Chapter 22


The blood-red hue in Jiuying’s eyes gradually faded, and the snake patterns receded inch by inch. He suddenly found it difficult to exert any force, grasping the Snake Mother’s arm.


Incredulously, he looked at his own arm and attempted to lift it, but there seemed to be another force preventing him. “How can this be?”


In the blink of an eye, Si Lan had reasserted control over his body, while Jiuying’s spiritual body was imprisoned in a dark world, or more precisely, a pitch-black cage.


Si Lan had earlier cast a formation in his own body, using his own physical form as a prison to confine Jiuying’s spiritual body.


Jiuying roared in madness, “Si Lan… how can you do this? Haven’t you lost all your powers?”


“Oh? Are you referring to the water Quze gave me to drink?” Si Lan casually looked at Quze, who was getting up from the ground, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, and standing respectfully by Si Lan’s side.


Si Lan appeared surprised, “Quze, why are you coughing up blood?”


Quze cast a sidelong glance at Haowei while maintaining a stoic expression, “Your Highness, it’s nothing.”


Haowei, observing Quze’s respectful demeanor standing by Si Lan’s side, briefly paused, then recalled Si Lan’s earlier “careless” actions, and suddenly seemed to understand something.


A simmering anger welled up within him.


He had been worrying for nothing.


He had even contemplated depleting his own cultivation to expel Jiuying’s spiritual body from Si Lan’s flesh.


Similarly, Jiuying now felt a growing anger at being manipulated. “Quze, have you betrayed me?!”


Jiuying and Si Lan now shared the same body, with Jiuying not in control but able to see, hear, and speak through Si Lan’s body.


Quze, with an impassive expression, replied, “I haven’t betrayed you because I was never your ally from the beginning.”


Jiuying appeared to find this difficult to accept, and he exclaimed, “Not my ally? Didn’t I let you witness how he severed your arm? Why are you working for such a person?”


“He is my Master. Even if he wanted my life, I would give it to him,” Quze replied with unwavering determination.


Si Lan nodded, appreciating his disciple’s loyalty. Seemingly with the intention of hitting where it hurt most, he added, “In fact, after you first found Quze, he reported everything you said to me.”


Jiuying remained silent, his anger simmering in the darkness, unwilling to accept that he had been played for a fool for so long. “If you knew everything from the beginning, why did you let yourself be deceived into coming here?”


“Because it’s not that you wanted to see me; it’s that I had something to discuss with you.”


“What do you want to discuss with me?”


“I want to know how you killed Bian Rang.”


Si Lan’s question made Haowei glance at him, perplexed by why Si Lan would ask Jiuying such a thing. 


Bian Rang was the Son of the Heavenly Dao, transcending the control of the Six Realms and the Five Elements. Conventional methods couldn’t kill him. Currently, the only individuals on par with the Son of the Heavenly Dao were at the level of the Divine Emperors. There were only two individuals in the Six Realms at that level: the God of Joy and Haowei himself.


Haowei narrowed his eyes, looking at Si Lan, not understanding why he was inquiring about this from Jiuying.


Jiuying sneered, holding a grudge against Quze’s betrayal, and said, “Fine, you want to know about this? Then kill your disciple, and I’ll tell you.”


Si Lan raised an eyebrow, “Really?”




Si Lan drew his whip and stood in front of Quze.


Even though Quze heard Si Lan and Jiuying’s conversation, his expression remained unchanged, and he gazed at Si Lan with unwavering determination, as if dying for Si Lan would be an honor.


Si Lan raised his whip, which instantly transformed into a sword, and the blue sword light struck directly at Quze.


However, just as the sword reached above Quze’s head, Si Lan abruptly changed its direction, striking the Golden Jade Immortal Box.


“No…,” Jiuying cried out.


Seeing this, Jiuying’s heart shattered. The Golden Jade Immortal Box was split by the immense sword energy, and the cracks slowly expanded until it burst open with a resounding bang.


Jiuying’s heart shattered along with it.


The Golden Jade Immortal Box shattered into countless pieces, revealing the Vermilion Jade Bead inside, which emitted a dim red glow in the darkness.


Si Lan walked slowly toward the Vermilion Jade Bead, closely examining it.


Jiuying took this opportunity to also scrutinize the Vermilion Jade Bead.


This bead was translucent, with a pure and vibrant color, making it one of the finest Vermilion Jade Beads. However, no matter how fine it was, it was still just a Vermilion Jade Bead, with limited use for cultivators. For immortals and demons, it had even less significance.


Si Lan couldn’t comprehend why Jiuying had gone through so much trouble for such a bead.


Jiuying’s gaze was fixed on the bead, and the longer he looked, the more he felt that something was amiss.


This bead wasn’t what he had been searching for.

Even after ten thousand years and being sealed for so long, he wouldn’t forget what that thing looked like.


When his spiritual body first awakened from the seal, he couldn’t move and had to slowly practice to recover. In the meantime, he overheard a conversation between a former leader and disciples of the Xuanling Sect, learning that the Golden Jade Immortal Box was sealed here, and the red bead inside was a rare treasure that could ensure the Xuanling Sect’s eternal prosperity.


He thought that this bead was the same thing that was sealed with him!


Later, when his spiritual body could move, he traversed the ten thousand illusory scenes of the Xinyin Bagua Formation, only to find the Golden Jade Immortal Box.


He discovered that the first leader had placed a sealing formation outside the box, and the incantation to unlock the formation was known only to the first leader, making it impossible to open the Golden Jade Immortal Box through the formation.


The only way was to forcefully open it with a weapon, and the material of the Golden Jade Immortal Box was made from the jade of the Kunlun Mountains, exceptionally tough and requiring a divine weapon to split it open.


This was one of the reasons he targeted Si Lan.


The Xuanxin Whip in Si Lan’s hand was one of the three ancient divine weapons, and perhaps it could be used to open the box.


However, he had now discovered that the object he had been pursuing was not what he was actually looking for!


He had wasted so much effort, killed so many charming snakes, and proceeded with extreme caution, but everything had gone completely awry!


Jiuying couldn’t bear it and, with his spiritual body, launched a violent attack on the formation. He seemed intent on breaking through, fish struggling to escape the net.


The tremendous impact surged toward the formation, then rebounded onto Jiuying’s spiritual body. Cracks began to appear on Jiuying’s spiritual body, and it was on the verge of shattering.


Si Lan was also affected, feeling a sweet, metallic taste in his throat as he coughed up blood.


If Jiuying were to self-destruct within him, he would also be seriously harmed.


Si Lan quickly set the Vermilion Jade Bead down, closed his eyes, and chanted a spell with his hands together in front of his chest. However, Jiuying’s relentless attacks on the formation made it impossible for him to concentrate. His internal organs trembled, and the metallic taste in his mouth grew stronger.


He coughed up more blood.


“Your Highness!”


Si Lan dared not open his eyes, continuing to apply the seal. Just when he was getting anxious, he suddenly felt a surge of spiritual power entering his body, blocking Jiuying’s attacks. Taking this opportunity, he added another layer of seals within himself, preventing Jiuying from moving and even from self-destructing.


“Let me go… If you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you…” Jiuying’s eyes were bloodshot, his fangs exposed as he threatened.


Si Lan opened his eyes, wiped the blood from his lips, and helplessly said, “What are you looking for? Let’s make a deal. I can help you find it, and you can tell me how you killed Bian Rang.”


Hearing this, Jiuying’s emotions slowly calmed down, but he still couldn’t easily trust Si Lan, the shadow of being deceived and manipulated still hanging over him.


“How can I trust you?”


“Whether you trust me or not doesn’t matter. But if you really want to find that thing, you can only rely on me. After all, besides me, you won’t find a more suitable candidate.”


Jiuying fell into silence, contemplating Si Lan’s words.


Currently, Si Lan was indeed the most suitable person he had encountered. If Si Lan was willing to help, there might be a chance to locate that thing.




“What exactly are you looking for?”


“It’s a red blood bead, about the size of a thumb. The bead is translucent, but there are tiny traces of blood within.”


Si Lan had never seen this thing before, and hearing Jiuying’s description, he was still somewhat unclear.


“Who gave it to you?”


“It was Bian Rang,” Jiuying said with a suddenly lowered voice.


Si Lan was taken aback. He had put in so much effort to find something that Bian Rang had given to him?


And he considered that thing more important than life itself?


Previously, he had thought that the Golden Jade Immortal Box might contain Bian Rang’s body, so he had been extremely cautious, not daring to attack, and waited for Jiuying to enter his body to reveal the box before he would seize Jiuying.


Countless thoughts swirled in Si Lan’s mind upon hearing Jiuying’s words. “Did Bian Rang say what that thing is?”


Jiuying didn’t answer and fell into a deep silence, likely thinking about something unpleasant.


Unable to hear his response, Si Lan resorted to creating ink and fabric out of thin air, drawing the blood bead on the fabric.


“Is it like this?”


“Yeah, that’s about right. Just make the traces of blood a little heavier.”


Si Lan modified the drawing according to the request and casually remarked, “You have quite a memory. After ten thousand years, you still remember what that bead looked like.”


Jiuying fell silent again, an unusual silence.


How could he ever forget?


In the final scene, the person’s face turned pale as he handed the bead to him.


That person said, even if his soul scattered, he couldn’t kill him; he would be reborn and fall into reincarnation.


“When the North River has turned into snow, I will return.”


If the North River had already turned into snow, did that mean he had already been reborn multiple times?


Certainly, his life had its ups and downs, with love and hatred, but one thing was missing – him.


“The Six Realms are vast, and this bead from ten thousand years ago is probably not easy to find,” Jiuying hoarsely said, his eyes blazing red as blood. He didn’t want to wait any longer, not for a moment.


That bead was the only thing left by Bian Rang, the only hope of his resurrection, even if it meant paying with his life. He wanted to see it one more time.


“I can send you back to the ancient era to find the person who took the bead from me.”


Si Lan was surprised by these words.

Sending back to ancient times, is this the Return Spell?


The Purification Spell derives from the Return Spell. Those who enter the spell are unable to influence the past, but there’s a difference. The Purification Spell can only view scenes of the deceased’s final year of life, while the Return Spell is not limited, transcending the cycle of reincarnation, allowing one to return to any point in the past.


Si Lan furrowed his brow. “With your current cultivation, can you perform the Return Spell? If something goes wrong along the way, and you get stuck between the Six Realms of reincarnation or forced to stay in ancient times permanently, that would be a disaster.”


Jiuying half comforted and half tempted, “I can do it. If you want to know how I killed Bian Rang, then you should see for yourself.”


Si Lan sensed that if he refused, Jiuying would never reveal the method of killing Bian Rang. He remained silent for a while before speaking, “Very well, but I have one more condition. You will teach me the art of the Return Spell.”


Before the creation of the mortal world by the Heavenly Way, there were only the realms of gods, demons, and the underworld. During that time, various powers converged, and spells and artifacts emerged. The entire world continued to thrive in a bloody and violent environment, but it also developed rapidly in its strength.


Later, when the Heavenly Way created the mortal world, in order to balance the rules, it didn’t hesitate to let the three sons of the Heavenly Way who controlled the realms fall. It also brought the Heavenly Punishment to the five realms, severely weakening the powerful figures in those realms.


During this period, many spells and artifacts disappeared into the vast river of history. So today, anyone who finds an ancient artifact can easily dominate the Six Realms.


Jiuying didn’t expect Si Lan to be not only cunning but also greedy, even eyeing his spell.


Biting his lip, Jiuying didn’t want to agree, but then he thought that he was on the verge of death, and keeping these secrets had no use anymore. He tried to convince himself in his mind and reluctantly said, “Fine.”


Si Lan smirked, not confirming or denying.


Jiuying closed his eyes and chanted a spell, his voice echoing in the cave, low and rich, yet mysteriously eerie.


Under Si Lan’s feet, a star-and-moon-shaped formation appeared, radiating a golden light that slowly enveloped Si Lan. Then, Si Lan’s form vanished from within the formation, placed in the midst of the Six Realms of reincarnation.


On the path of reincarnation, 333 gears whirled rapidly, and Jiuying’s voice seemed to cross through the cycles and resound in his ears.


“After you find the blood bead’s whereabouts, taking a drop of your own blood can break the spell, allowing you to return to the real world.”




In the blink of an eye, Si Lan found himself in an unfamiliar world, his body rapidly descending until he landed on the ground. He had just steadied himself when he saw a white figure descending from the sky. He instinctively caught the other person.


“Little one?” Si Lan looked at the white, delicate child in his arms, a mix of surprise and shock in his voice. “How did you come here too?”


Haowei stabilized himself, his expression calm. “I don’t know.”


Si Lan sighed internally. Something must have gone wrong with the spell. How could the little one be transported here as well? He could only softly advise, “Follow me and don’t wander off.”


“Okay,” Haowei replied.


Si Lan assessed his surroundings, both of them enclosed by a brownish barrier, cutting them off from the world.


The world before them was a vast desert, with a pale, desolate sky that lacked white clouds and birds. The horizon merged with the sky, appearing as an endless purgatory, filled with the aura of death and despair.



Jiuying’s face shifted slightly after casting the Return Spell. “It seems like there’s been a slight error.”


Hearing this, Quze, without a second word, lifted his sword coldly toward Jiuying. “What kind of error?”


“The timing of the transportation was off, making him return too early.”


Perhaps it was due to his lack of practice with the spell over the past ten thousand years, which led to mistakes, or it could be because his lifespan was nearing its end.


Seeing Quze’s worried expression, Jiuying bit his lip. “Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. Even if I have to hold on with my last breath, I’ll bring him back.”


Quze put his sword away, standing before the formation, guarding it.


Somehow, he suddenly recalled the Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm. He realized that the Little Crown Prince had disappeared!


Had the Little Crown Prince left the Xinyin Bagua Formation, or had he followed Si Lan into ancient times?


Quze’s gaze fell on the formation, his brow furrowing.



Si Lan and Haowei were still observing their surroundings. It was a desolate place with no signs of life, not even a creature that would breathe. Why did Jiuying send them here?


Suddenly, the ground shook violently, and a cloud of dust billowed in front, revealing the vague but enormous heads of giant snakes.


No, it was a group of giant heads!


Si Lan quickly grabbed Haowei and leaped into the air. Through the swirling dust, he saw that these gigantic heads belonged to nine-headed serpents.


Although there were only two serpent bodies, they had a total of eighteen heads. As they rushed forward, swaying their tails, their presence was majestic and their momentum was overwhelming, like a group of mythical creatures on the move.


These two nine-headed serpents were conversing as they advanced.


“Is it those ten warriors we sent last time? Did Bian Rang find them unsatisfactory?”


“It seems so. I wonder whose children have had their luck run out this time…”


Si Lan, upon hearing this, held Haowei’s hand and followed these two nine-headed serpents.


The two serpents continued to run forward until they stopped by an oasis.


The two serpents immediately transformed into human forms and entered their group.


At this moment, the leader of the nine-headed serpents sat on a high seat, resting his chin on one hand, looking solemn. The other serpents gathered around, discussing in low voices.


“We offered ten warriors as prey for him last time, and he still wants to punish us!”


“I think it’s not just because of what happened with Folded Rain last time. He seems to be deliberately causing trouble for us.”


“No, even without Folded Rain, he would still find faults. I heard that he gouged out a person’s eyes just because a member of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan glanced at him!”


The crowd fell into silence upon hearing this.


After a while, someone spoke, “Are we to be perpetually oppressed by him like this?”




Just as the young nine-headed serpent finished speaking, others covered their mouth.


The leader sitting in the high seat opened his eyes, his red pupils containing a sinister glint as if dipped in blood. He stood up slowly, his warning stern and clear, “Do not speak rashly.”


As soon as these words were spoken, a powerful aura attacked the group of nine-headed serpents from the sky, accurately targeting the ones who had complained earlier. The aura passed across their necks, instantly severing eight of their heads, blood gushing from their necks.


The nine-headed serpents who had lost their heads were forced to reveal their original forms, struggling on the ground with only one head left, calling out in pain, gasping for breath.


Seeing this scene, the other serpents were trembling with fear and dared not reach out to help. They didn’t even dare to look.


Si Lan, witnessing this, instinctively covered the eyes of the little white dragon.


It was just as recorded in the books: when Bian Rang ruled Xinyin, he was bloodthirsty and ruthless, killing innocent people indiscriminately. It was no wonder that Jiuying eventually killed him.


However, Si Lan couldn’t tell who among the group was Jiuying.


Si Lan tried to find Jiuying among the crowd but couldn’t distinguish him among those who had taken human forms.


At this moment, Si Lan saw eight heavenly horses pulling a massive carriage approaching from a distance. The carriage landed steadily on the high platform, and the eight heavenly horses transformed into statues surrounding the carriage.


A breeze, mixed with the scent of blood, rustled the white curtains on the carriage. Although the people inside were obscured, their voices were clear and chilling.


“This is the fate of speaking out.”


The crowd of nine-headed serpents dared not speak out against their anger and resentment.


The gaze from inside the curtain fell directly on the leader as they sat with a high vantage point, watching the young nine-headed serpent who had been scared into tears. The voice from inside the curtain, smirking but not quite, said, “Chumo, do you know what happens to those who defy me?”


The leader knelt on the ground, “This child speaks carelessly. It’s my fault as the leader for not teaching him well. If you wish to punish, then punish me.” After speaking, Chumo spat out a mouthful of blood, an injury sustained earlier when he blocked the aura for the young nine-headed serpent.


The person behind the curtain made a disdainful laugh.


This laugh caused the hatred and anger in the hearts of the nine-headed serpents to skyrocket. However, in the face of absolute power, they had no choice but to endure.


An aura, sharp as a silver sword, flew out from the curtain and directly struck Chumo. His body was sent backwards, crashing into a tree, and he coughed up blood.


But Chumo immediately knelt on the ground and thanked, “Thank you for sparing him, my lord.”


“These warriors have been chosen, have they?”


Chumo appeared embarrassed, clenching his fists. “They have been chosen.”


Those selected warriors would be offered as prey for Bian Rang, hunted down like wild beasts, and forced to fight other tribes in a battle arena for Bian Rang’s amusement.


Generally, warriors sent there rarely survived. The one who did often suffered severe psychological trauma and became abnormal.


“Summon them to me, let me see.”


Bian Rang spoke casually, as if selecting goods, looking down from a height, showing no concern for the lives of others.


Chumo called for ten warriors and stood in front of the carriage. “My lord, please have a look.”


These ten warriors were tall, strong, and shirtless, revealing their well-built chests and muscular arms.


A slender, delicate hand reached out from the carriage and parted the curtain. Everyone immediately lowered their heads, too afraid to look at the person inside the carriage.


Si Lan shifted with Haowei in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Bian Rang, but before he could clearly see his face, the curtain was drawn again.


Bian Rang’s cold voice sounded, “I hope they can last a few more days, so I don’t get bored.”


After these words, Bian Rang left, and Chumo spoke again, “My lord, the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan has also prepared ten beautiful women for you.”


These words caused silence to fall upon the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan.


This lord had never had a companion in his entire existence of a hundred thousand years.


Once, the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan had tried to seduce Bian Rang with their most beautiful woman, but he had brutally gouged out her eyes.


From then on, the realm of Xinhuang dared not use seductive tactics with Bian Rang.


This time, Chumo was also taking a gamble, risking it all.


Fortunately, the voice of Bian Rang from behind the curtain was lazy. “Bring them up.”


Chumo breathed a sigh of relief and immediately had ten carefully selected beautiful women brought forward. These ten beauties were petite, graceful, and each had their unique charms.


However, the gaze from behind the curtain swept over the faces of these women without stopping.


“Are these the beauties of the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan?” Bian Rang suddenly lifted the curtain and walked out.


The Nine-Headed Serpents were frightened and kept their heads low. They didn’t dare to look at Bian Rang’s face.


They didn’t know what Bian Rang was going to do, and could only catch a glimpse of him moving through the crowd, stopping at a corner.


Bian Rang gently lifted the chin of a black-clad young man, forcing him to raise his head.


“I see, this one is the most beautiful.”


The Nine-Headed Serpents were surprised when they heard this. They all looked toward the corner where the chosen person was. The black-clad young man’s face gradually turned red, and he tried to push Bian Rang’s hand away but was held firmly.


“I want him,” Bian Rang said without allowing any objections.


Chumo hesitated and asked, “My lord, he is…”


“What’s wrong, isn’t he beautiful?” Bian Rang squinted, a faint smile playing on his lips.


Chumo held back what he wanted to say, lowered his head, and replied, “Beautiful.” However, no matter how beautiful, the black-clad young man was still a man.


Chumo and the other Nine-Headed Serpents were filled with doubts, but they didn’t dare to say anything. When the black-clad young man was being led onto the carriage by Bian Rang, he seemed about to resist, but upon meeting Chumo’s gaze, he bit his lip and withdrew his hand.


The eight heavenly horses reverted to their original forms, neighing as they soared into the air, and the carriage departed.


Si Lan and Haowei followed closely behind the carriage, listening to Bian Rang’s indifferent voice from inside.


“Tell me, your name.”




Si Lan and Haowei were taken aback. They never expected that the elegant and handsome young man in black would be Jiuying!


How could he be so different from the two serpents?


Indeed, time was a brutal thing, especially for someone who had been gone for over a hundred thousand years.


The carriage ascended to the Ninth Heaven, and before them lay a world of floating white clouds, celestial cranes singing, and splendid palaces and pavilions. The beauty was beyond words.


This was a world vastly different from the environment the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan inhabited.


The carriage stopped on the peak of a celestial mountain. Servants brought a sedan chair, and one of them knelt beside it, supporting it with both hands.


Bian Rang lifted the curtain, and perhaps due to the sudden exposure to the blinding light, he squinted his eyes. A faint, almost imperceptible smile appeared on his lips. He stepped onto the back of the servant to get out of the carriage and sat in the sedan chair.


Si Lan finally got a clear look at Bian Rang’s face. He was exactly as described in the books: silver hair, an androgynous beauty, elegant and charming, but with a sickly, ruthless, and obsessive aura.


He was like a contradictory figure, possessing the most feminine and beautiful face in the world, yet also the most cruel and bloodthirsty nature.


Jiuying also got off the carriage and followed the sedan chair. His face seemed to flush with nervousness, his cheeks slightly red, and his bright eyes shone like water.


At this moment, Jiuying, in terms of human age, was probably around sixteen or seventeen. He had a tall and mature figure, but his face still retained a touch of innocence.


Si Lan carefully observed Jiuying, nodding slightly, and said, “Bian Rang has quite an eye. I didn’t expect Jiuying to have such a handsome appearance.”


After these words, Si Lan felt Haowei’s presence suddenly darken, and he instinctively added, “But I don’t like snakes. They’re cold and uncomfortable to hold.”


Haowei turned his head away, a cold expression on his face as he followed the sedan chair. “Jiuying’s Time Return spell seems to have a problem, as it sent us back to when he first met Bian Rang. We don’t know how long it is until Bian Rang is killed. After all, one year inside the spell is only one day in the real world.”


Si Lan blinked, “If I remember correctly, the Nine-Headed Serpent Clan faced divine punishment three years into the pilgrimage, and they offered beautiful people to Bian Rang after one year.”


Haowei paused, looking at Si Lan in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to have such a good memory.”


Si Lan noticed Haowei’s gaze and was about to look at him, but Haowei quickly shifted his eyes away.


The two fell into a moment of silence. After a while, Si Lan suddenly got excited, “Since we’ve returned to ancient times, does that mean I can see my idol?”


Haowei furrowed his brows slightly, not understanding the term “idol,” but he could sense that Si Lan had a strong admiration for someone.


“Bian Rang is the son of the heavens, so he must have met Junli. As long as we follow him, I can see Junli too!”


Si Lan’s eyes sparkled, and Junli, who ruled the central heavens, governed with a perfect balance of gentle and firm methods and treated his people with humility and kindness. He was the only Son of the Heavens who was deeply loved by the people and naturally passed away in the Six Realms.


In his youth, Si Lan had read many books written by Junli and was drawn to his philosophy and unique actions that combined benevolence, kindness, and a touch of eccentricity.


In a way, Junli was Si Lan’s mentor in cultivation and understanding of the world.


Haowei, hearing this, smirked.


So Si Lan’s idol was Junli. Well, he quite liked Junli too. After all, the other two Sons of the Heavens were crazier.


“How boring,” suddenly came Bian Rang’s voice from the sedan chair. After a pause, his voice continued, “Go to the beast arena.”


“Yes, my lord.”


The servants changed direction and carried the sedan chair toward the beast arena.


Jiuying didn’t know what he should do, so he followed along. Along the way, Bian Rang didn’t speak to him again after asking his name.


Before they reached the beast arena, they heard a roar from inside. It was the roar of a lion, hoarse and filled with despair, sending shivers down their spines.


The air around was filled with a strong scent of blood, a mixture of the blood of countless ethnic warriors.


It wasn’t a city of corpses, yet it was filled with bones.


Jiuying’s eyes couldn’t help but turn red. His brother… also died here.


Bian Rang got off the sedan chair and glanced at Jiuying, but Jiuying didn’t avoid Bian Rang’s gaze. With red eyes, he stared directly at him.


Bian Rang looked slightly startled, then smiled but didn’t say anything. He sat on the high platform and lightly tapped the armrest of his chair. Jiuying was pushed over by a servant and obediently stood next to the chair.


In the arena, a massive male lion lay motionless in a pool of blood. Several servants worked together to drag the lion’s corpse away.


The despairing roar from earlier was the lion’s final struggle before death.


The one who defeated the lion was an earth dragon.


When Si Lan saw the earth dragon, he couldn’t help but glance at Haowei.


In ancient times, dragons weren’t classified into different ranks. At that time, earth dragons, celestial dragons, and true dragons were all part of the same lineage, so this earth dragon could be considered one of Haowei’s ancestors.


Haowei’s expression remained unchanged, and he gazed calmly at the arena.


Si Lan hadn’t expected this child to be delicate in temperament but fearless. If it were any other child, they would have probably been scared and sought refuge in his embrace.


After some thought, for the sake of the child’s healthy growth, Si Lan gently pulled Haowei into his arms and covered Haowei’s eyes with his hand.


“These scenes are too bloody for a child to watch.”


Haowei remained silent.


Haowei’s face appeared somewhat speechless, but he didn’t push away Si Lan’s hand. He even sensed a faint fragrance from Si Lan’s hand, which he found pleasant and didn’t want to let go of.


He used magic to see the scene in the arena through Si Lan’s hand.


After the lion was removed, a nine-headed snake was introduced into the arena.


On the high platform, Jiuying saw the nine-headed snake and became visibly excited. His eyebrows furrowed, and he stared intently without blinking.


Bian Rang casually asked a servant beside him, “How many mythical beasts has this earth dragon defeated?”


The servant replied, “To answer, my lord, the earth dragon has defeated six so far.”


Bian Rang clicked his tongue and lazily leaned back in his chair. “If it defeats this last one, it will be a seven-match winning streak. Impressive for an earth dragon.”


Perhaps recalling something, Bian Rang added with a smile, “Next time, let’s capture a true dragon and see how it fares.”


Jiuying glared at Bian Rang with a fierce look in his eyes, but Bian Rang seemed oblivious, still focused on the arena.


As if driven to madness, the earth dragon immediately rushed toward the nine-headed snake upon seeing it. The nine-headed snake evaded in a panic, but its nine heads simultaneously lunged at the earth dragon.


The earth dragon swung its tail and raised its dragon scales, striking at the nine-headed snake. Several heads of the snake were directly broken by the dragon’s tail, while others clung tightly to the dragon’s body.


Both the earth dragon and the nine-headed snake cried out in pain and tore into each other.


In no time, the arena was shattered, and a cloud of dust rose, obscuring the view of the spectators. The situation inside the arena couldn’t be seen clearly.


In the next moment, a black dragon claw emerged from the dust and lunged at Bian Rang on the high platform.


Bian Rang reacted swiftly, grabbing the claw instantly. At the same time, a massive snake head approached him, but Bian Rang twisted and evaded its attack.


The snake head tried to launch another attack, but Bian Rang had already moved to its rear, moving with incredible speed. He snapped the snake head with ease before it could react.


The giant dragon swung its battered tail, creating a powerful gust of wind that swept towards Bian Rang. Instead of dodging, Bian Rang’s eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty desire.


As the dragon’s tail neared Bian Rang’s head, he reached out and gripped it. With a crack, the tail broke, and the arena resounded with the dragon’s pained cry.


“You… you tyrant, you won’t die a good death!” With a deafening crash, the giant dragon fell to the ground, its huge bloodshot eyes never closing.


The nine-headed snake, with only one head remaining, was terrified and tried to flee.


Bian Rang watched the snake’s retreat, his eyes narrowing.


The dragon and the snake had actually conspired to betray together.


Bian Rang shook his head and gathered his energy in his right hand, forming it into a long sword that he thrust toward the nine-headed snake.


Seeing this, Jiuying immediately flew forward, attempting to defend against Bian Rang’s attack. However, his cultivation was inferior to Bian Rang’s, and he was injured by the energy, coughing up blood and falling into the arena.


The servants watched in shock. No one in the Nine Heavens had ever dared to block Bian Rang’s attacks. This newcomer didn’t seem to know his place.


Bian Rang continued to smile as he gently landed in the arena. At the same time, barriers appeared in the sky, blocking out the sunlight.


The arena darkened.


Bian Rang stood in front of Jiuying, showing keen interest. “You let that nine-headed snake escape. How about… you have a fight with me?”


Jiuying knew he was no match for Bian Rang, but at this moment, he didn’t back down. In response to Bian Rang’s words, he roared and revealed his true form, attacking Bian Rang.


Despite having nine heads, Jiuying’s attacks were futile against Bian Rang, who moved hundreds of times faster. Jiuying didn’t even see Bian Rang’s movements before Bian Rang had already grabbed his neck.


The more Jiuying struggled, the more frustrated he became. He increased his speed, launching a frenzied attack on Bian Rang. However, each of his attacks was effortlessly received and deflected by Bian Rang, as if he were playing with a child.


He couldn’t help but roar, “What’s the matter, you don’t have the strength?”


Bian Rang’s smile deepened, and his eyes showed a strong desire for blood. With a swift motion, he kicked Jiuying in the chest, making Jiuying cough up three mouthfuls of blood and fall into the arena.


Jiuying felt like his sternum was about to shatter. He couldn’t understand why this was happening. Now, his true form was hundreds of times larger than that person’s. He looked at that person as if they were a weak, helpless prey, but he couldn’t even get close to their body!


Why did such terrifying power exist?


What was the divine plan?


“Do you surrender?” Bian Rang asked with a smile that was almost a smirk.


Provoked, Jiuying didn’t want to give in. He roared and attacked Bian Rang again. With his nine heads and nine minds, he tried all sorts of strategies, but they were all dismantled one by one by Bian Rang.


Jiuying was once again brought down to the ground, covered in blood.


Bian Rang still wore a smile as he asked, “Do you surrender?”


In response, Jiuying launched another round of attacks. Bian Rang seemed patient and amused, never striking too hard, only pushing Jiuying back each time, repeatedly asking if Jiuying would surrender.


Jiuying never surrendered.


Si Lan, who was watching from the side, couldn’t help but silently concede victory to Jiuying in his mind. In the face of absolute power, no matter how hard an egg knocks its head against a stone, it will end up shattered.


Jiuying’s temperament was just too intense.


Suddenly, Si Lan felt that he should get to know Jiuying better.


Jiuying, panting heavily, was in human form, unable to return to his original form. His black clothes were drenched in blood, and his once bright eyes were now filled with it. He clenched his teeth and glared at Bian Rang.


Eight of his fingers were broken, but he used the remaining two to support himself, slowly standing up.


He was determined to kill Bian Rang!


If he could kill him, it would free his people and free Middle heaven.


Jiuying staggered toward Bian Rang. Bian Rang didn’t move, lowering his gaze to watch as Jiuying raised his hand towards him. However, Jiuying’s arm dropped weakly, his eyes closed, and he collapsed into Bian Rang’s arms.


Bian Rang chuckled softly, embracing Jiuying’s waist, his gaze fixed on Jiuying’s ear.


At this moment, Jiuying’s face was covered in blood, except for this ear, which remained pale.


“What a stubborn child.”


But he happened to like this stubbornness.

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