Chapter 10


The moth spirit, upon hearing these words, awoke from his slumber. He lazily yawned, stretching and sitting up. He had no upper clothing on, and his snow-white skin was prominently exposed.


Si Lan instinctively averted his gaze, but his peripheral vision caught an unexpected glimpse of the spirit’s body. Upon realizing that the spirit was male, Si Lan maintained a stern expression and continued to observe.


This moth spirit had a subtly androgynous, beautiful appearance, making it difficult to distinguish their gender.


“Lift his face,” the moth spirit tilted his head and instructed. The attendants promptly raised Lou Yuqing’s face.


The moth spirit, with a lazy expression, examined Lou Yuqing’s face closely, and suddenly, a glint of fascination appeared in his eyes, as if he had discovered something amusing. He approached Lou Yuqing, closely studying his features.


“This human is quite handsome. I find it hard to devour him,” the moth spirit said languidly. “How could he have fallen into the Demon Valley and survived?”


The Demon Valley, located on the outskirts of the Holy Realm, was protected by an array. Ordinary humans who fell into it would have their internal organs turned to ash. Even practitioners would be left powerless, if not dead. Yet, this man who had fallen appeared only unconscious.


“Perhaps he miraculously survived, but living prey is more nourishing,” an attendant said, showing deference.


The moth spirit chuckled oddly, “Keep him here, and the rest of you may leave.”




The moth spirit placed Lou Yuqing on the white jade platform, his own body partially resting against Lou Yuqing’s. His gaze seemed a mix of curiosity and obsession as he studied Lou Yuqing’s face.


Si Lan, witnessing this scene, furrowed his brow. He couldn’t fathom the moth spirit’s intentions. The spirit simply continued to gaze at Lou Yuqing for a while, and then, surprisingly, used a strand of hair to touch Lou Yuqing’s face… and his throat.


The more you look into it, the more it seems to be explicit.


Si Lan was debating whether to look away when Lou Yuqing, lying on the white jade platform, suddenly opened his eyes.




Lou Yuqing coughed unexpectedly and opened his eyes.


“You’re awake?” The moth spirit moved closer to Lou Yuqing. His soft body almost pressed against Lou Yuqing’s chest as he spoke. His black hair cascaded down gently on Lou Yuqing’s cheeks.


Lou Yuqing, confronted with the close proximity of this figure, seemed momentarily unable to react. His gaze slowly drifted downward, and when he saw the delicate, fair collarbones, his eyes abruptly shut, and he turned his head, his face turning crimson.


Si Lan, observing this, couldn’t help but smirk. He hadn’t recognized the moth spirit either, so it wasn’t entirely his fault.


At that moment, Si Lan noticed movement on his clothing. He lowered his gaze to see two small pink claws emerging from his collar, followed by two pink dragon horns and a pair of golden eyes.


Si Lan was surprised to find that Little White Dragon had also ventured into this illusion with him. It seemed to be curious about everything, even if it was a true dragon’s offspring, it couldn’t resist its inquisitive nature.


“Hahaha… Why is this human so adorable?” The moth spirit reached out to playfully rub Lou Yuqing’s blushing ears, as if he were handling an amusing toy.


Upon hearing the spirit’s voice, Lou Yuqing’s furrowed brows slightly relaxed, and he became aware that the spirit was male. He tried to use his magic to push the man away but found himself unable to use his powers.


It seemed that his cultivation had been sealed by the formation when he jumped into the Demon Valley from the Holy Realm.


Lou Yuqing’s expression grew somber as he opened his eyes, realizing he couldn’t employ his magic. He asked, “Where is this?”


“It’s the Demon Valley in the Holy Realm.”


The moth spirit tilted his head and inched closer to Lou Yuqing. The dark strands of his hair gently brushed against Lou Yuqing’s face as he spoke.


Lou Yuqing stared at the face right in front of him, appearing completely unresponsive at first. His gaze then dropped, and when he noticed the man’s exquisitely fair collarbones, he instantly closed his eyes, turned his head away, and blushed.


Si Lan watched the scene, amused by the fact that Lou Yuqing, like him, had initially mistaken the spirit for a woman.


However, Lou Yuqing’s expression changed when he noticed the delicate situation. He opened his eyes again and attempted to use magic to push away the man before him, only to realize that his powers were sealed. It appeared that his cultivation had been restricted when he descended into the Demon Valley.


Lou Yuqing’s gaze darkened, and he sat up on the white jade platform, distancing himself from the moth spirit. The spirit, undeterred, still sat close, even placing a hand on Lou Yuqing’s shoulder.


Lou Yuqing wanted to say something, but then he noticed the moth spirit’s massive wings behind him and refrained from speaking. The person before him, seemingly of ambiguous gender, was actually a monster!


The moth spirit saw Lou Yuqing scrutinizing his wings and, to show off, folded his wings against his chest, shaking them a few times for Lou Yuqing to see clearly.


“In our Holy Realm, the stronger your cultivation, the more beautiful your wings become.”


Lou Yuqing remained silent, his brow slightly furrowed. He instinctively went on guard against the moth spirit. He hadn’t forgotten his mission to enter the Demon Valley of the Holy Realm to kill the troublesome creature that caused havoc in the mortal realm, the Moth King.


At this point, Lou Yuqing was likely injured by the formation and saved by this moth spirit.


His top priority now was to find a way to recover his cultivation quickly.


“Do you like my wings?” The moth spirit fluttered his wings and leaned in closer to Lou Yuqing. Lou Yuqing, looking at the spirit’s striking red wings, furrowed his brow.


Seeing Lou Yuqing’s reaction, the moth spirit wasn’t offended. He laughed and leaned over Lou Yuqing’s shoulder, gently pressing his pale fingers against Lou Yuqing’s skin.


Lou Yuqing stiffened, and his gaze turned strange as he looked at the moth spirit. He wondered why this male moth spirit lacked a sense of propriety.


“I know that you humans don’t appreciate our form, but it’s alright; I can take on a human appearance as well…”


With that, the moth spirit was surrounded by a white mist, and his wings slowly disappeared within the mist, revealing an entirely human body.


This body was perfectly proportioned, with flawless fair skin, akin to a finely carved jade sculpture. Although also a man, Lou Yuqing’s face turned red immediately when he saw this transformation. He hurriedly turned his head.


“What is this? Please… please put on some clothes.”


The moth spirit muttered, “You humans are so concerned about appearances.” Yet, he couldn’t help but chuckle, clearly enamored by this handsome human.


The moth spirit grabbed a thin veil from the edge of the white jade platform and dr4p3d it lightly over himself. He looked like a seductive enchantress, partially veiled, with every move radiating an irresistible charm.


He approached Lou Yuqing’s face, and Lou Yuqing immediately withdrew, maintaining a distance. Lou Yuqing seemed wary, but the spirit couldn’t resist teasing him. “You humans are so afraid of me…”


“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.” The moth spirit circled around to the other side of Lou Yuqing, his eyes intense, but the expression in those eyes was even scarier than wanting to devour him.


Lou Yuqing, unsure of the moth spirit’s intentions, didn’t want to speculate on the thoughts of a mere moth spirit. Since the spirit didn’t seem hostile, he tentatively asked, “Since this is the Demon Valley in the Holy Realm, where is the Moth King?”


“I am the Moth King.”


Si Lan, hearing this, was mildly surprised. The young figure with snow-white skin, clean features, and androgynous looks was the Moth King?


Lou Yuqing, at this moment, appeared just as surprised as Si Lan, staring at the young man before him with a puzzled expression.


The young man’s long hair cascaded loosely down his back, with a strand of black hair resting on his chest. This, combined with the delicate figure underneath the white veil, created a mesmerizing and captivating sight.


Lou Yuqing averted his eyes, unable to reconcile the figure in front of him with the ruthless and ferocious Moth King he had learned about.


The Moth King was known for his brutality, delighting in devouring humans, especially when they were alive. Anyone who fell into the Demon Valley was usually consumed by the moths. As a result, the number of victims dropped, and the Moth King led his moths to actively capture humans.


The Moth King excelled in illusions and song, luring humans to their doom. In one of his most horrifying acts, he led the moths to devour an entire village of humans overnight.


Lou Yuqing’s master, responsible for investigating the bloodbath in the village, had instructed Lou Yuqing on his deathbed to slay the Green River Water Monster, the Lost Forest Eagle Demon, and the Moth King in the Holy Realm. Over the years, Lou Yuqing had managed to kill the Green River Water Monster and the Lost Forest Eagle Demon, leaving only the Holy Realm Moth King.


In the illusion, the Moth King smiled and introduced himself, “They all call me the Moth King, but you can call me Zhong Mu.”


Zhong Mu found that Lou Yuqing was silent all the time, so he came close to Lou Yuqing. The tip of his small nose was directly next to the tip of Lou Yuqing’s nose, and his slender eyelashes almost touched Lou Yuqing’s eyes when they blinked.


That charming and beautiful face gradually enlarged in Lou Yuqing’s pupils, like a blooming poppy flower, filled with toxins.


“Why are you not talking?”


Lou Yuqing calmed down and stepped back calmly, trying to avoid Zhong Mu. In the end, Zhong Mu directly grabbed Lou Yuqing’s lapel and suddenly pulled Lou Yuqing forward. Lou Yuqing was caught off guard and bumped into Zhong Mu’s face, the corner of mouths touched.


Si Lan saw this scene and quickly reached out to cover the little white dragon’s eyes.


This scene was not suitable for children.


“…” The little white dragon.


Lou Yuqing’s pupils dilated instantly and his limbs stiffened. Zhong Mu was like a greedy child, and he moved and kissed along the corners of Lou Yuqing’s lips little by little, as if he was tasting something delicious and new. His eyes didn’t look like a devil at all, but were clean and bright, as pure as a child’s, looking at Lou Yuqing intently.


“Well, it’s obviously not sweet…” But he still really wanted to touch him.

Zhong Mu felt his heart beating thumping, which was the impulse and possession of unknown love. His heat seemed to have come early… I didn’t expect that his first estrus would be for a weak and pitiful human being.


Zhong Mu still wanted to feel the touch of kissing, and was about to kiss Lou Yuqing again, but didn’t know that Lou Yuqing obtained a sharp piece of rattan.


Lou Yuqing held on to the cane tightly and was about to stab Zhong Mu in the neck when Zhong Mu was not paying attention.


At this time, a horn suddenly sounded outside.


Zhong Mu’s thoughts were interrupted instantly. He let go of Lou Yuqing’s clothes, looked out the door and murmured, “It seems that the results of this hunt was not too bad.”


With that said, Zhong Mu turned around and looked at Lou Yuqing, “Do you want to go see the trophies with me?”


Lou Yuqing wiped the corners of his mouth and hid the cane in his sleeves, his eyes dark and deep, “Yeah.”


Si Lan’s vision also changed with the two of them, and came outside.


In the dark valley bottom, a group of moths gathered together, holding weapons and cheering in celebration, and the cheers were mixed with the painful howls of humans.


Most of the “trophies” tied together by the rope net are dead, and the living ones are just hanging on and struggling to survive.


Blood covered the entire ground, and the smell of blood was everywhere. Even after living in the demon world for more than a thousand years, Si Lan couldn’t bear to look at it and turned away.


Zhong Mu sat on the high platform and looked down at the group of celebrating moths below. He leaned on his seat, supported his head with one hand, and listened casually to his subordinates’ report on the capture.


Lou Yuqing clenched her fingers tightly and moved the corners of her lips, “Those who are still alive, can you let them go?”


“Are you begging me?”


Zhong Mu tilted his head, opening his beautiful eyes like a child, looking at Lou Yuqing for a moment.


Lou Yuqing’s Adam’s apple bobbed, as if he wanted to say something, but he held it back, with a look of unhappiness on his face. If it weren’t for his total lack of cultivation, why would he bow his head like this? He had never been so aggrieved in his life.


“If I beg you, would you let those people go?”


Zhong Mu nodded.


Lou Yuqing closed his eyelids and was just about to ask for mercy when Zhong Mu snuggled softly onto Lou Yuqing’s shoulder and said, “Please beg me again when you go back. I think I only want to see you beg me in private.”


Lou Yuqing looked at Zhong Mu’s hand on his shoulder, his expression stiffened, but he didn’t avoid it.


Lou Yuqing is a practitioner of the ruthless way and cannot understand love. In his eyes, those joys, tears, infatuation, and lingering are meaningless expressions of emotion.


But he never thought that one day he would use this emotion to achieve some purpose.


Zhong Mu turned around and ordered the moths to release the humans who were still alive. After hearing this, the moths all showed expressions of surprise and dissatisfaction, and their eyes towards Lou Yuqing were filled with hatred.


“King, you must not be enarmoured by a human being.”


Si Lan saw the anxious look on the moth’s face when he spoke, and suddenly understood what the moth was feeling.


In the world of moths, moths fall in love with humans, which is probably the same as in the world of humans, humans fall in love with roast duck.


Very funny.


Si Lan exhaled and lowered his eyes to look at the little white dragon in his arms. He didn’t know if his pheasant was also food in the eyes of the little white dragon…


Thinking of this, Si Lan shuddered.


Zhong Mu ignored the moths’ advice and made a gesture. The moths reluctantly retreated and let out the humans who were still alive. Then the carnival began, and they danced around the piled corpses, spreading their wings and shouting.


After the carnival, there is a gluttonous feast.


Lou Yuqing avoided his gaze and tried his best to hide his anger. Zhong Mu saw Lou Yuqing’s discomfort and took Lou Yuqing away.


Zhong Mu said casually as he walked, “After you humans catch the chickens, you pluck the feathers, chop them into pieces, stir-fry, braise, or deep-fry them. You can eat them however you want. You don’t think that’s remotely cruel at all.”


As a member of the chicken clan, Si Lan couldn’t help but nodded when he heard this, and then shook his head… It seemed to be the truth, but it seemed not to be the truth.


He saw Lou Yuqing’s expression condensed, and there was a faint feeling of disgust between his eyebrows.


Lou Yuqing said, “That’s different.”


“How could it be different? When you eat others, you say that the weak eat the strong. But when others eat you, you start talking about benevolence and morality, and even regard those races that harm you as evil people, and kill them all. It has risen to the level of doing justice for heaven, punishing evil and promoting good. But at this time, why don’t you say that the weak should eat the strong?”


Lou Yuqing’s voice was neither soft nor serious, “Humans are not necessarily weak. Do you know that Lou Yuqing, the master of the Xuanling Sect in the human world, his mission is to kill monsters. The Qinghe water monster and the confusing forest eagle monster have already died at his hands. The next one could be you.”


“Lou Yuqing?” Zhong Mu didn’t care, “No cultivator has ever been able to enter the Demon Valley unharmed. I’m not afraid of them.”


Lou Yuqing said nothing.


After walking a distance, Zhong Mu suddenly stopped in his tracks, turning to look at Luo Yuqing.


“By the way, I forgot to ask, what’s your name?”

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