Chapter 15


The group of cultivators and Xuanling Sect disciples who woke up from the illusion were initially shocked by the scene before them, instantly thrown into confusion.


“This… how can there be so much blood here?”


“The ground beneath our feet is collapsing!”


The ground trembled, cracking open in several places, and everyone fell into it unprepared. At the same time, rocks tumbled down from the mountain, and numerous strange lights resembling arrows rushed toward the cultivators.


Subconsciously, Si Lan extended his wings and blocked the rocks and lights, silently reciting an incantation to rescue the fallen people from the cracks.


After everyone reached the shore, the more powerful spellcasters immediately flew away on their swords, while those with weaker skills couldn’t even stabilize their footing.


Si Lan had to use a teleportation spell to move all the less skilled spellcasters to the foot of the mountain.


“Quze, take Xie Li and wait for me at the foot of the mountain!” Si Lan retracted his wings. The incident had caught him off guard, and he had momentarily forgotten to conceal his identity, revealing his pitch-black feathered wings. He hoped no one had noticed his true form.


Quze’s expression remained unclear, “Understood.”


After ensuring the safety of the cultivators, Si Lan cast a spell and flew to Songqing Pavilion. He pushed open the door and saw the bride, adorned with a phoenix crown and dr4p3d in rosy attire, sitting calmly at the dressing table, seemingly oblivious to everything happening outside.


Si Lan approached the bride’s side, grabbed her wrist, and urgently said, “Miss Yunlan, forgive me for the intrusion, but Xuanling Mountain is in trouble. Please, follow me and leave.”


However, Yunlan pushed his hand away and calmly replied, “No, I will wait for Senior Brother.”


“Miss Yunlan, he is already dead,” Si Lan hesitated for a moment but decided to reveal the truth.


Yet, Yunlan’s expression remained unchanged. “I know he’s already dead.”


Si Lan was puzzled by her reaction.


At that moment, the ground beneath them suddenly shook, causing everything on the dressing table to scatter. Si Lan didn’t have time to worry about that. He grabbed Yunlan’s arm again. “Please, come with me for now.”


“Sorry,” Yunlan suddenly said with no apparent context, pushing Si Lan’s hand away. “Bringing you here was my only choice. However, I have only one wish in my life, and that is to marry Senior Brother.”


So even though she knew Lou Yu was a living corpse, she didn’t care.


Yunlan smiled absentmindedly.


Si Lan suddenly realized something, unable to comprehend it. “You were aware of the plan to capture the Snake Mother and lure the Enchanting Serpent for the Tengying Flower’s sacrifice?”


“That was my doing,” Yunlan said as she noticed the incense had gone out. She ignited it with a flick of her fingertip. In the wafting blue smoke, her face appeared pale, her lips a vibrant and bewitching crimson. “I promised to help that person capture the Snake Mother and lure the Enchanting Serpent, and in return, he promised to help me fulfill my dream of marrying Senior Brother.”


“I don’t know who he is; I only know that he can make my wish come true.” Yunlan turned to look at herself in the bronze mirror, whispering, “I genuinely love Senior Brother. I’ve loved him for over two hundred years. I don’t crave immortality or eternal youth; I only wish to marry Senior Brother, even if it’s just for one day as his bride. So, Lord Si Lan, please grant my wish.”


As she spoke, Yunlan gazed at Si Lan through the bronze mirror, her eyes filled with sorrow and tears, each drop of blood staining her fair and jade-like face, creating a haunting and heart-wrenching sight.


Si Lan was stunned, unable to find the words to respond, memories of what Lou Yu had said about Yunlan flashing through his mind.


“My junior sisters and I have been practicing together since childhood, and our relationship is quite good.”


“My junior sister is gentle and intelligent, but unfortunately, I have embraced the path of ruthlessness, detached from worldly affairs.”


“In this lifetime, I will ultimately let down my junior sister.”


Si Lan hadn’t expected Yunlan’s obsession to run so deep. While he had married three wives, his emotional attachments were almost non-existent.


When they passed away, he felt sadness, but it was nothing like this. He couldn’t comprehend how deep one’s emotions had to be to become so obsessed, to the point of disregarding even one’s life.


“Lou Yu probably wouldn’t agree to what you’re doing.”


“In his entire life, everything depends on me, except for his feelings. Let him rely on me one last time.”


Si Lan sighed, “Miss Yunlan, it would be better if Lou Yu’s body is laid to rest as soon as possible.”


“After today, I will let Senior Brother rest.”


After her words, Yunlan smiled absentmindedly and put on a red veil. The earth shook, but she seemed unaffected as she walked towards the door with an ethereal step.


Si Lan turned to follow her gaze and saw that the fake Lou Yu had appeared at the door.


The fake Lou Yu walked slowly towards Yunlan, smiled at her, and had warm features, but his complexion gradually turned pale, revealing scars. The bloodstains on his neck slowly became visible.


The black aura controlling him departed.


In the next moment, he fell into Yunlan’s arms. She held the already cold body, and tears of blood flowed down her cheeks through the red veil, dropping onto his face.


“I want to be buried with Senior Brother at Xuanling Mountain…”


Born at Xuanling Mountain, raised at Xuanling Mountain, being buried together at Xuanling Mountain was her greatest extravagance.


Si Lan had initially intended to forcibly take Yunlan away, but at this moment, he changed his mind.


Perhaps, for Yunlan, being Senior Brother’s bride for a day and being buried together with him was her final plea.


Taking away that last hope would likely make her unable to go on.


Xuyi and a group of disciples arrived, witnessing the scene of Lou Yu lying in Yunlan’s arms. Their faces changed.


“What happened to our Master?”


Xuyi was about to rush into the room, but Si Lan quickly stopped him. “Xuanling Mountain is collapsing. You need to lead others to safety.” The disciples had already suffered severe injuries from the illusion and couldn’t stay any longer, or they might perish.


“Is Master… is he alright?” Xuyi’s voice trembled slightly. When he woke up from the illusion, he saw Xuanling Mountain collapsing and his Master unconscious. His heart couldn’t bear the weight of these events.


Si Lan didn’t answer his question but said, “Xuyi, you need to shoulder the responsibility now. Lead your junior brothers and sisters to safety.”


“Are Master and Mistress not leaving?” After asking this question, Xuyi suddenly understood what was happening and tears welled up in his eyes.


He knelt down and led a group of disciples to kowtow three times in the direction of Lou Yu and Yunlan.


“Master and Mistress, your disciples will surely seek vengeance for you and revitalize Xuanling Sect.”


In the distance, the Enchanting Serpent Clan was still fighting the Tengying Flower, and faint cries of pain could be heard. At this moment, dark clouds covered the sky, thunder rolled, and Xuanling Mountain looked like a boat in a turbulent sea, swaying dangerously.


Si Lan created a massive barrier, protecting the injured disciples, and used magic to fly them away from Xuanling Mountain. They had barely left when the mountain split in two with a deafening crash.




The left side of the mountain suddenly exploded, sending countless fragments flying. Faint cries of the Enchanting Serpent’s pain could be heard.


Si Lan turned to look but couldn’t bear to watch anymore. He turned away with a heavy heart.


Fortunately, there was a forest at the foot of Xuanling Mountain. Si Lan and Xuyi settled the injured disciples there.


Quze and Xie Li were already waiting there.


Upon seeing Si Lan, Quze and Xie Li rushed forward.


“My Lord, are you alright?”


Si Lan shook his head.


Several other cultivators also approached. They didn’t know Si Lan’s true identity, but from what had just happened, they could tell he was no ordinary person.


“What’s going on with Xuanling Sect? Where is Master Lou Yu?”


Si Lan chose his words carefully. “Xuanling Sect will handle today’s events properly. Please focus on recovering from your injuries.”


His response was vague, leaving them feeling uncertain.


Frustrated with Xuanling Sect, the disciples from Tianji Sect expressed their displeasure.


“We came to attend a wedding, and we almost lost our lives. What kind of place is Xuanling Sect?”


“I guess they’ve accumulated too much bad karma, and those demons specifically chose a ‘good day’ to seek revenge.”


“Even now, Master Lou Yu hasn’t given us an explanation. It seems like they don’t need our help, so I suggest we leave and not disrupt Master Lou Yu’s demon-slaying efforts.”


Upon hearing the sarcastic words from the Tianji Sect disciples, Xuyi couldn’t help but clench his fists, wanting to confront them. Si Lan, however, reached out and stopped him, shaking his head.


Xuyi sighed with frustration, turning away to hide his crimson eyes. He couldn’t accept everything that was happening and wondered if this was all just a nightmare, a false illusion woven by the Enchanting Serpent.


Why else would Xuanling Mountain be collapsing?


And how could his noble Master suddenly depart from this world?


All these events were causing great distress to Xuyi and the other Xuanling Sect disciples, who sat despondently on the ground.


“Where’s Senior Brother Song Guang?”


“I don’t know. I haven’t seen Senior Brother Song Guang all day.”


“Let’s forget about it. We’ll go back to Tianji Sect and wait for Senior Brother Song Guang.”


Under the influence of Tianji Sect’s disciples, other cultivators also revealed their dissatisfaction with Xuanling Sect and departed.


Xuyi couldn’t help but sneer, “Weren’t they showing a different attitude just a while ago?”

Earlier at the banquet, they all spoke eloquently about the Immortal Jade Wine, using honeyed words to captivate their audience. But now that trouble had arisen, they not only refused to help but also taunted and ridiculed.


Having lived in the realm of magic for over a thousand years, Si Lan was no stranger to such situations. As the foremost sect in the cultivation world, Xuanling Sect had enjoyed admiration in the open, but they had undoubtedly faced slander in the shadows.


That’s why Si Lan hadn’t immediately informed them of Lou Yu’s passing, fearing they might use the situation of Lou Yu’s body being manipulated to discredit Xuanling Sect.


“Xuyi, how are the injuries of our disciples?”


“They are not in mortal danger, but… Master and Mistress…”


Xuyi raised his head, gazing into the distance. Xuanling Mountain now only had half of its body left, and the red banners fluttering in the rolling dark smoke were struggling in despair, emitting mournful cries.


The once heavenly realm had now become a hell on earth.


Xuyi couldn’t help but wipe away a tear.


Si Lan stood with his hands behind his back, his brows furrowed, his expression grave.


Tengying Flower was created by the mastermind to rebuild their spine, but besides the spine, they needed a physical body to fully reconstruct their true form.


So, whose body had that person set their sights on?


Si Lan lost in thought. At that moment, he saw the double-headed Enchanting Serpent leading a group of little Enchanting Serpents as they fled towards them.

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