Chapter 43 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 43


Tang Jiaze, after defeating Wen Ye, remained on the field and continued to face the challenge from Heavy Cloud Defense University. After two battles, it was evident that his energy had been significantly depleted, but Heavy Cloud Defense University was not willing to let go of such a good opportunity.


The second contestant from Heavy Cloud Defense University immediately entered the combat area, leaving no time for Tang Jiaze to catch his breath. As the match resumed, everyone’s attention was once again focused on the field.


The members of Imperial Navy University naturally hoped that the people from Heavy Cloud would crush Tang Jiaze ruthlessly, but things didn’t go as they wished. The battle ended in another victory for Silver Star University.


With this win, Silver Star’s Tang Jiaze had already scored 3 points, surpassing Wen Ye’s record of 2 points, taking the lead in the overall score rankings.


Kang Hanyun sighed, “Cheap tactics look unpleasant.”


Cen Junfeng added, “Petty people have their moments.”


Wen Ye, who had rested for a while and recovered some strength, interrupted their grumbling with a calm tone, “Tang Jiaze officially entered the S-class in the first half of the semester. I have to admit, his strength is indeed formidable.”


Kang Hanyun almost choked on his own words, feeling unable to argue further. He reluctantly mumbled, “Alright, I got it, okay?”


Standing nearby, Lu Jingning overheard their conversation and rubbed his fists together, smiling brightly, “Why rush? We want Silver Star to win! If they don’t, how can I have fun with Tang Jiaze?”


Others couldn’t help but think, “That actually makes a lot of sense! We’ve been too narrow-minded!”


After coming to this realization, their discontent with Tang Jiaze’s winning streak vanished, and when they turned to look at Silver Star’s rest area, their expressions carried playful grins.


The members of Silver Star felt a sudden chill running down their spines as they saw the beaming faces of Imperial Navy University. “What’s going on? Did they go crazy after our main player’s defeat?”


Meanwhile, the matches continued with the confrontations of Groups C and D. Both Heavy Cloud Defense University and Grand War University had lost two members, leaving them on the edge of defeat with no room for retreat. The victory of one point was crucial.


But it was only the first day of the competition, and each school had to consider the matches they would face in the following two days. After intense discussions, both teams finally sent their next contestants into the battlefield.


The importance both sides attached to this match was evident, and the two fighters put up an intense and spectacular performance for the audience.


In the end, Heavy Cloud Defense University secured a narrow victory.


The whole venue erupted into thunderous applause after a brief silence, shaking the roof.


Not just the home audience, even students from other schools were surprised by the outcome. After all, Heavy Cloud Defense University excelled in mecha battles, but their performance in actual combat had been lackluster in previous years. Winning two consecutive battles against Grand War University, which had the advantage, was a major upset on the first day and filled everyone with anticipation for the following matches.


Jihan looked at the jubilant Heavy Cloud team and couldn’t help but feel emotional, “It seems Heavy Cloud prepared thoroughly for this exchange competition.”


Lu Jingning, on the other hand, didn’t have time to dwell on others’ joy or sorrow. He slapped his thigh, stood up from his chair, and declared, “It’s my turn now!”


After Heavy Cloud’s victory, Grand War University’s three contestants were all eliminated, making them the first team to be knocked out among the four schools.


According to the competition rules, Heavy Cloud, having just completed two consecutive matches, could rest temporarily, and the third round would commence between Group A’s Imperial Navy University and Group B’s Silver Star University.


Upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words, others suddenly reacted. They offered him water, helped him stretch his joints, and encouraged him, “Go get them, Lu!”


“It’s a must! Is there anything that Brother Lu can’t handle?” Lu Jingning laughed heartily, then noticed Wen Xingchen still sitting there motionless. He squinted and asked, “Lao Wen, don’t you have anything to say to the upcoming hero on the battlefield?”


Wen Xingchen was suddenly called out, and he glanced up at Lu Jingning, replying, “Does an encouragement matter when facing someone half-dead and crippled?”


Lu Jingning chuckled, “Of course it does!”


Wen Xingchen smiled faintly and stood up suddenly, “Alright then.”


Lu Jingning hadn’t expected such a response and found Wen Xingchen drawing closer, until the next moment, he was wrapped in a warm embrace.


With Wen Xingchen’s arms around him, Lu Jingning felt a faint minty aroma as he heard Wen Xingchen’s calm voice near his ear, “You’ve heard enough encouragement, so let me offer something more substantial.”


Lu Jingning’s body stiffened for a moment, but he couldn’t help being drawn to the subtle scent of mint in the air. He resisted the impulse to hold onto him a little longer and shot him a resentful glance before decisively turning around and heading to the battlefield.


Wen Xingchen’s gaze followed Lu Jingning’s figure, his lips curling up slightly in response to the faint blush at the corner of Lu Jingning’s ear.


Meanwhile, as Silver Star University prepared for the match, they were taken aback when they saw the contestant chosen by Imperial Navy University.


One of the team members rubbed his eyes unconsciously, doubting what he saw, “What’s going on with Imperial Navy University? In such an important round, they sent that Omega to the field?”


Another team member expressed disbelief, “Are they giving up on actual combat? Are they planning to focus their fighting power on the upcoming mecha and team battles?”


Tang Jiaze had prepared various strategies before the match, expecting Imperial Navy University to send someone like Zhang She, a senior team member, to fight. But the actual lineup exceeded his expectations.


His gaze lingered on Lu Jingning for a long time, and he didn’t feel as optimistic as others.


An obscure sense of disharmony crept up, and he unconsciously furrowed his brow. Without saying anything, he walked towards the field.


As of now, Imperial Navy University and Silver Star University were the top favorites to secure the first place in the standings. All eyes were fixated on the battlefield, eagerly awaiting the unfolding of this crucial match.


Once the virtual pod was ready, two figures appeared on the battlefield.


As soon as the crowd saw the people from Imperial Navy University, the whole venue fell into a strange silence for a moment.


The next moment, chaos ensued.


What was Imperial Navy University playing at, sending an Omega student to the field?! Could it be that they brought him as a mascot?


The unexpected choice of combatant left everyone shocked. Alphas were eagerly looking forward to seeing what this Omega could do to impress them, while the Omegas in the stands looked at him with admiration, seeing him as an absolute superstar among their ranks.


On the field, Lu Jingning faced Tang Jiaze with a playful smile and greeted him, “Hey, senior, please guide me.”


Tang Jiaze had been feeling uneasy from the moment he learned about Lu Jingning’s participation, but he couldn’t pinpoint what exactly felt wrong. Confronted with Lu Jingning’s cheerful attitude, he furrowed his brows and retorted, “This is the battlefield, don’t think that sending an Omega will make me spare you.”


“Spare me? How could it be? With your outstanding character, that’s something I dare not even think about,” Lu Jingning sarcastically replied, the curve of his lips becoming even more pronounced. “I’m here to give you an experience like never before.”


Tang Jiaze struggled to grasp the meaning of his words and almost burst out laughing, “Confidence is good, but excessive confidence can turn into arrogance, kid.”


“Oh?” Lu Jingning raised an eyebrow in a nonchalant manner. “We’ll find out soon enough if it’s confidence or arrogance.”


Those outside couldn’t hear their conversation, and by just looking at Lu Jingning’s amiable smile, they assumed the two were having a friendly exchange. But seeing Tang Jiaze’s apparent displeasure, they couldn’t quite tell what was going on.


Perhaps he felt embarrassed that Imperial Navy University had sent an Omega to face him. After all, it was generally assumed that Omega pheromones were weaker compared to Alphas’.


At this moment, the referee signaled the start of the match.


Tang Jiaze had been itching to teach Lu Jingning a lesson, and any mercy he may have felt earlier vanished as he released his pheromones, rushing fiercely toward Lu Jingning, intending to make him submit and obey.


Simultaneously, Lu Jingning also released his pheromones without hesitation.


Omega pheromones carried a hint of intense sourness, and their normally gentle scent turned ferocious, instantly swallowing Tang Jiaze’s pheromones entirely.


It was a complete suppression, akin to a starving beast pouncing on its prey.


Tang Jiaze’s own pheromones were already restless, but he had never imagined encountering someone even more wild and uncontrollable. To his disbelief, it was an Omega!


The overwhelming surge of Omega pheromones felt like electric currents running across his skin, causing his whole body to tingle, and he was left struggling to maintain his standing, his feet almost buckling beneath him.


But with sheer willpower, he managed to regain some consciousness, barely keeping himself on his feet and not collapsing immediately.


Despite Tang Jiaze’s heroic effort, Lu Jingning was a bit surprised. He had expected Tang Jiaze, who had already expended a considerable amount of pheromones, to fall to his knees within seconds. However, he was proving to be quite resilient.


Regardless of his strength, Lu Jingning couldn’t ignore the Alpha’s unpleasantly aggressive behavior.


Lowering his eyes, Lu Jingning looked down at the sweating Tang Jiaze, a faint smile on his lips as he said, “Oh, you’re really making an effort.”


Before his words had even faded, the pheromones around them erupted once more, even more aggressive than before, pressing toward Tang Jiaze with increased intensity.


Tang Jiaze was already struggling to stand, and this onslaught made him feel as if he was carrying a heavy load on his shoulders. The oppressive force seemed to compel him to surrender, and even his strong willpower could hardly resist it.


His legs eventually gave in, and he knelt on the ground.


The overwhelming pressure made it difficult for him to lift his head, but his wounded pride wouldn’t allow him to fully submit. Clenching his teeth, he managed to stay conscious and gazed at Lu Jingning with incredulity. He asked, his voice hoarse, “What… did you do?”


Lu Jingning casually continued to release his pheromones as he approached Tang Jiaze, speaking lazily, “Isn’t it obvious? I proved that my pheromones are stronger than yours.”


Lu Jingning seldom used his pheromones aggressively, and in the past, he had only done so reluctantly during class at the teacher’s request. But that time, he had merely released a small amount, enough to make the A-class students weak in the knees. Now, he was unleashing his pheromones without restraint, and the intensity was on an entirely different level.


As he walked closer to Tang Jiaze, his tone grew more playful, “Hey, senior, didn’t you like to use pheromones to suppress others? Come then, keep pressing on!”


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