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Chapter 19

       Chen Youyou had been staring at Xie Ling, full of anger that was almost overflowing, but had not thought of any way to get back at him.

       Xie Ling ate very quickly. He asked Zhan Weiyang to give way. When he left the table with the plate, he suddenly said to Chen Youyou, “Please stop staring at me.”

       Chen Youyou’s face suddenly turned red. He put down his chopsticks heavily, stood up suddenly, and said, “I, I, I…”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him in fear, knowing that the more angry and anxious he was, the worse his stuttering would become.

       And Xie Ling had already left at this time, with headphones still plugged into his ears, so there was a high probability that he wouldn’t be able to hear what Chen Youyou said.

       It took Chen Youyou a while to finish his sentence, “I-I’m not, crazy! W-why, would I, be looking, at you?”

       Zhan Weiyang was very worried. He saw Chen Youyou’s face turning from red to white, and then he started puffing up, looking like a frog about to leap. So, he walked over and gently rubbed his back to calm him down, “Don’t get angry.”

       Chen Youyou said, “I-it’s all your fault!”

       Zhan Weiyang felt uncomfortable, nodded, and said, “It’s mine indeed. Don’t be angry.”

       Chen Youyou reached out and grabbed a chopstick and tried to break it with both hands, thinking to himself: This would be Xie Ling’s fate! However, after struggling for a while, it didn’t break. So she threw the chopsticks back, thinking: That doesn’t count. Xie Ling’s fate must be even worse than this chopstick!

       After dinner, Pei Qing was stopped by Grandma, saying that there was something wrong with the TV in the living room on the first floor.

       Pei Qing helped Grandma adjust the TV in the living room for half an hour.

       Grandma was sitting on the sofa with a thin blanket on her knees. The more she looked at Pei Qing, the more satisfied she became. She said, “If I were to have a granddaughter, I would definitely marry her to you.”

       Auntie Luo happened to wash the dishes and came out of the living room. While wiping her hands on her apron, she said, “What are you talking about, isn’t xiao Pei your grandchild?”

       Grandma thought for a while and said, “Right, I’m getting confused.”

       Pei Qing smiled and said nothing, turned the TV to the program that Grandma wanted to watch, and then went up to the second floor.

       There was a large semicircular balcony on the second floor. When he first moved here, Zhan Pengcheng spent money to buy a few pots of flowers and plants and placed them on the edge of the balcony. Now Auntie Luo was the one watering the flowers and plants.

       Zhan Weiyang had been on the balcony since he went upstairs. He moved all the flowers and plants to the edge of the pot one by one and finally found the best spot in the middle. He stood there for a while, then turned around and climbed onto the balcony’s concrete railing, sitting down with his feet dangling outside.

       From here, he could see a large garden in the middle of the neighbourhood and a fountain in the middle of the garden. In the evening, many parents were playing nearby with their children.

       He had sweated a lot while moving the flowerpot, and the wind had cooled him down. However, his body was still a little sticky, and his legs were dangling in the air unconsciously.


       Zhan Weiyang heard someone calling him from behind and quickly turned around to look and saw it was Pei Qing.

       Pei Qing stood in front of the door leading to the balcony and said to him, “Come down.”

       Zhan Weiyang turned around, crossed his legs, and jumped to the balcony floor. He walked towards Pei Qing and said, “Qing ge?”

       Pei Qing said, “Don’t climb up in the future, it’s too dangerous.”

       Zhan Weiyang nodded.

       After Pei Qing finished speaking, he turned and left. Today he wore a white shirt and a pair of suit trousers. The hem of the shirt was tucked into the waistband of the trousers, making his waist appear slimmer and his legs longer.

       Zhan Weiyang had never seen him wear something like that, so he followed him curiously and said, “Qing ge, you look good today.”

       Pei Qing walked to the door of his room, stretched out his hand to open the door, and asked, “I didn’t look good yesterday?”

       Zhan Weiyang said quickly, “You look good too. You look good every day. You are the best.”

       Pei Qing smiled. Of course he knew he was good-looking, but this was the first time he met someone who praised him so generously and without hesitation.

       When he entered the room, he saw Zhan Weiyang following him, but he did not stop him. Zhan Weiyang slept in his room last night. He woke up early this morning and rushed to school, leaving his blanket and pillow on Pei Qing’s bed.

       Pei Qing wanted to pack a change of clothes and take a shower. When he saw mud on Zhan Weiyang’s clothes, he asked, “Do you want to take a shower first?”

       Zhan Weiyang shook his head, but quickly said, “Can I wash with you?”

       Pei Qing said without thinking, “No.”

       “Oh,” Zhan Weiyang was a little disappointed.

       Pei Qing looked at him and said, “You are already this big. Do you still take a shower with someone?”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “No, I just want to shower with you. I haven’t taken a shower with my dad for a long time.”

       Pei Qing took out the clothes from the closet, closed the closet door, and said to Zhan Weiyang with a serious expression, “You are almost an adult, and you should pay attention to keeping an appropriate distance from others, no matter whether they are male or female.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him blankly and said, “Okay.”

       Pei Qing went to take a bath.

       Zhan Weiyang returned to his room, and after a while, he came out uneasy. He walked to the bathroom door, put his ear against the door, and listened to the sound of water inside. Then, he turned around and leaned against the door, slid down, and sat cross-legged on the ground.

       When Pei Qing finished taking a shower and opened the door, he lowered his head and saw Zhan Weiyang sitting with his back to him. Pei Qing withdrew his foot, which was about to step out, and asked him, “What are you doing?”

       Zhan Weiyang tried his best to tilt his head back and look at him, “I’m waiting for you.”

       Pei Qing asked, “Waiting for me to do what?”

       The corners of Zhan Weiyang’s eyes and mouth were drooping unconsciously, and he looked unhappy. He said, “Are you unhappy?”

       Pei Qing said, “Why do you think I’m unhappy?”

       Zhan Weiyang’s hand grabbed his foot, and his fingers unconsciously dug into the soft skin of the instep, saying, “I feel that none of you like me.”

       Pei Qing did not expect Zhan Weiyang to say this. It took him a few seconds before he asked, “Because I don’t take a shower with you?”

       Zhan Weiyang shook his head, “No, I just thought I might have offended you. Today, I also offended Xie Ling and hurt Chen Youyou.”

       “Who is Xie Ling?” Pei Qing asked him.

       Zhan Weiyang shut his mouth suddenly and shook his head vigorously.

       Pei Qing guessed it was his classmate.

       Zhan Weiyang sat motionless at the door, blocking the entire door.

       Pei Qing said, “Get up first.”

       Zhan Weiyang refused.

       Pei Qing then squatted down and gently poked Zhan Weiyang’s lower back with his finger.

       Zhan Weiyang, feeling ticklish, exclaimed, “Oh!” and immediately recoiled.

       Pei Qing knew that he was ticklish and tickled his waist with his fingers.

       At this moment, Zhan Weiyang felt like a switch had been flipped. His thin and soft body twisted and couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “Don’t tickle me!”

       Pei Qing looked at him quietly and did not stop.

       Zhan Weiyang couldn’t bear it anymore, so he bent forward and knelt on the ground to crawl forward.

       Pei Qing tickled the soles of his feet.

       Zhan Weiyang said, “Ah,” and hurriedly turned over to lie down on his back. He retracted his feet and hugged his knees with his hands.

       With a red face and red eyes, he looked at Pei Qing while laughing and panting, and said, “No more games.”

       Pei Qing reached out to him.

       He nervously tried to curl up.

       In the end, Pei Qing just spread his palms in front of him. Zhan Weiyang looked at it for a while and held Pei Qing’s hand. Pei Qing tried hard to pull him up.

       When Zhan Weiyang used his strength to get up, he deliberately threw himself forward at Pei Qing, pushed Pei Qing down, straddled his lap, and started tickling him.

       After tickling for a long time, Zhan Weiyang found that Pei Qing was unresponsive. He lowered his head, pressed his hands on his chest, and asked strangely, “Isn’t it ticklish?”

       Pei Qing looked up at him, shook her head calmly, smiled slightly, and said, “It’s not.”

       Zhan Weiyang thought that Pei Qing was probably lying to him, so he put his hand under the hem of Pei Qing’s T-shirt and tried to tickle his armpits.

       This time, Pei Qing held Zhan Weiyang’s hand, pulled it out of his clothes, and said, “Okay, okay, stop making trouble.”

       Zhan Weiyang was not very willing to give up.

       Pei Qing lowered his voice slightly, “Behave.”

       He retracted his hand, reluctantly got up from Pei Qing, and then pulled Pei Qing up from the ground.

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Chapter 47 – Blue Sea (2)

       The two of them soaked in the blue sea for a while before coming out. Moschery lit an artificial fire, took out a huge woollen blanket and wrapped it around Qin Yun. He embraced his guide from behind and sat next to the fire.

       “Want to fish?” Although Moschery said it as a question, he had already taken out the fishing gear, “Because of the water temperature, there are not many small fish, but the meat quality is good.” He said, fixing the fishing rod on the ice and gesturing for Qin Yun to come and see, “How many can you eat?”

       Qin Yun decided to show off his boyfriend power, patted his chest and said confidently, “I will eat as many fish as you catch!”

       Moschery chuckled, “You’re the one who said it.” He stood up and went back to the aircraft to get a bottle of wine, “Drink?”

       “…” Qin Yun: “Just how many things did you bring?”

       The Emperor casually bit open the bottle cap with his teeth and took a sip directly to his mouth, “I brought it all for you.” He handed the bottle to Qin Yun, who took it, followed his example, and took a sip as well.

       “How does it taste?” Moschery asked him.

       Qin Yun nodded, “It smells good.”

       “Really?” Moschery took the wine bottle in his hand and shook it, “Why didn’t I feel it when I just drank it?”

       “How is that possible?” Qin Yun looked confused, “I think it tastes good.”

       Moschery took another sip, then he suddenly grabbed Qin Yun’s chin and fed the wine into him mouth to mouth.

       Qin Yun: “…”

       “Hmm.” Moschery licked his lips with an indifferent expression, “It tasted good now.”


       Because of the wine, Qin Yun still felt a bit hot even though he was only wearing a top. He simply spread out the blanket and wrapped it around His Majesty the Emperor, who was reeling in the fishing line.

       “Do you often come here to fish?” Qin Yun looked at Moschery’s skilful movements.

       “I came here every day when I first ascended the throne.” Moschery threw aside the fish he caught, “At that time, I did not have personal power, and most of the power belonged to the Cabinet. I was born as an Emperor, but I did nothing all day long.”

       His Majesty the Emperor smiled sarcastically, “The Cabinet rejects all low-level sentinels and guides. They only value genes and evolution, thinking that is the final form of human beings, but this is not the case at all.”

       Qin Yun thought for a while and said uncertainly, “Pyramid proportion?”

       Moschery nodded, “Yes, it’s the pyramid proportions. The Empire does not belong to us. It belongs to the majority of ordinary people who can truly maintain the stability of the country, such as sentinel and guide who defend the front line, and scientists like Chris.”

       Qin Yun opened his mouth and smiled, “You are obviously standing at the top of the pyramid, but you have rare… fairness?”

       “Helu taught me these.” Moschery said calmly, “Because of his weak genes, although he has been the emperor all his life, he has never received fairness. He can’t even decide who he will be buried with after his death.”

       Moschery looked at Qin Yun, “I can’t possibly let something like this happen to you.”

       Qin Yun didn’t say anything, and his fingers were tightly intertwined with the Emperor’s.

       “Whether you live or die, you can only be by my side.” Moschery whispered, “The epitaph on my grave will tell everyone that you are my guide and my lover.”


       Shen Zhuofan found a time to video call Qin Yun. The two chatted about various things for a while, exchanging family news. Suddenly, Tianrong, who had been lurking behind Shen Zhuofan for a while, leapt lightly and joined them.

       “…” Qin Yun suppressed a smile, “It has the same habits as Sweetheart.”

       Shen Zhuofan rolled his eyes, “Cats tend to enjoy doing that.” He moved his neck and let Tianrong lie on his shoulders like a scarf, “Did you enjoy your honeymoon?”

       Qin Yun nodded, and he said excitedly, “I watched the mating ritual of the Giant Cloud Whale!”

       “…” Shen Zhuofan: “What’s the point of going all the way out there to watch that?”

       Qin Yun: “It’s beautiful. I’ll let you and Arthur come to see it next time.”

       Shen Zhuofan exclaimed in frustration, “Who wants to watch other people have sex?!”


       Qin Yun showed him many photos he had taken. When he took photos of Moschery fishing, Shen Zhuofan laughed and said, “His Majesty’s fishing skills are very good. Are you full?”

       Qin Yun grimaced, “I feel like I have eaten a lifetime of fish today…”

       Shen Zhuofan laughed at him for a while, and after laughing, his expression became serious again, “Some people from the Cabinet have come to see Arthur recently.” He paused and looked at Qin Yun, “Did His Majesty not let you go online recently?”

       Qin Yun: “??”

       Shen Zhuofan took a deep breath, “You have to be mentally prepared. The Cabinet has blackened you so much in public opinion that even Lin Dongliang can’t hold it back… There is even a post on All Universe 818 to bet on you and His Majesty to get divorced, the odds are almost hundreds of millions…”

       Qin Yun suddenly interrupted him without any clue, “Do you still have any money on you?”

       “?” Shen Zhuofan: “Yes.”

       Qin Yun mysteriously said, “Help me invest in ‘Not Getting a Divorce,’ and we’ll split the earnings down the middle.”

       Shen Zhuofan: “…”


       “It’s not a matter of money now!” Shen Zhuofan said with a headache, “Although I have already invest…”

       Qin Yun wore an expression that said, ‘Are we really friends? You didn’t even invite me to join the fun!’

       Shen Zhuofan had a disgusted expression on his face, “This is not the point!” He gritted his teeth and said, “The point is that once the pressure of public opinion is too great, the royal family will be unable to withstand it and have to respond and deal with it. What will you do then??”

       “What can I do?” Qin Yun shrugged nonchalantly, “Probably letting the unicorn out to scare them.”

       Shen Zhuofan: “…”


       Of course, Qin Yun’s so-called ‘letting out the unicorn’ was not just a casual talk. He contacted Chris and urged him to mass-produce dimension glasses.

       “I haven’t applied for a patent yet!” Chris struggled, “Do you know that it is very difficult to apply for it? The Cabinet is very strict!”

       Qin Yun was happy, “I have a way. If you go to Lin Dongliang, just tell me what I said.”

       Chris was suspicious, “Why are you in such a hurry? Even if it is mass-produced, it won’t work without advertising.”

       “The royal family’s promotional homepage will be printed for you for free for one year.” Qin Yun hurriedly sent an email to Lin Dongliang, “Also avoid the Cabinet and don’t let them know that it was the idea of ​​His Majesty the Emperor and mine.”

       “…” Chris: “How come I feel like you’ve suddenly turned into a conspirator…?!”

       Qin Yun raised his chin, put on a serious and cold expression, and smiled contemptuously, “Have you forgotten? I am the man behind the Emperor.”

       Chris: “…”


       Moschery set up a temporary shelter, and when he turned around, he saw that his guide was still talking nonstop to Chris, and His Majesty the Emperor walked over with a stinking face.

       Qin Yun didn’t even have time to say goodbye when Chris’s holographic image suddenly went out. He looked up and saw his sentinel’s gloomy face.

       “Don’t talk to other men when I’m not looking,” Moschery said coldly, “I’ll be jealous, do you understand?”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery grimaced and said in a rough voice, “Why don’t you answer.”

       Qin Yun clutched his chest with a twisted look on his face, “I was hit hard in the heart by your straight ball. I’m so numb that I don’t know what to say…”

       Moschery snorted, took out a pen and paper, quickly wrote a line, handed it to Qin Yun and ordered, “This is the line. Read it.”

       Qin Yun looked down at the words, ‘Husband, I was wrong. I only love you!’ He was speechless for a long time…

       His Majesty the Emperor crossed his arms impatiently and urged without expression, “Read it!”

       Qin Yun: “…”

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Chapter 45 – Amusement Park

       Ling Xiao’s home was in an old apartment building in the city centre. Song Jun carried the little black cat as he climbed up to the third floor. Standing in front of the door he had visited once before, he took a deep breath and then knocked on the door.

       They didn’t get a response as quickly as expected. Song Jun even started to doubt if there was anyone inside at all.

       But the little black cat pulled him with a paw and motioned for him to wait a moment.

       Sure enough, after a full minute, and after Song Jun knocked on the door several times, the door opened from the inside.

       The person standing in front of the door was Xiang Wenxi. He looked at Song Jun and the little cat in his arms with a wary look on his face and asked, “What are you doing here?”

       Song Jun asked him, “Is Ling Xiao here?”

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Why are you looking for Ling Xiao?”

       Song Jun looked down at the black cat in his arms and said to Xiang Wenxi, “Senior Brother Xia wants to see him.”

       As soon as he finished speaking, Xiang Wenxi immediately reacted and wanted to close the door. However, at this time, the black cat had already escaped from Song Jun’s arms and got into the house.

       Xiang Wenxi then didn’t care about closing the door and hurried to catch up.

       The black cat was extremely agile and quickly avoided Xiang Wenxi’s pursuit. It rolled and landed on the carpet in the living room. However, at the same time, Song Jun saw a black wolf leap out from the corner and bite the black cat on the carpet.

       Song Jun screamed in fright.

       However, he saw the black wolf suddenly roll away on the ground and let out a painful howl. The black cat landed on the ground and transformed into Xia Hongshen’s human form, standing in front of them.

       Ling Xiao also appeared in human form. Xiang Wenxi quickly went over to support him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

       Song Jun was a little afraid that they would start fighting again, so he quickly stepped forward and said, “We have no ill intentions, but Senior Brother Xia has something to ask you about the Demon Market.”

       “Demon Market?” Xiang Wenxi was a little surprised, “What’s going on in the Demon Market?”

       Xia Hongshen, calm and composed, walked over and sat down by the sofa, crossing his long legs. He said, “Do you guys know about the recent infectious disease?”

       Xiang Wenxi glanced at Ling Xiao.

       Ling Xiao said, “I know a little bit.”

       Xia Hongshen told them, “I suspect that the outbreak of infectious diseases has something to do with the owner of the Demon Market.”

       “How could that be?” Xiang Wenxi was obviously a little surprised.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Let’s sit down and talk. If we let the infectious disease continue to break out like this, I’m afraid this city will cease to exist.”

       Hearing what Xia Hongshen said, Song Jun suddenly felt very frightened.

       Xiang Wenxi looked at Ling Xiao at a loss. Although Ling Xiao didn’t look convinced, he still chose to sit down and talk to Xia Hongshen.

       “What is the identity of the owner of the Demon Market?” Xia Hongshen asked.

       Ling Xiao was silent for a moment and said, “We don’t know either. There have been rumours about him, but none of them have been confirmed. I don’t understand why you think the source of the infection has something to do with him.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Do you still remember that time when I was bitten by his beast in the Demon Market?”

       Ling Xiao nodded slightly.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Because the wound could not heal for a long time, Lonshao took me to Yun Qingshan Hongyin Temple to ask the abbot for help. Only then did I realise that it was caused by demonic energy soaking into the wound.”

       “Demonic energy?” Ling Xiao couldn’t hide his surprise.

       They were demons living in this city, but they had grown accustomed to peacefully coexisting with humans. Generally speaking, they didn’t harm people because doing so could easily expose their existence, making their future lives more precarious.

       However, the so-called ‘devil’ was entirely different. They didn’t belong to this world; perhaps they didn’t even have a complete physical form. Nevertheless, without exception, they all possessed formidable power.

       While it wasn’t uncommon for the owner of the demonic market to tame supernatural beasts to guard the market, the problem arose when these beasts carried demonic energy. The demons in the city were reluctant to be controlled by a devil.

       Xiang Wenxi lay on the back of the sofa chair, frowned when he heard this, and said, “You’re saying that this city is mixed with devils?”

       Xia Hongshen shook his head, “It’s hard to say. That’s why I’ve come to ask for your help.”

       He used the word ‘help’, and Xiang Wenxi suddenly felt relieved. Ling Xiao was obviously no longer so resistant. He mused, “The Demon Market has been around for a long time. It has been said that the owner has immense influence here. It’s not realistic to say that it’s an external demonic entity. I speculate that his method of taming supernatural beasts may be unconventional, or perhaps he obtained some demonic artefact to assist him…”

       Xia Hongshen said, “The latter is more likely.”

       Ling Xiao continued, “But the identity of the owner of the Demon Market is too mysterious. He has never shown up in the Demon Market. Even on the day you almost destroyed the entire market, he could stop you but still didn’t reveal himself. I can’t think of anyone else in this city who might know his identity. The only way is to investigate at that amusement park. At least there must be someone in that amusement park who knows his identity.”

       Xia Hongshen seemed to think for a moment and said, “Let’s go together tomorrow.”

       Ling Xiao looked at him without speaking.

       Xia Hongshen said, “Like you, I don’t want to see this city destroyed.”

       Ling Xiao finally nodded.

       The next day, Song Jun took a leave of absence to accompany Xia Hongshen to the amusement park. In fact, the senior sister couldn’t come, and he, being the only one left, shouldn’t have taken a day off. However, the appraisal centre had been experiencing a downturn in business lately, and it was a matter of survival. At this time, no one was worried about whether his son was their biological child. For two or three consecutive days, there had been no clients at the appraisal centre.

       So, the responsible teacher simply granted him a day off while holding down the fort at the appraisal centre.

       Song Jun woke up in bed in the morning and suddenly had a realisation that it felt like he was going to go on a date with Xia Hongshen. He opened his eyes early in the morning and could not fall asleep again.

       In the morning, he and Xia Hongshen went out together. It was no longer easy to take a taxi, so they had to take the bus. They made an appointment with Ling Xiao and others to meet at the entrance of the amusement park.

       After arriving, Song Jun saw Xiang Wenxi waving to him from a distance, and he immediately had the illusion that they were on a double date.

       When he thought of this, Song Jun couldn’t help but turn his head and glance at Xia Hongshen. It turned out that Xia Hongshen was looking up at the sign at the gate of the amusement park and didn’t notice his thoughts at all.

       The amusement park was quite desolate, but fortunately, it hadn’t closed its doors to customers.

       In fact, the city’s amusement park hadn’t been doing well for the past two years. Despite its long history, the facilities were not as modern as those in larger amusement parks on the outskirts of the city. With the lack of attractions to draw in out-of-town visitors, the park had become increasingly deserted.

       The tickets to the amusement park were not expensive because all the rides there were charged separately. Xia Hongshen bought four tickets and went in with them.

       There were no guests along the way, only amusement park staff.

       But the person they were looking for should be lurking among these staff members.

       Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi were paying attention all the way. Although Xia Hongshen wasn’t actively looking around, he was still paying attention to the people around him. If someone was a demon, he could easily sense their aura.

       The only part of the amusement park that seemed to be doing relatively well was its water park. However, due to the infectious disease, there were also very few visitors there now.

       Song Jun was the only one who didn’t know anything and could only follow them. He was actually somewhat interested in the roller coaster he passed just now, but he didn’t have the nerve to suggest that he go on it.

       Xia Hongshen’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and he raised his head and looked up.

       Song Jun looked in the direction of his gaze and saw him looking at an observation deck opposite the water park, where someone could be vaguely seen sitting on it.

       Ling Xiao also looked over and said immediately, “They are from the Demon Market.”

       The person opposite seemed to notice their gaze, turned around in a hurry and climbed down from the observation deck.

       There was a large water pool separating them. While anyone could probably cross the pool to catch that person immediately, they obviously didn’t intend to do so in front of the other people in the amusement park.

       They quickly split into different groups to catch the person. Xia Hongshen asked Song Jun to follow him, and they ran around the pool towards the front.

       Song Jun hurriedly followed Xia Hongshen.

       Their movements in the entire amusement park were very conspicuous, and many staff members immediately looked over.

       Song Jun couldn’t run as fast as Xia Hongshen and his physical strength was far inferior to that of Xia Hongshen. When he chased after him, he was already out of breath.

       By this time, the man had long since disappeared.

       Ling Xiao moved even faster. He pointed in a direction to the right, indicating that he had seen the person running that way just now.

       Song Jun looked in the direction he pointed and saw that it was a haunted house in an amusement park.

       This haunted house was newly built in recent years. When Song Jun came here as a child, this thing didn’t exist yet, so naturally, he had never been inside.

       The staff guarding the gate in front of the haunted house were all gone, probably because there was no work and the weather was hot, so they went to hide somewhere.

       Song Jun gasped, pulled Xia Hongshen and asked, “Are we going in?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his head, looked at the outline of the entire haunted house and said, “Go in. There might be something mysterious inside.”

       In Song Jun’s opinion, haunted houses were all lies. He was not afraid at first, but when he heard Xia Hongshen’s unclear words, he suddenly became nervous.

       Xia Hongshen probably felt that Song Jun was afraid, so he stretched out his hand to him and said, “Follow me.”

       Song Jun quickly took Xia Hongshen’s hand and followed him towards the haunted house.

       As soon as they stepped in, the curtain at the door was drawn down, completely blocking out the light from outside. There was only a small, slightly glowing green light on both sides of the road pointing out the way forward.

       Xia Hongshen walked at the front, followed by Song Jun, and behind him were Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi. He had to say that this made him feel more secure.

       However, Xia Hongshen stopped and said, “The yin energy is very strong.”

       “Senior brother?” Song Jun couldn’t help calling him softly.

       Xia Hongshen said to him, “Never let go of my hand.”

       Song Jun nodded and held Xia Hongshen’s hand tighter.

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Chapter 26 – Guest

       A kiss.

       It was completely different from when he was rehearsing and filming—so raw and uneasy, yet brave and decisive.

       Zhuo Yue closed his eyes and trembled slightly, carefully and feverishly, like a sacrificial virgin, surrendering all of himself to the gods.

       When the warm breath came towards him, the man who controlled everything was stunned for a moment, and then silently curled his lips, without interrupting the rare boldness coming from his shy slave. The gentle touch lingered on the lips for a moment but received no response. Zhuo Yue opened his eyes shyly, looked at the other person in embarrassment and called, “Master.” He could not explain the meaning of this reckless kiss, perhaps he wanted more warmth from that person, or perhaps craving more attention and love, and at that moment, he couldn’t help but do so. When he looked at the other party, his heartbeat suddenly lost its rhythm.

       Fang Mingyan looked at him calmly, with many incomprehensible emotions in his deep eyes, as if they were hiding a stormy sea, yet also seemingly as calm as a still ancient well.

       Just when Zhuo Yue thought he had offended him and wanted to apologise, Fang Mingyan lifted his chin, leaned over and kissed him.

       Unlike before, this kiss had a strong sense of aggression. The man was like a predatory beast that did not give its prey any chance to escape. The palm of his hand gave the person under him more intense stimulation. While Zhuo Yue was gasping in pleasure, the man’s tongue easily and quickly invaded the wide-open mouth. His moans were blocked inside, turning into blushes and heartbeats, inducing ambiguous sound.

       Facing such a strong possession, Zhuo Yue had no ability to resist at all. The lips were crushed into an alluring red colour, and the tongues allowed themselves to be intertwined under each other’s control. The mixed hot and moist fluid soaked the lips, even dripping down the corners of the mouth during the intense movements. He couldn’t remember any of the techniques for breathing in a kiss scene. The air in his chest was exhausted little by little as if he was going to suffocate to death in the next second. However, what was even more unbearable for him was the almost overwhelming pleasure brought about by the man’s manipulation of his lower body, and his body was completely out of control.

       Just before the climax came, Fang Mingyan withdrew from his mouth and gave a command in his ear with a low voice, “Slave, I allow you to cum.”

       Zhuo Yue, who was pushed to the peak of desire, arched his back while trembling, whimpering with a cry. White turbidity spurted out, and in an instant, it seemed as if a huge firework exploded in his head. Colourful sparks flickered and fell slowly, eventually turning into a white mist.

       All his senses were lost, like lying on soft clouds, floating on a sea of ​​emptiness.

       Gradually, a subtle sound could be heard coming from the chest, one beat after another, intersecting with another similar frequency. His vision gradually became clearer, and he woke up from the trance of climax. He looked at the man who had been by his side and called softly, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan wiped the water from the corners of his eyes with his fingertips, “Crying?”

       Zhuo Yue remained shy and silent. The sticky bodily fluids remaining on his lower abdomen made him curl up his legs in embarrassment. When he saw the white turbidity on the man’s hands, he blushed with shame.

       “Desire comes from instinct. You have suppressed it for too long.” Fang Mingyan twitched the corner of his mouth, “Go and wash up, and then prepare dinner. There will be two guests at home tonight, and you have my permission to get dressed.”


       Making dinner for four people was not difficult. However, Zhuo Yue was distracted during the process, and his mind was filled with the scene just now.

       He kissed him and he kissed him back. Everything became an infinite loop in slow motion, and every subtle expression, look, and movement of the man made him think about it over and over again. He tried to convince himself that this was just the most common way for master and slave to get along. Because he belonged to that man, he can do anything to himself. But there was an inexplicable expectation in his heart, hoping for something different to happen.

       Just when he was distracted, his elbow touched the plate placed on the edge of the cooking table. The plate lost its centre of gravity and fell to the ground, breaking into pieces.

       He was startled and immediately knelt down to pick it up.

       “Don’t move.” A deep voice came from the living room. Fang Mingyan walked over slowly, looked at the remains of the dishes on the floor, and glanced at him, “Don’t feel like cooking that much?”

       “No, I just…” Zhuo Yue wanted to explain but was interrupted.

       “If it’s not the case, why are you so absent-minded?”

       He lowered his head, “I was wrong.”

       The man found a thick rubber glove from the cupboard, picked up the large pieces, swept them clean with a broom, put them into thick garbage bags, and labelled them with hazardous materials. After everything was done, he said, “I will punish you to kneel for an hour before going to bed tonight. If you still can’t concentrate, I will let you kneel in the cage. You know what is there.”

       “Yes, Master.” Zhuo Yue replied, lowering his head.

       Zhuo Yue was bringing the last tomato soup to the table when the guest rang the doorbell. He glanced at the dining table again to make sure that the tableware was neat and without any flaws, then he hurried to the entrance and stood behind Fang Mingyan before he opened the door.

       “Really on time.” The owner of the house smiled and welcomed the guests into the house.

       “When you come to someone else’s house to have a meal, you have to be on time.” The man who came in first paused for a moment, then returned to Fang Mingyan’s face and raised his eyebrows slightly. The other person behind him said in surprise, “Hey, you’re not…” His eyes fell on the apron Zhuo Yue was wearing, and he swallowed the second half of the sentence.

       Zhuo Yue stood with some restraint, bowed his head and greeted softly, “Second Young Master, Young Master Xu.”

       The visitors were none other than Chu Yu and Xu Ye.

       Xu Ye helped Chu Yu remove his dark blue woollen coat, smiled at Zhuo Yue and said, “We meet again.”

       “Take the guests’ clothes and hang them up.” Fang Mingyan said in a commanding tone. This sentence clearly revealed his identity. Zhuo Yue did not belong as the guest and was under his control.

       Then, there was only one possibility left.

       Xu Ye’s eyes circled between the leisurely Fang Mingyan and the stunned Zhuo Yue, smiled meaningfully, and handed the coat in his hand to Zhuo Yue. The other person’s cheeks were slightly red as he took them.

       “It smells so good.” Xu Ye looked at the food on the table and moved his index finger, “I had to rush for a meeting at noon and didn’t eat enough. Now I’m starving, feeling like my front is sticking to my back.”

       “Then let’s chat while eating.” Fang Mingyan said.

       After sitting down one by one, Zhuo Yue served the three of them food and stood awkwardly holding his own bowl, feeling anxious. He could not face anyone other than Fang Mingyan as a slave, so he was afraid of hearing the ‘kneel down’ command. Fortunately, what he was worried about did not happen. Fang Mingyan glanced at him and said, “Sit down.”

       Zhuo Yue breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the empty seat next to the man.

       Chu Yu habitually picked up vegetables for Xu Ye, and it happened that Fang Mingyan also picked up a piece of beef and placed it in Zhuo Yue’s bowl. The two of them moved in perfect synchronisation, just like mirroring each other’s movements. They found each other amusing, and smiles appeared on their faces.

       Xu Ye looked at Zhuo Yue who was silent and asked Fang Mingyan, “Because you haven’t appeared in the club for a long time, many Subs have come to me to inquire about your movements. How should I answer?”

       The man smiled leisurely, “With your intelligence, you must have a suitable response.”

       “I’m very stupid.” Xu Ye tilted his head, “Mr. Lion has always claimed never to meddle with newcomers, never to eat grass by the nest1not to take advantage of others, I leave it this way coz it’s more suitable for the Lion. So, until I hear your exact answer, I dare not speculate recklessly about the current relationship between you two.”

       “How did the Earl train you to be so scientific and rigorous?” Fang Mingyan brought the topic to another person with a half-smile.

       Chu Yu curled his lips, raised his eyes, looked at him, and said slowly, “In everything, we should dare to make bold assumptions but cautiously seek confirmation.”

       Fang Mingyan couldn’t resist the couple’s unanimous statement and said helplessly, “Okay, okay, I admit that I got involved with the newbie and bit the grass on the edge of the nest. Are you satisfied?”

       Zhuo Yue, who was sitting nearby, suddenly turned red when he heard what he said. He didn’t even have the courage to raise his head. He sat silently and stared at the rice in the bowl.

       Xu Ye, who finally forced Fang Mingyan to admit it personally, smiled broadly, winked at Chu Yu, and happily gnawed on the ribs. The three of them talked about work and entertainment, while Zhuo Yue listened quietly. When they heard that Hua Zhan from ‘The Goddess Strategy’ was shortlisted for the Best Supporting Actor of the Year award, their eyes widened.

       “What are the chances of winning?” Xu Ye asked.

       “Zero.” Fang Mingyan smiled, “The nominees with him are all veteran actors who have been working in supporting roles for a long time and are all popular with the audience.”

       “What a pity.” Xu Ye said with great regret, “Then don’t go to the award ceremony. There’s no point in watching other people receive awards.”

       Fang Mingyan smiled lightly, “For artists, getting attention is more meaningful than winning the award itself.”

       Xu Ye was stunned.

       Chu Yu on the side spoke slowly and asked: “When a young face appears among a group of old faces, who will receive more attention?”

       “I see.” Xu Ye picked up the wine glass with a smile, “It seems like it’s time to congratulate Zhuo Yue in advance.”

       Zhuo Yue picked up the beer glass in front of him and clinked it with him. When he was about to drink, the person around him took it away from his hand. Fang Mingyan glanced at him, “He shouldn’t drink alcohol these days.”

       “You’re not going to hurt someone without restraint, are you?” Xu Ye raised his eyebrows.

       The man laughed, “My skills are not that bad.”

       “Who knows if you might lose control for a moment…” Xu Ye continued to speak but was interrupted by Chu Yu’s slight cough. He saw the awkward and confused expression of Zhuo Yue sitting across from him. He realised that he had made a mistake and apologised with some embarrassment, “Sorry, I was joking. Don’t pay attention.”

       “It’s okay…” Zhuo Yue responded with a blushing face.

       “Go and prepare some fruit.” Fang Mingyan helped him out.

       Zhuo Yue immediately got up and went to the kitchen. Chu Yu glanced at his figure and said to Fang Mingyan, “The last time we met, he did not show the natural obedience of Sub.”

       They were all top-notch Doms, and they could often identify certain characteristics of people at first glance.

       The man put down the chopsticks in his hand and curled his lips, “Indeed. In order to make him obey, I had to use some drastic measures.”

       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment and remained silent. It was against club rules to force others to become Subs. As the founders of the club, Chu Yu and Fang Mingyan were both aware of the seriousness of this matter. Although it seemed like it was still a casual conversation at the dinner table, he could clearly feel the change in the aura between the two Doms. At times like this, he preferred to be a listener.

       “We all agree that BDSM must be based on the principle of mutual consent. The club’s rules also clearly prohibit forcing non-homosexuals to become Dom or Sub.” Chu Yu paused, “If it were someone else, I would directly submit it to the club’s senior management for processing, but for you, there must be your reason for doing this, and I want to hear the reason first.”

       “To treat PTSD.” Fang Mingyan answered calmly. (PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder)

       Chu Yu frowned slightly, thought for a moment, and asked, “Is it purely to just help the other party, or do you have other purpose?” They had known each other for many years, and they had a strong friendship with each other, so they didn’t have many reservations about each other, and the question was very straightforward.

       “At present, it should be considered the former.” Fang Mingyan smiled lightly.

       “With your ability, you can properly deal with PTSD. I’m not worried about those technical aspects. But one thing I need to remind you is that a novice Sub can easily develop feelings for their first Dom during training. Once he has developed feelings for you, will you be able to give him the response he needs?”

       Fang Mingyan did not answer the question but looked at the man who was peeling the apple in the kitchen silently.

       “Mingyan, I think you should think about it carefully. An involuntary Sub with PTSD is more complicated mentally than an average novice Sub. He cannot distinguish between emotions in the game and feelings in reality. For you, he is just one of your many Subs. But to him, you are the guide, and probably the only person he relies on and trusts. Every decision you make if you are not careful will cause harm to him, and even cause harm to him. It may again induce and aggravate his PTSD symptoms.”

       “I will handle everything properly.” The man raised his eyes and answered every word seriously.

       By the time Zhuo Yue brought the fruit to the table and sat down again, the topic had returned to the gossip in the entertainment industry.

       The industry was very deep. Celebrities and newcomers alike displayed their talents through various means, engaging in both open and covert struggles. There were always endless scandals and untold stories to tell. Zhuo Yue had always stayed aloof, indifferent to the affairs of others. Xu Ye asked him questions he couldn’t answer, but fortunately, Fang Mingyan was there. He was like a walking encyclopedia, knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry.

       The meal was enjoyed in a harmonious atmosphere. Xu Ye seemed to think of something before leaving and said, “By the way, I want to change the spokesperson for my restaurant. Zhuo Yue has good culinary skills and a good image, which fits my criteria well.”

       “He won’t be making any announcements in the near future.” Fang Mingyan’s refusal leaves no room for manoeuvre.

       “Not in the near future, the current spokesperson contract will expire at the end of March. Then, we will formally contact Huasheng. It will not be too late to make a decision by then.” Xu Ye did not wait for the man to agree, turned to Zhuo Yue and said, “Zhuo Yue, if you are free, you can come to our house, we live in No. 8.”

       Zhuo Yue then realised that they lived so close to each other and said gratefully, “Okay, thank you.”

       “You’re not allowed to go.” Fang Mingyan tilted his head, put his hands on his shoulders, and said with a smirk, “How can I let you spoil someone bad who I have managed to train with great difficulty?”

       Zhuo Yue’s heart skipped a beat and his face turned red.

       After the two left, he started to clear away the dishes.

       The TV was broadcasting a Chinese romantic drama series. The male protagonist was none other than Lu Chenyang, galloping on the grassland with his horse and whip, performing a love-hate drama with the actress in his arms.

       He stared blankly for a while, then lowered his head to wipe the table, his lowered eyes covering up the loss and pain in his eyes.

       “Do you want to act?” At this time, a man’s calm voice came from beside him.

       Zhuo Yue raised his face and looked at the other person; his lips moved silently and he didn’t speak. It was a dark night outside the window, and the lights in the house cast a layer of soft light on the young and handsome face. Zhuo Yue just stood like this, looking at the other party with clear black and white eyes, seeming a little sad and a little hesitant. Like an ancient porcelain passed down for thousands of years, still perfectly preserved, he exuded a captivating charm that made people stop and admire, yet also evoked feelings of pity and compassion for his fragility.

       Fang Mingyan raised his hand, touched the side of his face and said, “Take your time, I will make you feel better.”

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Chapter 46 – Blue Sea (1)

       Zhongyan was not flying very high, but when Qin Yun looked down, he found something huge moving under the ice. Moschery glanced at it and said calmly, “It’s a Giant Cloud Whale.”

       “…How big is that?” Qin Yun looked shocked, “Why do I feel like I’m flying over the square?!”

       Moschery: “That is still underage; the adult one can be as big as a mountain.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery pointed to the distance, “The Giant Cloud Whales will mate and reproduce in winter.” After a pause, the Emperor looked at his guide, “You will see them jumping out of the ice later.”

       “…” Qin Yun really couldn’t imagine such a behemoth jumping out of the water, so he could only ask, “Then where are we going now?”

       “To the Blue Sea.” Moschery patted Zhongyan’s neck gently, and the dragon let out a clear dragon roar and flapped its wings vigorously, “That’s where the Giant Cloud Whales mate.”

       The ice in the Blue Sea was much thinner than in other places. Qin Yould can see the appearance of the Giant Cloud Whale in the sea more clearly. Unexpectedly, it was a fish of pure white colour.

       “They have very high IQs.” Moschery held Qin Yun’s waist to prevent him from falling, “But they are very docile and will not take the initiative to attack.”

       Qin Yun was puzzled, “But mating and laying eggs in the dead of winter… Is it okay in such cold weather?”

       “Although there is ice on the surface, the water in the Blue Sea is hot.” Moschery motioned Zhongyan to fly lower, “You can see it when they break the ice.”

       The mating of Giant Cloud Whales was more like a certain kind of ritual than being a straightforward mating act. The females form a huge circle in the water with their heads and tails together. The male whales take turns leaping high out of the ice, drawing beautiful arcs in the air, and then diving back into the sea from the other side of the circle. Several hundred Giant Cloud Whales would complete this ritual simultaneously, almost blocking out the sunlight with their pure white bodies in the sky. The huge splashes of water from the whales’ tails left rainbow-like traces in the reflection of the sunlight.

       Qin Yun looked up dumbfounded, not even knowing when Moschery had put up his umbrella. He pinched the brim of the umbrella nervously and stared at the Giant Cloud Whale that kept leaping up without blinking. The pure white fish’s body was like being covered with a layer of light gold, and the spray of water mist looked like flowers blooming in mid-air.

       “The male whale will sing love poems to the female whale.” Moschery suddenly said, “But we can’t hear it.”

       Qin Yun came back to his senses and looked at him playfully, “How do you know they are singing if you can’t hear it?”

       “Of course I know.” Moschery lowered his head and looked at him expressionlessly, “Because if I want to have sex with you, I will also say words of love to you.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery: “I want to have sex with you on the back of a dragon.” After a pause, the Emperor asked again, “If I say I love you a hundred times, will you agree?”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Of course, even if Qin Yun were willing to agree, Zhongyan would not agree. The dragon shook his back angrily, turned his face and snorted at the emperor.

       Moschery frowned and said in a disdainful tone, “What are you pouting about? You won’t be able to do it in this lifetime anyway.”

       Zhongyan: “…QAQ”

       The mating ceremony of the Giant Cloud Whales lasted for a long time. In the end, the female whales selected their favourite partners and slowly swam away with them. The ice surface of the blue sea was almost completely broken. Moschery showed a slightly satisfied look and suddenly stood up and started taking off his clothes.

       Qin Yun: “?! You don’t really want to have sex, do you?”

       Moschery raised his eyebrows, “I just want to swim with you.” He lowered his head with a playful expression and stretched out his hand to pinch the other person’s chin, “Or do you really want to do it with me?”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       His Majesty the Emperor was naked to the waist, cleaning some remaining ice cubes in the Blue Sea. Qin Yun lay on the dragon’s back and couldn’t help but persuade him, “There’s no need to make it so clean, the water is hot anyway.”

       “I’m worried that I might scratch you.” Moschery replied, handling the pieces of broken ice stubbornly and carefully.

       The Emperor had beautiful and broad shoulder blades, and Qin Yun found that the ends of his hair were a bit long, almost covering his neck.

       “Let’s cut your hair.” Qin Yun stared at the other man’s hair and suddenly said, “Straighten your back.”

       “I’ll give you a chance.” Moschery stopped when he saw that the cleaning was almost done. He swam to Qin Yun’s side and stretched out his hand to his guide, “Come down and soak together, and help me shave as well.”

       Lin Dongliang suddenly received a reply from His Majesty the Emperor when Moschery was sending the documents of the day. He turned on the communication device inexplicably and looked at a 120p HD 360° uncensored colour photo.

       In the camera, Moschery raised his neck slightly, with half of his face covered in foam. Qin Yun lowered his head directly above him. Both of them were naked from the upper body. The Royal Highness the Queen was holding a razor in his hand and was carefully shaving His Majesty the Emperor with it.

       Lin Dongliang: “…”

       Skarter came over and took a look, “…Is this a show of affection?”

       Lin Dongliang rubbed his forehead with a headache. He saw the words captioned by the Emperor under the photo.

       “Task 1: Let’s soak in the hot spring together and let Qin Yun shave my beard— Status: Completed.”

       “…” Skarter opened his mouth, “His Majesty has written a honeymoon plan again?”

       Lin Dongliang: “You haven’t seen all the scripts he wrote… There are even more disgusting ones later.”

       “Oh?” Skarter asked curiously, “Is there a sex scene?”

       Lin Dongliang: “…”

       Skarter shrugged innocently, “It’s natural for men to be curious… comparing to see whose repertoire of ‘plays’ is more extensive?”

       “Besides having sex on the back of a dragon, where else have you ever thought about having sex?” Qin Yun soaked in the warm water of the Blue Sea. He felt that after staying with Moschery for too long, things like moral integrity were broken. He was also a man after all. How could he admit defeat in bed?!

       “We can do it now.” Moschery touched his newly shaved chin. He hugged Qin Yun’s waist, raised his lower body and rubbed against him, “Want to give it a try?”

       Qin Yun: “…” Sure enough, he would be much weaker than a hooligan with real guns and ammunition!!!

       “You won’t release Ishtar?” His Majesty the Emperor kissed his guide’s neck. He specially left the largest piece of ice for Zhongyan so that the dragon could rest on it. It seemed to hear his spiritual link partner’s name, raised its head and stared at Qin Yun expectantly.

       “It’s very shy.” Qin Yun said seriously, “It’s better to avoid seeing such scenes that are not suitable for children.”

       Moschery scoffed, “Come on, it came out because I happened to cum inside you.”

       “…” Qin Yun was speechless, “You’re talking as if raising a child is the same thing…”

       “Is there any difference?” The Emperor pointed at Zhongyan with a look of contempt and disgust, “Anyway, I already raised one, so it’s not so bad to have a second one.”

       Qin Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “I still won’t let it out.” He was silent for a while, “It seems to be a little afraid of water.”

       Moschery frowned, “Are you afraid too?”

       “I’m actually not very good at swimming.” Qin Yun was a little embarrassed. He specially trained for this for half a year before joining the army, “And after being cooped up in the ‘lake’ for a long time, it always doesn’t adapt well.”

       Moschery didn’t say anything more, but Qin Yun clearly understood his thoughts, “I want to soak for a while.”

       His Majesty the Emperor looked at him quietly.

       “Although we can’t have sex.” Qin Yun said with a smile, “But I am very dedicated to the scenes required by your script.”

       Moschery snorted. He pressed Qin Yun’s forehead and kissed his lips, “Did you forget that I can ask for extra scenes, idiot.”

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Chapter 44 – Demonic Energy

       At the beginning of July, a large temple fair would be held near a century-old temple in the city, which would last for a week.

       Xi Anling came to find Song Jun, hoping to invite him to the temple fair over the weekend. After some hesitation, Song Jun agreed to Xi Anling’s invitation but also invited Feng Junyuan to join them.

       Song Jun thought of taking this opportunity to visit the temple, offering prayers for Xia Hongshen and burning incense. He hoped that Xia Hongshen would recover soon, as he couldn’t stop worrying about it every day, and his sleep was restless every night.

       They went there in the afternoon that day, planning to stop by the temple fair to have some snacks for dinner.

       After arriving, Xi Anling couldn’t help but wander around. She had to go to almost all the stalls to take a look before she felt satisfied.

       Song Jun stood in front of a small stall, picked up a bell, and jingled it in his hand. Suddenly, he had the idea of giving this bell to Xia Hongshen. Ideally, he thought, he could first take it to the temple and have a master bless it. Then, Xia Hongshen could wear it around his neck. No, wait, it was meant for the little cat to wear…

       “What?” Xi Anling suddenly came over, reached out, snatched the bell from Song Jun’s hand, and said, “The bell.”

       Song Jun then remembered that Xia Hongshen already had a bell. Although he sometimes seemed a little disgusted with it, it was an immortal weapon at least, and it was far inferior to his own.

       Feeling a little frustrated, Song Jun turned around and walked towards other stalls.

       There were too many people at the temple fair. After Song Jun bought fried crepes in front of a small stall, he turned around and found that Xi Anling and Feng Junyuan were gone.

       Song Jun grabbed the crepes and squeezed into the crowd. He had only walked a few steps when he saw a woman blocking him.

       The woman was wearing Hanfu1Hanfu are the traditional styles of clothing worn by the Han Chinese., and her hair was in a bun. It didn’t look very strange in this kind of temple environment, but she still attracted a lot of attention from the people around her.

       Song Jun was slightly surprised when she stopped him.

       The woman smiled at Song Jun and said, “Little Brother, would you like to have your fortune told?”

       Song Jun was stunned for a moment, thinking it was a scammer from somewhere, but refused immediately, “No need.”

       The woman was not angry. She had a beautiful smile and an elegant posture. This dress suited her perfectly. She said, “I won’t charge you any money. I just want to give you a message. Those born under an inauspicious fate may inadvertently harm themselves by harming others.”

       Song Jun looked at her in shock when he heard this.

       After the woman finished speaking, she smiled gently, turned and left the crowd.

       However, Song Jun looked at her fading figure, feeling bewildered and at a loss for a long time. He thought the woman’s words seemed to be directed at him – born under an inauspicious fate? Harming oneself by harming others? What did it mean? Was she implying that Senior Brother Xia’s injury was a consequence of his involvement?

       “What’s wrong?” Xi Anling suddenly slapped him from behind.

       Song Jun shook his head, saying there was nothing wrong. However, even when Feng Junyuan and the others came to call him into the temple later, he still couldn’t shake off the lingering unease from the woman’s words.

       After returning from the temple fair that night, Song Jun just stepped onto the second floor of the dormitory and found that Xia Hongshen’s door was open.

       “Senior Brother Xia!” Song Jun couldn’t hide his excitement and ran towards Xia Hongshen’s room.

       In the end, it turned out that when he ran over, he found that apart from Xia Hongshen, Long Xing was surprisingly there as well, and immediately felt embarrassed.

       Xia Hongshen sat beside the bed and waved to him.

       Song Jun hurried over and asked, “Is the injury healed?”

       Xia Hongshen raised his trousers slightly and said, “It’s okay.”

       Song Jun squatted at his feet and looked down and saw that the injury on his leg had indeed healed.

       “What happened?” Song Jun couldn’t help asking.

       Long Xing looked at Xia Hongshen.

       Xia Hongshen touched Song Jun’s head and said, “It was eroded by the demonic energy.”

       “Demonic energy?” When Song Jun heard what Xia Hongshen said, he immediately thought of what Xiang Wenxi had mentioned when she came to see him earlier. Unable to contain his fear, he said to Xia Hongshen, “I heard from Xiang Wenxi that the owner of that Demon Market has quite a background. He warned us to be cautious, as he might seek revenge.”

       “Owner of Demon Market, huh,” Xia Hongshen said thoughtfully upon hearing this.

       Long Xing reminded him, “The wound on your leg was bitten by those demonic beasts guarding the Demon Market.”

       Xia Hongshen nodded, “I understand. The owner of the demonic market should indeed be a demonic being. But why would tamed demonic beasts carry demonic energy?”

       When he asked this, Long Xing and Song Jun were even more at a loss as to how to answer.

       Unable to figure things out immediately, Long Xing stood up and took his leave. These days had been challenging for him, and with Yun Po still not returning to the temple, he had taken Xia Hongshen to seek assistance from the abbot. They stayed in the temple for some time until the abbot helped cleanse the demonic energy from Xia Hongshen’s wound.

       Once the demonic energy was dispelled, the wound began to heal on its own. Long Xing hurried back with Xia Hongshen. He had taken several days off, and now he was anxious to return and officially end his leave to resume work.

       With Long Xing gone, only Song Jun and Xia Hongshen remained, and he felt a bit awkward, especially after learning that Xia Hongshen was the little black cat.

       Song Jun said, “You can rest. I’ll go back first.”

       Xia Hongshen suddenly called out, “Chunjun.”

       Song Jun turned to look at him in surprise. Ever since he took him away from the demon market that day, Xia Hongshen had been drowsy due to injuries. Song Jun also firmly believed that he was not Chunjun, so he didn’t ask him about it, but he didn’t expect that Xia Hongshen would take the initiative to mention it now.

       “I’m not Chunjun,” Song Jun shook his head.

       Xia Hongshen asked him calmly, “Why aren’t you?”

       Song Jun was momentarily stunned by the question. He couldn’t quite understand why he was so certain that he wasn’t the one, but a voice in his head kept insisting that he wasn’t. He could only say, “If I were, why am I still just an ordinary student? I haven’t felt any special powers within me, and I don’t have any memories of the past.”

       Upon hearing this, Xia Hongshen simply told him, “You are Chunjun, there’s no need for doubt.”

       Song Jun shook his head. He didn’t know what to say, so he said, “You can rest. I’m going back.”

       It was almost nine o’clock in the evening when Long Xing returned to his rented house. Long Xing lived in a shared apartment. His roommate was not a policeman but a boy who was still in college. He often stayed at home playing games and rarely went out.

       When Long Xing returned, his roommate was already asleep, and the room’s door was tightly shut. Long Xing took a shower, then went back to his own room, closed the door, and spent some time playing on his phone while sitting on the bed.

       Just when he turned off the lights and was about to go to sleep, he suddenly heard a slight movement from next door. The college student seemed to have suddenly opened the door and kept making small noises.

       At first, Long Xing thought he was looking for something to eat and didn’t pay attention. However, the noise lasted for a long time, and Long Xing finally couldn’t help but get up and open the door.

       The room was pitch black, with no lights on in the living room or the bedroom. Only a faint silhouette sitting on the sofa could be vaguely discerned.

       “Ma Yang?” Long Xing called the college student’s name.

       The other party did not respond to him.

       Long Xing walked to the door and fumbled to turn on the ceiling light in the living room. The moment the light enveloped him, he saw the college student sitting on the sofa with blood all over his face.

       At first, Long Xing thought he was injured and hurriedly went to take a look, only to find that his face was covered with red spots. The blood on his face was clearly caused by scratching the skin with his nails. At this time, he was still scratching his chest, raised his head as he looked at Long Xing and said, “It’s so itchy.”

       Long Xing felt his scalp numb and said, “Stop scratching it; it’s already broken!”

       He sent the roommate to a nearby hospital overnight.

       After arriving at the hospital, Long Xing discovered in the emergency department that many people came to the emergency department because of skin problems. First, they developed red spots and rashes, and then due to severe itching, the patients scratched the spots with their hands and started to bleed. It was like some terrible infectious disease, and the cause was unknown for the time being.

       Since that day, there had been reports in the city about a new infectious disease, and the citizens were advised to be cautious of early symptoms, seek medical attention promptly, and avoid crowded places.

       Song Jun saw the news on the TV in the campus cafeteria while having lunch. However, due to the summer vacation, there were not many people on campus, and the news didn’t elicit much reaction. It was only the next day, when Song Jun returned to the appraisal centre, that he found out his senior sister had taken a leave of absence.

       The teacher at the laboratory told Song Jun that the senior sister was infected with a new infectious disease and asked Song Jun to be careful and it would be best to go to the hospital for a check-up.

       Song Jun nodded and said he understood.

       That night, when Song Jun took a shower in the water room, he checked his whole body and found no red spots. But he still felt a little worried. After taking a bath, Song Jun ran to knock on Xia Hongshen’s door and asked him to help him check if there was anything growing on the back of his neck.

       Xia Hongshen checked him carefully and asked him to take off his T-shirt, saying that he wanted to check his back.

       So Song Jun hesitantly took off his T-shirt and stood in front of Xia Hongshen with his back to him to let him see.

       After looking at it, Xia Hongshen said, “There is nothing.”

       Song Jun put the T-shirt back on and, at the same time, heard Xia Hongshen say, “You won’t catch it easily.”

       “Huh?” Song Jun was a little surprised that he said this.

       Xia Hongshen sat in front of the computer desk, one leg propped up, and, in a rare occassion, wearing glasses. He said, “This is not an ordinary infectious disease; it seems like it’s been affected by demonic energy.”

       Song Jun’s eyes widened in disbelief.

       Xia Hongshen supported his chin with one hand and seemed to be thinking about this issue as well. He said, “The spread of demonic energy…how could this happen?”

       Song Jun was even more confused and sat down beside Xia Hongshen’s bed.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to be talking to himself, “It seems to have happened after we went to the Demon Market. I don’t know where it started to spread. Could it be related to the owner of the Demon Market?”

       Song Jun asked softly, “Erosion by demonic energy? What will happen to these people? Will they… die?”

       Xia Hongshen tapped his arm lightly with his left hand, “For now, it hasn’t happened, but if left unchecked, it might lead to demonic transformation.”

       Surprised, Song Jun stood up abruptly. “What kind of joke is this?” he exclaimed. He felt like Xia Hongshen had probably read too many fantasy novels. Even though he had accepted the existence of immortals and supernatural beings in this world, the idea of a city-wide demonic transformation and a bio-hazard sounded too unreal.

       Xia Hongshen seemed to know what he was thinking and said, “Of course, it won’t happen like you are worried about. There is still a balance in the natural order. If this city were completely infected by demonic energy, the celestial being above would abandon the city, burying it along with the demonic energy. After destruction, there is always rebirth. Humans have a powerful ability to propagate, and the heavens show no mercy.”

       Song Jun’s face changed because he felt that what Xia Hongshen said might be the truth.

       Xia Hongshen thought for a moment and asked Song Jun, “Can you still find the wolf demon and the little fox?”

       Song Jun recalled the house that Ling Xiao and the others took back from that old building. Xiang Wenxi once said that it was Ling Xiao’s home.

       “Maybe,” he said uncertainly.

       “I want to meet them. Please come with me,” Xia Hongshen said to Song Jun.

       Song Jun looked at Xia Hongshen’s expression and guessed that he might want to find out the source of the spread of demonic energy. He nodded quickly and said, “Okay.”

       The next evening, Song Jun came out from work at the laboratory and saw the little black cat that was Xia Hongshen sitting in front of the Forensic Medicine building, waiting for him.

       Song Jun walked up to him and asked in silence for a while, “You want to go like this?”

       The little black cat answered him, “Meow~”

       Song Jun picked him up and took a taxi to the school gate.

       The street looked very bleak these days. Because it was close to the hospital, there were slightly more pedestrians coming and going, but they were also in a hurry, and most of them were wearing masks.

       After finally stopping a taxi, the driver repeatedly warned Song Jun not to let his cat scratch the seat and not to urinate indiscriminately.

       Song Jun was a little embarrassed and said, “He won’t.”

       After getting in the car, Song Jun saw the little black cat lying on the car window looking out, so he went over and saw a man suddenly fall to the ground on the side of the road, desperately reaching out to scratch his face, and everyone around him ran away and didn’t dare to get close.

       “Ah—” the driver suddenly sighed and said, “If this continues, I won’t dare to do work tomorrow. I’d better go home and rest for a few days.”

       When Song Jun heard this, he lowered his head to look at the little black cat. The little black cat also raised its head and looked at him.

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Chapter 18

       The next day at school, Zhan Weiyang bought a bottle of Coke for Chen Youyou from the small supermarket in front of the school, took it to the classroom, and put it in Chen Youyou’s desk drawer.

       Chen Youyou ignored him when he arrived.

       Zhan Weiyang took advantage of the teacher’s absence in the classroom during early self-study to poke Chen Youyou’s back with his finger lightly.

       In the end, Chen Youyou turned his head and gave him a fierce look.

       Zhan Weiyang retracted his finger in fear, not daring to poke him again.

       When class was over, Chen Youyou’s seatmate suddenly asked him, “Why don’t you drink the coke Zhan Weiyang bought for you?”

       Chen Youyou lowered his head, glanced at the Coke stuffed in the drawer, and said in a low voice, “Why, ask this?”

       The seatmate said, “It’s just weird. It feels like you two were having a quarrel.”

       Chen Youyou tidied his desk without saying a word and took out the textbooks for the next class.

       The seatmate lamented, “I never thought you two would quarrel one day.”

       Chen Youyou still didn’t drink the bottle of coke.

       When the first class was over, Chen Youyou stood up from his seat and planned to go to the bathroom. As soon as he turned around, he saw Zhan Weiyang lying listlessly on the desk. As soon as Zhan Weiyang saw him getting up, he immediately sat up straight, raised his face, and looked at him with wide eyes.

       Chen Youyou turned away and walked toward the back door of the classroom alone.

       Zhan Weiyang showed a disappointed expression for a moment and lay back on the desk.

       Chen Youyou went to the bathroom alone. After peeing alone, he came back to the classroom and saw Zhan Weiyang still lying on the desk.

       He didn’t know whether Zhan Weiyang fell asleep, but Zhan Weiyang didn’t look up at him again.

       Chen Youyou’s uneasiness gradually increased. He sat down, reached out, and flipped through the textbooks on the table. Then, he took out the bottle of coke from the drawer, sat sideways, and unscrewed the bottle cap.

       As soon as Zhan Weiyang heard the sound of opening coke, he immediately raised his head. He looked at Chen Youyou and said, “You’re not angry anymore?”

       Chen Youyou didn’t answer, but just said, “What, did you mean, yesterday saying, I can’t see you?”

       Zhan Weiyang was very happy that Chen Youyou was willing to talk to him and said, “Well, I thought about it and you can come to see me. You can see me, but I don’t know if I can see you.”

       Chen Youyou took a sip of coke and resisted the urge to burp, “I don’t know, what you are talking about.”

       Zhan Weiyang said, “It doesn’t matter.”

       Chen Youyou drank half a bottle of coke, closed the cap, and stuffed it back into the drawer, saying, “I hate Xie, Ling.”

       Zhan Weiyang looked at him awkwardly, “What should we do?”

       “W-what do you mean?”

       “But if I can’t pursue him, I’ll be finished.”

       Chen Youyou was a little confused, “So, you, like him?”

       Zhan Weiyang didn’t know what to say. Anyway, he knew that he couldn’t deny it at this time. Points would be deducted if he denied it, so he could only nod.

       Chen Youyou asked, “If, you can’t pursue him, will you explode?”

       Zhan Weiyang shook his head, “I won’t explode.” He paused and then said, “But I’m running out of time.”

       Chen Youyou was confused, “What, out of time?”

       At this time, the school bell rang. The teacher was already in the classroom. The whole class was quiet. Chen Youyou didn’t dare to speak anymore, turning back to stand up along with the whole class.

       Not long after he sat down, Zhan Weiyang stuffed a folded piece of paper into him from behind. He took it and opened it to read. On it, Zhan Weiyang wrote neatly: I want to find someone to ambush him, and then I can rescue him. So that way we can meet.

       Chen Youyou glanced at the teacher on the podium, grabbed a pen, and wrote under the note: You are crazy.

       While the teacher was turning around to write on the blackboard, he threw the note back to Zhan Weiyang.

       After a while, Zhan Weiyang threw it to him again: I saw some suggestions on the internet, and I thought I could give it a try. After all, I don’t have much time.

       Chen Youyou replied: ?

       The two people passed small notes repeatedly while the teacher was not paying attention.

       Zhan Weiyang: Do you still remember your Yu ge? Can we find him? I can give the money.

       When Chen Youyou was young, he had a neighbour’s brother named Zhu Xinyu. Because his parents were busy at work, they often left their son at Chen Youyou’s house. During elementary school, Zhu Xinyu even helped Chen Youyou with his homework. Later, when he entered middle school, his parents divorced, and he started hanging out with troublemakers outside, failing to graduate from high school.

       When Chen Youyou told Zhan Weiyang about Yu ge before, he said that he knew people outside. If they were bullied, they could ask Yu ge to help them. In the end, Zhan Weiyang had never seen this Yu ge even once.

       So Zhan Weiyang came up with an idea. He could ask Yu ge to lead a few people to surround Xie Ling outside the school, and then Zhan Weiyang rushed out to stop them and help Xie Ling get out of the siege.

       Chen Youyou held his face with one hand and frowned. He thought this proposal was ridiculous.

       After lunch, Zhan Weiyang told Chen Youyou solemnly, “I’m almost out of time.”

       Chen Youyou said, “What time, exactly?”

       Zhan Weiyang gave him all the ham that Chen Youyou liked on his plate and said, “Help me.”

       Chen Youyou raised his hand and scratched his nose and said: “I-I’m not, not helping you, but—”

       Before he finished speaking, there was a quarrel in the cafeteria. All the students eating looked in the direction of the quarrel and saw two girls quarrelling. Zhan Weiyang was quite familiar to one of them. It was the girl who often walked together with Xie Ling.

       The two girls started arguing for some reason, but the person sitting at the table next to them was Xie Ling.

       As the quarrel became louder and louder, a student who was familiar with the two girls went to break up the fight. At this time, Xie Ling suddenly stood up with his meal plate and walked outside silently.

       Someone called him from behind, but he didn’t look back.

       This was the time when the cafeteria was crowded with the most people at lunch, and there were almost no empty seats. Only the row next to the wall, where Zhan Weiyang and the others were seated, occasionally had an available spot. Zhan Weiyang and Chen Youyou’s table was one of the last with two empty seats remaining.

       When Xie Ling passed by them, he stopped, looked at the two of them, chose Zhan Weiyang, and said, “Classmate, can you let me sit in?”

       Zhan Weiyang immediately stood up in a daze, retreated into the passage, and let Xie Ling sit on the empty seat next to him with a meal plate.

       Chen Youyou gritted his teeth and stared at Xie Ling. He had not forgotten that Xie Ling called him crazy last night.

       Xie Ling didn’t even look at him. After sitting down, he lowered his head and continued eating.

       Zhan Weiyang sat back again. He picked up his chopsticks and was no longer in the mood to eat. Instead, he gently said to Xie Ling, “Hello, my name is Zhan Weiyang.”

       Xie Ling stopped, nodded slightly, and then continued eating.

       Zhan Weiyang said, “I am in the second and third classes of high school. I am 17 years old, 1.74 meters tall, Aries, and blood type B.”

       Xie Ling stopped again, reaching into their school uniform pocket and pulling out a pair of earphones connected by a wire. He put them into his ears, one on the left and the other on the right, and ate his lunch without any distractions.

       Zhan Weiyang’s last sentence trailed off, his voice growing quieter and quieter until he finally swallowed and said, “If you have time, we could go water the trees together…” He lowered his head with a melancholy expression.

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Chapter 25 – Ownership

       The man’s kiss was incredibly gentle, with fleeting touches and delicate friction that seemed only to provide comfort. Zhuo Yue gradually calmed down with this sudden kiss. When their lips parted, he called out softly, somewhat perplexed, “Master?”

       “You belong to me.” Fang Mingyan looked at him, his eyes sucking in all the light like black holes, “No matter what I do to you, it is reasonable.”

       Zhuo Yue’s face gradually turned from pale to red, and he pursed his lips nervously.

       “Exactly three minutes.” The man stood up and carried him out of the study as promised. Zhuo Yue was covered in cold sweat, and after drinking some warm water, he finally recovered. Seeing the bloody stains on Fang Mingyan’s neck that he had scratched, he felt very sorry and silently brought alcohol and cotton balls to disinfect him.

       “Do you know what the punishment is for a slave who hurts his master?” The man sat on the sofa in the bedroom raised his eyes and looked at him.

       Zhuo Yue shook his head in embarrassment and said, “I don’t know…”

       “Under normal circumstances, twenty lashes and two days of solitary confinement, with subjective intent doubling the punishment.” After Fang Mingyan finished speaking, he took in the sight of the slave, tense and unwilling to plead, and smirked. “Considering it’s your first offence, I’ll make an exception and give you a chance to make amends.”

       Zhuo Yue’s eyes lit up instantly like the bright moon parting the clouds.

       The man hooked his collar, pulled him into his arms, and then gave the order, “From now on, don’t move around until I am satisfied.”

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know what Fang Mingyan was going to do next, but just the fact that he was kneeling naked on the other person’s lap with his legs open at this moment made him extremely ashamed, not to mention that the two of them were facing each other and so close. The man leaned back leisurely on the sofa, squinted his eyes slightly, raised his fingers to caress the side of Zhuo Yue’s cheek as if appreciating a work of art, teased his Adam’s apple downward, passed over the collarbone, and lingered on the bulge on the left side of the chest. At first, it was just a simple touch and caress, and then he pinched it between the fingers and kneaded it gently. Zhuo Yue had always been abstinent, and that sensitive little fruit couldn’t stand such deliberate play. It stood upright at that moment, and its colour was so attractive. Fang Mingyan looked at his shy and helpless look, with a smile in his eyes. He used some strength to pinch the poor chest with his hands. The momentary pain turned into numbness and spread, and Zhuo Yue shivered and couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

       “Tell me your identity.” The man’s hand movement did not stop and turned to the other side of his chest. Zhuo Yue was completely unable to resist such teasing, but he did not dare to move. He only tensed his body, “I am your slave.”

       “Tell me your rights.”

       “All my rights come from…ah──” The man’s fingers traced his tight belly, teasing the exposed genitals between his legs, and lightly scratched the small hole at the front with his fingertips, causing Zhuo Yue to tremble violently. It was difficult even to continue the answer.

       “Who allowed you only to answer half of it, huh?” Fang Mingyan wrapped his palm around the balls and kneaded it wantonly.

       Zhuo Yue’s body flushed, and his breathing became more rapid. He forced himself to say, “Master… all my rights come from your giving…”

       “Tell me your duty.”

       “Ah── to please you…” Desire sprouted and gradually awakened in the body. He leaned back slightly impatiently, his eyes gradually filled with mist.

       The man let go of the little guy who had tilted up, held his waist with one hand, and reached behind him with the other, stroking his buttocks. “Slave, every part of your body belongs to me.” His fingers went deep into the crack of your buttocks, passing through the hole hidden in the secret place, and he said slowly, “‘Belongs’ not only means that I have the right to you. But I also have the right to own you, and the right to use you. When I want to use you, you have no right to refuse.”

       Zhuo Yue was tortured by the swarming passion that lingered painlessly, unable to be vented and suppressed. He was so nervous that his whole body stiffened, and he raised his face and gasped. However, his master controlled the rhythm unhurriedly, slowly but forcefully invading every inch of his skin. When the fingertips touched the hole, he trembled and let out a whimper. He called out shyly with a red face, “Master…”

       Fang Mingyan looked up at him and said with a smirk, “Do you hate me touching you?”

       Zhuo Yue bit his lower lip in embarrassment and hesitated for a moment, then whispered, “I’m just a little…scared.” After saying that, he no longer had the courage to look at the man in front of him and turned his blushing face away.

       Although this sentence was said as loudly as a mosquito, Fang Mingyan still heard it clearly.

       This was the first time Zhuo Yue had expressed his feelings so frankly in front of him.

       His fingers did not go deep, but lightly and gently drew circles on the lower back, asking, “Are you afraid that I will hurt you?”

       “No…” Zhuo Yue felt like the rest of his body had lost all sensation. Only the places touched by those hands were extremely sensitive. Every tiny friction was amplified countless times, letting oneself fall apart completely. His breathing became heavier, and the corners of his eyes were filled with water. He reluctantly said, “I haven’t done it… I, um… don’t know what to do…”

       It was not that he was afraid of hurting himself; he was afraid that he wouldn’t do well.

       The relationship that started out as forced pain finally started to become a willing one. His shy and sensitive slave agrees with this role and approach, which gives him more trust and openness.

       He let go and leaned on the sofa, looking at the confused man in front of him, “Slave, I will let you fully feel and show me your desires. In order to reward your honesty, I give you the right to choose. I will be the one doing it, or you can do it yourself.”

       Zhuo Yue was stunned for a moment before he realised what he meant. He was immediately embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. He blushed and curled up his fingers, and called out shyly, “Master…” There was an element of begging and pleading in his voice, mixed together with some hints of coquettishness. After he said it, he felt even more embarrassed. He wanted to hide but had nowhere to hide, so he lowered his head and said nothing.

       “Don’t like these two options?” The man said leisurely, “You can also use those tools placed in the cage to achieve the same effect.”

       Zhuo Yue froze and shook his head in panic, “No…”

       “Tell me your choice.”

       He hesitated for a moment, then lowered his eyes and said with determination, “I… choose you.”

       Fang Mingyan lowered his gaze and smiled softly, as if a warm wind had arisen out of thin air, blowing the wheat field planted in his heart. He hooked Zhuo Yue’s collar and pulled him into his arms, gently licked his slightly red earlobes, deliberately lowered his voice in his ears, and said word by word, “There will be a price to pay for letting me take action.”

       The hot and moist touch and gentle breath made Zhuo Yue shudder, and he was already turned over, lying on his back on the sofa. The sensitive part between his hind legs was held by the man pressing on him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes shyly. However, the sudden pain in that place forced him to open it again.

       “Look at me.” Fang Mingyan’s eyes looked like a boundless sea.

       Zhuo Yue’s usual life could be described as simple and ascetic. Apart from self-gratification, he had no sexual experience whatsoever. After being molested in that way, he became resistant to desire. In addition, he had been taking drugs before, and almost didn’t even masturbate. Now the suppressed desire in this body had completely awakened under the guidance of another man.

       The delicate sexual organs gradually swelled under skilful teasing, showing a great excitement in the veins. However, Fang Mingyan seemed reluctant to let everything end too soon. With teasing touches that were almost imperceptible, alternating between quick and slow strokes, and a grip that tightened and loosened unpredictably, Zhuo Yue found himself fluctuating between peaks and valleys. Like a small boat in the waves of desire, he was tossed up and down, as if countless tiny currents were coursing through his body. All thoughts in his mind vanished, leaving only the man before him to dominate his world, providing him with all the pleasure and unbearable sensations.

       He tilted his neck back to reveal the beautiful curve of his neck, the muscles on his inner thighs were tense, and his toes were curled up. The glimmering water in his eyes was filled with lust, and his shy and forbearing expression contained an unquenchable desire. Moans and gasps were mixed together, and the pure voice was stained with lust, and there was a special ambiguous sensuality. After a wave of unrequited requests, he finally couldn’t help but tremble and said, “Master, ahh──”

       “I said, there is a price for my actions. You are not allowed to cum without my permission.” Fang Mingyan curled his lips and rubbed the extremely sensitive crown with his fingertips, causing him to tremble repeatedly. The desire kept accumulating, but when it was about to break through, it was tightly imprisoned in the body again. Zhuo Yue felt that he was going crazy. He could no longer care about shame and other things and just murmured, “Let me cum… Let me cum… I can’t stand it anymore…”

       The man raised his eyebrows and tightened his grip, “Who taught you this rule of ordering your master?”

       “I was wrong…” He begged for mercy with a crying voice, “Master, please…”

       “There is no sincerity.” Fang Mingyan was intent on stalling to build up Zhuo Yue’s patience, so he kept the pace under control.

       However, to his surprise, the person below him whimpered and begged for mercy in vain, slightly propped up his upper body with his arms, then raised his face and took the initiative to press his lips.

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Chapter 45 – Red Bean (3)

       When Arthur found the palace, Moschery was packing his honeymoon luggage. The Duke’s spiritual link seemed to want to sit in the suitcase but failed because it was too big. The Emperor frowned, and he took out a giant cat teaser and threw it to Arthur.

       The Duke took it with a subtle expression and shook it. The brutal lion made a low purring sound from its throat and flew up and down.

       “Rhinestones, cat teasers…” Arthur was curious, “What else do you don’t have here?”

       Moschery grunted and didn’t seem to bother to respond.


       Ba Jin arranged for the Royal Guards to send the two of them to the Academy of Sciences. Since Moschery gave Qin Yun his private aircraft, he changed to a white one. Arthur put his legs on the control table carelessly and said lazily, “The Cabinet still doesn’t know that the queen is god-level. Aren’t you planning to disclose it?”

       “No.” Moschery glanced at him, “If Shen recovers, I hope you can keep it a secret.”

       Arthur raised an eyebrow as he made a face like he was all ears.

       Moschery: “The Cabinet won’t be so easily compliant. They’ve held control over Averio for so many years; the power in their hands isn’t easy to uproot.”

       Arthur narrowed his eyes, “You can still go on your honeymoon with peace of mind, then?”

       “I want to reassure them.” Moschery smiled sarcastically, “What they want is a puppet emperor to make the people lose confidence in the royal family. They have the means to throw dirty water, and the best time to do it is while I’m away.”

       “What they say now might sound harsh, but the pain of being proven wrong in the future will be even greater.” The Emperor propped his chin with one hand, his crimson cloak contrasting with a cold expression, “In order to fight against aggression outside, we must first calm down inside. I cannot allow Qin Yun’s genes to be cloned by Olympus. Once the Cabinet is dealt with, the next step is them.”

       Arthur clicked his tongue and said frivolously, “Your Majesty is indeed a tyrant.”

       “So what if you are a tyrant?” Moschery said with a calm face, “As a man if I can’t even protect my wife, what right do I have to defend my family and the country?”


       Qin Yun’s mental power wrapped around Shen Zhuofan’s brain nerves. He unfolded the guiding tendrils and removed the remaining destructive agents. He relaxedly chatted with his friend, “How do you feel?”

       “A little stuffy.” Shen Zhuofan said softly. He was isolated in the sterile cabin, and Chris was observing the mental testing machine.

       Qin Yun asked with a smile, “Do you still remember what your spiritual link looks like?”

       “It’s a tiger cat.” Shen Zhuofan recalled, “The name is Tianrong1tian = heaven, rong = appearance.”

       Qin Yun thought for a long time: “Does this name have any meaning?”

       Shen Zhuofan said solemnly, “So cute that it looked heavenly.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       After all, the pressure of a god-level spiritual link was strong. It didn’t take long for Shen Zhuofan to feel exhausted. Qin Yun frowned and motioned for him to take a nap.

       “When you wake up, you will see that even heaven and earth won’t tolerate it anymore[/mfn]word play of Tianrong that is tianliburong[/mfn].” Qin Yun comforted him.

       Shen Zhuofan couldn’t help laughing and slowly closed his eyes.

       Qin Yun looked at Chris, who nodded towards him and pointed to the growing spiritual power on the instrument.

       “Okay.” Qin Yun took a deep breath, rolled up his sleeves and raised his arms, “Let’s work harder, buddy.”

      Chris made a dashing gesture in front of his forehead, “No problem, Your Royal Highness.”


       When Arthur approached the laboratory, he saw his guide sleeping quietly in the sterile cabin and a beautiful tiger cat sleeping next to him, with his head resting on the other’s neck.

       The Duke watched silently. He stood there and did not step forward for a long time.

       “It may not be stable just after recovery.” Qin Yun smiled and said softly, “Give him some time.”

       Arthur nodded; the corners of his eyes were slightly red, and he said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you.”

       Qin Yun waved, and he and Moschery went out together, leaving the Duke alone with Shen Zhuofan. Chris closed the door for the two of them. Through the transparent wall of the laboratory, he saw Arthur bending down, slowly stretching out his arms and hugging his own guide.


       Perhaps one of the happiest things in the world is to recover what one has previously lost.

       Incredibly precious and beautiful.


       Moschery held the door of the aircraft and lowered his head to kiss Qin Yun. After a while of kissing, Qin Yun couldn’t help laughing, “I didn’t expend much mental energy…”

       “I know.” Moschery sighed. He couldn’t express his frustration anymore and could only say helplessly, “I just want to kiss you.”

       “…” Qin Yun felt that he was in the wrong, so he simply turned his back and hugged Moschery’s neck and kissed him.

       The two of them lingered for a while before His Majesty let go of his guide.

       “Let’s go.” He pinched Qin Yun’s neck, “We have to enjoy our time.”

       Qin Yun was amused and joked, “Honeymoon? Have you finished writing the script?”

       Moschery raised his eyebrows and pointed at himself expressionlessly, “The number one male lead.” Then he tapped Qin Yun’s chest, “The number two male lead.”

       Qin Yun: “…”

       Moschery: “The lines are saying love words.”

       Qin Yun was embarrassed, “I’m not an actor in this aspect…”

       Moschery ignored him and continued, “The supporting roles are my dragon and your unicorn.” His Majesty the Emperor said seriously, “They are just part of background and have no lines.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       His Majesty the Emperor’s travel route map alone filled a whole page. Qin Yun discovered that the other party really planned to travel from A Stars to G Stars… and each had its own characteristics and was full of surprises.

       Qin Yun had never been to Planet A, but he had heard that 99% of this planet was ocean and only 1% was land. It had an absurd amount of aquatic life and a staggering size.

       “How humid it is…” Qin Yun found it unbelievable, “There’s no way to live in it, right?”

       Moschery controlled the spacecraft to enter the space jump station. He obviously had it all arranged and wasn’t worried, “Just going to have a bit of fun, not necessarily spending the night.”

       “…” Qin Yun suddenly said, “Is this the legendary take me to see the sea?”

       Moschery was silent. He blocked Qin Yun’s mouth angrily and muttered, “Shut up!”


       The spaceship sailed automatically on the first route of the Milky Way. Qin Yun saw the completely blue planet through the cabin. Moschery controlled the body to fly into the atmosphere. Qin Yun lowered his head and discovered that there was ice on the sea.

       “Wow…” Qin Yun exclaimed. He could even see the water flowing under the ice.

       “If you want to go down, you have to wear cold-proof clothes.” Moschery ‘stopped’ the spacecraft smoothly on the sea. He found his coat and wrapped it around Qin Yun, “Let’s go and take a look.”


       Qin Yun walked carefully on the ice. Through the mirror-like ice, he could clearly see the swarms of fish in the water below, giving people the illusion of walking on the sea.

       Moschery crouched down with him, fish, shrimp, and algae spreading beneath their feet.

       “Oh my God.” Qin Yun exclaimed, “This is so beautiful.”

       The Emperor’s expression was a bit proud, “There will be something more beautiful later.”

       Qin Yun stared at him with wide eyes.

       Moschery didn’t answer. Qin Yun wanted to ask again but suddenly felt a faint vibration under his feet, and the huge black dragon was released from the realm of consciousness by the sentinel.

       “Come up.” The Emperor rode on the dragon’s back and stretched out his hand to Qin Yun, “I will take you to see the ‘Flying Fish’.”

Anyway maybe some of you will wonder, why red bean as the arc name?
Red Beans have a strong meaning in Chinese culture. Red beans are often hard and come in a heart shape. They are similar in colour to that of blood and can be stored for a long time without rotting or fading in colour. Red beans symbolise love and fidelity (*cough* I copy paste this from somewhere)

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Chapter 43 – Infectious Disease

       There was no news from Long Xing and Feng Junyuan for a while. After being rejected by Xia Hongshen, Xi Anling refused to come over but would occasionally call Song Jun from time to time to ask how Xia Hongshen was doing.

       In fact, Xia Hongshen’s condition had been very stable; the wound had not worsened, nor had he recovered.

       It was just drowsiness, unexplained drowsiness. Sometimes, he could sleep all day long in Song Jun’s arms. However, when Song Jun asked him to get up and eat, he was not entirely unresponsive. He was only willing to eat cat food, with the addition of Whiskas food pouch.

       Song Jun always felt that Whiskas pouch was not healthy for the injured Xia Hongshen, so he refused to give it to him. He just let him eat some cat food and drink some milk.

       As summer approached, Song Jun’s first year of graduate school came to an end. All his courses would conclude after this semester, and he would be exclusively engaged in lab experiments from the next semester onwards. With this, his schedule would become more flexible. Additionally, his advisor arranged for him to assist at the identification centre in the institute, earning a monthly salary of 1,200 yuan. Hence, he no longer had to take time off to work in a milk tea shop.

       But before that, he still had to deal with the final exam of this semester.

       Two days before the exam, Song Jun went to the classroom to borrow last year’s test papers and spent the afternoon studying in the classroom. Xia Hongshen refused to stay in the dormitory alone and insisted on going out with Song Jun.

       So Song Jun packed him up in a backpack and took him to the classroom.

       Fortunately, Xia Hongshen was not a real cat. He would not run around or meow at inappropriate times.

       Due to various chaotic events recently, Song Jun felt he was falling behind in his studies. Holding photocopies of exam papers, he spent almost two hours in the classroom, flipping through books and studying.

       Xia Hongshen lay down in his backpack at first, then crawled onto Song Jun’s lap and slept on his stomach.

       A girl sitting in the front row of Song Jun passed by his seat and noticed the black cat on his lap. She whispered, “You brought the cat to self-study?”

       Song Jun raised his head and smiled in acquiescence.

       The girl reached out and scratched the little black cat’s head, then returned to her seat and sat down.

       Xia Hongshen raised his paw and scratched the touched area.

       Song Jun then scratched him for a while, then raised his head to look at the girl and suddenly found several red spots on the back of the girl’s neck.

       While the girl was studying, she reached out and scratched the back of her neck.

       After a while, the red spot started to bleed. She covered it with a tissue and didn’t dare to scratch it anymore.

       Song Jun didn’t mind the distractions and spent the entire afternoon studying. Later, he returned to the dormitory, carrying Xia Hongshen with him.

       After two or three days, Long Xing and Feng Junyuan came back.

       They failed to find Yun Po, but they found the abbot master of the temple where Yun Po was located. The master had not left the temple for many years. If they took Xia Hongshen to the temple, the master might be able to try to find out what was going on.

       “Going to the temple?” Song Jun asked.

       Long Xing said, “I don’t know what else to do.”

       Several people were silent for a while.

       Long Xing said to Song Jun, “Why don’t you come with us? I’m really worried about leaving you alone.”

       Hearing what Long Xing said, Song Jun suddenly thought of Ling Xiao and Xiang Wenxi. Perhaps it was because those two people had never hurt him, and Song Jun wasn’t that afraid of them, but it was really not a pleasant thing to be caught and threatened to be sold.

       Song Jun had an exam tomorrow, and within the past two weeks, there would be three or four exams in succession. He had no way to leave, and there was no way he could let Xia Hongshen wait for him with his injury.

       After hesitating, Song Jun said to Long Xing, “You’d better bring Senior Brother Xia for treatment first. I’ll be fine.”

       Long Xing hesitated for a moment and said to Feng Junyuan, “You take Teacher Xia, and I’ll stay and watch Song Jun.”

       But Feng Junyuan said, “It’s better that I stay and you go.”

       Song Jun suddenly felt embarrassed and said, “I’m fine…” but he was only saying it and didn’t seem convincing.

       In the end, it was decided that Feng Junyuan would stay behind. Song Jun would at least have someone to help him if something happened. Long Xing took Xia Hongshen to the temple alone, and Xi Anling also stayed because he had final exams like Song Jun.

       Long Xing took Xia Hongshen away, and it was also time for Song Jun’s final exam. He was reviewing and preparing for the exam every day. In order to concentrate on reading, he simply went to the classroom most of the time.

       There had been no news from Long Xing, and Song Jun felt worried constantly.

       Just like this, the exam week was over, and Song Jun finally completed a few exams safely. He would not have to return to the classroom for the next two years.

       Many people plan to stay on the campus this summer, including Bu Hui, who was about to finish his hospital internship.

       Zhou Yingchun called Song Jun and asked him to go to the appraisal centre to help at the beginning of the summer vacation. He would have weekends off, and he would be paid at a rate of fifty yuan per day.

       Song Jun thanked Zhou Yingchun repeatedly.

       Before the exams, Song Jun had already informed the boss at the milk tea shop that once he finished the exam, he would no longer be working there. The boss was very nice and said there would be no problem at all.

       The night after Song Jun finished his exam, he went to the milk tea shop to help out for the last time.

       At around eight o’clock in the evening, he saw Xiang Wenxi, with yellow hair, walking in from outside.

       Song Jun suddenly felt nervous and subconsciously wondered if he should give Feng Junyuan a call.

       In the end, Xiang Wenxi sat in front of the counter and ordered a cup of milk tea.

       Song Jun brewed him milk tea and couldn’t help but ask, “Is Ling Xiao okay?”

       Xiang Wenxi propped up his face with both hands, looked at him and said, “Fine, he’s not dead.”

       Song Jun finished brewing the milk tea and asked, “Would you like to drink it now?”

       Xiang Wenxi nodded.

       So Song Jun helped him insert the straw and handed it to him.

       Xiang Wenxi took it, took two sips, and then said, “Ling Xiao isn’t dead, so I won’t bother with you guys.”

       Song Jun subconsciously retorted, “It was you who stole our things first. We should be the ones settling the score with you, shouldn’t we?”

       Xiang Wenxi glared at him.

       Song Jun lowered his head and wiped the counter hard with a rag.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “You killed my brother, and I wasn’t even planning to settle the score with you! Are we really going to be able to settle this?”

       In his heart, Song Jun was complaining that it was his brother who had evil intentions first, and that was why Senior Brother Xia killed him, no? But there was no point in arguing with Xiang Wenxi. After all, Xiang Wenshi had lost his life. It was normal for his brother to want revenge, so Song Jun fell silent.

       Xiang Wenxi continued, “But you have offended someone, and I am afraid that person will not let you go easily.”

       Song Jun heard this and looked up at him in surprise.

       Xiang Wenxi said, “Don’t you remember what happened that day when Demon Zhen made a big fuss in the Demon Market? I heard that the owner of the Demon Market has a very powerful background. I’m afraid he won’t let it go so easily.”

       Song Jun said, “What happened that day was obviously caused by you.”

       Xiang Wenxi’s expression immediately turned somewhat subtle. He was silent for a moment and said, “I took Ling Xiao for treatment, but many places were reluctant to accept him. I think someone might have spread the word behind the scenes.”

       Song Jun stopped wiping the counter and asked Xiang Wenxi, “Who is the owner of the Demon Market?”

       Xiang Wenxi shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. Anyway, just take care of yourself.” After that, he added, “If you are really Chunjun.”

       After that, Xiang Wenxi took the milk tea and left. After he left, Song Jun realised that he hadn’t paid at all, and he had to compensate for the money for his cup of milk tea himself.

       However, after seeing Xiang Wenxi, Song Jun could breathe a sigh of relief. At least Xiang Wenxi and Ling Xiao had no intention of kidnapping and selling him again. According to Xiang Wenxi, they might be somewhat preoccupied at the moment.

       He didn’t know who the owner of the Demon Market was, and he didn’t know what caused the injury on Xia Hongshen’s leg.

       These things were too complicated for Song Jun. He probably couldn’t figure them out clearly based on his own imagination.

       Xia Hongshen had not yet returned. Long Xing called, assuring them that they could relax as they had found a way to heal Xia Hongshen’s injuries.

       When he heard what Long Xing said, Song Jun breathed a sigh of relief.

       At the beginning of the summer vacation, he officially went to the appraisal centre to help. His job was very simple. He was responsible for receiving guests who came for appraisals and collecting blood from the persons being appraised.

       Song Jun had just started to work in this field, so it was inevitable that he would not be familiar with it. Fortunately, he had a senior sister with him who could teach him step by step.

       Their testing centre received the most customers who came for paternity testing. Generally speaking, the senior sister was responsible for reception, and Song Jun was responsible for collecting blood.

       However, it was only his second day at work. When he was collecting blood from a guest, he rolled up his sleeves and saw red sores all over the guest’s arms.

       Even though he was wearing gloves, Song Jun was still startled and subconsciously wanted to retract his hand.

       The customer also felt a little embarrassed and said, “I don’t know what I’m allergic to recently; every time I scratch, my hands end up covered in wounds.”

       Song Jun calmed down and said, “The allergy is so serious, it’s better to go to the hospital.”

       After that, there wasn’t much said. When the guests left, Song Jun returned to the computer, and his senior sister sat nearby, continuing to surf the internet.

       After a while, Song Jun noticed that the senior sister was scratching her own face. He turned around and took a look and saw many red pimples on the senior sister’s face.

       Song Jun stopped her and told her to stop scratching.

       The senior sister was stunned for a moment, ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. When she came back, she said, “It seems like an allergy. I don’t know what’s causing it. I’ll go buy some antiallergic medicine later.”

       Song Jun nodded and then felt something was wrong. He suddenly began to worry about whether it was an infectious disease, so he said to his senior sister, “Go to the hospital early after work. Be careful; it might be contagious. I just noticed that the arms of that customer were covered in red sores too.”

       When the senior sister heard this, she made a disgusted expression and said, “Then I’ll go to the hospital to have a look.”

       Thinking of this, Song Jun couldn’t help but go to the bathroom and wash his hands again.

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