Extra 2 – The Days of Being a Cat 2

       Maybe it was because my cat cry was so miserable that He Qing was taken aback.


       He picked me up quickly and kept gently stroking my head and smoothing my fur.


       But part of my brain was already dead, probably because the cat’s brain was not big enough.


       How the hell did I become a cat!?


       He Qing! He Qing, take a proper look at me!


       I am your little Lie Lie!


       He Qing couldn’t hear my inner voice at all, and could only hear my persistent ‘meow meow’


       He tilted his head and kissed my furry head lightly, his voice was as gentle as a puddle of water, “Guai1I think this is the cat’s name, are you hungry?”


       Wuwuwu, He Qing’s voice was too gentle.


       I couldn’t help but meow softly.


       The whole cat was shocked.


       I am not a cat!


       He Qing carried me straight to the bed and then gently put me on the bed.


       “Meow?” I tilted my head and looked at him.


       Crap! I’m really not a fvcking cat!


       He Qing sat on the edge of the bed and reached out his fingers to scratch my chin, smiling extra gently, “Guai, you can’t eat anymore even if you’re cute, you’re still young.”


       But my mind was not on his smile at all.


       He Qing had just finished taking a shower, so he was wearing nothing but a bathrobe.


       Wearing nothing.


       Nothing to wear.


       He lowered his head slightly and the collar of his robe was wide open.


       It was so wide that you could see everything underneath through the collar.


       He Qing was so white.


       A thin layer of muscle could be seen under the skin, the one on the chest was so pink and tender.


       I could even remember the feeling of kissing it when I saw it like this.


       This collarbone is so sexy…


       I could feel my cat’s head suddenly become hot.


       He Qing’s expression was suddenly a bit alarmed, “You, why are you having a nosebleed.”


       I opened my mouth as if I had lost my soul, “Meow…”


       My breath was stuck in my throat.


       He Qing, you are so sexy.


       I can’t fvcking… I can’t fvcking stand it.


       He Qing hurriedly picked me up, my head was right on his chest, and I was in close contact with his d1ck.


       The smell of shower gel was all over my nose.


       There was also He Qing’s smell.


       Wuwuwu, it’s so sexy.


       He Qing ran to the kitchen, sets me down on the carpet and got up to rummage through the cupboards above.


       When I looked up, I could see under the bathrobe.




       He Qing probably hadn’t had time to put on pants yet…


       I quickly lowered my cat’s head, and the nosebleed dripped onto the carpet.


       Wuwuwu, this is just too sexy.

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