Extra 6 – The Days of Being a Cat 6

       I slept until dawn.


       When I opened my eyes, the whole cat was in He Qing’s arms.


       He Qing was still asleep, his long eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyes, and his breathing was steady.


       His lips parted slightly, and his warm breath made my ears twitch.


       I rubbed He Qing’s chest with my fur, but He Qing didn’t wake up.


       I put away the tip of the claw and knead him with my paw pad, but he still didn’t wake up.




       I stuck out my tongue and licked. I think a cat had barbs on its tongue, right?


       He Qing woke up.


       Wuwuwu, then he beat me up.


       He tapped my head, “You little devil, did you learn from Guan Lie?”




       Wuwuwu, I’m the real thing, just the real Guan Lie!


       He Qing was cooking in the kitchen, and I rubbed against his legs underneath, trying to be coquettish.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing I was wrong.


       Actually, it was mainly about seeing different scenery.


       The only drawback was that cat food was really unpalatable.


       He Qing seemed to see that I didn’t like food, so he specially gave me some of his breakfast.


       Wuwuwu, my He Qing is too good.


       After dinner, He Qing exercised upstairs for a while and then teased me with a cat teasing stick.




       Wuwuwu, I’m not a cat!


       But He Qing looked very happy, and I thought, when I wasn’t home, the only one who could keep He Qing company was this cat.


       I just looked very excited and chased the cat teaser.


       Well, I was really assimilating with this cat.


       Wuwuwu, I’m really not a cat.


       But I am happy when He Qing is happy.


       I gritted my teeth and let him tease me.


       The cat teasing stick, that was fun.


       Holy shit! I’m not a cat!

The author has something to say:

Guan Lie: I don’t play with cat teasers.
He Qing: Come on~
Guan Lie: It’s awesome.

I think Guan Lie was licking He Qing’s d1ck with the cat’s tongue

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  1. LicoLico

    Making wife happy is good!
    Thank You for the new chapter ♡⁠(⁠˃͈⁠ ⁠દ⁠ ⁠˂͈⁠ ⁠༶⁠ ⁠)

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