Chapter 6 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 6


Si Lan was now determined to kill the serpent. In this wilderness, there were no beautiful maidens to be found. 


Moreover… he glanced at the little white dragon beside him, wondering if it was just his imagination, but the dragon’s face seemed a bit grim at this moment.


To avoid leaving a bad impression on his future husband, Si Lan took out two wild fruits and coaxed the little white dragon to eat them on the side.


Then, Si Lan used magic to bind the seductive snake and threw it into a corner. The snake cursed with its leaky mouth, so he added another seal to keep it completely silent.


Afraid that he might do something inappropriate, he set up a barrier around himself, not allowing anyone to see what was happening inside and not permitting anyone to enter. Then, he sat cross-legged on the bed, working on purging the seductive poison.


Seductive poison wasn’t truly a poison in the conventional sense. It trapped people in an illusion, making them sink into a hallucinatory dream from which they couldn’t escape until their spirit was depleted and they perished.


Si Lan felt that this kind of death was a bit cruel, especially when it was to protect his non-existent pure reputation. So, he fervently recited a purification incantation in his heart.


As his body temperature gradually rose, tiny beads of sweat formed on his forehead. His senses seemed to be heightened by hundreds of times, making even the subtle movement of the air around him excruciatingly clear, tormenting his nerves.


As the sweat flowed more and more, he used magic to remove his green robe, wearing only a white inner garment. The sweat had already soaked through it, clinging tightly to his body.


Suddenly, his mind was filled with fleeting virtual illusions, but they disappeared as quickly as they came. After a few times, he began to relax slightly, thinking that he had overcome the poison’s influence. However, in the next moment, his thoughts were invaded by seductive illusions.


He saw three incredibly beautiful and seductive women, dressed provocatively and behaving in a flirtatious manner, captivating the soul.


His expression remained unchanged as he closed his long eyelashes. His hands quickly performed a secret technique, causing the three women to immediately vanish.


However, in the illusion, three handsome and well-built men appeared.


“…Si Lan.”


Did the illusion think he wasn’t interested in women, so it replaced them with three men?


He closed his eyes, intending to use the secret technique again, but he couldn’t lift his arm, as if an invisible force was restraining him, and his willpower was on the verge of giving in.


The three men got closer, and he had to lower his head and hold his breath while reciting the purification incantation more rapidly. Suddenly, a delicate touch brushed against his neck, making his heart skip a beat. He unconsciously opened his eyes and saw the exceptionally handsome men teasing and seducing him in an exaggerated manner.


He frowned, his expression stern, and with all his strength, he raised his arm and chanted, “Break!”


The three men instantly turned to dust and vanished.


He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he had broken free from the illusion. However, the mist around him still obscured his vision. At this moment, another tall and handsome man in white appeared in the mist.


Will it ever end?


Si Lan was almost infuriated, glaring at the man with a sinister look.


As the mist dissipated, the man’s face was fully revealed.


Si Lan was slightly startled, and the hostility in his eyes was gradually replaced by amazement.


The man had a cold and haughty countenance, his gaze imperious, exuding an air of superiority, as if nothing in the world could affect him. He had a broad shoulder, a slim waist, and a tall and graceful figure. As he approached Si Lan, the mist around his feet dissipated, leaving a faint, elusive glow swirling around him, making him even more mysterious and alluring, like an unattainable god, tempting beyond reason.


Well, this one actually fits Si Lan’s aesthetic.


But at the thought that he would have to strike down this man with a palm, Si Lan couldn’t help but feel a pang of reluctance.


The man approached him, standing tall and looking down at Si Lan, his eyes inscrutable. Si Lan lifted his head to meet the man’s gaze, his ears involuntarily reddening, and he lowered his head in embarrassment.

The illusion was too real.


He couldn’t bear it.


He quietly clasped his hands, intending to cast a spell to scatter the other person, but he saw his slender right hand touching him. His heartbeat couldn’t help but accelerate, and he momentarily forgot to move his hand away.


The man’s hand fell on his cheek, and there was a warm touch on his fingertips.


At this moment, Si Lan seemed to be able to hear his own heartbeat, badump badump badump. Just when he was at a loss, the other party’s hands suddenly pressed down on several acupuncture points on his body. A warm and cool sensation immediately spread along the acupuncture points to all aspects of his body, slowly calming down the accumulated heat in his body.


He raised his head to see what the other person was doing, but the illusionary world in front of him suddenly intertwined with the real world. His consciousness was already on the verge of reaching its limit. After returning to the real world, he couldn’t hold on anymore and fainted backwards.


Fortunately, an arm caught him in time and he didn’t crash to the ground.


Haowei lowered his eyes and looked at the sleeping person in his arms. The white undershirt was soaked with sweat and stuck to his body, outlining his narrow waist and slender legs. A faint fragrance oozed from his sweat, a sort of fruity smell.


He frowned and avoided looking at him while he put one hand on Si Lan’s waist, and helped Si Lan go to bed to rest. However, when he touched Si Lan’s waist, he could really feel the slender lines and the damp sweat between his fingers.


Si Lan froze for a moment and his breathing became disordered for a moment but he quickly adjusted himself and helped Si Lan to the bed.


Si Lan seemed to be murmuring in his sleep, with his full lips slightly open. Haowei’s eyes couldn’t help but fall on the two bright reds buds on his chest in front of him. His mind suddenly recalled the previous scene of Si Lan kissing his forehead, and his face quietly tightened.


This demon lord, despite being frivolous with him, actually wanted to form a contract with him.


You are so courageous.


Haowei narrowed his eyes, and when he turned his head, his eyes accidentally glanced at Si Lan’s lower half of his body. He was stunned, with shame and anger rising on his face.


How shameless.


Even after escaping the illusion…


But soon, Haowei realized that this was the charm poison at work. Simply rescuing Si Lan from the illusion wasn’t enough; it was necessary to completely remove the residual poison from his body. Otherwise, the poisoned person would continue to experience these symptoms.


Haowei couldn’t help but sigh, feeling a bit disgusted. In the end, he extended his hand to cover Si Lan’s acupoints, using his cultivation to help detoxify him.


Haowei had nearly recovered, but this time, breaking into the illusion to save Si Lan and detoxify him once more weakened his internal energy. He might turn into a child again soon.


Thinking about this, Haowei’s fingers brushed Si Lan’s neck, and his gaze darkened.


So, now that he’s just taking a bit of his blood to replenish his body, it shouldn’t be too much to ask. After all, he has lost so much cultivation to save him.


Haowei slowly leaned down, suddenly biting into Si Lan’s neck.


The opponent’s vulnerable major artery is right in front of him, with veins visible beneath the white skin. Above his line of sight are the slightly red corners of the lips and the tip of the nose.


Haowei’s brow moved inexplicably, and he suddenly realized what fruit Si Lan resembled, like a ripe peach just plucked from the water.


Clear in color, shining brightly.


Si Lan, in pain from his dreams, emitted a faint moan and instinctively grasped the person’s clothes in front of him, as if struggling for breath, making his breathing rapid.


Soon, intermittent sounds came from between their lips, faint as a mosquito’s, leading to all sorts of wild thoughts.


In no time, Haowei blushed and lifted his head.


Shameless demon lord.


He’s just drinking his blood; what’s with all the moaning…


In a corner, the charming snake witnessed the entire process, dumbfounded.


It had originally thought that the “Little White Snake” by Si Lan’s side, just like itself, was a normal snake demon. It never imagined that this “Little White Snake” could not only take on human form but also effortlessly remove charm poison.


Charm poison is no ordinary toxin; even if a heavenly immortal were to be afflicted, they would have to endure it. So, who exactly is this Little White Snake?


The charming snake’s eyes revealed fear. At this moment, from its perspective, it suddenly saw Haowei leaning down, his ear close to Si Lan’s, and they seemed to be intimately entangled.


Afterward, strange sounds came from behind the bed curtains.




The charming snake felt like its worldview had collapsed. What… What were these two people doing on the bed?


Why were they making moaning sounds?


At this point, Haowei seemed to be turning, and the charming snake, in fear, quickly closed its eyes, pretending to be dead.


After a rustling noise, there were no more strange sounds from the bed.


It was a long time before the charming snake dared to cautiously open its eyes and look toward the bedside.


Inside the room, two sets of even breathing intersected. At the bedside, the Little White Snake curled up and slept soundly.



Si Lan had slept heavily, and when he woke up, he felt disoriented. His body ached all over, as if it had been crushed by a heavy stone.


He sat up from the bed, his head momentarily fuzzy. Then, memories of the scenes from the illusion last night flooded back to him, culminating in the image of the beautiful man reaching out to touch his face…




A faint blush crept onto Si Lan’s face as he was lost in thought. However, at that moment, he felt a strange pain in his neck. He went to a bronze mirror and saw a row of bluish-purple bite marks on his neck.


He blinked, then confirmed it several times. Indeed, it was a row of bite marks!


Moreover, from the shape of these bite marks, it was clear that the other person had good teeth!




Who on earth had bitten him for no apparent reason?


Was it the man in white who had held his head? But wasn’t the man in white just an illusion?


Si Lan furrowed his brow, looking around the room. He saw the Little White Dragon lying on the bed, sleeping, and the charming snake in a daze in the corner. Everything appeared normal, with no trace of the man in white.


He had set up an array around him last night. If someone had actually broken into the array to save him, their abilities must have surpassed his own.


But there was no one like that on Xuanling Mountain…


He rubbed the bite marks on his neck, creating a large red area that made his skin look like it had been roughly sucked by someone.


Realizing this, he quickly stopped.


He figured that after breaking out of the illusion last night, he was utterly exhausted and forgot to close the bed curtain, so he might have been bitten by some creature with a mouth somewhat human-like.


The reason he didn’t suspect the Little White Dragon was because the bite marks looked like they were made by an adult man, which didn’t match the small, sharp teeth of the Little White Dragon. Moreover, given the Little White Dragon’s cultivation, it wouldn’t have been able to break into the illusion to save him.


When the Little White Dragon opened its eyes, it saw Si Lan trying to rub the bite marks away with his hand, and its gaze shifted away.


It had exerted a bit too much force last night, which is why the bite marks were somewhat deep.


“This is really strange,” Si Lan shook his head.


Fortunately, there were no marks on other parts of his body; otherwise, he would have suspected that the creature might have been a lascivious disciple.


Seeing the Little White Dragon awake on the bed, he approached and smiled affectionately, gently poking the dragon’s belly.


The Little White Dragon immediately curled its tail and glared at him.


An impolite demon lord.


How could he casually touch such a private part like his belly…


Si Lan asked with a smile, “Little one, did you see anything strange last night?”

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