He was supposed to get up early to prepare breakfast, but Zhuo Yue didn’t move. At this moment, Fang Mingyan’s arm was resting on his waist, in a half-hug position. He just stayed motionless in the man’s arms, looking at him quietly.

       Although the two of them slept in the same bedroom on weekdays, their relationship remained confined to the bed and underneath it. Zhuo Yue was always afraid of waking him up when he got up every day, so he carefully moved with caution, quickly leaving the bedroom. Therefore, he had never seen Fang Mingyan asleep from such a close distance.

       When he was sleeping, he looked handsome and gentle—like an archangel in a painting, with his eyes lowered to listen to the holy voice. Zhuo Yue’s eyes fell on his thin lips. When he thought of what happened last night, his face instantly became hot. The overly intense love affair had left Zhuo Yue almost deflated, and all the scenes turned into fragments of blushing and heartbeat, but his body still faithfully remembered every feeling the man brought to him. The ultimate pleasure when the genitals were licked, the breath of each other when the lips intertwined, the wet friction of the lower bodies during continuous thrusting, the moment when the two of them ejaculate together, the man’s caress while holding him in the shower… As he thought of these, his heartbeat uncontrollably rose faster.

       If I could always be by his side…

       Suddenly, such a bold and crazy idea suddenly came to his mind.

       Zhuo Yue was stunned.

       “There are some things that can’t be done, some things that can’t be said, and once certain emotions start, they’re hard to contain.”

       He suddenly remembered this line said by Hua Zhan in ‘The Goddess Strategy’. He didn’t understand it at first, but now he understood it.

       Something sour in his heart gradually melted away and slowly filled his eyes. At this moment, Fang Mingyan, who was sleeping next to him, opened his eyes.

       Zhuo Yue was startled and quickly lowered his head, but someone pinched his chin and raised his eyes to face each other. He had no time to hide his hurried and sad expression, and the moist water in the corner of his eyes fell into the other person’s eyes at the same time.

       “Master, you’re awake.” He lowered his eyes and spoke calmly.

       “Your body hurts?” the man asked.

       “It doesn’t hurt. Just…my eyes are a little dry.”

       Fang Mingyan didn’t expose his excuse. He slightly folded his arms to bring him closer to him, and then kissed his eyes gently, “Sleep with me for a while longer.”

       After dinner, Lin Hui, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, appeared at Hanguan No. 15 and brought a set of clothes to Zhuo Yue. He took it in confusion, only to hear Fang Mingyan say calmly, “Go and put it on. Tonight is the Silver Star Awards Night, and you are a finalist for Best Supporting Actor in the movie.”

       Zhuo Yue’s heart skipped a beat, and there was some panic in his eyes, “Sir, I…those cameras…” Although he had improved greatly through repeated training, he still felt scared when he thought of those dark cameras pointing at him.

       “I will go with you.” The man looked at him calmly.

       Zhuo Yue, who had not been out for more than a month, looked at the scenery outside the car window and found that the scenery was both familiar and unfamiliar.

       Traffic lights, zebra crossings, intersections, and all the streets that he had walked on before had an inexplicable sense of freshness. Flower shops, fruit stalls, night markets, and corners he never noticed at ordinary times looked special now. Young men jogging, girls holding flowers, uncles selling snacks, and street trees that had lost all their leaves. The world seemed to have grown larger, become vivid and concrete, clear and interesting.

       “Chairman Fang, we’re here.” Lin Hui parked the car, and makeup artist, xiao Ya, hurried over to apply makeup on Zhuo Yue. She looked around and said with a smile, “Yue ge must have been extremely moisturized during this holiday. Your complexion is much better than before, even if I don’t put on any makeup, you will definitely look stunning.”

       Except for Lin Hui, no one else knew the whereabouts of Zhuo Yue during this time. This joke made Zhuo Yue blush and glance at the man next to him in embarrassment. The other party curled his lips slightly.

       When everything was ready, Fang Mingyan handed him a mobile phone, “Take it and call me if anything happens.”

       He took it. That was his cell phone. It was taken away on the day he entered Hanguan and was not returned to him until today.

       “Come on, let’s go to the waiting area.” The man walked slowly towards the garage door, and Zhuo Yue immediately stepped up to follow.

       The Silver Star Awards Ceremony was held annually, with all the awards generated by online voting from the public. Its influence grew year by year, so it became increasingly grand. Zhuo Yue followed behind Fang Mingyan with his head down, weaving through the bustling crowd and arriving at the exclusive rest area for Huasheng artists. Several of Huasheng’s top stars were present, and they all stood up to greet the boss when they saw him.

       Lu Chenyang was startled when he saw Zhuo Yue. He walked over and asked softly, “Where have you been recently?”

       “I’ve been resting for a while and relaxing for myself.” He answered vaguely.

       Lu Chenyang was about to ask again when he heard Fang Mingyan’s voice, “Chenyang, come here.”

       The two whispered a few words. After a while, Lu Chenyang returned to Zhuo Yue and asked with some worry, “I heard from the boss that you are not feeling well?”

       He was startled and looked over there. Fang Mingyan was talking to a female singer by the window. Handsome and wealthy men were always easy to be favoured by others. His black suit was fit and steady, with a bit of hidden aura. The silver cufflinks were a bit cold, and the silver-grey tie came from a low-key luxury brand. He was used to seeing him in casual clothes, but now he looked a little unfamiliar.

       Zhuo Yue pursed his lips, looked away, smiled at the person next to him and said, “Well, I have a bit of a stomachache.”

       “I called you many times before, but you didn’t return any of my calls.”

       “I went away to recuperate. I kept turning off my phone for fear of being disturbed. I’m sorry…” He had already thought of an excuse on how to deal with it.

       “Zhuo Yue…” The other party called his name softly, with a look of helplessness on his face. However, in the end, he just smiled, “Let’s go. The boss asked me to accompany you to the entrance.”

       Fang Mingyan’s red carpet partner in the special guest group was arranged by the organisers. This time, his female companion was the promising female director Jiang Yuanyuan. He was widely recognized as a gentleman in the industry, handling every detail with finesse and grace, from opening car doors to offering his arm for support, from controlling their pace to steering the conversation towards the director’s latest work when faced with questions from reporters. After entering the venue gate, Fang Mingyan stopped in his tracks and said, “I’m terribly sorry, but I have something to attend to. I won’t be able to enter the venue for the time being.”

       Jiang Yuanyuan was a little surprised and laughed, “Is Boss Fang going to dump me halfway?”

       “I’m sorry.” The man apologised again sincerely.

       “It’s okay. I can go in by myself. See you later.” After saying that, she walked in. She had been walking unsteadily just now, but now her 11cm high heels were stepping on the ground like a tiger.

       Fang Mingyan looked at his watch and saw that it was almost Zhuo Yue’s entry order. He found a relatively remote work area and looked towards the entrance.

       As soon as they got out of the car, Lu Chenyang and Zhuo Yue aroused loud cheers from the fans outside the stadium. The ‘Linhua’ pair, who had created countless topics in the past, appeared on stage together. Naturally, the reporters would not let it go, and all the long and short cameras in their hands were aimed at them.

       That pitch-black scene made Zhuo Yue feel stiff all over. The feeling of fear came out of the depths of his bones, like a ghost claw that silently strangled his throat. A layer of sweat broke out on his back, and every cell in his body screamed, making him almost want to run away.

       However…the hand in his trouser pocket tightly squeezed the mobile phone, and he tried his best to control himself and move forward.

       There was a text message sent just before he got off the car, from his master.

       “I’ll wait for you inside.”

       Every step was torturous, but he felt like he had support in his heart. It was as if he had put on thick armour, and he could look up and face the difficulties in front of him. He knew that there was someone waiting for him, and as long as he walked through this tho-ny road, he would be able to go to that person.

       Yes, I can do it.

       Zhuo Yue adjusted his breathing, tried to keep his steps steady, and smiled at the overwhelming cameras to make himself look more natural. He left a scrawled signature on the signature wall, quickly walked into the splendid door, turned to the corner where there was no camera, and could no longer hold on.  He held the wall almost as if he had lost his strength, covered his chest in discomfort, and the sweat on his back had almost dampened his shirt.

       “Zhuo Yue?” Lu Chenyang beside him was surprised and quickly supported him. Feeling that he was shaking, he asked worriedly, “What’s going on? What’s wrong with you…? I’ll call the doctor…”

       “No need.” A deep male voice sounded from behind. Fang Mingyan unobtrusively pulled Zhuo Yue into his arms, and said calmly, “Just leave the rest to me. You go in and sit down first.”

       “Chairman Fang, what happened to Zhuo Yue?” Lu Chenyang frowned and asked, “Also, where did he go during the time he was out of contact?”

       The man didn’t answer, but gave him a cold look with oppressive gaze, put his arm around Zhuo Yue’s waist, and led him away quickly. Lu Chenyang was left standing frozen in place.

       Zhuo Yue followed him upstairs in a daze and entered a place that looked like an office. Fang Mingyan helped him sit down on the chair, unbuttoned his collar, then stroked his face and said, “Look at me. I’m by your side, don’t be afraid.”

       After a while, he calmed down, looked around and asked, “Where is this?”

       “I borrowed the office from an acquaintance at the TV station.”

       Zhuo Yue held the water glass in his hand and sighed worriedly.

       “What’s wrong?” Fang Mingyan asked.

       “There are also many cameras in the studio. I’m worried that after a while… I won’t be able to hold on.” He sat with his head bowed, feeling uneasy.

       The man slowly raised Zhuo Yue’s chin, his eyes as gentle as a spring breeze. “I can give you a charm to help you hold on longer.”

       Before Zhuo Yue could react from his confusion, a warm kiss had already covered his lips.

       It was like a sudden dream, like a tree with blooming flowers. It was so beautiful that it made people intoxicated.

       As he came down from upstairs, he turned around and took a look. The man stood as tall as a pine tree, looked at him with encouraging eyes, and said something silently.

       Zhuo Yue recognised that sentence from the shape of his mouth.

       ─Go ahead, I’m behind you.

       He took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and walked into the brightly lit studio hall. On the roof, in the corners, under the stage, in the aisles, in the back rows, cameras were everywhere. He was like a lone herbivore, walking alone through a dangerous dark forest, with no way out and nowhere to hide. However, he could feel the gaze from behind, like a holy light, protecting him and giving him the courage and strength to overcome obstacles.

       “Zhuo Yue, here!” Lu Chenyang waved to him, and their seats were arranged together. When he sat down, the other party asked eagerly, “Did you feel better?”

       “Yes.” He smiled reluctantly, trying his best to lower his gaze and not look at those black machines.

       “What’s going on? What’s wrong with your body?” he asked. When Lu Chenyang saw that he didn’t answer, there was a faint sense of disappointment in his eyes, “Forget it, if you don’t want to say it, don’t say it. I don’t mean to pry into your privacy, and I’ll never tell anyone. I swear, I really just care about you.”

       “I understand.” Zhuo Yue said softly, “You have always taken good care of me.”

       Lu Chenyang was silent for a moment and asked in a low voice, “Is it because of him that you are like this?”

       Zhuo Yue was startled, then realised who he was talking about, and immediately shook his head in denial, “No.”

       “I never believed it.” The man frowned slightly, “From the first time I saw you, I didn’t believe you were the person who was rumoured to have that kind of relationship with him, and I still don’t believe it even now.” He paused. There was a kind of helplessness and worry in his expression that Zhuo Yue had never seen before, “Zhuo Yue, if he ever forces you to do something you don’t want to do, and you can’t get away from him, I can help you. Whether it’s finding a new employer or changing careers, I’ll do my best to help you explore your options. Don’t let yourself end up like this. If your body collapses, everything will be ruined.”

       Zhuo Yue knew that Lu Chenyang had misinterpreted the whole thing and said, “Although I can’t explain the situation to you clearly, it’s not what you imagined. He didn’t force me to do anything; he was just helping me.”

       “In this case, I’m not at liberty to say anything else.” Lu Chenyang’s smile concealed a small amount of regret and sorrow, “But Zhuo Yue, you should understand that approaching him is very dangerous. He can make you or break you.”

       The person beside him did not answer, just sat in silence, gripping the armrests of the seat so tightly that the veins on his hands could be seen.

       Zhuo Yue didn’t know how he survived that party. He only remembered that when he could no longer hold on, he dialled the number stored as an ‘emergency contact’ on his phone with trembling fingers. The man on the other end of the phone lowered his voice. He said to him, “I understand your pain, but I’m asking you to endure this pain. Do it for me.”

       The last words made Zhuo Yue’s eyes wet. He bit his lip and raised his head again. The award presenter on the stage was announcing the shortlist for Best Supporting Actor in Movie. When all the cameras turned to him, what was captured was the moment when his misty eyes looked forward.

       On the big screen, those dark and bright eyes were filled with too many incomprehensible but touching emotions. Then he slowly opened a smile towards the camera, as gentle as the sunshine at the beginning of a rain shower, and as beautiful as the flowers swaying in the wind.

       Just a moment was enough to make people stunned.

       That night, Zhuo Yue’s tearful smile became the focus of many media attention. That shot was also adopted by many media outlets and quickly spread across the internet. It started a conversation with topics such as ‘Dude is so handsome’, ‘It breaks my heart to see it’, ‘I want to give you a hug’, and ‘You are the best actor in our hearts’. Reporters speculated a lot about why he showed such an expression. Unfortunately, they were not able to interview the person involved because Zhuo Yue left the scene in a hurry after the award for Best Supporting Actor was presented.

       In the back seat of the speeding black car, he was lying on Fang Mingyan’s lap as quietly as a child.

       “If you’re tired, take a nap first.” The man touched his head. Zhuo Yue responded softly and then closed his eyes tiredly.

       “If you’re tired, take a nap first.” The man touched his head. Zhuo Yue responded softly, and then closed his eyes tiredly.

       If there was one person in the world who could make him learn to be brave and strong, then only this person could make him let go of all the pretences of strength. At this moment, Zhuo Yue showed Fang Mingyan all his vulnerability, and in that moment captured by the camera, all he could think about was to give his best performance for this person.

       This feeling did not come from coercion and orders, nor from training between master and slave, but from love.

       He fell in love with this man.

       Even though he thought of all the reasons and excuses to deny it, that was the truth.

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