Chapter 9


Si Lan had noticed before that Little White Dragon could repair its internal energy on its own, so he didn’t take it to see a doctor. But he didn’t expect that the little thing’s internal energy had gone haywire again.


“Little one, hold on for now. After the wedding, I’ll take you to see a healer,” Si Lan said.


Little White Dragon blinked its eyes, which was its way of responding to Si Lan.


After a night’s rest, Si Lan’s mood had calmed down considerably. He pushed the door open and saw the Teng Ying plant crawling on the Xuanling Mountain, and he could now calm his mind.


The weather today was nice, with the golden sun high in the sky. Floating clouds gently moved above the mountain peak, obscuring beams of golden sunlight. The valley breeze brushed through the trees, causing the branches and leaves to sway gently.


Si Lan performed a spell, and countless brown feathers materialized in his palm. These feathers seemed to have a life of their own, floating in mid-air and flying around the Xuanling Mountain.


They were his little spies.


“No matter what happens today, make sure you stay in my arms. Don’t run off on your own,” Si Lan touched Little White Dragon’s head.


Little White Dragon looked up at Si Lan with a hint of seriousness in its expression.


What would this Demon Lord do today?


Xuyi, leading a group of disciples, arrived. Seeing Si Lan talking to Little White Dragon, he respectfully greeted, “Master Si Lan, the banquet is about to begin. I’ll escort you.”


The marriage ceremony in the cultivation world was quite elaborate, and Xuyi was worried that Si Lan might not understand, so he had come to find him.


“Thank you,” Si Lan nodded slightly.


Xuyi noticed that Si Lan’s eyes were a bit tired and couldn’t help but ask, “Master Si Lan, did you rest well last night?”


“Um, last night around midnight, I heard some insects outside the window, and I couldn’t sleep. Are there insects in Xuanling Mountain with teeth that look like… human teeth?” Si Lan coughed slightly as he spoke, seeming somewhat embarrassed.


Xuyi was stunned, “Insects with teeth that look like human teeth? I’ve never seen anything like that…”


Were there no such insects?


Si Lan unconsciously touched his neck. If it weren’t for the faint pain in his neck, he would have thought it was just his imagination.


If it wasn’t insects, could it be demons?


What kind of demon could bite him without him noticing?


He couldn’t help muttering to himself in his mind, but he didn’t notice that Little White Dragon in his arms buried its head even deeper.


This wedding in Xuanling Gate had attracted prominent figures from the cultivation world.


During the banquet, people gathered in small groups, chatting and mingling. Although they wore robes from different sects, they all exuded an otherworldly and elegant aura.


Si Lan glanced at the people, then withdrew his gaze and took a seat on the side.


As soon as he sat down, a cultivator leaned over and asked, “Brother, you look unfamiliar. May I ask which sect you belong to?”


Si Lan looked at the man’s attire, white inner robe with a blue silk Zen robe on the outside, exactly the same as Song Guang’s attire.


Probably due to his unfavorable impression of Song Guang, and by extension, his fellow disciples, Si Lan casually replied, “I’m an unaffiliated cultivator.”


As soon as he said this, the expressions of the nearby cultivators subtly changed.


In the cultivation world, a cultivator’s background was highly regarded, and it was believed that those from renowned sects and families had the potential to reach great heights. Therefore, unaffiliated cultivators were always seen as the lowest in the cultivation hierarchy.


In other words, unaffiliated cultivators were at the bottom of the food chain in the cultivation world.


The Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had initially thought that Si Lan was some hidden immortal now didn’t want to get too close after hearing that he was an unaffiliated cultivator. He gave a perfunctory smile and turned to continue his conversation with the people around him.


“Has anyone seen Brother Song Guang today? I went to his room this morning, and he wasn’t there. I thought he had already come,” someone said.


“Yeah, Song Guang usually loves to join in the fun…”


“Have any of you seen him today?”



“I haven’t seen him either…”


Si Lan listened to the conversation of the people nearby and quietly played with the glass of lustrous wine in front of him.


If everything went as expected, they probably wouldn’t see Song Guang again.


Shaoqing, a Xuanling Gate disciple, carried a green jug and entered to serve the guests. The faint fragrance of the wine instantly filled the air, clear and enticing, impressing the cultivators.


“What kind of wine is this? It’s so fragrant…”


Si Lan glanced at the wine in the glass. It was clear and transparent, but the halo reflected on the glass was colorful and looked rather peculiar.


Just as he was about to pick up the glass to examine it closely, he suddenly heard the voices of the cultivators.


“Lord Lou is here!”


Si Lan raised his head and saw Lou Yuqing emerging from behind the bead curtains.


Lou Yuqing wore a brown jade crown on his head, and he was dressed in a red wedding robe, making his handsome features even more striking. He deliberately kept a distance from everyone and stood on the high platform at the banquet, addressing the crowd from afar, “Today’s ceremony is quite elaborate, and if there are any lapses in Xuanling Gate’s hospitality, please forgive us.”


The people below hurriedly responded with polite words, “Lord Lou, you’re too kind. The disciples of Xuanling Gate have taken excellent care of us.”


Lou Yuqing remained silent, maintaining a smile on his face. His gaze swept over the crowd, locking eyes with Si Lan across the space.


Si Lan smiled, and the fake Lou Yu, seeing this, nodded in return. Soon, he averted his gaze and addressed the crowd, “Everyone, the wine in the green jugs before you is called Xiangdan Nectar. It’s made from the hundred-year jade lotus of the Zunsheng Mountain. A single cup can add decades to your cultivation. Please enjoy it slowly.”


“Lord Lou, you are really too kind. How can you serve us immortal nectar when we are mere mortals?”


“Yeah, just a bit of wine is enough. After all, we have gathered here today mainly to celebrate Lord Lou’s return with his beloved. Whether we drink or not doesn’t matter.”


The cultivators, on the surface, continued to exchange polite words, but in their hearts, they were already excited upon learning that a single cup of wine could add decades to their cultivation.


One cup for ten years, two cups for twenty years… wouldn’t ten cups be a hundred years?


This kind of celestial nectar was offered by Xuanling Gate as a common wine, revealing that Xuanling Gate was truly a treasure trove that made people envious and a little covetous.


Lou Yuqing took a sip of wine, then excused himself and retreated. The disciples took over to serve the guests.


Si Lan’s gaze remained fixed on Lou Yuqing’s departing figure, and the hand holding the wine glass unconsciously tightened.


This fake Lou Yuqing was deliberately avoiding him, and it seemed that he also knew that approaching him would expose his true identity.


But now, Si Lan needed to find an opportunity to get close to him, so he could use the Purification Curse on Lou Yuqing’s body and see everything Lou Yuqing had experienced in the past year.


“Would you like to try the celestial nectar, sir?” The Nascent Soul stage cultivator, seeing Si Lan frowning in contemplation and showing no interest in the celestial nectar in front of him, leaned closer and asked.


Si Lan smiled and explained, “I’m afraid that if I drink too much, I might make a fool of myself.”


“Oh, that’s a shame.”


The Nascent Soul stage cultivator spoke without looking at Si Lan, but his gaze was fixed on the glass of lustrous wine in front of Si Lan. His eyes revealed unmistakable greed.


Si Lan pushed the glass toward him, and he quickly put on an appearance of gracious acceptance, saying, “How can I accept this?” But he didn’t refuse and drank the wine in one go.


Everyone was immersed in the celestial nectar, toasting and chatting.


Si Lan felt out of place and decided to leave. As he walked through the crowd, a cultivator accidentally bumped into him and hurriedly apologized.


Si Lan took a closer look at the young man. He appeared to be around sixteen or seventeen, with a wounded eyebrow, and a rather delicate appearance. However, the young man seemed reluctant to make eye contact and, after apologizing, intended to leave.


Suddenly, Si Lan detected a familiar scent on the young man—a hint of a snake’s odor…


Si Lan grabbed the young man’s elbow with a sudden force.


Startled, the young man tried to break free, but Si Lan cast a spell and instantly transported the two of them to an empty corner.


“What… What are you doing?” The young man panicked and tried to push Si Lan’s arm away. When he spoke, his voice was distorted, and his words were barely intelligible.


“Are you trying to get yourself killed? How dare you come back to Xuanling Gate!” Si Lan stared coldly at him. The young man he held was the Little Enchanting Snake whose two poisonous fangs Si Lan had extracted earlier.


He had released it to carry a message back to the Enchanting Snake clan, but he didn’t expect it to return.


Yu Shi realized his cover was blown and swallowed nervously, “I’m not afraid to tell you, the Enchanting Snake clan is planning to go down with Lou Yuqing.”


From the last attack of the Enchanting Snake clan on Xuanling Gate, it appeared that they were annihilated even before they could approach Lou Yu. How could they talk about going down with him?


Si Lan couldn’t understand the Enchanting Snake clan’s suicide mission.


“How many of you have infiltrated here now?”


Yu Shi didn’t want to talk, but the two missing fangs in his mouth still caused him pain, and he had a lingering fear. “Including me, there are three of us. The others don’t have strong enough demon power; if they infiltrate, they will be discovered.”


“Are you planning another suicide attack, just like the previous one?”


“What suicide attack? This is faith, it’s fervor. Even if it means sacrificing the entire clan, we must rescue the Snake Mother.”


“But you don’t even know where the Snake Mother is now.”


“…” Yu Shi fell silent.


“I will find a way to rescue the Snake Mother. In the meantime, you should refrain from reckless actions.”


Yu Shi looked at Si Lan but didn’t say anything.


After their second attack on Xuanling Gate, the Snake Mother had stopped transmitting information through dreams. The elders said it was because she didn’t want them to die. However, through Teng Dan, they had sensed the Snake Mother’s aura growing weaker. It was feared that once today’s wedding was over, Lou Yuqing would use the Snake Mother’s blood to break the seal. So, if they wanted to rescue the Snake Mother, today was their last chance.


At this moment, several Xuanling Gate disciples approached from the distant corridor. Si Lan quickly waved his hand and created a barrier to conceal himself and Yu Shi.


After the departure of the others, reiterated, “The situation inside Xuanling Gate is not as simple as it seems. Your actions now are putting your lives at risk.”


Yu Zhi raised an eyebrow, not really trusting . He believed that  was no different from Lou Yuqing and, therefore, didn’t take his warning to heart.


 gently touched Yu Zhi’s forehead, concealing his aura to prevent his limited cultivation from being instantly exposed when facing the fake Lou Yu.


However, Yu Zhi remained cautious. “What did you just do to me?”


“I placed a forbidden curse on you. If you don’t obey, your internal organs will explode.”


Yu Zhi stared at  with a mixture of fear and anger, and  couldn’t help but laugh. With a swift motion, he left the area.


“Treating a snake too harshly… really too harsh…” Yu Zhi muttered through gritted teeth as he watched ‘s departure.


Through the scattered feathers placed in Xuanling Gate,  quickly located the fake Lou Yu. However, he was surrounded by disciples of Xuanling Gate.


he concealed himself, quietly slipping into the room and opening a window to observe the situation inside.


Inside the room, shadows played on the window frames, and the scent of sandalwood wafted from the stove.


Within a set of twelve folding screens, Lou Yuqing stood in front of a dressing table, speaking softly with Yun Lan. Yun Lan sat in front of a bronze mirror, motionless.


After a moment, Yun Lan suddenly stood up, reached out to touch Lou Yu’s face, her eyes filled with tenderness. Lou Yuqing embraced Yun Lan’s waist, and the two stood closely together, like celestial lovers.


His eyes revealed a surge of killing intent. This imposter, pretending to be Lou Yuqing and trying to claim Lou Yuqing’s junior sister, was unforgivable.


He had no intention of letting this imposter linger before him any longer.


After a few more words between the two inside the room, Lou Yuqing left. His disciples reported on the situation at the banquet as Lou Yuqing listened and walked away.


However, as he reached a corner of the courtyard, a streak of red light suddenly rushed toward him. Lou Yuqing instinctively tried to dodge, but in that instant, he found himself frozen in place.


A figure gradually materialized before him, a young man.




Before Lou Yuqing could finish his sentence,  had already used magic to enter Lou Yu’s consciousness and cast the Purification Curse.


The Purification Curse allowed one to see the most vivid memories from the past year of the deceased. It had been categorized as forbidden magic by the heavenly realms due to its frequent misuse in dark and twisted ways. However as a great demon lord, he feared no such restrictions.


As the caster of the curse, also found himself appearing in Lou Yu’s memories, witnessing everything that Lou Yuqing had experienced but unable to change the course of events.


He had expected to see the final moments before Lou Yu’s death in Lou Yu’s deepest memories, but what he discovered was different.


The scene that unfolded before his eyes was that of a lush, sprawling celestial tree, casting its shade and extending its massive roots like beastly claws into the ground. The ground was covered in layers of withered leaves emitting a foul odor.


Puzzled by this scene, he was about to move closer when a strong gust of wind blew, scattering the accumulated leaves and revealing a corner of a purple robe.


It was Lou Yuqing!


He watched as a group of creatures, humanoid in appearance but with wings of various colors, quickly gathered around.


They picked up the unconscious Lou Yuqing and headed toward a colossal chrysalis. This chrysalis, resembling a silkworm cocoon, was about six or seven stories tall, with layers of brown ridges on its surface. At the bottom was a door covered in white silken threads, and a few moth spirits carried Lou Yuqing inside.


He followed suit, entering the chrysalis and discovering an otherworldly space inside.


Countless fireflies clung to the inner walls, their bioluminescence illuminating the surroundings.


In the center stood a massive white jade platform, and on the platform lay a pure white… moth spirit.


The moth spirit had beautiful crimson wings that covered most of its body, leaving only its black hair and a clean, white neck exposed.


“King, this is the new intruder. Please enjoy,” a voice said.

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