Chapter 4 – Most eligible widow-bachelor in the six realms

Chapter 4


Si Lan suddenly felt a tingling sensation at the tip of his nose. He adjusted his azure robe, muttering, “Little one, are you talking behind my back?”


Little White Dragon twitched at the corner of its mouth, ignoring Si Lan.


Throughout the journey, its gaze had been hovering around Si Lan’s skin.


The person before it not only had remarkably fair skin, so pale that the blue veins were clearly visible, but also had no strange odor like that of a wild chicken. Instead, a faint fragrance emanated from him, making it ravenously hungry.


Its injuries had been healing quickly for the past two days, thanks to the daily bloodsucking sessions it had with Si Lan. However, today it hadn’t had a single drop of blood, and it was starting to get impatient.


Just as it was about to extend its fangs, Si Lan suddenly descended from mid-air and landed on the ground. It stumbled out of Si Lan’s embrace, and Si Lan quickly caught it.


Its two still-extended fangs bumped against Si Lan’s bone, causing a sharp pain that made stars dance before its eyes. It twisted its head, glaring fiercely at Si Lan.


Foolish Demon Lord!


However, Si Lan smiled tenderly and stroked Little White Dragon’s head. “Does it hurt? Don’t reach your fangs out so carelessly next time.” After saying this, he furrowed his brow and examined the two fangs seriously. “Could it be that you’re too young and haven’t learned to retract your fangs yet?”


“…” The Little White Dragon.


Si Lan affectionately patted Little White Dragon’s head. His young husband was still so inexperienced, unable to do anything. His responsibilities were getting a bit heavy.


The two of them had landed at the foot of Xuanling Mountain, where the human world and the cultivation world met. People bustled along the streets, and the bustling atmosphere lingered.


In the distance, Xuanling Mountain towered majestically, like a colossal mountain god, guarding this peaceful land.


On the mountain peaks, ethereal immortal palaces were nestled among the clouds.


A peculiar plant enveloped Xuanling Mountain, occupying one-third of its mass. On its stems and roots, clusters of red flowers bloomed, layer upon layer, densely packed, stretching from the clouds to the foot of the mountain, resembling a winding river of blood.


Si Lan had never seen such a strange plant and couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.


When he turned his head, he found that Little White Dragon was also curiously staring at the plant. After a while, Little White Dragon squatted at his feet, staring intently at a wild grass in a stone crevice.


Si Lan recognized this wild grass.


Si Lan cleared his throat, bent down, and said, “This is Luo Yu grass. It has strong vitality and can live for decades…”


Before he could finish his sentence, a black boot happened to step on the Luo Yu grass, crushing it.




“May I ask if you are Lord Si Lan?” The owner of the black boots extended a respectful greeting, excitement in their voice.


Si Lan looked up and saw a cultivator in a purple and white robe. Behind him, dozens of similarly dressed cultivators followed. Si Lan nodded slightly.


“Lord Si Lan, I am Xuyi, a disciple of Xuanling Sect. We have come to welcome you on behalf of our Sect Master.”


Si Lan didn’t expect that he and Little White Dragon had just arrived at Xuanling Mountain, and Lou Yuqing had already detected his presence. It seemed that Lou Yuqing had made significant progress in his cultivation.


“Please lead the way.”


Little White Dragon, on the other hand, immediately lay back on the stone steps, seemingly fascinated by something again.


Si Lan picked up Little White Dragon, who was furious about being disturbed, waving its dragon claws in protest. Si Lan paid no attention to its struggles and tucked it into his arms.


Xuanling Mountain had a total of 678 steps. Typically, cultivators would fly on their swords, but Si Lan expressed his desire to enjoy the scenery along the way. Therefore, Xu Yili and the others accompanied him, explaining the sights and customs of Xuanling Mountain.


As he got closer, he noticed that the strange plant on Xuanling Mountain, with its red flowers in full bloom, emitted a peculiar fragrance, tinged with a faint scent of blood. However, this blood-like odor was not human blood; it was the blood of snakes.


“That plant is…”


“It’s the Tengying Flower that our Sect Master brought back from Shacha sea. Lord Si Lan, don’t be deceived by its appearance; it’s only a little over half a year old,” Xu Yili explained with a friendly smile.


Si Lan exclaimed in amazement, repeating, “Only a little over half a year…”


“Yes, our Sect Master said that Tengying can protect Xuanling Sect. At first, we disciples didn’t believe it, but some time ago, the snake clan from the Demon Realm attacked Xuanling Sect for no apparent reason. Thanks to Tengying’s help, we managed to repel the snake demons,” Xu Yili recalled the incident with a shiver. “When we regained our senses, the ground was covered in snake blood.”


Si Lan paused; he had been in seclusion and wasn’t aware of this significant event outside.


“Why did the snake demons attack Xuanling Sect?”


Xu Yili shook his head. “We don’t know.”


Si Lan didn’t say anything more, and Little White Dragon in his pocket seemed mysteriously quiet, likely tired of playing.


Upon reaching the mountaintop, Lou Yuqing didn’t come to meet Si Lan personally but had his disciples show him to a room for rest.


Si Lan couldn’t help but feel somewhat melancholic. In the past, when he came to Xuanling Sect, Lou Yuqing would immediately greet him. Now, he was treated like any other guest and assigned to a room. It seemed that after several decades apart, their relationship had grown distant.


In the evening, while Si Lan was meditating cross-legged, his stomach suddenly rumbled with hunger.


Xuanling Sect hadn’t sent any food, probably assuming that he was fasting and didn’t require a meal.


Si Lan opened his storage pouch. He had been in a hurry this time and only had a few wild fruits left inside.


Calling for Xuanling Sect disciples to prepare a meal for him in the middle of the night would be inappropriate. So, he decided to find something to eat outside. He pushed open the door, unsure which direction to go, when he suddenly heard voices ahead.


It was already late at night, and there were still people awake.


Si Lan approached quietly.


“On such a cold night, the Sect Master actually has us guarding the Demon Lord outside…” a purple-robed woman wearing a black wooden crown complained with a disgruntled expression.


Xu Yili hastily signaled for silence. “Shh, don’t complain.”


“Hmph, I’m going to say it. I don’t understand why the Sect Master invited him over. Won’t this make the cultivation world suspect that we, Xuanling Sect, are colluding with the demon race?”


“I heard that the Sect Master owes a life debt to Lord Si Lan.”


“But even so, we shouldn’t invite him openly. Besides, he has a bad reputation in the Demon Realm, having killed three wives on his wedding day. It’s bad luck.”


“What does luck have to do with it? Killing his own wives is one thing, but it doesn’t mean he’ll do the same to our Sect Master’s wives…”


“How can it not have anything to do with it? Killing wives is killing wives, there’s no distinction…” the woman in purple robes grumbled and leaned against the wooden door.


The door wasn’t very sturdy, and with a snap, it fell down, crashing to the ground and raising a cloud of dust.


In the hazy dust, Si Lan’s figure gradually became visible in the moonlight.


The woman in purple robes turned around, caught off guard when she saw Si Lan’s face. She was instantly dumbfounded, her face turning pale.


Xu Yili also stared with wide eyes, unable to speak for a moment.


The atmosphere became quite awkward, so awkward that Si Lan felt he should be hiding underground at this moment, not standing on the surface.


He envied the fallen door for a moment.


For a long time, no one spoke. Si Lan had to break the silence, “The moonlight is beautiful tonight.”


Xu Yili and the woman in purple robes looked up at the sky but didn’t see the moon, only a sky full of stars.


The atmosphere became even more awkward.


Xu Yili quickly regained his composure and apologized, saying that his junior sister was outspoken and would arrange for disciples to bring food to Si Lan immediately.


Si Lan graciously accepted and turned to leave.


As he closed the door, he faintly heard Xu Yili scolding the woman in purple robes.


The woman wasn’t convinced. “I didn’t do it on purpose, and everyone outside is saying the same things about him…”


Si Lan sighed softly and lay down on the bed.


Lying flat seemed to help alleviate his hunger.


“Little one, are you hungry?”


He reached into his pocket and realized that Little White Dragon had been sleeping soundly since the afternoon.


He checked its spiritual aura and, finding nothing wrong, felt relieved.


“Little one, are you going to take hundreds of years to grow up?”


If that were the case, he would have to bear the “infamous” label for centuries.


Life as a demon was challenging.


“Little one, you need to grow up quickly.”


Once it grew up, they would form a bond. By then, no one would call him a “wife-killer.” At that point, the mighty and domineering Heavenly Emperor would be his father-in-law. Even if his reputation as a wild chicken were revealed, no one would dare to mess with him.


Si Lan had already started daydreaming about the future when a hissing sound from outside interrupted his reverie. It sounded like footsteps, or perhaps scales scraping against tiles, and it startled him from his pleasant thoughts.


He thought it might be Xu Yili bringing food, so he didn’t think much of it and got up to open the door.


A massive blood-red eye spanned the doorway, with the iris narrowed into a black line, the white of the eye bloodshot.


Before Si Lan could react, the moment he opened the door and met the blood-red eye, he was already pulled into an illusory world.

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