Chapter 17


Si Lan inexplicably felt that the little white dragon was angry. He explained softly, “This matter is a long story, but Xie Li is not really my son.”


the little white dragon’s lips twitched, and his two dragon whiskers moved up and down, as if he wasn’t sure whether to believe it.


“Don’t talk nonsense,” Xuyi suddenly lowered his voice and reprimanded the fellow disciples, “If the Supreme Master is watching from the heavens and sees you slandering Master Si Lan like this, he might be angered again.”


Several junior disciples and sisters had never seen Xuyi so angry, and they fell silent, following Xuyi.


Si Lan nodded, and Xuyi’s current demeanor was impressive. Si Lan thought that if Xuyi took charge of the Xuanling Sect, Luyu would be able to relax. Si Lan was about to use magic to sneak away when a female disciple suddenly screamed, “Ah… there’s a big spider…”


“Where is it? Where is it?”


“On… on me… Ah…”


The female disciple patted her body while hiding behind a large rock, and her eyes unexpectedly met Si Lan’s hidden in the shadows.


“…” Si Lan.


“…” Female disciple.


“Ah… help…” The female disciple screamed even louder this time, as if she had seen a ghost, and she jumped and leaped out in fear.


Si Lan never expected that he would be more terrifying than a big spider.


The other junior disciples, thinking that there might be a monster hiding in the big rock, quickly drew their swords and surrounded the rock.


“What kind of monster is it?”


Si Lan had no choice but to step out of the shadows and say, “It’s me.”


“Master Si Lan…” Xuyi quickly sheathed his sword and signaled the other disciples to do the same. “What are you doing here?”


After he spoke, Xuyi saw that Si Lan was currently holding a fish in each hand, and the two fish were still alive and jumping.


“…” Xuyi.


Si Lan also didn’t know whether to throw the fish or hide them, feeling that the night air was filled with an awkward atmosphere, making him want to escape.


He cleared his throat and explained, “I was planning to roast these two fish to satisfy my hunger.”


Xuyi, thinking about what the junior disciples and sisters had just said, seemed embarrassed. He blushed and seemed to want to explain something but didn’t know how to begin.


Si Lan, seeing Xuyi’s expression, could only say, “I’ll go back to roast the fish. You can continue.”


“Master Si Lan…”


Si Lan pretended not to hear Xuyi’s voice and walked away.


Xuyi watched Si Lan leave, regretfully tapping his forehead. How did Master Si Lan always manage to overhear the junior disciples’ gossip?


Thinking about this, Xuyi looked at the junior disciples and sisters behind him and said, “If you gossip again in the future, you’ll be punished according to the sect’s rules!”



Si Lan found a quiet spot, made a fire, and started roasting the small crucian carp. Soon, the fragrance began to waft from the fish.


Estimating that it was cooked, Si Lan picked a piece of fish and placed it on a leaf, handing it to the little white dragon in his arms.


The little white dragon looked at the fish with a cold expression.


Previously, it had returned to the Heavenly Court, searched for information about Jiu Ying, and hurried back to share the news with Si Lan. However, it had overheard the disciples gossiping about Si Lan’s child.


Was that little green-robed troublemaker truly Si Lan’s son? Or had Si Lan given birth himself?


Thinking of this, the little white dragon’s gaze fixed firmly on Si Lan’s abdomen.


It hadn’t imagined that Si Lan possessed such a talent.


Si Lan, seeing that it wasn’t eating, said, “Little one, you’re not still upset about Xie Li not being my son, are you?”


The little white dragon instantly bristled, irritated and embarrassed after having its feelings exposed. It raised its scales all over its body, feeling like thorns poking into Si Lan’s heart.


Si Lan winced and hastily pulled the little creature out of his arms. “Why are you so moody…”


Could it be because it was too young?


Unable to speak or express itself, so it resorted to tantrums?


Si Lan placed the little white dragon on the ground and said, “Xie Li is not my son, but his connection with me runs deep.”


Si Lan himself had not fully understood this matter. According to his mother, when he was born, she found a red bead inside his eggshell while cleaning. She drilled a hole through it and threaded it as a talisman on his wrist.


As he grew, that bead quietly transformed into the appearance of a piece of jade.


He then tied the jade around his waist as a pendant.


One day, while he was in seclusion practicing, he suddenly heard crying coming from his waist. He opened his eyes and found a naked chubby baby, lying on his waist, crying loudly.


And the piece of jade on his waist had disappeared.


To be honest, he had speculated that the red jade might be a gallstone he brought out from the womb, but he never thought that the “gallstone” would turn out to be a chubby baby.


Si Lan recounted this strange story to the little white dragon one by one. After finishing his words, he still felt it was absurd. “After Little Xie Li was born, I used his spiritual sense to check the bloodline of his parents and found the traces of three individuals.”


So, regardless of whether it was two fathers and one mother or two mothers and one father, it seemed like a complicated family drama.


He felt like he had stumbled upon some unspeakable secret, so he cautiously kept it to himself, not providing a detailed explanation of Xie Li’s origins to outsiders. He only said that Xie Li was a jade pendant spirit he found at the foot of Zhuyun Peak. However, he hadn’t expected rumors to circulate outside, suggesting that Xie Li was his son.


In his mind, he couldn’t help but complain that the situation was even more bizarre than a virgin giving birth. Perhaps the only thing stranger than virgin birth was male virgin birth.


Although he had lived in the demon realm for over a thousand years, he had never heard of anyone possessing such an ability.


After hearing Si Lan’s complaints, the little white dragon half-closed its eyes, its expression unreadable.


“Um, it’s really delicious,” Si Lan’s thoughts were quickly drawn back to the roasted fish. He gnawed on the fragrant fish bones, nearly moved to tears.


For the past thousand years, to conceal his identity, he had only consumed divine nectar and jade nectar and had not eaten ordinary human food. Now, even without any seasoning, the roasted fish tasted incredibly delicious to him.


After filling his stomach, he wiped his mouth contentedly and picked up the little white dragon to head back.


In the quiet forest, moonlight poured through the dense branches and leaves like a delicate veil. The interlocking gaps between the branches and leaves seemed like pairs of eyes watching everything that happened in the forest.


Si Lan saw that Quze had not yet fallen asleep and was walking alone into the depths of the forest. His steps were exceptionally light, almost ghostly.


Si Lan didn’t think too much about it and continued walking. However, the little white dragon tugged at his clothes, suggesting that he should follow Quze.


Si Lan noticed the little white dragon’s intent and patted its head, “Little one, my disciple needs to relieve himself. Let’s not intrude.”


“…” Little white dragon.


Why was there such an “innocent” Demon Lord in this world?


When he unified the Five Realms, why did he spare the Demon Realm?


Which spy had told him that Demon Lord Si Lan was of immeasurable cultivation and unparalleled wisdom?


Next time he returned to the Heavenly Court, the little white dragon decided to expose that spy.


Quze walked into the depths of the forest, made sure there was no one around, and set up a barrier to prevent outsiders from seeing what was happening inside the barrier.


The huge snake head slowly emerged, its brown eyes half-squinted, emanating a fierce look.


“Next, find a way to lure him into the Extreme Sound Eight Trigrams Array,” the snake head said.


“Understood,” Quze responded without expression, meeting the snake head’s gaze confidently.


“When necessary, use Xie Li to threaten him,” the snake head continued.


“Very well.”


“Does he suspect you?”


“No, he trusts me completely.”


“Do you feel no guilt about betraying him?”


“What do you mean by ‘betrayal’?” Quze suddenly sneered, and he slowly extended his mechanical right hand. His five fingers stretched and clenched in mid-air, making a difficult fist motion. “This hand was given to me by him. Everything I do now is simply seeking revenge.”


The snake head chuckled hoarsely, “As long as you help me with the final task, I will help you reshape your arm.”


Quze’s eyes flickered slightly, as he seemed tempted by this offer. “You’ve already reshaped my spine, so why do you need the Immortal Box?”


The snake head didn’t move but shifted its gaze toward Quze. “It’s an insignificant matter.”


Was it really insignificant?


Perhaps not.


Opening the Golden Orb Immortal Box might be more important to him than reshaping his physical body.


The snake head changed the subject, “What’s the origin of the little white snake in his arms?” The snake head couldn’t sense the aura of that little white snake, either because it had low cultivation or its power surpassed even the snake head.


Quze answered concisely, “I’m not quite sure.”


The snake head didn’t inquire further, thinking that in this world, apart from the two deities in heaven, whose aura was immeasurable, everyone else was of no concern.


The snake head gradually disappeared into thin air.


Quze withdrew the barrier and stood motionless in the moonlight.


When he returned, he saw Si Lan leaning against a tree trunk, eyes closed and resting.


Most likely, it was his footsteps that had awakened Si Lan. Si Lan opened his eyes, looked at Quze, and softly said, “Rest a while.”


Quze didn’t say anything, settled down next to Si Lan, and began meditating with crossed legs.


After a while, Quze spoke in a low voice, “Supreme Lord, have you ever considered reshaping my arm?”


He thought Si Lan was asleep, but Si Lan responded with a drowsy tone, “I have considered it, but I can’t do it.”


Was it that he couldn’t do it, or he didn’t want to do it?


Clearly, for Si Lan, reshaping an arm was a trivial task, yet he said he couldn’t do it.


Quze chuckled self-deprecatingly.


He didn’t understand why the Demon Lord, who had always claimed to govern the Demon Realm with “benevolence,” had been so cruel to him, severing his right arm.


This Demon Lord, who had always advocated ruling the Demon Realm with “benevolence,” was inexplicably cruel only to him.

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