Chapter 4

       The food came up quickly and He Qing was really nice.


       He didn’t ask me how much money I had in the bank or how big my house was.


       When he heard that I had just been discharged from the hospital, he only asked me how badly I was hurt and how well my wounds were healing.


       I thought about how nice this guide was and how could anyone have the heart to lie.


       I had no choice but to hold back my tears, and I said, “I’ve lost my memory and I’m probably very poor.”


       He Qing didn’t look down on me in the slightest, he turned on the System on his hand, “It’s okay, let me help you first….”


       I wanted to cry at the sight of the System, “Wuwuwu, I don’t remember the password, and I haven’t turned on the System yet.”


       He Qing turned off the System, and looked at me tenderly, “It’s okay, let’s eat first.”


       I quietly wiped the tears with my hands, took a fork and stuck a piece of steak into my mouth.


       Wuwuwu, the meat tastes so delicious.


       I gobbled down a chunk of steak as if I had never seen one before.


       I even licked the fork.


       He Qing just looked at me tenderly the whole time and didn’t mind me at all.


       I was so moved that I wanted to cry again.


       After dinner, He Qing carefully asked me where I was injured, whether the wound still hurts, and whether I took my medication on time.


       Wuwuwu, He Qing was so nice.


       He Qing and I left the restaurant and took another walk in the garden.


       When we parted, He Qing looked at me as his face blushed a little, “Can we hug?”




       Happiness came so suddenly that I was caught off guard.


       I tried to keep the tears from falling down my face and opened my arms.


       He Qing leaned into my arms and for some reason, I felt he was a little short of breath.


       Then He Qing raised his head and kissed me on the mouth.


       Before my brain could react, my body was already wrapped around him and I exchanged a deep kiss with him.


       Wuwuwu, I must have gotten muscle memory from dating before.


       I felt I had dishonoured He Qing.


       He Qing opened his mouth and gently accepted me.


       Wuwuwu, I really want to go to work and save up to marry He Qing.


       When our lips parted, He Qing panted lightly.


       He leaned next to my ear and said softly, “Remember to go back and report to the military department. I’ll wait for you to take me away from here.”


       Wuwuwu, I didn’t have the password for the System.


       Wuwuwu, I also forgot how to write the report.


       Wuwuwu, how can I marry He Qing?


       He Qing seemed to have remembered this too. He smiled and said, “You could try looking at an ephemeris1In astronomy and celestial navigation, an ephemeris is a book with tables that gives the trajectory of naturally occurring astronomical objects as well as artificial satellites in the sky, i.e., the position over time. at home or something. A lot of people used to use special days as a password, maybe you have one on your ephemeris.”


       How could He Qing be so gentle?


       I reluctantly said goodbye to He Qing, and He Qing kindly gave me the taxi fare.


       Wuwuwu, I will work hard to make money in the future, and I will never be a little white face2men who only rely on women to provide financial support.


       I took a taxi back home and looked through the ephemeris.


       Sure enough, I saw several specially marked days, and I tried them one by one. Finally, I could turn on the System.


       One day had a special red heart drawn on it, exactly two months ago today.


       By my calculations, it was the day before I went to the battlefield.


       This still had a love heart drawn on it, so in nine out of ten, it was a date with that mystery fvck buddy.


       Wuwuwu, I’m about to go to the battlefield yet I still have plans to hook up, why am I so rotten?


       I hadn’t even registered with He Qing yet, and I already feel like a scumbag.

I wonder how cool Guan Lie was before he lost his memory…

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  1. Ketkai

    The guide looks like a typical soft guide owo

    And yes~ 😅 they look like they have a past. All the condoms and date marking owo And a mystery one at that owo since he has ‘blind date’ and wasn’t able to visit hospital. Truly wonder too how mc’s og persona is 😆 mc too pitiful rn good thing ml is patient, kind, & soft

  2. Sera

    I prefer gongs like him. They’re pathetically cute 😂

  3. LicoLico

    I’m sorry, but this is sooo funny (ಡ艸ಡ) I have a feeling that his relationship with HQ didn’t start today~ I had to check what ‘Sentinel AU’ is, cause I didn’t knew before >< This novel looks very entertaining, can't wait to read more ^^ Thank You for Your hard and amazing work! (。’▽’。)♡ Take care~ ❤⃛ヾ(๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )


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