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Chapter 11 – The Duke (2)

       Qin Yun originally thought that the so-called Duke’s Mansion backyard was really just a garden. However, when he discovered he was facing a vast forest, he was completely bewildered.

       Qin Yun: “…Are you really not considering confiscating this house…This is simply too corrupt.”

       Moschery obviously didn’t want to say another word to a country bumpkin like him.

       Ke Qing led two horses. The emperor turned over and rode on them first. He pulled the reins and turned around to see Qin Yun standing under the horse like a fool.

       “…” Qin Yun: “How could I possibly ride something so antique?!”

       Ke Qing also hadn’t anticipated such a situation. He was just considering whether to bring the haycart over when Moschery whipped the horse’s buttocks with a crack.

       Qin Yun was carried by Moschery by the waist and easily lifted onto the horse’s back.

       Moschery held the reins with both hands, his chin resting on Qin Yun’s head, and said coldly, “Hold me tight.”

       “…” Qin Yun obediently obeyed.

       Moschery’s expression finally looked better, but he still said disgustedly, “Why are you such a trash? What can you do without me?”

       Qin Yun said awkwardly, “Who uses horses in a war now? I can fly the aircraft very smoothly… Before I met you, I was the most powerful guide on the front line. My achievements topping the charts for the whole year weren’t fake either…”

       Moschery snorted coldly. For him, Qin Yun providing mental guiding to other sentinels on the front line was not a pleasant thing.

       “Who sent you to the front line?” Moschery said with a sinister look on his face, “You are a trash. Can’t you just stay in the logistics and write something?!”

       Qin Yun was dissatisfied, “How can a man stay in the rear? That’s what the young girls guide do, besides.” He glanced at Moschery, feeling a little proud, “How could I have met you if I didn’t go to the front line?”

       Moschery’s expression froze. He seemed to be smiling but was trying hard to keep a straight face.

       Qin Yun nestled in his arms, humming a messy tune. The horse walked slowly, and Moschery did not rush.


       The small floating clouds in the air were like fluff, the white clouds were like dogs, and the quiet sunlight flowed through the branches, landing on the two of them.

       Qin Yun sang an unknown song and seemed to realise that his melody was wrong. Finally, he could only stop in frustration and muttered, “Forget it. I don’t have this talent in this.”

       Moschery glanced at him, “You know you have no talent, but you still have the nerve to sing.” After that, he sang along with the part where Qin Yun left off.

       Only when the whole song was finished did Qin Yun remember to applaud. He still felt fascinated, “You can actually sing this song… Do you know the name of this song?”

       “Of course I know.” Moschery replied. Arthur’s residence was not far away. The Emperor motioned to Qin Yun to help him put on the mask. He looked down at his guide and said quietly, “Stay with me nicely. I will protect you.”


       The first thing Shen Zhuofan did every morning was to shovel poop. Although the technology was now very advanced and there were intelligent robots that could do the job for him, the cats he raised were not convinced. As soon as the robot came close to the poop basin, it would be clawed by various cats. Overturned, the round robot rolled anxiously on the ground, anxiously chanting, “Master, have mercy! Master, have mercy! Shit shovelling! I’m just shit shovelling!”

       Shen Zhuofan: “…”

       He squatted on the ground resignedly and started digging cat litter. He yawned and took out a garbage bag to put it in. As he was busy working, he heard the wind chime ringing at the door of the store.

       “The store isn’t open yet. If you want to see the cat, sit down for a while.” Shen Zhuofan said loudly with his back facing the door. He picked up the garbage bag and turned around to see the person who had come.

       Lin Dongliang took off his hat and nodded with a smile, “Good morning, Zhuo Fan.”

       The Red Panda spiritual link was cautious and shy. Even if the cats couldn’t see it, it only dared to hold Lin Dongliang’s thigh, his big tail resting on his head.

       Shen Zhuofan brought a glass of milk. The red panda’s eyes lit up when it saw him and climbed onto his shoulder with unsteady steps.

       “Yuanbao still likes you so much.” Lin Dongliang said with a smile, “It’s only in your presence that it loses its shyness.”

       Shen Zhuofan also smiled, “Really? Where is it? Is it still on my shoulder?”

       Lin Dongliang didn’t say anything. He took Shen Zhuofan’s hand and ‘stroked’ it along the top of Yuanbao’s head to his tail. Yuanbao narrowed its eyes comfortably and rubbed into Shen Zhuofan’s palm.

       “What a pity.” Shen Zhuofan said regretfully, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.”

       Lin Dongliang said firmly, “There will definitely be a chance to see it again in the future.”

       Shen Zhuofan shook his head. There was nostalgia in his eyes but no hope, “Even you can’t heal my brain nerves…unless there is really a god-level…but how is that possible?”

       Lin Dongliang remained silent, and Shen Zhuofan smiled and comforted him, “The situation at that time was not something that the royal family could protect me from. I don’t blame you. It’s just that in the past few years… is he okay?”

       “Not okay. How can he be okay?” Lin Dongliang smiled bitterly, “Although the Duke hates the Cabinet, he also hates that the royal family did not come forward. I thank God for him being able to remain neutral. Once the sentinel at the SSS level goes into a mania, you know how terrifying it can be. Just how could a stabiliser alone be enough… Although he doesn’t remember you, his preferences have not changed. I heard that the mansion has been replaced by normal people who bear some resemblance to your appearance. He finds solace in seeing them regularly.”

       Shen Zhuofan closed his eyes and said with difficulty, “Didn’t the Cabinet… arrange another high-level guide for him?”

       Lin Dongliang said helplessly, “Why won’t they? Apart from His Majesty, the most popular one is the Duke’s Mansion, but what’s the use?”

       Shen Zhuofan frowned with an unpleasant expression on his face.

       Lin Dongliang: “The guide who went there didn’t even get to see the Duke. He was directly assigned to bathe the lions in the mansion and catch fleas… No one came back without being scared to death.”

       Shen Zhuofan: “…”

       “On the contrary, His Majesty now has a guide…” Lin Dongliang looked at Shen Zhuofan, “Are you familiar with that Qin Yun person?”


       Arthur was surrounded by a group of army divisions. He had gorgeous long fiery red hair and deep emerald eyes. His was handsome yet cold. He gripped a long whip and, unlike other high-level sentinels, did not conceal his spiritual link.

       A ferocious lion that was twice the size of an ordinary lion lay quietly at his feet, looking indifferently at the strangers who had invaded the territory.

       “How rare.” Arthur flared his nostrils slightly and flashed a sly smile, “You actually have your own guide. He didn’t go crazy when he was guiding you?”

       The mask on Moschery’s face hid his expression, but it was obvious that he was not happy, “That’s none of your business.”

       Arthur put away his smile. He sat on the ground leaning against a lion and said casually, “Then what are you doing here, Your Majesty.”

       “I’m here to borrow people from you.” Moschery said, “10 high-level sentinels with assassination experience.”

       Arthur’s face turned cold. He stared at Moschery and said sarcastically, “Do you really believe that Eta Star has the so-called god-level guide gene? You are willing to hide it from the eyes and ears of the Cabinet and use my soldiers to help you in action?”

       Moschery said coldly, “I don’t believe it, but I have to find out what Olympus is up to.”

       “Then go on your own, and don’t try to take advantage of my people.” Arthur gritted his teeth. His emerald pupils gradually turned dark red. The brutal lion beside him let out a low roar. Qin Yun could see that he was on the verge of mania and subconsciously tried to step forward but was held back by Moschery.

       Arthur gasped. He grabbed a syringe from the guard on the side and inserted it into the vein in his neck without blinking. As if he didn’t feel any pain, he quickly finished the injection.

       After three consecutive injections, Arthur regained his composure slightly. He said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t even think about it. I shouldn’t have agreed six years ago to let him help the Cabinet find those god-level genes. I won’t agree to your current request.”

       Moschery was not angry. He took a few steps forward, looked at Arthur condescendingly, and said calmly, “Six years ago, I just ascended to the throne. I hardly had any real power. If you were willing to stand by me at that time, your guide would not have been sentenced to ‘death’.”

       Arthur’s brutal lion slumped to the ground, showing his teeth and growling low.

       Moschery, with a mix of pity and mockery, said, “The Cabinet is using the pretext of god-level genes to lure Shen into committing the so-called treason. Only a fool like you would actually agree, not worry, and let him go alone.”


       “The Eta Star God-level Gene Project?!” Shen Zhuofan’s face turned pale, and he stood up with a hint of agitation. “What do you want Qin Yun to do?! Have you forgotten what I went through six years ago?!!”

       “Of course I haven’t forgotten.” Lin Dongliang comforted him with a headache, “That’s why I came to ask you who Qin Yun is and why His Majesty chose him to go with him.”

       Shen Zhuofan: “… Together with His Majesty?!”

       Lin Dongliang: “He is now Qin Yun’s sentinel. Obviously, he will go with him.”

       “…” Shen Zhuofan was a little confused, “Does this have anything to do with who Qin Yun is?”

       “Of course it will matter.” Lin Dongliang said seriously, “Even your guiding tendrils at that time couldn’t come close to His Majesty’s god-level. Why can Qin Yun, a low-level guide, do it?”

       Shen Zhuofan was speechless. He obviously didn’t know how to answer this question.

       Lin Dongliang asked in confusion, “Does Qin Yun… Really have no spiritual link?”

The author has something to say:
This chapter essentially explains why Xi Zhao had a strange expression when Qin Yun first gave him mental guiding. The Emperor had a sort of horrifying realization akin to, “Wait, wasn’t I supposed to die alone and lonely?!”

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Chapter 11 – Heirloom

       Song Jun stared at the photo blankly, and then a sudden fear struck him. He turned around and ran towards his grandma’s room. The door was unlocked and opened with a twist, but there was no one in the room.

       The bed was neatly made, and there was no sign that anyone had slept in it for several days. Not only the bed, but the entire room was also neatly tidied, and it looked like no one had lived there.

       After coming out of the bedroom, he came to the living room and dining room, which were all just like Grandma’s bedroom. It was deserted and had no trace of life. At first glance, it looked very clean, but if he touched it with your hands, he would find a light layer of dust on the table.

       The dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen were still stained with water. Song Jun had washed them and put them in the cupboard in the evening. However, there was no food left in the refrigerator. The power had even been cut off, and it was empty when he opened it.

       Song Jun took a few steps back and sat on the sofa, tears streaming down his face without warning.

       It turned out that Grandma passed away a few days ago, and her children directly cremated and buried her without anyone notifying Song Jun.

       The house had been cleaned up by Grandma’s children. Sooner or later, this house would be sold. Song Jun had very few things left here, and there were basically no important things. There were only some clothes and toys from childhood, which Grandma kept and was reluctant to throw away.

       Although Song Jun didn’t know what was going on, he had vaguely guessed something. At this time, he had forgotten his fear and was only left with sadness.

       He sat on the sofa and shed tears silently. Song Jun raised his hand to wipe his eyes, stood up and shouted, “Grandma?”

       He searched for traces of his grandma in the empty rooms one by one but found nothing. The grandma who had talked to him and cooked for him in the evening had now disappeared.

       After searching around but not finding it, Song Jun later walked into Grandma’s room and sat down on Grandma’s bed.

       It was sad, but Song Jun didn’t keep shedding tears. He felt empty in his heart, as if many of his original thoughts suddenly became meaningless all at once. He didn’t even know what he was studying alone for.

       After sitting in silence for a long time, Song Jun suddenly heard a small movement outside.

       “Grandma?” Song Jun stood up suddenly and opened the door.

       However, Grandma did not appear. In the middle of the living room stood a little black cat, apparently jumping in from the open window next to it.

       Song Jun was stunned because the little black cat was clearly the one who frequented his dormitory on the campus.

       The little cat looked towards him, said ‘meow’ and then slowly walked towards him, dragging its tail.

       “Why are you here?” Song Jun was surprised, but he still knelt down and touched the little cat’s head.

       The little black cat cradled its head in his hand comfortably, then stood up and pawed at Song Jun’s pants.

       Song Jun picked it up.

       It was strange, but Song Jun, who was immersed in sadness, had no energy to think much about it.

       He held the little cat and sat down on the sofa in the living room. He stroked the little black cat’s head and said in a deep voice, “My grandma is gone.”

       Song Jun found a channel to talk. Although he knew that the little cat couldn’t understand anything, he was no longer alone. He could express all his pain.

       “I know Grandma is worried about me. She must have stayed here to see me for the last time. After seeing me, she disappeared. I will never see her again.”

       “But I still miss her very much. I have something to say to her, but now I have no chance to say it…”

       The little black cat raised its head and licked his fingers.

       Song Jun stopped and looked down at the little black cat, knowing that it was comforting him, so he whispered, “Thank you.”

       Later, Song Jun fell asleep on the sofa holding the little cat.

       Because he was too tired, although Song Jun’s posture was not so comfortable, he didn’t even have a dream and fell into a sleepless sleep.

       In the middle of the night, Song Jun was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door.

       He opened his eyes and was stunned for a moment before realising where he was.

       The knocking on the door continued, and Song Jun stood up suddenly. He called out, “Grandma!”

       The little black cat suddenly rolled from his lap to the ground, rolling around before standing up straight.

       Song Jun ran towards the door, trying to open it.

       Suddenly, the little black cat came over and bit his trouser leg, preventing him from passing by.

       Song Jun didn’t expect such a small cat to be so strong. He couldn’t get rid of it, and his pants were almost torn. He could only squat down and say, “What’s wrong? It’s probably my grandma coming back!”

       The little black cat let go of him but suddenly rushed out of the window in the next moment.

       It moved so fast that Song Jun didn’t even react. The little black cat had disappeared from his eyes.

       The little cat that escaped from the window suddenly expanded in size and turned into a huge black beast. The beast had a unique shape. At first glance, it looked like a huge cheetah, but if he looked closely, he would find that it had long fangs, and its body was pitch-black, with only a small handful of white furs in front of its forehead.

       The giant beast rushed over and swallowed a terrifying lonely ghost outside the house door. Then, it rushed forward and disappeared in an instant.

       When Song Jun opened the door, there was nothing outside.

       After closing the door, Song Jun returned to the sofa in the living room, sat down, and then sat there in a daze until dawn.

       After dawn, Song Jun called her grandma’s son and confirmed the news of her death. Although he was mentally prepared, Song Jun couldn’t help but feel sad. He returned to his room, tidied up briefly, and took away the toys that his grandmother had made for him when he was a child. The other things in the room no longer belonged to him.

       The morning sun was bright. Song Jun came out of his home. After walking a short distance, he looked back again. He probably would not come back here again.

       However, at this moment, Song Jun suddenly found a person standing next to the window of Grandma’s room.

       That was clearly Song Jun’s grandmother, standing in the dark room, waving to Song Jun.

       Song Jun stopped and ran towards the room, but once he entered, his grandma disappeared again.

       Song Jun stood by the door, panting slightly. His grandma’s waving gesture just now clearly told him to come back, but when he came back, he couldn’t see his grandma. He didn’t understand what was going on.

       After standing blankly for a while, Song Jun suddenly recalled what his grandma said to him last night. Grandma said that there were treasures inherited from his grandfather buried under the bed and asked him to dig them up and take a look. He remembered being with his grandma last night; apart from telling her about his future life, the only important thing grandma mentioned seemed to be this one. Song Jun didn’t pay attention to it at the time, but now that he thought about it, maybe it was Grandma’s last words.

       Song Jun knelt down beside the bed and looked around but saw nothing under the bed.

       Unwilling to give up, he rummaged carefully under the big bed, and he discovered that there was a small wooden compartment close to the bottom of the bed.

       Opening the small drawer, Song Jun found a few wads of cash wrapped in a ball inside. Without counting carefully, Song Jun then knew that there were probably nearly 50,000 yuan1around $7000 there.

       This was left to him by his grandmother, carefully hidden away. The spirit of the deceased had been wandering in this room, waiting for him to come back so that she could tell him about it.

       Song Jun wiped away his tears and collected the money. He could not let his grandma down.

       After leaving the house, Song Jun knelt in front of her grandma’s portrait and kowtowed three times earnestly.

       When leaving, Song Jun once again saw his grandma in the shadow of the room. This time, he didn’t run back impulsively because he knew that his grandma would not appear if he went back.

       The white-haired old woman waved to him, this time as a farewell gesture. Song Jun called out ‘Grandma’ and then turned and left under the gaze of the old woman.

       Grandma left 50,000 yuan to Song Jun. With this money, Song Jun could complete three years of graduate school with peace of mind. Even if he wanted to continue his doctoral studies, he would not have to worry about living expenses.

       But even so, Song Jun chose to go out to work next. Originally, he had planned to start working after the official start of school with a set class schedule. However, now he felt he shouldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to strive for an earlier and sufficient financial source so as not to make his grandmother worry.

       Because he had to do experiments during the day, Song Jun went out for two days and found a night shift job in a fast food restaurant. He needed to work from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am every day. Since his workplace was not far from the school, he bought a second-hand bicycle to make it easier to commute to get off work.

       Today was Song Jun’s first day at work, and tomorrow will be half of the Ghost Festival.

       In fact, in big cities, the atmosphere of the Ghost Festival was not that substantial. However, when he was a child, people could often be seen burning paper on the roadside in rural villages in small counties. He asked his grandma at that time, and she said they were all burned to the wandering ghosts passing by.

       Perhaps after experiencing what happened with his grandma, Song Jun suddenly felt that even ghosts were not so scary anymore. Maybe they had some reason to linger in the human world, looking forward to seeing their relatives and lovers for the last time.

       Although the fast food restaurant closes at 12:00 am, there was basically no work after 10:00 pm in the evening. Song Jun helped clear the counter and then cleaned the store. At 11:30 pm, the fast food restaurant would close and no longer accept new customers. By 12:00 am, work was finished, and he left promptly.

       On his first day at work, Song Jun came out of a fast food restaurant and walked to the bicycle park on the side of the road to pick up his vehicle, and found that his bicycle had been stolen. Although it was a second-hand bicycle, it looked quite new, but the lock was not very strong. It was probably for this reason that the thief took it away.

       Suddenly, he felt unspeakably frustrated. On the first day, he came out to work; he didn’t make any money but lost a bicycle. It only took more than ten minutes to go back to school from here by bike, but it took nearly forty minutes to walk. It was too late when he went back, and the buses were gone. If he took a taxi, wouldn’t that be a lot of money spent?

       Song Jun felt that he was really unlucky and wondered if he should go to the temple to worship.

       But there was no other option now. Song Jun walked towards a bus stop on the roadside, hoping to catch a taxi there.

       He stood by the roadside for a few minutes, but before the taxi came, he suddenly saw a bus coming from a distance, and that bus was heading in the direction of the school.

       The bus drove to the station, stopped, and the door suddenly opened in front of Song Jun.

       This bus obviously leaves at ten o’clock, so how could it be possible that there was still a bus now? Song Jun was stunned for a moment and looked up at the driver in the car.

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Every day after the updates, I would click to clear the cache several times, but it didn’t work. If you can’t see the new chapters, try clicking from the previous chapter; there’s really no other way.

I need to confess. I can only work on this series when the day is bright like mad bright since I’m a scaredy cat and I got spooked out multiple times already (T⌓T)
I usually work from 8am to 5pm every Monday to Saturday, and usually, I can only work on it on Sunday when I have no work for me… So the update for this series might slow… Sorry for the inconvenience…
I really thought it wouldn’t be that scary at first tho… I thought just… like… mentioning about ghosts a bit here and there…

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Chapter 139 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 139: Elder Brother Arranges the Wedding Car


The clamor from outside was completely shut out by the tightly closed doors and windows, leaving only the two facing each other.


Clad in a straight suit, the air around him carried the faint scent of alcohol from the banquet moments ago.


It was their wedding night.


However, as Wen Ye took off his coat and hung it on the rack, watching Bin Yunlin leisurely loosen his clothes nearby, his hand, about to touch the buttons, paused momentarily.


Bin Yunlin noticed his gaze, walked over, gently ran his hand through Wen Ye’s hair, his voice soft, “If you’re not ready yet, there’s no need to rush.”


Wen Ye hadn’t expected him to say that. Seeing Bin Yunlin really getting ready to rest in bed, he suddenly reached out and pulled him back, “Let’s do it tonight.”


Bin Yunlin could feel the warmth from the man’s palm, and for a moment, his expression softened, “Alright.”


After saying this, he hesitated slightly, hinting, “If you’re not sure what to do, I can help.”


Wen Ye nodded, agreeing, and once again reached for the buttons at the collar.


His long-term military life made his movements seem well-practiced. In moments, his clothes lay scattered around him, and then, meticulously, he neatly stacked them.


Bin Yunlin couldn’t help but chuckle, quickly taking off his own clothes and leading him to the bed.


While lying on the bed, Wen Ye seemed unsure of what to do, lifting his head to glance questioningly at Bin Yunlin.


Bin Yunlin’s gaze slid down, landing on his bare chest.


Trained rigorously for an extended period, Wen Ye’s body boasted sleek and strong muscular lines, even among Alphas. The muscles on his abdomen seemed meticulously sculpted, enough to evoke intense desire with just a glance.


Bin Yunlin’s pheromones diffused silently, without any aggression, more like a gentle hand, enveloping Wen Ye completely.


It was the first time Wen Ye had exposed himself so explicitly before Bin Yunlin. Subconsciously, he tightened his legs, inadvertently accentuating the straight and defined lines of his legs.


Bin Yunlin approached him slowly, slender fingers brushing across his face, his gaze grazing the pale lips, suppressing the emotions surging within, his voice low, carrying a peculiar allure, “Aye, spread your legs.”


Wen Ye’s face inevitably flushed a bit. He shifted his gaze to the ceiling, adjusted his breathing, and slowly parted his knees.


Simultaneously, he felt a softness on his lips, and the familiar sensation overflowed.


Bin Yunlin’s lips carried a faint scent of tea. Although it wasn’t their first kiss, it was because of that sudden hand venturing between his legs that ignited Wen Ye’s desire completely.


Like a spark igniting a blaze.


Their naked bodies touched, and though instinct urged him to close his legs, it was Bin Yunlin’s hand obstructing in between that forced him to widen them further.


Bin Yunlin pressed against Wen Ye, one hand cradling the back of his neck, his tongue gently intertwining with his lips, the other hand gently caressing the already hardened member.


Wen Ye usually held dominance, yet now, under Bin Yunlin’s teasing, he felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. Waves of strange sensations surged within him.


The alcohol from tonight seemed to rise, making him feel for the first time what it meant to be unable to resist.


“Um…” Wen Ye instinctively let out a soft moan, moving his hips slightly, offering more of the heated hardness between his legs to Bin Yunlin’s hand.


Bin Yunlin’s eyes lowered slightly, sensing his movement. He released Wen Ye’s lips, easing the pressure in his grip, and began to gently stroke.


The initial intensity dissipated suddenly, causing Wen Ye’s breathing to involuntarily intensify, alternating between light and heavy, his tone changing.


He seemed somewhat dissatisfied with Bin Yunlin’s sudden retreat, his gaze slightly hazy, a faint frown on his forehead.


“Take it slow, don’t rush,” Bin Yunlin comforted softly, slowly kissing down his chest’s curvature, while his other hand explored, tentatively slipping a finger into the tight opening.


It was moist inside, yet incredibly narrow.


“Stop…” Wen Ye’s mind went blank for a moment, the words unfinished. A strange sensation swept over him, his entire body suddenly hot. Feeling uncomfortable, he wanted to close his legs again, but Bin Yunlin’s hand firmly held them open.


“Does it hurt? I’ll go gentler.” Bin Yunlin pressed against him, his finger slowly pushing inside. Gradually, he inserted a knuckle, gently wiping away the thin sweat on Wen Ye’s face, his tone gentle, “See, you’re a bit wet down here already.”


During his words, his fingers gently moved inside, feeling the instinctive response as the passage subconsciously tightened a bit, as if to fully engulf him.


“Mmm… Ah…”


Wen Ye couldn’t help but let out a soft, restrained moan. His thigh muscles tensed further, and his whole body trembled lightly as if electrified.


Gradually, the passage loosened considerably, and Bin Yunlin inserted another finger, gently teasing the newfound sensitive spot.


By this point, Wen Ye’s body had completely relaxed. Waves of desire surged through him, making him appear restrained yet filled with intense longing.


Seeing him immersed in desire, Bin Yunlin’s heart felt an intense heat. He couldn’t restrain himself any longer, leaning down heavily to kiss his lips again.


“Ah… Yunlin… Give me…”


Wen Ye felt the fingers moving inside him, yet at this moment, he couldn’t control his own urgent body anymore. Slowly, he spread his legs, fully exposing himself to the other.


He said, “Yunlin… Ah… Give me…”


The handsome Alpha’s face was filled with desire, his dark eyes seemingly veiled with a mist, and his lips had a strange redness due to the teasing.


Under this gaze, Bin Yunlin no longer restrained himself. He forcefully plunged his thick desire into the now relaxed opening.


With each thrust, uncontrollable sweet and husky murmurs spilled from Wen Ye’s mouth, desire overflowing intermittently.


Bin Yunlin lowered his head and could see a physiological fluid at the corners of Wen Ye’s eyes. While stimulating, he gently licked it away.


“Ah… Mmm…”


Waves of overwhelming pleasure swept through his body. Wen Ye instinctively tried to straighten his legs, but Bin Yunlin lifted him and sat him against the windowsill, his hands embracing Wen Ye’s smooth, taut back.


Bin Yunlin’s eyes also uncontrollably filled with desire. Tilting his head, he kissed Wen Ye’s lips while holding onto him tightly, thrusting deeper.


Wen Ye’s breaths were heavy, his long legs moved instinctively for a moment, eventually encircling the other’s waist.


Their bodies, covered in a thin sheen of sweat, entangled together. Amidst the collision of their flesh, emotions were about to reach their peak when suddenly, everything seemed to spin.


Wen Ye never expected Bin Yunlin to lift him in this position. When he came to his senses, they were standing by the French window.


The sudden withdrawal made him feel a sudden emptiness at the opening. Before he could register this sensation, he was turned around.


Facing the scene reflected in the transparent glass window, he could see himself, full of desire, seemingly merging with the distant neon lights.


They were on the third floor, visible to the guests gathering below. If anyone were to look up at that moment, they would clearly witness this scene of rampant desire.


“Yunlin, don’t… Ah…”


Before Wen Ye’s words finished, he felt Bin Yunlin penetrating him again from behind. His body was pushed against the window sill, the cold touch in front contrasting sharply with the intense heat at the rear opening. Unable to restrain himself, he moaned, but the sound was stifled in his throat.


Bin Yunlin leaned forward from behind, gently holding him close, the hot breath rubbing against Wen Ye’s reddened ear, “Don’t worry, they can’t hear us.”


Seeming to pinpoint his sensitive spot completely, Wen Ye felt his legs weakening involuntarily under Bin Yunlin’s hold. The neon lights from outside intensified his utmost shyness, and uncontrollable moans escaped his throat. Under this complete domination, pleasure surged uncontrollably.


“Yunlin… Ah…”


Instinctively calling Bin Yunlin’s name, Wen Ye felt his descending body held firmly, and the thrusts from behind accelerated.


The heat within him intensified. Near the brink of eruption, an overwhelming rush of heat flooded through him. It felt like it completely invaded his entire body. Simultaneously, Wen Ye felt that climax reaching its peak. With the other’s hand firmly stroking him, his member pulsed twice and completely released.


The thorough explosion left Wen Ye feeling a kind of exhaustion he’d never experienced before. As his body went limp, Bin Yunlin naturally held him close.


The two sat there, nestled against each other, by the French window.


Looking at the colorful starlight outside, Bin Yunlin seemed to recall something, his voice hoarse as he smiled faintly, “Hmm, you’re the best.”

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