Chapter 13 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 13


Since that day, Lou Yu announced his seclusion for meditation and no longer received guests.


Si Lan didn’t know what kind of emotions Lou Yu had after realizing the misunderstanding with the Moth King. Lou Yu was always one to keep a straight face, and you couldn’t tell anything unusual from his appearance.


But he vaguely felt that Lou Yu’s aura had lowered significantly.


Lou Yu sat on the jade stone by the hidden stream, closed his eyes, and immersed himself in his cultivation. Days passed while he remained motionless, deeply focused, but perhaps a bit too focused.


Si Lan noticed that as Lou Yu continued his meditation, his complexion worsened, and his spiritual energy became unstable. Faint traces of demonic energy flickered in his forehead. Si Lan suspected that Lou Yu’s spiritual core was tainted by a malevolent force. If he continued this way, it could ruin his cultivation.


“Lou Yu…”


Si Lan shouted, but he couldn’t change the past that had already occurred.


Suddenly, Lou Yu coughed up blood, his face turned deathly pale, and the malevolent energy invaded his spiritual core, causing his inner energy to go haywire.


He had broken the rules of his emotionless cultivation practice – the heartless Dao.


His previous cultivation was now backfiring, as if a wild beast was rampaging through his internal organs, meridians, and vital energy pathways. It sought to tear his flesh apart. If he didn’t regain control soon, he would fall into demonic cultivation.


“Lou Yu…”


Si Lan’s heart leaped into his throat. After the heartless Dao was shattered, if he couldn’t regain control of his inner energy, he would fall into demonic cultivation, leading to a reversal of blood and energy flow. In severe cases, it could even lead to death.


Though he knew Lou Yu couldn’t hear or see him, Si Lan continued to chant incantations and guide Lou Yu in his cultivation.


Lou Yu slowly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and rose from the ground. He resumed his meditation, his eyes closed.


After some time, the chaotic energy around him gradually subsided, and a hint of color returned to his pale face.


Si Lan sighed with relief. He initially thought that Lou Yu had not been moved, but now he realized that Lou Yu had been enduring his feelings. Centuries of cultivation had nearly been lost.


“More devoted than me,” Si Lan suddenly mused, with a touch of self-deprecation. “I lost three wives and was just heartbroken for a few hundred years. My cultivation is still intact.”


The little white dragon in his arms perked up and cast a cold, indifferent glance at Si Lan.


Si Lan suddenly realized what he had said and chuckled awkwardly, explaining, “Although I married three wives, I only met them once, and I never touched them.”


After saying that, Si Lan couldn’t help but mutter to himself in his heart that he was explaining things to a little white dragon who probably had no idea what a wife was.


After finishing his meditation, Lou Yu’s face was as white as paper. He appeared like a lifeless body, devoid of expression, as he left the Xuan Ling Sect.


Si Lan had no idea where he was heading, but in his current state, he would be vulnerable on the road. Even ordinary cultivators could pose a threat to him.


Si Lan followed closely behind Lou Yu and watched as he arrived at the Sacred Demon Valley.


The raging fire had burned for three full days before finally subsiding. The demon valley now resembled a massive, sunken ruin, covered in nothing but dust.


Si Lan saw Lou Yu leap down to the valley floor.


Lou Yu lightly waved his sleeve, and the dust on the ground dispersed. In the corner, a purple barrier became visible, inside of which lay Zhong Mu, dressed in a red wedding gown.


A sword was impaled through Zhong Mu’s chest, and her eyes were gently closed. Her enchanting and glamorous face, now peaceful as a child, appeared like a breathtaking painting.


Lou Yu stepped gently into the barrier and touched Zhong Mu’s face.


At that time, when he thrust the sword into her, what was he thinking?


Did she hate him?


Did she resent him for not trusting her?


Did she blame him for not giving her a chance to explain?


Lou Yu stared fixedly at Zhong Mu’s face, and he slowly pulled the sword from her chest. He had heard the Moths’ words earlier, knowing that using the Cleansing Dragon Branch on the sword and stabbing it into their hearts would seal them.


However, when he pulled out the sword, Zhong Mu in his arms didn’t awaken. Instead, she gradually turned into dust and dissipated in the wind before his eyes.


His calm expression faltered as he reached out to grasp the dust, but his efforts were in vain.


“How could this be?”


He had thought that pulling out the sword would break the seal, and Zhong Mu would come back to life. But why did her body disintegrate like this?


Lou Yu was in despair, as if he were making his last struggle. He clung tightly to the head of the person in his arms.




Don’t disappear, don’t leave.


If you really hate him, you should work hard to survive, and you should seek revenge from him!






He shouted the name of the person in his arms over and over again, but unfortunately Zhong Mu’s body still disappeared, leaving not even a trace of him.


He hurriedly used the soul-searching bracelet to search for Zhongmu’s soul, but there was no trace of Zhongmu in the six realms and five elements.


How so?


The Dragon fruit juice inserted into Zhong Mu’s heart can obviously only seal Zhong Mu’s soul, but why is Zhong Mu’s soul now scattered?


No body, no soul.


Lou Yu couldn’t bear it for a moment and vomited blood. Then he picked up the sword in his hand and slashed around like crazy. Wherever the sword energy hit, bursts of dust were stirred up, and the entire Demon Valley was shrouded in ashes. .


Si Lan’s line of sight was also blocked, and he subconsciously called Lou Yu’s name.


“Lou Yu! Calm down!”


At this moment, Lou Yu’s qi and blood attacked his heart, his inner breath was disordered, and he vomited blood again.


He didn’t understand why Zhong Mu was so distraught?


He had no intention of killing Zhong Mu completely, he just wanted to seal him away forever.


“Zhong Mu…”


Lou Yu covered his heart and knelt on the ground.


It started to rain heavily, and the raindrops washed Lou Yu’s face, making it look even paler.


He suddenly remembered the tears that Zhong Mu shed at the last moment, and the wind blew across his eyes…


He couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and touched his eyes.


It seemed that he had never even said a sincere word to Zhong Mu, but Zhong Mu had already left him forever.


Master once said that his life has been so smooth that he has never experienced regret, but once he experiences it, it will be unforgettable and heartbreaking.


For the first time in his life, he had doubts about his cultivation method.


Afterwards, the seeds of doubt destroyed the worldview he had built up over hundreds of years.


He obviously killed monsters and maintained order in the world, but why did he lose the person he loved most? Too painful to live?


The whole figure seemed to have been crushed into pieces and turned into mud.


I can no longer find a complete place.


Is this the fruit of the Great Dao’s cultivation method?


Si Lan wanted to comfort Lou Yu, but the hand he stretched out passed through Lou Yu’s body. He saw Lou Yu lying on the ground, curled up together in pain.


The heavy rain is still falling, and the whole world has become gloomy and gray.


Si Lan’s eyes were also red, thinking that if he could appear at Lou Yu’s side at that time and comfort Lou Yu, Lou Yu would not be so sad.




Lou Yu suddenly spoke, as if talking to himself out of thin air, but looking at him, he looked like he was having a conversation with someone.


Si Lan was shocked and followed Lou Yu’s line of sight, but saw nothing.


“Is it because he doesn’t eat raw meat that his cultivation is weakened and his soul is gone?”


Lou Yu stood up from the ground, lowered her eyelids, and blood-colored tears fell down drop by drop.


His Zhongguan has no reincarnation, no afterlife, and has disappeared from this world forever. He destroyed it with his own hands.


“I just want Zhong Mu now…”


He never knew what it felt like to love, he just felt that he must choose the most correct path. But this path made his life worse than death.


In the first half of his life, he promised Taoism, but in the second half of his life, he regretted it and only wanted Zhongmu.


He wanted to be selfish for once.


Si Lan didn’t know who Lou Yu was talking to. He looked around and saw no one at all. The Demon Valley at this moment is like a bloody mouth, full of weird and bizarre meanings.


Si Lan felt inexplicably horrified, as if there was a big hand invisibly controlling them. Just when he was suspicious, he saw Lou Yu in the heavy rain without any hesitation, directly drew his sword and killed himself, and blood sprayed out instantly.


“Lou Yu…”


The scene in the Demon Valley came to an abrupt end, and Si Lan and Xiao Bailong were instantly freed from the illusion of the Purification Curse. The fake building jade in front of him moved his eyelids slightly, and he was about to wake up.


Seeing this, Si Lan quickly probed into the opponent’s spirit, only to see that the spirit was completely deserted, with only a black evil controlling the body.


Since he couldn’t find any information from Jialouyu, he cast a spell to leave and returned to the banquet without anyone noticing.


But he couldn’t calm down at the moment. He held the wine glass to try to calm down, but the slightly trembling wine still betrayed his emotions.


Although he only experienced the Demon Valley incident from the perspective of a bystander, those scenes were flashing in his mind now. The Demon Valley was burned to the ground, the soul of the Moth King was destroyed, and Lou Yu committed suicide…


Scene after scene, the information conveyed was so complicated that he had so many thoughts in his mind, but he had nowhere to say it. He unconsciously opened his mouth, revealing a hint of bitterness.


Everything in the world is determined by fate, and it is never up to anyone.


The last stage of Lou Yu’s tribulation period was the love tribulation. Lou Yu once thought that the love tribulation came from his junior sister Yun Lan, so he thought about killing demons outside to avoid the love tribulation. However, he never thought that at that time, the love tribulation was in the catastrophe. It started when he killed the demon.


Si Lan sighed, closed his eyes, and put his fingers between his eyebrows.


The last scene in the Purification Curse shows Lou Yu talking to an invisible person.


What did that person say that made Lou Yu willing to commit suicide?


Is he the same person who controls Lou Yu’s body now?


Si Lan was lost in thought when he suddenly heard a familiar voice.


“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”


It was Xie Li’s voice.


Si Lan suspected that he was hallucinating, so he turned around and saw a small dumpling in green robe breaking into the banquet and shouting loudly. The little dumpling looked left and right, and when he saw Si Lan, he ran towards Si Lan with excitement on his face.


“…” Si Lan.


It turned out to be Xie Li! After Xie Li died, Qu Ze followed suit.


Xie Li threw himself into Si Lan’s arms and murmured softly, “Oh, Your Majesty, I miss you.”


Thought Si Lan was fake, but craving a feast was real.


Xie Li was young and always eager to join in the fun. He used to tag along at various occasions like weddings and other worldly matters in the demon realm. However, this time, Si Lan had gone out for a feast without informing him. Once he found out the location, he immediately rushed over.


After all, there was nothing more important than feasting.


Si Lan could only helplessly massage his temples and then looked at Qu Ze, “How did you both get here?” Qu Ze was usually quite diligent, but this time, he had made a mistake and allowed Xie Li to come to such a dangerous place.


Qu Ze quickly bowed and admitted his mistake, “My Lord, I failed to watch over Xie Li properly. Please, punish me.”


At this point, Si Lan didn’t want to impose further punishment. He just sighed, rubbed his temples, and said, “Qu Ze, please take care of Xie Li.” Now that they were here, they probably couldn’t leave.


Fortunately, Qu Ze had a relatively high level of cultivation, and even with just one arm, his combat power in the demon realm was second only to the twelve peak lords. Si Lan felt relieved entrusting Xie Li to his care.


Qu Ze respectfully acknowledged the order.


“Uh, why is it all drinks? Where’s the food?” Xie Li grumbled, grabbing Si Lan’s belt with one hand, trying to climb into Si Lan’s lap. However, in the next moment, Xie Li’s consciousness suddenly heard a threatening voice.


“Stay away from him.”


Xie Li raised his head and saw a small white dragon with golden eyes glaring at him with anger.


“Or I’ll turn you into a pig’s head.”


The little white dragon squinted its eyes, but its mouth didn’t move; it only transmitted its voice directly to Xie Li’s ears.


Xie Li shivered, realizing that his true form was a beautiful brown jade, invisible to others. How did this little white dragon know? And he even threatened to turn him into a pig’s head!


Frightened, Xie Li quickly climbed down from Si Lan’s lap. With his heart pounding, he cast a fearful glance at the little white dragon and dared not demand food any longer.


The little white dragon, seeing Xie Li had yielded, retracted its head.


Clumsy and unruly, without any manners.


How did the Demon Lord educate his disciples, after all?

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