Chapter 42 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 42


The Silver Star University won the final match against the Heavy Cloud Defense University, and their victory was resolute and decisive.


It was evident that Heavy Cloud deliberately chose to avoid a direct confrontation with the formidable Silver Star, focusing their main fighting force on the next match against Grand War University.


Upon his triumphant return, Tang Jiaze still exuded vitality, presenting a sharp contrast to the heavily depleted Wen Ye.


Learning about the opponent’s tactical approach, the members of Team Imperial Navy  appeared infuriated. At this moment, Cen Junfeng couldn’t help but snort disdainfully, “Deceptive scoundrels, they are too pleased with themselves!”


Bing Yunlin patted his shoulder, saying, “The competition is like a battlefield. We failed to conduct a comprehensive tactical analysis, so we can’t blame others.”


Although Cen Junfeng felt unconvinced, he knew that what Bing Yunlin said was true and had to suppress the rest of his comments.


In no time, the match between Heavy Cloud and Grand War concluded, and Heavy Cloud, having already lost one member, finally managed to secure a victory, earning their first point in this exchange competition.


Being on their home turf, the enthusiastic cheers erupted from the audience in the stands. However, for the people of Team Imperial Navy, it wasn’t necessarily a cause for joy.


This meant that Grand War would field a well-conditioned new member to face Wen Ye in the upcoming match. Given the situation of already losing one member, they were determined to stabilize the situation and avoid a consecutive loss.


The second player to compete would undoubtedly be formidable.


Amid the somewhat oppressive atmosphere, Wen Ye simply stood up with a calm demeanor and said, “I’ll get ready. I’ll bring back the second point.”


His serene statement seemed to be an invisible hand, gently soothing the tense nerves of the onlookers, quietly erasing the anxious emotions.


Watching Wen Ye walking toward the competition area, Lu Jingning lightly nudged Wen Xingchen with his elbow, expressing with admiration, “Old Wen, your brother is quite handsome, huh?”


Wen Xingchen raised an eyebrow and paused for a moment before responding ambiguously, “Oh? Interested? Need help pursuing him?”


Lu Jingning shook his head, “Just appreciate him, no need to pursue.”


Before Wen Xingchen’s indifferent expression could fade, he heard Lu Jingning continue, “Captain doesn’t seem to like my type anyway; he freezes me with a single glance whenever I crack a joke. A person should know their limits. Such an excellent man is better appreciated from a distance. I won’t harbor any impure thoughts.”


“You’ve thought this through.” Wen Xingchen chuckled with an inexplicable lightness, “If you understand Big Brother so well, then…”


He watched Lu Jingning closely, and after a momentary pause, he asked, his tone ambiguous, “Then what about me?”


Just then, the competitors from both sides took the stage, and enthusiastic applause erupted all around, as if a burst of fireworks exploded in their minds.


The topic had shifted too quickly, and Lu Jingning was momentarily caught off guard.


The confident manner he had when discussing Wen Ye suddenly faltered, and under Wen Xingchen’s gaze, which seemed to carry a hint of anticipation, he struggled for a while before blurting out unintentionally, “Wen, you’re a good person.”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Caught off guard by being labeled a “good person,” he couldn’t help but feel his mood was inexplicably unbecoming.


Just as he was about to say something in response, Cen Junfeng suddenly rushed over in an excited state, heavily patting their shoulders and exclaiming enthusiastically, “My goodness! The captain is really too handsome!! We won again! Another point!!!”


Lu Jingning followed his gaze toward the competition area and realized that the match had already ended in a short amount of time. He couldn’t help but agree, “Indeed, he’s handsome!”


Even Grand War University hadn’t expected their main player to be defeated so effortlessly.


The actual combat was supposed to be their specialty in this exchange competition. Yet, after this match, they were practically conceding defeat and the atmosphere became utterly dejected.


In stark contrast, the Imperial Navy University was brimming with confidence.


They were worried about Wen Ye’s potential energy loss after this match, but the current situation reignited their faith for the next confrontation against the Silver Star University.


With their captain being so powerful, who could say they were destined to lose?!


The team members felt incredibly invigorated. Meanwhile, at the back, Jihan glanced at the figure on the screen, then turned and quietly instructed Zhan She, “Get ready for the warm-up.”


Zhan She received the order with a serious expression and nodded.


As the match with the Silver Star University was up next, Imperial Navy didn’t need to withdraw, and Wen Ye remained on the field, waiting for the next game to start.

On the Silver Star University side, Tang Jiaze had already entered the virtual cabin and, after a moment, his figure appeared on the competition field.


As the onlookers couldn’t hear their conversation, they could only observe the two seemingly engaged in a discussion from their lip movements.


Kang Hanyun sat with one leg crossed, displaying a disdainful expression, “Tang Jiaze always boasts about being a tactical master, but in reality, he’s just a mediocre talker. However, if he thinks he can influence our captain’s emotions with trash talk, he’s sorely mistaken. The person on the field is our captain, and even if he talks until he’s blue in the face, it won’t have any effect.”


Other team members glanced at Wen Ye’s expression from a distance and indeed found no ripples on his face.


As the referee announced, the battle officially began.


Tang Jiaze seemed eager not to give Wen Ye even a second of rest and launched an attack without hesitation from the very beginning.


As it was a virtual battle, external observers couldn’t feel the impact of the released pheromones, but they could tell from the disheveled hair of the two participants that the air inside the field was filled with intense energy.


Watching the two figures collide at high speed, Jihan’s face slightly darkened, “This is not good. Tang Jiaze is fully exploiting Wen Ye’s disadvantage in energy.”


Kang Hanyun sneered, “He’s underestimating our captain. Sustaining this explosive pace won’t be advantageous for him either.”


However, Bing Yunlin was less optimistic. He furrowed his eyebrows, “But if it continues like this, Wen Ye will eventually deplete all his pheromone energy.”


Just then, a loud crashing sound echoed from the field, accompanied by gasps from the surrounding audience, as both participants stumbled back two steps.


Cen Junfeng was momentarily stunned by the intense battle, but when he saw Tang Jiaze’s somewhat dispirited expression on the screen, excitement filled him, “It’s getting interesting! Perhaps our captain can really win!”


In the previous moment, Tang Jiaze attempted to release another wave of pheromones to create an absolute energy field, but Wen Ye saw through his strategy.


With an incredibly powerful countermove, both energy fields collided violently, causing harm to both sides.


To onlookers, Wen Ye, who managed to overpower the opponent’s intent, seemed to have the upper hand.


However, Jihan’s face turned serious as he stood up from his seat and decisively said to the nearby referee, “We forfeit.”


Cen Junfeng couldn’t understand, “We had the advantage, why surrender, teacher?”


Jihan didn’t answer, just looked sternly at the field.


At this moment, the screen showed Wen Ye attempting to stand up again, but he seemed unsteady, swaying a couple of times.


It was evident that his pheromone energy was severely depleted, and the situation was not optimistic. Continuously battling like this could be detrimental.


Such an outcome was least desired in this exchange competition.


The referee promptly signaled the end of the match.


Tang Jiaze, looking slightly disheveled compared to before, didn’t rush to finish. Instead, he squinted and suddenly released another wave of pheromones.


With his energy depleted, Wen Ye had to support himself against the wall to maintain his balance. When he raised his head, he met Tang Jiaze’s scornful gaze, filled with mockery.


This still image was displayed on the central screen, and the entire venue fell silent for a moment.


The members of Team Imperial Navy couldn’t sit still and stood up from their chairs.


Bing Yunlin narrowed his eyes and solemnly spoke to the referee, “The match has already ended. The way the captain of the Silver Star behaves now, isn’t it a bit disrespectful to the rules of the competition?”


The referee was jolted from Bing Yunlin’s reminder and promptly issued a warning.


At this point, Tang Jiaze finally, unhurriedly, retracted the overwhelming pheromones. With a disdainful expression, he watched Wen Ye leave the holographic arena.


The members of Team Imperial Navy rushed to the virtual cabin to assist Wen Ye, whose pheromone energy was evidently overtaxed.


Kang Hanyun watched Tang Jiaze on the screen and clenched his teeth, “This guy seems to have been waiting for this opportunity since three years ago!”


Lu Jingning didn’t know the history between Tang Jiaze and Wen Ye, but what had just happened left him deeply annoyed. He stood up without a word.


Wen Xingchen’s face didn’t look any better. Seeing Lu Jingning’s sudden action, he tried to retain some rationality, “What are you planning to do?”


Lu Jingning gritted his teeth inwardly, “I’m going to avenge my idol!”


Wen Xingchen: “…”


Wasn’t he just a captain? Now he’s upgraded so quickly?


In this moment, Lu Jingning felt a surge of frustration. He quickly walked up to Jihan and straightforwardly said, “Teacher, I request to be the second player to compete!”


Zhan She, who was warming up, looked over upon hearing their conversation.


Jihan furrowed his eyebrows, “You want to compete?”


“Yes!” Lu Jingning replied confidently, “If you don’t let me compete, I’m afraid I’ll end up going directly to the Silver Star University after the match to challenge someone one-on-one. I believe, teacher, that you don’t want any violent incidents during the competition, right?”


Jihan: “…”


With such a conversation, it seemed like he had no room to refuse him.


After all, Jihan was Lu Jingning’s teacher for pheromone application class, and he had a better understanding of this unique student’s pheromone situation. He remained silent for a moment before solemnly asking, “Do you know what it means to be the second player?”


“Of course!” Lu Jingning laughed arrogantly and brimming with confidence, “It means that today, I will lead the team to the final victory!”


Jihan gazed at the pair of eyes seemingly flickering with flames and, if properly utilized, the only Omega player might indeed be the key to turning the tide today.


Jihan had made his judgment and finally exhaled slowly, “Then, show us.”


Lu Jingning’s lips immediately lifted into a smile, and he gave a formal military salute, “I promise to complete the mission!”


Zhan She patted Lu Jingning’s shoulder with force as if he wanted to inject his own strength into him.


Zhan She said, “Go for it!”


Afterward, he returned to his seat in the rest area.


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