Extra 5 – The Days of Being a Cat 5

       The light in the bedroom was dim. He Qing was leaning against the bed reading a book, a blanket around his waist, one leg curled up in a very lazy manner, and I was lying in the crook of his arm.


       Don’t ask me why I didn’t tell He Qing, his Guan Lie turned into a cat.


       I wanted to see what kind of perks the cat had while I was away.


       He Qing was so focused on reading that he didn’t even notice that his bathrobe was open.


       I enjoyed the scenery for a long time and finally cured myself of the nosebleed.


       Suddenly a bold idea came to me.


       So I stood up and, using the fact that I was a cat, I got under the blanket.


       Then I was quickly picked up by He Qing.


       He Qing’s face was a little red, and he flicked my head, “You little devil, where are you going?”




       Wuwuwu, I just saw that you are so sexy, I couldn’t help it.


       Wuwuwu, I’m just a crotch-staring cat.


       I tried my best to curl into a ball, trying to be cute and get He Qing to forgive me.


       As expected, He Qing couldn’t bear it anymore. I knew He Qing was the best.


       Wuwuwu, my wife is too gentle.


       This cat got it easy.


       He Qing read the book for a while, then pulled the quilt and got ready to sleep.


       Before going to sleep, he lifted the quilt by a corner, “Come in.”


       What the fvck!?


       This cat is actually in the same bed as my He Qing?!


       When I got back, it had to be thrown away.


       It must be thrown away.


       If I couldn’t throw it away, I had to give it away.


       I sneaked in.


       … This cat must be given away!


       This, this cat…


       This cat had night vision…


       Damn it!?


       Filled with jealousy, I plopped down angrily by He Qing’s waist.


       He Qing’s hand reached under the covers and rubbed my head, “Go to sleep, no more fooling around.”


       Wuwuwu, wife, don’t you think my head is a little green1implying if He Qing see Guan Lie is feeling cheated.?


       Wuwuwu, it’s green like this cat’s eyes.


       Wuwuwu, the cat’s eyes are green.


       The bed was filled with the smell of He Qing as if going back to the days when I slept with He Qing in my arms.


       I closed my eyes.

Bro is too jealous of the cat, lmao

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  1. LicoLico

    He is too much 😂
    Thank You for the new chapter ♡⁠(⁠˃͈⁠ ⁠દ⁠ ⁠˂͈⁠ ⁠༶⁠ ⁠)

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