones my fvck buddies used without throwing them away.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing was so nice.


       I said, “I’ll order a set for you right now.”


       Wuwuwu, I hope I still have enough balance.


       However, He Qing stopped me, “It’s okay, I’ll just do it myself.”


       With that, he quickly ordered a set for himself.


       I was moved to tears.


       He Qing asked me to tidy up and go to register in a while.


       I dug out a military uniform from the closet and changed into it.


       I had to dress handsomely to register with He Qing.


       Wuwuwu, I hope He Qing won’t regret it.


       He Qing and I went out to the registration office, but to my surprise, we ran into a group of star pirates halfway.


       A group of star pirates drove the aircraft and knocked down the aircraft I was driving.


       As a sentinel, one has to protect one’s guide.


       I jumped out of the aircraft with He Qing in my arms. After we were on the ground, the first thing I did was to keep He Qing behind me.


       I notified the military department with my System.


       There were still a few ordinary residents on this road and I instinctively look for shelter around me to let He Qing hide.


       The little snake on the wrist sensed danger and kept spitting out its tongue.


       Before I could make a move, He Qing had already dashed out from behind me.


       “He Qing—”


       I was so scared that I forgot to cry.

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