Chapter 27


Suddenly, a sense of emptiness filled Si Lan’s heart as he looked at the well-assembled prosthetic limb in his hand, as if he had realized something. A faint smile crept across his lips.


This little guy still had a conscience; before leaving, he had securely placed the prosthetic limb.


However, Si Lan wasn’t sure if the new prosthetic would be suitable for Qu Ze.


He used his divine sense to communicate with Qu Ze, saying, “Qu Ze, come to Zhuyun Peak quickly.”


Qu Ze didn’t reply, and Si Lan assumed he was busy, so he didn’t think much of it. However, after a while, he tried contacting Qu Ze again and received no response. That’s when he realized something was amiss.


How could it be that he had just returned to Zhuyun Peak and couldn’t get in touch with Qu Ze?


“Qu Ze, is something wrong with you?”


After a moment, Qu Ze’s voice, slightly hoarse, came through his divine sense, “Lord, I’m fine. I’ll be back at Zhuyun Peak shortly.”


Si Lan sensed that something was wrong and calmly said, “Okay.”


After ending the communication, he immediately flew to find Qu Ze based on the guidance of Feather Spirit.


When Qu Ze was young and had lost his arm, he was frequently bullied by other young demons in the Demon Realm. To protect him, Si Lan had left Feather Spirit on Qu Ze. Whenever Qu Ze called for him, he could quickly locate him using Feather Spirit’s guidance.


He sensed Qu Ze’s aura within the Songkun Valley and saw a group of demons surrounding Qu Ze, brutally beating him with their fists. They had taken advantage of his broken prosthetic arm and injuries to torment him.


Qu Ze remained silent, cradling Xie Li beneath him with his one remaining arm, allowing them to pummel him.


On the ground nearby, Qu Ze’s torn shirt and the upper part of his prosthetic arm were strewn about, stained with blood.


Xie Li, seemingly in shock, had gone pale. He had forgotten to cry and curled up in Qu Ze’s embrace, trembling with each punch that landed.


When Si Lan witnessed this scene, a surge of anger welled up in his heart. He drew his Mysterious Heart Whip and lashed out at the group of demons, sending them sprawling and severely injured.


“Go… run…”


When the demons saw Si Lan’s appearance, they immediately turned to flee. Unfortunately, they were no match for Si Lan’s whip, which was faster. The long whip pierced through their shoulders like skewers, stringing them together and presenting them before Si Lan.


Si Lan was furious but chuckled sarcastically, squinting at them, “Don’t you know that Quze and Xie Li are under my protection?”


“We… We are also under Lord of the Deer’s command…”


“Lord of the Deer,” Si Lan’s lips curled in a deeper smile, “then tell him, whatever issues he has with me, don’t involve my two disciples.”


Lord of the Deer was the peak master of the Shuhe Peak, one of the twelve peaks. When Si Lan’s father, Sī Shàojūn, defeated Lord Chu’s Mountain, he replaced five peak masters among the twelve, but seven remained unchanged, and Lord of the Deer was one of them. He had been Lord Chu’s Mountain’s trusted aide.


During Sī Shàojūn’s reign, Lord of the Deer still acknowledged his authority, but after Si Lan took over, Lord of the Deer repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with Si Lan’s rule, desiring to make Shuhe Peak independent from Si Lan’s control.


Si Lan, considering Lord of the Deer’s high prestige within Shuhe Peak, had turned a blind eye to his provocations, not wanting to escalate the situation. However, he hadn’t expected Lord of the Deer to dare to bully his disciples.


Did he truly believe Si Lan’s leniency made him easy to push around?


Si Lan abruptly retracted his whip, and the barbs on the whip instantly rose as he pulled it back through the group of demons, causing them to scream in pain, clutching their bleeding wounds in panic and fleeing in all directions.


“You… You, you arrogant little chicken pretending to be a phoenix! Don’t think you can go unchallenged for long. Lord of the Deer will expose your secrets soon!” one demon, thinking they had run far enough to be safe, shouted at Si Lan.


Si Lan responded with an “Oh,” and in the next moment, the demon’s arm was ripped off, blood gushing. The demon was terrified, clutching the wound and shrieking as they fled.


Si Lan redirected his gaze and, looking down, saw Quze struggling to get up from the ground with one arm.


Si Lan asked, “Why didn’t you send a message for me to come to your rescue?”


“I…,” Quze lowered his head, his eyes filled with concern. He changed the subject, saying, “One of the demons mentioned that Lord of the Deer has obtained evidence…”


Quze had originally planned to endure today’s harassment and approach Lord of the Deer alone tomorrow, hoping to make Lord of the Deer give up exposing Si Lan by any means necessary.


“Just because of that, you didn’t tell me?” Si Lan’s brow furrowed deeply, and he retrieved some ointment from his pouch, tossing it to Quze, transferring some inner energy to help with the healing.


Quze clenched the ointment, but didn’t speak.


Seeing this, Xie Li gently tugged on Si Lan’s robe. “My Lord, don’t blame Senior Brother. He was doing it for your own good.”


Xie Li had been scared into tears earlier, and Quze had warned him not to cry, or else Si Lan might hear.


Quze didn’t want Si Lan to worry about them, and he especially didn’t want Si Lan to know about Lord of the Deer’s threat.


“Quze, if you didn’t want to tell me, were you planning to handle it on your own?” Si Lan squinted, his expression turning colder. “But how were you planning to solve it? Let me guess, were you thinking of sacrificing yourself alongside Lord of the Deer?”


Quze hadn’t expected Si Lan to figure out his thoughts. He instinctively tightened his fingers, his face turning pale, nervously looking at Si Lan.


Si Lan’s precise perception caught this movement, and in the next moment, he slapped Quze.


This was the first time Quze had been physically struck in his entire life. The blow was powerful, making Quze’s face twist to the side, and it took a while for him to slowly straighten his head.


His lips were skewed.


“After this, if you dare to take matters into your own hands for me again, you can have the position of Demon Sovereign.”


“My Lord, that’s not what I meant…” Quze wanted to explain, but Si Lan didn’t want to listen to him. He lifted Xie Li’s collar and used magic to leave the valley.


Quze quickly chanted a spell and followed behind Si Lan, but he didn’t dare get too close, knowing Si Lan was still angry with him.


Back at Zhuyun Peak, Quze saw a new iron prosthetic arm laid on the stone table, and his eyes reddened instantly.


He picked up the prosthetic arm and bit his lower lip tightly.


“My Lord…”


Even if his lord didn’t allow it, he still wanted to fight for his lord.


“Quze.” Suddenly, a low, oppressive voice emanated from the hall. “If you haven’t given up on foolish actions, don’t blame me for banishing you from Zhuyun Peak.”


After a pause, Si Lan added, “Even after death, don’t expect to be buried on Zhuyun Peak.”


Being unable to be buried on Zhuyun Peak after death was a devastating blow to Quze.


As expected, he calmed down after hearing this and went to rest. However, he couldn’t sleep that night; he kept thinking about what the demons had said.


Although Si Lan hadn’t revealed his true form or said anything about it, Quze had once accidentally seen a demon resembling a wild chicken bathing in the hot springs of the Seven Strings Cavern.


After a single glance, he immediately turned away, vaguely understanding something. However, for so many years, he had avoided delving deeper into the matter.


It wasn’t until early morning that Quze, still holding the prosthetic arm, fell into a fitful sleep.


While he slept, Si Lan quietly entered his room and saw Quze holding the prosthetic arm in his sleep, his grip tight and his face hidden beneath the blanket.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that he had struck Quze so hard in anger. Regretfully, he found some ointment and applied it to the bruises on Quze’s cheek.


Had he given the young one a psychological scar by being so angry and hitting him? After all, he was just a child of a little over two hundred years.


Si Lan didn’t know whether Lord of the Deer was bluffing or had truly discovered his secret identity as a wild chicken. He tried to contact Lord of the Deer through long-distance voice transmission but found that he couldn’t reach him.


He had to resort to contacting the guardian of Shuhe Peak and learned that Lord of the Deer had left Shuhe Peak yesterday, likely to search for someone.


Si Lan’s brow furrowed deeply. After pondering for a while, he realized that the reason Lord of the Deer had suspected him was probably due to the accidental reveal of his wings during their encounter at Xuanling Gate.


Could it be that Lord of the Deer has been having people track me all along?


I’ve been careless.


But even if Lord of the Deer has his suspicions, as long as I don’t reveal my true form, he won’t have direct evidence of my identity.


Furthermore, even if Lord of the Deer were to expose my true form, he can’t remove me from the position of Demon Sovereign. Currently, five of the twelve peak masters are loyal to my father, and three are loyal to me.


These eight people will stand by my side no matter what.


However, if my true form is revealed, it’s like getting caught with a fake degree; it will make me lose face, and I’ll undoubtedly face ridicule from other demons. I can imagine that when they mention me in the future, the first thing that will come to their minds won’t be the fact that I’m a ruthless demon lord but that I’m the chicken-loving Demon Sovereign.




Lord of the Deer arrived at Zhuyun Peak three days later, claiming that he wanted justice for his subordinates. He also brought three peak masters along to support his cause. These three peak masters were all loyal to my father and had long held grudges against me.


As I looked at the imposing group heading up the mountain, I couldn’t help but think of it as a “palace coup” in the human world.


In reality, this “palace” isn’t worth overthrowing. After all, on my side, there’s only one disciple with a missing arm and a six-year-old disciple sneaking sweets.


Lord of the Deer, upon seeing me, didn’t show any respect. He appeared arrogant and was followed by his subordinates who carried weapons and held their heads high, not bothering to bow or show respect, staring coldly at me.


“My Lord, may I inquire as to what my subordinates have done? Are you planning to grievously wound them?” Lord of the Deer spoke, reaching out to bring forward the demons who had bullied Quze the last time.


Perhaps it was the fear of being beaten again, but the demons faced my gaze and involuntarily stepped back, only to be pushed forward by Lord of the Deer.


“What have they done without telling you?” I smiled and retorted, “Without clarifying, you sent troops to Zhuyun Peak. Are you planning to rebel?”


“Rebellion? I dare not, but I ask my Lord to give me an explanation.” Lord of the Deer deliberately spoke slowly, sizing up my expression, thinking he would see me trembling in fear. However, he saw me remain calm and composed.


Lord of the Deer ground his teeth and continued, “My Lord, my subordinates have always been blunt in their speech, without regard for etiquette. They spoke without thinking and said that your true form is nothing more than a wild chicken. Did you really have to deal with them so harshly?”


“Pah, who said that my Lord’s true form is that filthy thing, a wild chicken? Show yourself; I’ll beat you to death!” Xue Wù, clearly upset, rolled up his sleeves and waved his polearm around the whole area.


My brow twitched, hoping that Xue Wù could say a little less to save me some face.


I cast a Silencing Spell, and Xue Wù suddenly couldn’t open his mouth, only making muffled sounds, “Uh, uh… My Lord, I…”


“Lord of the Deer, I have never used my authority to oppress others, but that doesn’t mean everyone can be disrespectful towards me.” I gently moved my foot, and a rush of energy spread like a gust of wind, intimidating Lord of the Deer.


Lord of the Deer’s expression stiffened as he gritted his teeth, his neck taut, and said, “Is it a matter of disrespect or did it touch a nerve, my Lord? If I remember correctly, none of us present have ever seen your true form.”


“Shame… we are your subordinates, indeed, unworthy of seeing your true form. However, it is well known that when the Divine Phoenix Sī Shàoxún was born, the true phoenix descended, and all eight phoenixes came to pay their respects. Upon seeing Sī Shàoxún, the phoenixes couldn’t help but dance with him, raising their necks and singing in unison. It is this legend that gave rise to the phrase ‘the phoenixes singing in harmony and dancing gracefully.'”


After Lord of the Deer finished speaking, his subordinates promptly split into two groups.


Eight exquisite women walked forward, donned in red and gold headdresses adorned with tassels, their robes flowing gracefully, their sleeves swaying in the wind, exuding an otherworldly aura.


These were the eight phoenixes that Lord of the Deer had borrowed from Cāngshān Mountains a few days ago.


With the bloodline connection among phoenixes, the Divine Phoenix clan naturally yielded to the Divine Phoenix. If I were indeed the Divine Phoenix’s true form, upon seeing me, these eight phoenix women would lose control and begin to dance in my presence.


Upon seeing the eight women, my expression slightly froze



I thought that as long as I kept my true form hidden, everything would be fine. But I didn’t expect Lord of the Deer to target the Divine Phoenix clan from Cāngshān Mountains.


Years ago, after the falling out between Cāngshān Mountains and my father, the Divine Phoenix clan had never set foot in the demon realm. That’s why, for all these years, I hadn’t encountered a Divine Phoenix, and I hadn’t even considered their involvement.



Ninth Heaven, Yuqing Palace.


After dealing with various immortals, Haowei rubbed his temples in exhaustion.


On the table, the phoenix feather white jade soup that Lady Quyu had sent earlier emitted a faint fragrance through the pot.


Haowei lowered his head, lifted the lid of the pot, and looked at the whitened phoenix feathers inside. His brow furrowed, and he couldn’t help but think of Si Lan.


If the Demon Lord were to see his fellow kind’s wings being made into soup, would he be enraged?


Thinking of this, Haowei’s lips curled slightly. He called a servant and ordered them to dispose of the soup. He also instructed that Yuqing Palace should not send anything else to Lady Quyu in the future.


After this brief episode, he continued with a stern expression to review memorials. During his absence from the Heavenly Court, a mountain of memorials had accumulated before him.


After a while, there was a sudden noise outside, resembling the call of cranes and the crowing of roosters.


He couldn’t help but put down the brush and look at the words on the memorials, which now seemed to twist into chicken shapes before his eyes.


With a thud, he put down the brush and furrowed his brow even deeper.


At this moment, a celestial general rushed in hurriedly and bowed to him. “Your Majesty, I have important news…”


“What’s going on?”


“Mount Dayong has collapsed, and the demon trapped under the mountain has escaped.”


The creature under Mount Dayong was a demon sealed there many years ago by Haowei’s father Taowei. This demon seemed to have some lingering obsession and could only be released from torment through a certain incantation, causing sleepless nights and ultimately driving its victims to exhaustion.


“Mount Dayong?” Haowei narrowed his eyes, reached out and pointed to the air, and a map unfolded before his eyes. Haowei found Mount Dayong on the map. “Is Mount Dayong close to the demon realm?”


“Uh… yes,” the celestial general nodded as he looked at the map.


“In that case, this demon is very likely to have gone to the demon realm. I will go to the demon realm to investigate.”


“Your Majesty, this…”


Before the celestial general could finish speaking, Haowei’s figure disappeared in an instant.


The celestial general looked at the map still hanging in the air and clicked his tongue. From the map, Mount Dayong indeed appeared to be quite close to the demon realm, but in reality, the distance between the two was tens of thousands of miles.


How did Your Majesty determine that the demon under Mount Dayong would go to the demon realm?



The Divine Phoenix guides the Divine Phoenixes, and the Divine Phoenixes beguile the birds. Therefore, when these eight Divine Phoenix women appeared, the birds near Zhuyun Peak flapped their wings and took flight, approaching the Divine Phoenixes. However, they were all blocked by the invisible barrier around the mountain.


The eight Divine Phoenix women walked gracefully toward Si Lan and stood before him.


Seeing this, everyone on Zhuyun Peak held their breath and fixed their gazes on Si Lan and the eight Divine Phoenix women.


But as time passed, the eight Divine Phoenix women didn’t start their dance, and there was no sign of them being drawn to Si Lan.


Si Lan clearly felt the atmosphere of his supporters behind him diminishing, while Lord of the Deer’s group regained their confidence, as if they had won the battle and were about to celebrate.


“Divine Phoenixes, please tell everyone: Is my Lord’s true form a real phoenix?”


The leading Divine Phoenix was about to speak but suddenly saw something protruding from Si Lan’s collar. A small white dragon head gradually emerged.


The little white dragon slowly opened its eyes, revealing golden irises that were indifferent and regal. In an instant, a wave of pressure surged straight toward the eight Divine Phoenix women, compelling their bodies to kneel involuntarily.


This pressure was like a drawn sword hanging above their heads. After they knelt down, they didn’t dare to lift their heads, holding their hands respectfully before their foreheads, showing absolute submission.


On Zhuyun Peak, everyone was stunned.


It wasn’t just the others; even Si Lan himself was taken aback by the scene before him.


What happened to them?


While the Divine Phoenix could lead the Divine Phoenixes in a dance, why would they kneel down?


“It must be because my Lord is too magnificent and dominant, making the Divine Phoenixes willingly submit, even to the point of not wanting to dance anymore,” Xie Li finally finished his candy, freeing his mouth to mutter.


Si Lan’s supporters immediately breathed a sigh of relief, their confidence soaring, and they began to speak to defuse the situation.


“It’s possible that regular Divine Phoenixes can lead the Phoenixes in a dance, but a Divine Phoenix like our Lord might only make the Phoenixes kneel and submit.”


“Perhaps, our Lord is exceptional. It is said that when he was born, though there were no Eight Phoenixes coming to celebrate, the mountains and rivers trembled, and the clouds roared, astonishing the Six Realms.”


Si Lan heard this and inwardly clenched his fingers.


The “mountains and rivers trembling, clouds roaring” was a rumor his mother had created for him in the Six Realms. In other words, his mother had prepared a catchy story for him in the Six Realms.


Lord of the Deer’s face became increasingly awkward as he asked again, “Divine Phoenix, could you please take another look…?”


The leading Divine Phoenix was still not lifting her head. Her voice trembled, “Yes, it’s true…”


“Lord of the Deer, don’t push too far,” Quze stepped forward, clutching his sword’s hilt in a threatening manner.


Lord of the Deer wanted to say something more, but the other three peak masters beside him quickly restrained him.


“My Lord, this matter was indeed Lord of the Deer’s impulsive act. I hope you, my Lord, can be magnanimous and not hold him accountable.”


“You caused a commotion here and now you’re asking my Lord to be magnanimous and not hold you accountable. Do you think my Lord is easy to bully?”


“Our Lord is just too kind. Every time, he doesn’t want to bother with these insignificant people, so they end up walking all over him.”


“Yeah, this time they actually said something as absurd as our Lord’s true form being a wild chicken! Who knows what they’ll say next?!”


Hearing the words of those standing up for him behind, Si Lan felt both relieved and somewhat guilty. He quickly bent down to help the eight Divine Phoenix women stand up. “Please, get up…”


“We… can’t get up,” the lead Divine Phoenix lowered her head and said slowly.


Si Lan was speechless. Just when he didn’t know how to handle the situation, the eight Divine Phoenix women suddenly regained their mobility. They quickly straightened their backs and didn’t dare to look up, maintaining the position with their fingers together on their foreheads as they slowly backed away.


Then, the eight of them transformed back into their original phoenix forms and soared into the sky, attracting a flock of birds to follow them.


Lord of the Deer’s face looked even worse. He began to suspect that Si Lan had cast some spell to force the Divine Phoenix women to kneel.


But he soon dismissed the idea. Even if Si Lan had somehow controlled the Divine Phoenix women, they could easily expose his true identity. However, judging from their expressions, they seemed genuinely afraid of Si Lan.


Could it be that Si Lan was really a Divine Phoenix?


If that were the case, why had he concealed it for so many years?


One of the peak masters behind Lord of the Deer nudged him, hinting for him to apologize quickly.


With an unenthusiastic expression, Lord of the Deer finally knelt down and said, “Your Majesty, I overstepped my bounds, please punish me.”


This was the first time Si Lan had seen Lord of the Deer lose face. Normally, Lord of the Deer was arrogant and didn’t care about anyone.


“Your Majesty, how should we deal with Lord of the Deer?” Quze asked.


Si Lan remained silent, looking at Lord of the Deer. Lord of the Deer gritted his teeth and lowered his head a little.


“In that case, Lord of the Deer will receive 800 lashes and will be tasked with guarding the territory of the Wolf Demon,” Si Lan declared.


The people behind Lord of the Deer immediately expressed their dissatisfaction.


“Your Majesty, you’re too kind.”


“In my opinion, Lord of the Deer’s position as the peak master should be revoked!”


“He showed such disrespect to Your Majesty; he doesn’t deserve to be the peak master of the Distant Peak!”


Listening to their complaints, Haowei, who was hidden in Si Lan’s arms, let out a faint snort.


Si Lan kind-hearted? Most likely, his heart was as dark as coal. The Lord of the Deer’s true form was a deer, and his natural enemy was the Wolf Demon. By punishing him to guard the Wolf Demon’s territory, wasn’t Si Lan practically leading him to his doom?


Si Lan raised his hand lightly, and the murmurs behind him ceased. He wanted to remove Lord of the Deer from his position as peak master as well, but if he did that, Lord of the Deer would undoubtedly lead the other three peak masters in rebellion, and the demon realm would once again fall into chaos.


Over the years, under his rule, the demon realm had gradually transformed. The monsters and demons had started to cultivate themselves, shedding their bloodthirsty natures. His introduction of compulsory education for nine hundred years had redirected their focus away from violence and battles. They now carried bags and attended classes in the Demon Hall, learning about the wonders of the Six Realms and the mysteries of elemental magic. As a result, the demon realm had enjoyed centuries of peace, a feat no previous Demon Lord had achieved. Even Si Lan, who was mighty, had to manage frequent outbreaks of violence and conflict in his realm.


The Lord of the Deer’s ears caught the disapproval of those behind him. He bit his lip and, after receiving the punishment, quickly led his followers to leave.


This group had arrived with arrogance but left like a defeated army.


Si Lan sighed inwardly. He had planned to reveal the truth about his true form openly, but it seemed fate had other ideas. 


He turned to the others. “You can leave as well.”


“Your Majesty…”


“It’s okay, don’t worry. I’m fine,” Si Lan smiled at his followers. His smile was as beautiful as a crescent moon, standing on the mountaintop, his blue robe fluttering in the wind, a picture of grace and elegance.


Seeing his smile, his followers swallowed their complaints and left.


“Why didn’t Peak Masters Song and Song accompany you?” Si Lan asked Quze.


These two were not only peak masters but also the guardians of the demon realm. When Si Lan was in seclusion or traveling, they were responsible for managing the affairs of the demon realm.


Quze explained, “Since the last time, when Peak Master Song discovered that Peak Master Song 1lmao, yea there are two of themhad been pretending to be paralyzed for a hundred years, Peak Master Song has been chasing after Peak Master Song.”


Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh and mentally light a candle for Peak Master Song. 


In a sense, Lord of Chu Mountain had done something praiseworthy: he had provided Si Lan with two capable assistants in the form of Peak Masters Song and Song. Si Lan had found them when he was breaking into Lord of Chu Mountain’s lair. However, instead of using them as pawns, he had respected their choice to accompany him and serve loyally.


But he hadn’t expected that during their visit to Qiangjue Mountain to consult an oracle, Song had suddenly gotten out of the wheelchair, revealing that his legs had long been healed. Peak Master Song had been pursuing Peak Master Song ever since, presumably unable to bear the hundred-year deception.


Si Lan made a mental note to talk to them later.


At this moment, his clothes shifted as if something was trying to crawl out.


When the Divine Phoenix had approached him earlier, he had felt something moving inside his robes. But since the little white dragon had left, he sometimes felt as if there were something alive in his clothes.


But now, this unexpected sensation was undeniably real.


He lowered his head, and his gaze met the newly revealed eyes of the little white dragon.


Golden eyes, shining with starlight, were vividly reflecting his face. His eyes showed a growing surprise as he couldn’t help but lean down and kiss the little white dragon’s forehead.


It wasn’t an illusion; the little white dragon had really come to find him.


“…” Haowei.


Haowei’s body suddenly stiffened, his pupils dilated, and he felt the warmth of the other’s lips on his forehead, like an electric current that sent shivers through his body. His scales slowly changed color, emitting a faint crimson halo.


After the kiss, Si Lan noticed the change in the little white dragon’s scales and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Hmm… your scales have changed color again.”


He held Haowei in his hand and carefully examined him, half-serious and half-teasing, “Could it be an allergy to my saliva?”


“…” Haowei.


In Si Lan’s mind, the little white dragon was still just a pet, and even in his human form, he was about the size of Xie Li. Therefore, Si Lan didn’t think the little white dragon could be embarrassed.


Furthermore, he had never heard of any species whose scales turned red due to shyness.


“In that case, it seems I shouldn’t kiss you so casually in the future.”


Si Lan smiled, his lips curved like a gentle breeze, bringing a sense of refreshment.


Haowei’s emotions became complex for a moment. He should have been irritated by Si Lan’s impolite behavior, but when he heard Si Lan say that they shouldn’t kiss casually in the future, his heart inexplicably skipped a beat.


“Why did you come to me so quickly? Do you miss me?” Si Lan inquired.


Hearing this, Haowei immediately jumped out of Si Lan’s arms and retorted coldly, “I didn’t miss you.”


He had come to investigate the situation in Daming, but as soon as he arrived in the Demon Realm, he witnessed the scene where the Lord of the Deer and the others defied the authority of Si Lan.


Si Lan, as the Demon Lord, seemed to be sitting on a rather unstable throne.


Si Lan was puzzled, “When did you arrive?”


“Just now.”


Si Lan was at a loss for words. He had heard that in the Heavenly Realm, when the heavenly beings and various creatures saw a true dragon, they would be suppressed by its aura and unable to move. So, when the Divine Phoenix women had suddenly knelt in fear, was it because they saw the little white dragon?


It seemed like this little accident had inadvertently solved his problems.


Si Lan couldn’t help but comment, “Little guy, it seems like you have a talent for attracting husbands.”


Haowei, “…”

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