Chapter 24


Si Lan couldn’t help but be on edge for Jiuying. In front of everyone, he had killed “Bian Rang.” With Bian Rang’s violent temperament, it was likely that he would have torn him apart.


However, in the illusion, Jiuying explained to Bian Rang that it was a fake Bian Rang who had thrust the sword. Astonishingly, Bian Rang believed him and didn’t question Jiuying’s actions anymore.


Yet, Bian Rang continued to smile, a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.


It sent shivers down one’s spine for no apparent reason.


Jiuying, with a stiff upper lip, followed Bian Rang, who broke through the illusion by wielding his sword. Then, he struck the enormous insect shell, creating a momentary crack, and a painful scream echoed from above.


Jiuying finally realized that this enormous shell was the true form of the illusion beast.


The illusion beast turned into a cloud of smoke, frantically trying to escape, but Bian Rang blocked its path. As Bian Rang was about to subdue the illusion beast, Jiuying suddenly cried out.


“Save me… Master…”


Without much thought, Bian Rang turned back to rescue Jiuying. But as he embraced Jiuying, something felt off. This wasn’t Jiuying; it was an illusion.


At this moment, a long sword thrust into Bian Rang’s abdomen from behind.


Bian Rang groaned and, on impulse, pulled the sword out from his front, then turned to see who had stabbed him. However, he entered into the next illusion.


Bian Rang found himself in a grand hall, with numerous wine bottles in front of him. He seemed to have consumed a significant amount of alcohol, reeking of it, and possibly it had affected his body as his abdomen throbbed with pain.


His memory had briefly disappeared, but he recalled that he had been drinking with Jiuying that night in the Ninth Heaven.


But where was Jiuying?


“Jiuying…” Bian Rang stood up and called out Jiuying’s name. His vision was blurred, but he faintly saw a dark figure approaching him. Unable to resist, he reached out and touched the figure’s cheek. “Where did you go?”


“Master, I’ve been here the whole time.” Jiuying hadn’t expected that when Bian Rang was trapped in the illusion, he would dream about the night they had spent drinking.


He wondered what was so memorable about that night?


The illusion magnified people’s desires, making them feel their innermost impulses more intensely.


Bian Rang moved closer to Jiuying, his fingers tracing Jiuying’s face, and he whispered, “Jiuying, I want…”


To have you.


Jiuying felt Bian Rang’s desire, and his body tensed instantly. Although they had never gone all the way, he knew that every time Bian Rang got close to him, his breath became fiery and unnerving.


But all Jiuying thought about was how to kill him.


Unfortunately, that one sword hadn’t killed him, just distracted him momentarily into the illusion.


However, it had provided enough time for the illusion beast to escape.


At this moment, Bian Rang was focused on touching Jiuying’s face, feeling every inch of him. His fingers moved lower, and his heart raced.


He had never imagined that, after ten thousand years of existence, he would experience such a rapid heartbeat. He was created by the Heavenly Dao to maintain the order in the Mortal Realm, a cold and desireless weapon.


Bian Rang had no plan, but his only thought was to possess Jiuying.


Jiuying was the first person he had genuinely liked in the Six Realms.


Jiuying held Bian Rang’s increasingly unrestrained hand. He thought that the illusion beast had fled far enough, so he decided to break the illusion. But when he looked into Bian Rang’s wet eyes, Jiuying suddenly changed his mind.


In recent days, the wild desire in Bian Rang’s heart had always revolved around him, making him restless and fearful.


Now, he wanted to take advantage of Bian Rang being trapped in the illusion to destroy this beast himself.


He suddenly pressed Bian Rang back onto the table, causing Bian Rang discomfort. Lips quivering, he said, “Master, you’ve always wanted to have me, haven’t you? Now, like this, you have me…” Jiuying was speaking near his ear, as if he had remembered something, and then he gritted his teeth. “I may not be as strong as you, but I am of the serpent clan.”


Bian Rang groaned, feeling the pain in his chest intensify, along with another place that hurt even more. It was as if something had been forcibly ripped open, and then sharp blades plunged into his organs.


He couldn’t move, couldn’t enjoy any love, only the frenzy of plunder.




At this moment, Jiuying somewhat enjoyed the feeling of violence.


Corrupting the Son of the Heavenly Dao, who was supposed to be lofty and virtuous, was truly addictive.


He suddenly understood why Bian Rang liked watching beasts fight. It was because having absolute control over others’ life and death, easily determining the fate of others, was truly addictive.


When Jiuying pinned Bian Rang to the table, Siren had already covered Haowei’s eyes and cast a spell to bring Haowei out of the illusion.


He hadn’t expected to witness such an exciting scene…


This Jiuying, young in age but not in heart.


Thinking of Bian Rang’s agonizing cries, Siren’s heart trembled for a moment, and, at this moment, he unexpectedly felt a little sorry for this ruthless tyrant who killed without hesitation.


“I hope that when Bian Rang wakes up, he won’t kill Jiuying.” Siren murmured softly.


Although Bian Rang appeared to have an unusual tolerance and affection for Jiuying, there was no guarantee that this tyrant wouldn’t go mad and kill someone after being humiliated.


“Is it almost time for Jiuying to kill Bian Rang?” Siren lowered his gaze and looked at Haowei.


“Yes,” Haowei responded expressionlessly.


Haowei remembered reading ancient records about the gods when he was young. It mentioned the true forms of the Heavenly Dao’s three sons.


Junli was the spring breeze, Fanyu was the autumn rain, and Bian Rang was the winter frost.


The three of them had no gender distinctions.


Thinking of this, a bizarre thought quietly arose in Haowei’s mind.

As they were conversing, they noticed the illusion had disappeared. Jiuying carried the unconscious Bian Rang and used magic to leave.


The sword in Bian Rang’s body quickly healed on its own, but he remained in a state of unconsciousness. His delicate and beautiful face looked as if he had been crying, invoking a sense of pity.


Jiuying was about to leave after setting him down, but then he remembered something and cleaned up Bian Rang.


“I’ve been conscientious enough,” Jiuying said.


The next day, when Bian Rang woke up, he felt pain all over. On instinct, he lifted the bedsheet to see his condition, and his face changed as he realized what had happened in the illusion had flooded into his mind.


Jiuying’s dominance, Jiuying’s tyranny, Jiuying’s possession…


Each scene impacted his heart.


His face turned red and green with anger, and he clenched his fists.


How could Jiuying treat him like that in the illusion while he was injured? Just as he was about to get out of bed, a sharp pain shot up from his tailbone and exploded in his mind. He couldn’t help but groan.


This subordinate Jiuying, didn’t even use magic to heal him after humiliating him like this?


Did he dare act so freely just because he knew Bian Rang doted on him?


But Bian Rang didn’t know that Jiuying had deliberately made him feel pain to remember this humiliation.


Bian Rang used magic to heal his injuries, but his complexion remained pale. He had never been this disheveled in his entire life. He intended to go out and hold Jiuying accountable when he saw Jiuying entering with a bowl.


Jiuying seemed to think he had done nothing wrong. When he saw Bian Rang, his expression changed, “Master, you’re awake. I’ve made porridge for you to nourish your body.”


Bian Rang pushed the bowl away and said coldly, “Jiuying, your audacity grows day by day.”


“Master, didn’t you say… that you wanted me?” Jiuying also noticed his growing audacity and surprisingly felt no fear at the moment.


Bian Rang feigned a smile and said, “You know very well that’s not what I meant!”


“Master, I also want you very much.”


After Jiuying finished speaking, he put down the bowl, raised his head, and looked at Bian Rang with a determined gaze.


Bian Rang couldn’t find the words, but he met Jiuying’s gaze. However, his ears turned slightly red, showing a touch of self-mockery and sadness.


In the illusion, he remembered that when he was in too much pain, Jiuying had kissed him and looked at him with such eyes.


Bian Rang’s heart raced, but he pretended to be calm. He attempted to raise his hand to hit Jiuying, but Jiuying grabbed his hand and kissed his fingers one by one.


The gentle touch widened Bian Rang’s eyes, and Jiuying intentionally bit Bian Rang’s fingertip with force. Bian Rang couldn’t help but utter a sound, then realized the awkwardness and quickly closed his mouth.


Seeing Bian Rang’s reaction, Jiuying’s actions became less frantic than the day before.


“Jiuying, you…” Bian Rang’s words were interrupted by a hum.


After a long time, everything returned to calm.


Jiuying lay on the bed, looking up at the empty hall. He had a somewhat ridiculous thought: what if Bian Rang weren’t so cruel, just an ordinary monster? That would be nice.






“Never mind.”




“Jiuying… Jiuying…”


“I’m here, Master. What’s wrong?”


“Never mind.”




Jiuying ignored Bian Rang’s calls, pretending not to hear, and closed his eyes, soon falling asleep.


Bian Rang, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep. He lay there, looking at Jiuying, murmuring his name.


He didn’t know how much longer he could be with Jiuying like this. The Holy Punishment of the Heavenly Dao was slowly affecting his body… that’s why he fell into the illusion created by the Illusion Beast.


As for the person who had stabbed him from behind…


Bian Rang looked at Jiuying and smiled, a somewhat self-deprecating and melancholic smile.


He put on his robe, walked outside the hall, and gazed silently at the crescent moon in the sky.


The night in the Ninth Heaven was unusually cold, and solitude enveloped his figure tightly.


He felt like a person torn apart, out of place in this world.


Why did the Heavenly Dao create him, only to destroy him?


What was the purpose of his existence?


He didn’t know, but he did know that, in the midst of bloody slaughter, his blood would tremble, and his heart would beat, and the meaning of life seemed to be just that.




Suddenly, he heard Jiuying’s voice from behind.


Bian Rang turned around, thinking Jiuying had woken up, but he realized Jiuying was still dreaming.


Bian Rang lay down next to Jiuying and gently touched the smile at the corner of Jiuying’s mouth, which seemed to be a pleasant dream.


In this world, there would be moments when people called his name with a smile, not out of fear.


Since killing him was what he sought, he would fulfill Jiuying.


Perhaps the strong obsession before going to sleep had led Jiuying to dream. In the dream, Bian Rang was not the Son of the Heavenly Dao but merely his husband. They were living a peaceful and leisurely life in the Great Wilderness.


However, this beautiful dream was interrupted by a voice in his mind.


Jiuying abruptly woke up from his dream, seeing that Bian Rang was sleeping beside him. He held his breath and entered his spiritual consciousness, communicating with Xumo.


Siren and Haowei couldn’t hear Jiuying’s conversation in his spiritual consciousness. They only saw Jiuying conjure a black sword out of thin air. The sword had a cloud pattern on the blade, shimmering with a golden dark light, and it appeared extraordinarily sharp.


This sword was forged from the last bone joint of the Heavenly Dao’s little finger.


“This last bone joint may not be as powerful as the Heavenly Dao’s true form, so it can’t annihilate Bian Rang’s soul. But at least it can kill him.”


Jiuying breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Xumo’s words about not annihilating Bian Rang’s soul.


Actually, killing Bian Rang in this lifetime would be enough.

In the next life, Bian Rang might not have such a cruel temperament, and his cultivation might not be as fearsome.


“Hmm,” Jiuying replied.


Withdrawing from his spiritual consciousness, Jiuying saw Bian Rang tilting his head, as if he was about to wake up. Quickly, he concealed the sword he held in his hand.


Bian Rang didn’t wake up, just shifted into a different sleeping position.


However, Jiuying couldn’t sleep anymore and lay on the bed with a troubled expression.


Si Lan saw all of Jiuying’s anxiety and unease and felt a sense of pity for him. Young Jiuying, who had once detested the cruelty and violence of Bian Rang, had eventually become someone like Bian Rang, cruel and slaughtering the Snake Tribe.


In this world, people were still unaware that divine retribution had already descended. The Nine-Headed Snake Tribe hadn’t produced a newborn in ten years, and no pure, superior bloodline had been born within a hundred years. This wasn’t because Bian Rang had abducted the Snake Tribe’s strong men, preventing them from giving birth to pure bloodlines, but because of divine retribution.


After the Heavenly Dao created the human realm, it didn’t allow for too much power to exist. Even the Heavenly Dao’s three sons had to make way for humans, let alone the various demon races.


From this perspective, it seemed that ordinary humans were the true sons of the Heavenly Dao.


It was unclear if Jiuying hadn’t found the right opportunity or couldn’t bear to kill Bian Rang, but for the next month, Jiuying and Bian Rang spent peaceful and serene days together.


Perhaps even immortals couldn’t resist temptation. Bian Rang, who had indulged in worldly pleasures, found that such activities were more interesting than watching arena battles. He often pestered Jiuying.


The two spent day and night in their chambers, as if it were a never-ending carnival before doomsday.


The weakening of Bian Rang’s cultivation was noticed throughout Zhonghuang. His control over Zhonghuang was no longer as strong as before. The barriers he had established were no longer as secure, and the curses he had cast showed signs of loosening. All of these signs indicated that his body was in trouble.


During this time, Xumo approached Jiuying again, urging him to kill Bian Rang as soon as possible, to avoid more trouble.


So, when Jiuying accompanied Bian Rang to capture the fierce Yao in Manghuang, he had already secretly collaborated with the fierce Yao, setting a trap to lure Bian Rang in.


Bian Rang seemed oblivious and reassured Jiuying, “That fierce Yao is extremely brutal. Stay close to me and don’t wander.”


Jiuying smiled and asked, “Is there a Yao more brutal than you?”


Bian Rang cast a sidelong glance at him with an amused expression in his peach blossom eyes. Jiuying looked at him quietly, his expression hidden by tension. He couldn’t let Bian Rang sense his uncontrolled emotions.


Eventually, Bian Rang agreed to take Jiuying along. When they arrived in Manghuang, several eagle demons circled above. Their strange calls filled the air.


Bian Rang transformed his sword, and in an instant, sword energy cut through all the eagle demons.


“Bian Rang!”


An angry roar suddenly echoed from above. The white cloud in the sky changed shape and formed into a snow-white eagle demon, diving down from above, screeching as it tried to devour Bian Rang.


Bian Rang quickly pushed Jiuying away and used his sword to block the attack. The eagle demon had massive wings that could easily cause chaos. The dust filled the air, and everything around was engulfed in a sandstorm, obscuring their vision.


Bian Rang closed his eyes and relied on his senses to locate the white eagle demon. However, just as the attack was about to land, Jiuying’s cry for help echoed in the distance.


“Master… Master… Save me…”


Bian Rang suddenly opened his eyes and narrowly avoided the sandstorm. He realized that he wasn’t surrounded by sand; it was an illusion.


The illusion wasn’t created by the white eagle demon and Jiuying. It was set up beforehand, and perhaps Xumo was involved.


Maybe even Jiuying was part of it.


Jiuying stood in mid-air, silently watching as Bian Rang was trapped in the illusion.


Bian Rang, who cared so much about his appearance that he didn’t even want to be exposed to the sun, had a bleeding cut on his face.


Bleeding profusely, he continued to wield his sword, breaking through one illusion after another.


“Save me… Ah… Master…”


The false voice created by the illusion continued to torment Bian Rang, and he felt anxious. He couldn’t afford to take the risk. What if something really happened to Jiuying?


He didn’t hesitate to break through the illusion, even at the cost of losing three levels of cultivation. But as he escaped from the illusion, a longsword pierced his heart from behind.


In an instant, he felt a sharp pain in his heart, and when he tried to use his cultivation to heal, he found that he couldn’t channel his spiritual energy.


The sword that struck him was no ordinary weapon; it was the Heavenly Dao…


This time, he managed to turn around and saw the person who had stabbed him.


It was Jiuying.


He didn’t feel shock but smiled at Jiuying, “As long as you’re safe…”


Hearing these words, Jiuying couldn’t hold back his emotions any longer. He let go of Bian Rang, and with tears in his eyes, he said, “Why pretend, Bian Rang? You, a cruel and heartless person, don’t understand feelings at all!”


Bian Rang fell backward to the ground, his eyes gradually losing focus, his lips moved as if he wanted to say something, but he suddenly spat out blood.


Jiuying instinctively rushed to his side, wanting to say something but unable to find the words. He looked at his pale and transparent face, his eyes reddening.


He was going to die.


Everything was coming to an end.


Bian Rang reached out to him, his fingers covered in blood, holding a bloodstained bead in his palm.


“It…” Jiuying took the vermilion bead and said fiercely, “What are you pretending to be sentimental at this moment? I don’t want this broken bead!”


He extended his hand, squeezed the bead forcefully, and, in front of Bian Rang, crushed it into powder, scattering it on the ground.


“You… cough…”


Bian Rang, seeing the bead turning to dust, seemed unable to hold on any longer. He coughed up blood, and his body quickly turned transparent, his bones and flesh becoming transparent starlight.


It was only then that Jiuying realized something was wrong. It appeared that Bian Rang wasn’t just dying; his soul seemed to be disintegrating.


How could this happen? Weren’t the instructions clear that the bone would only kill him?


“Bian Rang… Why is it like this? I didn’t intend to kill you completely…” Jiuying had removed the seal and enchantment that Xumo placed on the short sword, hoping that Bian Rang’s death in this life would be a form of redemption, not to deny him rebirth.


“Bian Rang… Bian Rang…”


Bian Rang closed his eyes and was unable to speak. He used the last bit of his spiritual power to convey a message to Jiuying, “Jiuying, I’m fine. Even if my soul disintegrates, I will fall back into the cycle of reincarnation.”


“When the North River’s snow melts, I shall return.”


After saying these words, Bian Rang’s body completely turned to dust and vanished in the wind.


Jiuying stood there in shock, with an intact bead in his palm.


In the sky above Zhonghuang, all the invisible enchantments and curses placed by Bian Rang disappeared. Countless demons and creatures rejoiced, knowing that Bian Rang had died.


Zhonghuang was free!


They would no longer be controlled by the demon!


Si Lan finally understood why Jiuying helped Louyu; it was because they both killed the people who loved them but later realized they loved each other in this lifetime. Si Lan couldn’t help but sigh at the complexity of their situation.


Si Lan flew to Jiuying, intending to examine the blood bead, but Jiuying concealed it in his chest.


Behind them, Xumo appeared out of nowhere, his eyes gleaming with delight. “Jiuying, is he really dead?”


Jiuying, with a fake bloody bead, handed it to Xumo after ensuring it was without issue.


Xumo carefully inspected it and, upon confirming it was genuine, breathed a sigh of relief. “This child of Heaven’s Dao might have a unique rebirth. I thought he gave you a rebirth bead.”


Jiuying’s eyes twitched slightly. “A rebirth bead?”


“Yes, when an immortal is near death, they condense their soul into a rebirth bead. After a thousand years, the rebirth bead will reform and start a new cultivation.”


Jiuying’s chest heaved at these words but he said nothing more.


Si Lan was puzzled and asked, “A rebirth bead?”


“That’s not a rebirth bead,” said Haowei succinctly.


“What is it then?”


Just as Haowei was about to answer, the scene before them suddenly changed. The sky darkened abruptly, and rolling dark clouds filled the atmosphere, accompanied by mournful thunder. In the next instant, from the sky, enormous rocks fell, not as raindrops but as massive stones.


These stones seemed to have life and descended furiously, smashing into the ground. Those demons and creatures that couldn’t dodge in time let out desperate roars.




Accompanying the falling stones was black rain. Wherever the raindrops landed, everything turned into black sludge.


“It’s divine retribution! This is divine retribution!”


“We killed the child of Heaven’s Dao! Heaven’s Dao is angry!”


“Help… Help… My child… Don’t harm my child!”


In an instant, the entire Zhonghuang was enveloped in a cacophony of despair.


Xumo and others hadn’t even had time to savor their victory before they were forced to immediately deploy their formations to withstand Heaven’s punishment.


“Return to the Nine-Headed Snake Tribe!”


“Leader, please save us!”


“Now Heaven’s Dao is punishing us! We’re all going to die!”


“Who killed the child of Heaven’s Dao?”


Xumo instinctively looked at Jiuying. Jiuying, his face pale, was about to explain but was interrupted by the cacophony of accusations.


“Jiuying, how could you have killed the child of Heaven’s Dao?”


“You completely disregarded the tribe by doing this!”


“Jiuying, return my child… Return my child…”


Jiuying never expected things to turn out this way. He thought that killing Bian Rang would make the world better, but instead, it had turned into a living hell.


He was being treated as the scapegoat and pushed forward to atone for the sins of others.


The same people who had sent him to kill Bian Rang were now avoiding his gaze and coldly telling him that if he could die to appease Heaven’s anger, they would accept it.


Jiuying’s heart was filled with a sense of irony and absurdity. He had led a miserable life, and the one person who genuinely loved him in this world, he had killed.


But he couldn’t die now. He had to resurrect Bian Rang.


Jiuying attempted to use his magic to escape, but before he could move, Xumo grabbed him.


“Jiuying, sacrifice yourself to save all of Zhonghuang.”


“Why is the responsibility of saving Zhonghuang falling on me again? What has Zhonghuang ever done for me? Let go…”


He roared and reverted to his true form, revealing his nine heads and eighteen eyes, glaring fiercely at the others.


“Sorry, Jiuying,” said Xumo.

Xumo and several elders joined forces, using a spell to pin Jiuying’s body in place.


“He made the soul of Heaven’s Dao’s child disintegrate. Killing him might not be enough to appease the wrath of Heaven’s Dao. We must cut off his nine heads, seal them in the Jiyin Bagua Formation, and offer them as a sacrifice to Heaven’s Dao. Only this way can Heaven’s Dao see our determination to make amends.”


“Very well.”


“Chief, please hurry. My child has only one head left!”


In the illusion, Jiuying gave up struggling, smiling as he watched his body being severed, and his physical form being annihilated by the formation. His heads were cut off and sealed within the Jiyin Bagua Formation.


However, when the last head was being sealed, Jiuying shouted to the sky, “If I break out of this seal, I will rebuild my body with the blood of the entire tribe.”



Long before the Nine-Headed Snake Tribe began cutting Jiuying’s body, Si Lan couldn’t bear to watch any longer and covered Haowei’s eyes.


The few lines in the history books concealed the countless lives and bloodshed. Witnessing this series of tragedies that occurred ten thousand years ago in person filled him with a different kind of emotion.


“People in Zhonghuang probably haven’t realized that the real culprit manipulating their fate and toying with their lives isn’t Bian Rang but Heaven’s Dao.”


To maintain the balance of the Six Realms, Heaven’s Dao had long wanted to weaken the major demons. Now that they had killed Bian Rang, it provided the perfect excuse for Heaven’s retribution.


In fact, even if they hadn’t killed Bian Rang, he wouldn’t have lived much longer.


The demise of Heaven’s Dao’s three sons was inevitable. Three years after the Truth Practice, another ten years, and Fanyu, another son of Heaven’s Dao, perished as he rebelled against Heaven’s Dao, leading to the disintegration of his soul.


Thirty years after the Truth Practice, Junli, the only son of Heaven’s Dao to die less tragically and be able to reincarnate, also met his fate.


As Si Lan watched Jiuying being killed, he noticed that Jiuying had hidden the bead in his mouth just before his head was sealed within the formation.


He was about to search for it when a shadow suddenly appeared out of thin air. The shadow walked straight to one of Jiuying’s severed heads and, with a gesture, made the red bead float in the air, passing right before Si Lan’s eyes.


Only up close did he see that the bead was indeed as Jiuying had described, translucent with specks of bloodstains. But what Jiuying hadn’t mentioned was that the blood-red gem also bore a cloud-like pattern on its surface.


The same cloud pattern adorned Si Lan’s own true form—his blood gem. However, the size of the true gem was much larger, and the small bloodstains had congregated at the lower right corner, resembling an embryo.


Thus, Si Lan had never connected the bead Jiuying was searching for with Xielin!


At this moment, the shadow turned around, revealing a refined and handsome face. Si Lan looked into his eyes and saw that they were blue.


These were the characteristic eyes of Fanyu, Heaven’s Dao’s son!


Si Lan was amazed and excited but tugged at Haowei’s sleeve, urging him to look at Fanyu.


Haowei, in turn, pulled at Si Lan’s sleeve and gestured for him to look behind.


Si Lan turned around and saw that someone had appeared behind them. This person was wearing a white robe and a hat.


Although their face was partially obscured by the hat’s brim, their graceful figure and unparalleled beauty couldn’t be hidden.


Si Lan’s heart suddenly raced, overwhelmed with excitement, to the point that he didn’t even notice how tightly he was gripping Haowei’s hand.


This person was Junli!


He was the idol Si Lan had admired for over a thousand years!


He had never imagined that one day he would cross ten thousand years and achieve success in his star-chasing journey.


“Bian Rang is really a fool,” Fanyu suddenly said coldly, reaching out to Si Lan and lifting the blood gem. “Look.”


Emerging from the shadows, Junli took off his hat.


As his face was fully revealed, Si Lan’s expression suddenly crumbled, a mix of surprise and horror. It wasn’t because Junli was ugly or strange; it was because Junli looked exactly like him!

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