Chapter 2 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 2


Si Lan lay lifeless in the Seven-Stringed Cave for several days.


On this particular evening, the exact time unknown, a sudden commotion reached the cave from outside.


Initially, he had no intention to pay any heed, but as the commotion grew louder and more intense, he had to hold his breath and listen. It turned out that someone had come to cause trouble at the Zhuyun Peak. Feeling stifled, he used his magic to fly out and see what was happening.


Atop the Zhuyun Peak, heavenly soldiers dressed in black armor stood on auspicious clouds, holding long silver spears. Their imposing presence suggested that they intended to attack the Zhuyun Peak.


Since Si Lan had been recognized by the diviner as a husband-repelling person who could only have male partners, everyone at the Zhuyun Peak, young and old, had been scared away.


Now, only his one-armed disciple Quze and his six-year-old junior disciple Xie Li remained. They stood with outstretched arms, attempting to obstruct the heavenly realm’s people.


Si Lan landed between the two and asked, “What’s going on?”


“Your Excellency, the people from the heavenly realm want to search the Zhuyun Peak,” Quze and Xie Li, upon seeing Si Lan, hid behind him.


Si Lan noticed that both of his young disciples had pale faces. He couldn’t help but frown and look at the heavenly general, “Oh? The heavenly realm wants to search my residence?”


During his father, Si Shaoxun’s generation, the two realms of heaven and demons had signed a truce agreement. These years, there had been no conflicts. Now, with the heavenly realm suddenly searching his dwelling, it was a clear provocation to the demon realm.


The leading heavenly general saw Si Lan’s appearance and, while less arrogant, remained somewhat unyielding. “Demon Lord, we’ve come to the demon realm on orders to find the Young Prince. Please cooperate.”


“The Young Prince? The Heavenly Emperor’s son?” If Si Lan recalled correctly, Emperor Haowei had been at the top of the Six Realms’ Bachelor Ranking just half a month ago. How could he have a son so quickly?


“Yes, it’s a long story. The Young Prince was bitten by a Flame Serpent some days ago and ended up in the demon realm. We detected his presence near the Zhuyun Peak.”


“Impossible, if someone from the heavenly realm were at the Zhuyun Peak, I would have sensed their presence.” Si Lan rejected it without hesitation.




“Are you trying to use this imaginary Young Prince to provoke us intentionally?” Si Lan’s expression grew darker, and his aura intensified.


With Emperor Haowei recently conquering the Underworld and the Demon realms, the demon realm was the only one still outside his control. It was possible that the Emperor planned to use a fictitious Young Prince to frame the demon realm and justify an attack.


The more Si Lan thought about it, the more it made sense.


Searching for someone on false pretenses to create a real conflict.


The chief officer, seeing Si Lan’s unfriendly attitude, hurriedly explained, “Your Excellency, we truly didn’t have such intentions. Haven’t you seen a boy about four feet tall?”




“What about a small white dragon, about seven inches long?”


“None of that either!” Si Lan suddenly raised his voice. “If I saw them, do you think I would keep it a secret?”


“Well… That’s good. We’ll take our leave then.” The heavenly general, apparently convinced by Si Lan’s confident stance, felt he wasn’t lying and left in haste, riding on clouds.


Si Lan watched them depart, his expression unchanged.


It wasn’t until Quze approached that Si Lan’s legs gave way, and he collapsed onto Quze’s shoulder.


“Your Excellency?”


“Hurry, help me to the wine cellar!”


That small white dragon, could it be the same as the white snake he had soaked in wine?


He felt the world spinning, and everything went dark.


If that small white snake was truly the Young Prince, the Emperor’s son, had he inadvertently soaked the royal blood in wine? [/mfn]He wanted to make snake wine with the snake he found…[/mfn]


Oh no!


What has he done!


Si Lan rushed to the wine cellar and, after rummaging through everything, finally found the white jade bottle.


Inside the bottle, the small white dragon coiled its body, resting peacefully on a pile of Chinese wolfberries and Chinese angelica. It looked serene.


Si Lan wondered if three days of soaking had affected it in any way.


Si Lan tentatively shook the white jade bottle, making the small white dragon dizzy. After a few revolutions, it extended its tail, which supported the bottom of the bottle. Its head swayed back and forth in mid-air.


Suddenly, it opened its eyes and, through the transparent white jade bottle, gazed directly at Si Lan.


Si Lan’s heart skipped a beat.


Its eyes seemed to capture one’s soul. Its golden eyes were resplendent, and the irises sparkled like stars. Si Lan couldn’t help but think of the sea in the Land of the Unfettered, with its dazzling and captivating beauty, much like those eyes.


At that moment, the small white dragon burped, releasing a series of bubbles.


Si Lan quickly removed the bottle stopper, and a rich aroma of wine instantly filled the air. This wine was made from barley on the Western Isle and took a hundred years to produce just two or three bottles, making it extremely precious.


Si Lan didn’t want to waste it. He took a few sips before carefully pouring out the small white dragon and cradling it in his palm.


The small white dragon had a low body temperature, and its body trembled gently. Even its snow-white silver scales trembled slightly.


Si Lan gently tucked the small white dragon against his chest to keep it warm. He examined its spiritual energy and found it to be in disarray, with excessive exhalation and insufficient inhalation.


He recalled that the heavenly soldiers had mentioned this little creature being bitten by a Flame Serpent.


Though he wasn’t the one responsible, if anything happened to the small creature in the demon realm, the Heavenly Emperor might not spare the demon realm.


Si Lan felt a chilling sensation thinking about it and immediately infused spiritual energy into the small white dragon, aiming to stabilize its condition.


However, to his surprise, the small white dragon didn’t improve; instead, it became aggressive. Its dragon scales stood on end like blades, its golden eyes emitted a fiery, crimson light, and it struggled violently. It resembled a small beast in a fit of rage.


Si Lan reached out to soothe it, but the small white dragon suddenly coiled around his arm and, seizing an opportunity, viciously bit his wrist.


Its sharp teeth pierced his flesh.


Si Lan grimaced in pain as he felt his blood being sucked away from the wound.


This little creature was actually draining his blood?


Was it a vampire?


He contemplated swatting it away but decided against it. After all, he had soaked it in wine for so long and had almost eaten it. Having it take a little blood could be seen as compensation.


Once the small white dragon finished drinking his blood, it seemed to become more comfortable. Its body stopped trembling, and its raised silver scales slowly receded. It closed its eyes and instinctively crawled up Si Lan’s arm to his chest, where it felt the warmth and coziness, curling up to sleep peacefully.


Si Lan stared at the bulging spot on his chest and couldn’t help but twitch his lips.


This little creature was certainly unapologetic.


Xie Li gazed at the small white dragon with a pale face. “Your… Your Excellency, is it really the Heavenly Realm’s Young Prince?”


Si Lan reluctantly nodded.


Though he didn’t want to admit it, it seemed likely that this was the case.


“Your Excellency, how should we handle it?” Quze asked with a serious expression.


“I’ll try to heal it first. If that doesn’t work, I plan to…” Si Lan’s words abruptly stopped, and his expression became grave.


Both Quze and Xie Li, hearing this, became apprehensive and watched Si Lan closely. But then Si Lan added, “I plan to dispose of it.”


Quze and Xie Li exchanged glances, realizing that unfortunate circumstances could lead to chaos in both realms, even when drinking cold water could cause trouble.


Si Lan hadn’t expected that the snake he picked up by the roadside would turn out to be the Emperor’s son.


Now that he had the little creature in his hands, if something happened to it, no matter how he explained, the Heavenly Emperor might hold him accountable. To avoid making life miserable for the demon realm, he decided to either cure it or eliminate it.


Perhaps it was the effect of the wine he had just drunk, or the blood loss had left him weak, but Si Lan’s head was spinning. He instructed his two disciples not to divulge the matter of the small white dragon and then fell into a drowsy sleep, planning to deal with the creature’s condition after resting.


While Si Lan was lost in slumber, the small white dragon woke up two hours later.


The moment it opened its eyes, it saw Si Lan’s fair chest heaving up and down, which bewildered it.


Beneath the scales lay warm, delicate skin that allowed it to clearly feel the texture. When it extended its tail and accidentally touched a certain raised point on his chest, the small white dragon’s movements froze, as if it had been electrified.


Subsequently, in a fit of embarrassment, it squirmed out of Si Lan’s clothes, and its fierce gaze was locked onto the man in front of it.


Who was this rude person?


How could he treat it like this?


Si Lan was sleeping soundly and was completely unaware that he had caught the dragon’s attention.


The small white dragon, with a cold expression, gazed at Si Lan’s body, which had a pitch-black hair and was wearing a simple blue shirt with a white collar. Although he was asleep, his attractive features were still visible.


He was a reasonably good-looking, but rude, person.


The small white dragon’s gaze shifted down to Si Lan’s wrist, where the wound had already closed but had yet to scar.


It remembered that it had lost control of itself and, in a state of extreme aggression, had suddenly smelled a sweet scent. It had instinctively followed that scent, not realizing that it was the man’s blood.


It was strange. His blood not only stabilized its internal condition but also alleviated its injuries.


With this in mind, the small white dragon bent down to examine the secret of his blood. However, when it caught the sweet scent, it couldn’t resist biting him once more.


By the time it realized what had happened, it had already taken several sips of blood.


Si Lan remained asleep, blissfully unaware of the situation, but the small white dragon felt satiated and transformed into a six or seven-year-old child. It wore a white robe with a brocade pattern, and its hair was neatly tied up with a black jade crown. Its delicate, precious facial features were quite conspicuous for its age.


However, the childish face displayed an unusually composed expression, which appeared slightly comical.


The small white dragon conjured an eight-pointed star formation out of thin air, and soon, a physician dressed in a black robe appeared within the formation – it was Yu Wudao.


Upon seeing the small white dragon, Yu Wudao immediately approached and respectfully bowed, “Your Majesty.”


The small white dragon nodded slightly.


He wasn’t the crown prince of the heavenly realm, but the Heavenly Emperor Haowei himself.


Seven hundred years ago, during his advancement to the “Divine Emperor” realm, he had been deliberately sabotaged by a mysterious figure, leaving him with a spiritual injury. Every now and then, his internal energy became erratic, his magical power weakened, and in severe cases, he would even lose control of his consciousness and turn into a child.


At the time, he had just subdued the Underworld and Demon realms, but there were still many demons and monsters who refused to yield. He feared that revealing his condition would lead to unrest in the Six Realms, so he had kept it a secret.

But what he hadn’t expected was that half a month ago, he had appeared as a child in the Ninth Heaven and was accidentally seen by the talkative Heavenly Star Lord Tianyu.


So in less than half a day, the entire Ninth Heaven knew about a boy who looked exactly like the Heavenly Emperor, even the Heavenly Mother, who had been in seclusion for tens of thousands of years, was alarmed by this and came out of seclusion to inquire about the child.


“They say that the child is about six or seven years old?”




“And he looks exactly like you?”




“Everyone says he’s your illegitimate child?”




He kept silent, afraid that the Heavenly Mother would worry, and in the end, he didn’t tell her the truth, tacitly accepting that the child was his illegitimate son.


Later, he came up with an excuse, saying that he sent the child to Xingchuan for training, which quelled everyone’s curiosity and curiosity.


This time, he found the aura of Black Calamity on the Flame Serpent in the Demon Realm, the same as the aura of the mysterious person who had disrupted his Heavenly Tribulation back then. He chased the Flame Serpent all the way to Qiongsha Island, just caught it, but then his spiritual injury suddenly recurred. His mind lost control instantly, shrouded in extreme aggression, and he wanted to destroy everything.


When he regained some consciousness, he found that the Flame Serpent had been torn into pieces, and its inner gall had been swallowed into his stomach.


The inner gall was cold, which only made his internal energy more chaotic. He was afraid of getting into trouble and planned to fly back to the Ninth Heaven to recover, but he lost consciousness again.


And somehow, he ended up here.


Thinking of this, Haowei looked at Si Lan and said, “Yuwudao, go and find out what this person’s true form is.”


Although Haowei had discovered that Si Lan’s true form was a wild chicken with phoenix feathers when he drank his blood earlier, chicken blood couldn’t possibly have such effects.


Yuwudao then noticed the man lying behind Haowei and asked, “Is this person the Demon Lord Si Lan?”


“Yes, his blood is useful for me,” Haowei said succinctly.


Upon hearing this, Yuwudao was initially taken aback and then said with great joy, “Your Majesty, since the Demon Lord’s blood is useful to you, why not just consume him…”

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