Chapter 3


Probably sensing the murderous intent, Si Lan, who was half-asleep, restlessly turned over.


Haowei looked at Si Lan and said, “No need. He is still useful to me, and I plan to stay by his side for a while.” He needed Si Lan’s blood to heal his spiritual injury and to investigate the secret of the Flame Serpent.


The Flame Serpent had gone mad in the Demon Realm, and he suspected that the mysterious person who had injured him during his Heavenly Tribulation was from the Demon Realm, perhaps even the current Si Lan.


Thinking about this, Haowei narrowed his eyes and stared at Si Lan with a dangerous expression.


If it turned out to be Si Lan’s doing, he would pluck his feathers and stew him in a pot.


Seeing Haowei’s expression, Yuwudao couldn’t help but feel worried.


Initially, Haowei had transformed into a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth, then into an eight or nine-year-old child, and now he looked like a five or six-year-old. If this continued, who knew what he would become…


Moreover, after spending some time with Haowei, Yuwudao had noticed that when he transformed into a child, not only did his magical power weaken, but his mental age also decreased.


Yuwudao’s expression was conflicted, and after much hesitation, he finally told Haowei about the decrease in mental age and advised him to be cautious in the Demon Realm.


Haowei seemed almost incredulous and stared at Yuwudao with a frozen expression.


Has he decreased in mental age?


How was that possible?


Yuwudao sensed Haowei’s increasingly gloomy expression and quickly found an excuse to leave, taking away a drop of Si Lan’s blood and a feather without giving Haowei the opportunity to reprimand him.


“…” A Haowei with decreased mental age.


Si Lan, who was half-asleep, felt like he heard someone talking, and in a half-dreamy state, he felt something cold sliding over his skin, making his body shiver lightly. He subconsciously tucked the cold object into his arms, hugging it tightly.


When he was a child, his mother used to wrap her large wings around him, providing warmth.


The small creature suddenly stiffened in his arms, not moving and not struggling.


Si Lan had slept for two full days and nights before waking up. When he woke up, his head was still spinning, and he felt quite weak.


This wine was a bit too strong.


He couldn’t help but complain to himself, and as he sat up from the bed, he glanced at the fresh bloodstain on his wrist. Suddenly, he remembered something and hurriedly took out the small creature from his embrace.


Looking at the white bundle in his palm, he froze for a moment.


It wasn’t a dream!


He had actually soaked the Heavenly Emperor’s son!


The small white dragon was now lying limp, with two pink dragon horns sprouting from its head, and four plump little claws emerging beneath its white and silver scales. Its tail had split into several segments, and it now had a somewhat dragon-like appearance.


Si Lan reached out to sense its spiritual energy and found that its internal energy had become much more stable, and its breathing had become rhythmic. He couldn’t help but marvel at its remarkable recovery ability.


Indeed, a true dragon, capable of self-healing.


But he had completely forgotten why he had slept for two days and why there was fresh blood on his wrist.


He remembered that he had found this little white dragon on Qiongsha Island, and according to the words of that diviner, it was supposed to be his destined one…


He hesitated for a moment, as he compared the size of the small white dragon to himself. He was over a thousand years older than it, and he was of the same generation as its father, or even its grandfather.


Wouldn’t that make him a cradle robber, going for a sprout?


A somewhat embarrassed and awkward expression appeared on his face.


This didn’t seem very ethical.


But this small white dragon was the Heavenly Emperor’s son. If he marries it in the future…


He didn’t know what he was thinking, and his eyes showed a slight flicker.


Suddenly, he felt that having a husband who was over a thousand years younger than himself wasn’t a big deal.


“Being young has its advantages,” Si Lan said with a hint of a smile.


When the small white dragon woke up, it happened to meet Si Lan’s “deeply affectionate” gaze, and its golden eyes widened in inexplicable fear. It instinctively coiled its tail and tried to escape.


Si Lan, quick to react, caught the little white dragon’s two front paws and exclaimed, “Little one, you’re awake!”


The little white dragon looked at him with a blank expression.


“You can’t speak, can you? Right, you haven’t fully formed yet,” Si Lan mumbled to himself. He took some wild fruits from his storage bag and offered them to the little white dragon, looking eager, “Would you like something to eat?”


The little white dragon, upon hearing this, shifted its gaze to Si Lan’s wrist, instinctively swallowing its saliva.


Over the past two days, it had managed to recover quickly by drinking some of Si Lan’s blood.


Seeing it looking at the wild fruits, Si Lan mistakenly thought it was interested in them and said, “I knew dragons are herbivores…”




The ignorant Demon Lord.


Faced with Si Lan’s eager gaze, the little white dragon had no choice but to accept the wild fruits. However, its eyes remained fixed on Si Lan’s wrist throughout.


After successfully feeding it, Si Lan looked at Haowei with affection all over his face. He was actually a bit apprehensive about snakes, especially ones that were long and boneless. However, the small white dragon was pure white, with glossy scales, making it look rather cute.


He smiled and bent down, “You need to grow up quickly so we can form a bond in the future.”


The little white dragon’s expression froze upon hearing this, as it suspected it had misheard. A bond between the two of them?


At that moment, Si Lan suddenly reached out and rubbed its head. It struggled to get free but found that not only was its head being rubbed, but its pink dragon horns and four small claws were being vigorously rubbed as well.


“So adorable, I should have caught a dragon and kept it as a pet a long time ago,” Si Lan mumbled to himself.


Because they were so close when he spoke, his breath and warmth reached the top of the little white dragon’s head, as if it could penetrate its cold dragon scales and vividly touch its flesh and bones, caressing its dragon skeleton, causing the entire dragon to become soft in an instant.


The color of its golden eyes gradually solidified into a reddish-gold, and its silver scales turned into a pale pink, emitting a faint pink halo.


Si Lan stared at the pink halo in astonishment and said, “So you’re a color-changing dragon!”


“…” The little white dragon.


Si Lan picked up the small white dragon, full of excitement, and curiously examined it, wanting to know how it changed color.


He fiddled with the small white dragon’s body, trying to find out, much to the dragon’s annoyance. It quickly curled up and covered its sensitive areas with its claws, glaring at Si Lan with an angry expression.


The rude Demon Lord.


Where was he looking?


If it hadn’t been injured, it would have poked out the wild chicken’s eyes and turned it into a one-eyed chicken!


Si Lan was amused by the small white dragon’s actions. It was just too cute.


A dragon so small, and it even knew how to be shy.


He bent down, pinched the two dragon horns of the small white dragon.


These two dragon horns were pink and plump, and they looked adorable. Si Lan had been wanting to pinch them for a while.


Once he held the little white dragon’s dragon horns, its back suddenly tingled, and waves of excitement flowed rapidly through its body, making its dragon form even pinker.


The little white dragon, with its red eyes full of anger, extended its claws to kick Si Lan. However, because its claws were too short, it couldn’t reach Si Lan.




Seeing this, Si Lan laughed even harder, and his laughter filled the entire cave.


He hadn’t expected that dragons, in their infancy, would be so silly and cute.


The little white dragon’s self-esteem was hurt, but it didn’t want to reveal its true form. It reluctantly averted its gaze and turned its back to Si Lan.


Quze’s voice suddenly came from outside the door, “Your Majesty, Xuanling Sect has sent an invitation.”


Si Lan immediately extended his hand and used magic to open the stone door.


The small white dragon, which had just stuck out its teeth, missed the target and almost fell out of Si Lan’s arms. It quickly used its two front paws to clutch Si Lan’s clothes tightly.


Quze bent down and walked in against the light, handing the invitation to Si Lan. Then, he stood respectfully to the side and stole a glance at Si Lan’s chest.


The little white dragon, having retracted its teeth, wagged its tail and noticed Quze’s inquisitive gaze. It blinked at him, feeling like it had received an odd look.


The invitation from Xuanling Sect was a marriage proposal from the Sect Leader Lou Yuqing.


Over five hundred years ago, Si Lan had met Lou Yuqing in the mortal realm.


At that time, Lou Yuqing was the top disciple of the Xuanling Sect, a once-in-a-millennium genius in the cultivation world. He was exceptionally talented, handsome, and possessed unparalleled charm, making countless female cultivators swoon. However, Lou Yuqing practiced the heartless Dao of apathy, dedicating himself to his cultivation and ignoring matters of love. This caused the hearts of many female cultivators to ache, and they wept in sorrow.


So why would Lou Yuqing suddenly propose marriage now?


If it were someone else, it might have been a case of love triumphing over the hero, but this was Lou Yuqing. Si Lan knew him well, and he was absolutely unlikely to harbor romantic feelings for anyone.


The more Si Lan thought about it, the more he found it suspicious and suspected that there was more to it than met the eye. He decided to visit Xuanling Sect first.


However, he had a hot potato in his hands at the moment.


Si Lan looked at the little white dragon and poked its scales.


This little thing now seemed to have no life-threatening issues.


“Hey, little one, do you know how to get back to the Heavenly Realm?”


The little white dragon heard Si Lan’s question but was annoyed and merely flipped its two dragon whiskers, not responding.


It didn’t want to talk to its blood food bag in human form.


“Oh, I forgot, you can’t talk, and you probably don’t remember the way either. Well, forget it, it’s not a big deal to have you with me.”


Si Lan decided he would keep the little white dragon with him. He planned to wait until the celestial soldiers and generals came looking for him, then return the dragon to them.


In the meantime, he would create some opportunities for them to be alone together, laying the foundation for their future bonding.


The little white dragon wanted to climb out by peeling away Si Lan’s clothes but, upon looking up, saw the close proximity of Si Lan’s pure white throat and the fragile blood vessels beneath it. It couldn’t help but swallow its saliva and gave up on struggling.


It still wanted to stay by his side and continue to recover.


“Quze, contact me if there’s anything important.”


After speaking, Si Lan’s figure transformed into a green light and disappeared within the Seven-Stringed Cave.


Quze acknowledged with a “Yes, Your Majesty” and watched the direction where Si Lan had vanished. He remained motionless for a long time, his clear and calm eyes gradually darkening.


Behind Quze, a massive snake head slowly materialized out of thin air. Its body seemed to have been severed from the neck, leaving only the head.


Irregular blue-green scales covered its entire head, and two huge vermilion eyes resembled gaping maws, embedded in its terrifying and monstrous face.


A hoarse and beguiling voice echoed throughout the cave.


“You’ve done well. He’s been lured to the Xuanling Sect.”


Quze remained silent, clenching his only left hand.


Since he could remember, he had only had one arm, a source of mockery and bullying.


But he had always considered himself somewhat fortunate to have been taken as Si Lan’s disciple. He believed that with enough effort, he could become as outstanding as others. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could never measure up to others, not even a six-year-old Xie Li.


It wasn’t until the appearance of the snake head that he learned that it was his revered Master Si Lan who, when he was born, severed his right arm and ruined his talent.


“Quze, he will pay the price for his cruelty toward you.”

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