Chapter 11 – Heirloom

       Song Jun stared at the photo blankly, and then a sudden fear struck him. He turned around and ran towards his grandma’s room. The door was unlocked and opened with a twist, but there was no one in the room.

       The bed was neatly made, and there was no sign that anyone had slept in it for several days. Not only the bed, but the entire room was also neatly tidied, and it looked like no one had lived there.

       After coming out of the bedroom, he came to the living room and dining room, which were all just like Grandma’s bedroom. It was deserted and had no trace of life. At first glance, it looked very clean, but if he touched it with your hands, he would find a light layer of dust on the table.

       The dishes and chopsticks in the kitchen were still stained with water. Song Jun had washed them and put them in the cupboard in the evening. However, there was no food left in the refrigerator. The power had even been cut off, and it was empty when he opened it.

       Song Jun took a few steps back and sat on the sofa, tears streaming down his face without warning.

       It turned out that Grandma passed away a few days ago, and her children directly cremated and buried her without anyone notifying Song Jun.

       The house had been cleaned up by Grandma’s children. Sooner or later, this house would be sold. Song Jun had very few things left here, and there were basically no important things. There were only some clothes and toys from childhood, which Grandma kept and was reluctant to throw away.

       Although Song Jun didn’t know what was going on, he had vaguely guessed something. At this time, he had forgotten his fear and was only left with sadness.

       He sat on the sofa and shed tears silently. Song Jun raised his hand to wipe his eyes, stood up and shouted, “Grandma?”

       He searched for traces of his grandma in the empty rooms one by one but found nothing. The grandma who had talked to him and cooked for him in the evening had now disappeared.

       After searching around but not finding it, Song Jun later walked into Grandma’s room and sat down on Grandma’s bed.

       It was sad, but Song Jun didn’t keep shedding tears. He felt empty in his heart, as if many of his original thoughts suddenly became meaningless all at once. He didn’t even know what he was studying alone for.

       After sitting in silence for a long time, Song Jun suddenly heard a small movement outside.

       “Grandma?” Song Jun stood up suddenly and opened the door.

       However, Grandma did not appear. In the middle of the living room stood a little black cat, apparently jumping in from the open window next to it.

       Song Jun was stunned because the little black cat was clearly the one who frequented his dormitory on the campus.

       The little cat looked towards him, said ‘meow’ and then slowly walked towards him, dragging its tail.

       “Why are you here?” Song Jun was surprised, but he still knelt down and touched the little cat’s head.

       The little black cat cradled its head in his hand comfortably, then stood up and pawed at Song Jun’s pants.

       Song Jun picked it up.

       It was strange, but Song Jun, who was immersed in sadness, had no energy to think much about it.

       He held the little cat and sat down on the sofa in the living room. He stroked the little black cat’s head and said in a deep voice, “My grandma is gone.”

       Song Jun found a channel to talk. Although he knew that the little cat couldn’t understand anything, he was no longer alone. He could express all his pain.

       “I know Grandma is worried about me. She must have stayed here to see me for the last time. After seeing me, she disappeared. I will never see her again.”

       “But I still miss her very much. I have something to say to her, but now I have no chance to say it…”

       The little black cat raised its head and licked his fingers.

       Song Jun stopped and looked down at the little black cat, knowing that it was comforting him, so he whispered, “Thank you.”

       Later, Song Jun fell asleep on the sofa holding the little cat.

       Because he was too tired, although Song Jun’s posture was not so comfortable, he didn’t even have a dream and fell into a sleepless sleep.

       In the middle of the night, Song Jun was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door.

       He opened his eyes and was stunned for a moment before realising where he was.

       The knocking on the door continued, and Song Jun stood up suddenly. He called out, “Grandma!”

       The little black cat suddenly rolled from his lap to the ground, rolling around before standing up straight.

       Song Jun ran towards the door, trying to open it.

       Suddenly, the little black cat came over and bit his trouser leg, preventing him from passing by.

       Song Jun didn’t expect such a small cat to be so strong. He couldn’t get rid of it, and his pants were almost torn. He could only squat down and say, “What’s wrong? It’s probably my grandma coming back!”

       The little black cat let go of him but suddenly rushed out of the window in the next moment.

       It moved so fast that Song Jun didn’t even react. The little black cat had disappeared from his eyes.

       The little cat that escaped from the window suddenly expanded in size and turned into a huge black beast. The beast had a unique shape. At first glance, it looked like a huge cheetah, but if he looked closely, he would find that it had long fangs, and its body was pitch-black, with only a small handful of white furs in front of its forehead.

       The giant beast rushed over and swallowed a terrifying lonely ghost outside the house door. Then, it rushed forward and disappeared in an instant.

       When Song Jun opened the door, there was nothing outside.

       After closing the door, Song Jun returned to the sofa in the living room, sat down, and then sat there in a daze until dawn.

       After dawn, Song Jun called her grandma’s son and confirmed the news of her death. Although he was mentally prepared, Song Jun couldn’t help but feel sad. He returned to his room, tidied up briefly, and took away the toys that his grandmother had made for him when he was a child. The other things in the room no longer belonged to him.

       The morning sun was bright. Song Jun came out of his home. After walking a short distance, he looked back again. He probably would not come back here again.

       However, at this moment, Song Jun suddenly found a person standing next to the window of Grandma’s room.

       That was clearly Song Jun’s grandmother, standing in the dark room, waving to Song Jun.

       Song Jun stopped and ran towards the room, but once he entered, his grandma disappeared again.

       Song Jun stood by the door, panting slightly. His grandma’s waving gesture just now clearly told him to come back, but when he came back, he couldn’t see his grandma. He didn’t understand what was going on.

       After standing blankly for a while, Song Jun suddenly recalled what his grandma said to him last night. Grandma said that there were treasures inherited from his grandfather buried under the bed and asked him to dig them up and take a look. He remembered being with his grandma last night; apart from telling her about his future life, the only important thing grandma mentioned seemed to be this one. Song Jun didn’t pay attention to it at the time, but now that he thought about it, maybe it was Grandma’s last words.

       Song Jun knelt down beside the bed and looked around but saw nothing under the bed.

       Unwilling to give up, he rummaged carefully under the big bed, and he discovered that there was a small wooden compartment close to the bottom of the bed.

       Opening the small drawer, Song Jun found a few wads of cash wrapped in a ball inside. Without counting carefully, Song Jun then knew that there were probably nearly 50,000 yuan1around $7000 there.

       This was left to him by his grandmother, carefully hidden away. The spirit of the deceased had been wandering in this room, waiting for him to come back so that she could tell him about it.

       Song Jun wiped away his tears and collected the money. He could not let his grandma down.

       After leaving the house, Song Jun knelt in front of her grandma’s portrait and kowtowed three times earnestly.

       When leaving, Song Jun once again saw his grandma in the shadow of the room. This time, he didn’t run back impulsively because he knew that his grandma would not appear if he went back.

       The white-haired old woman waved to him, this time as a farewell gesture. Song Jun called out ‘Grandma’ and then turned and left under the gaze of the old woman.

       Grandma left 50,000 yuan to Song Jun. With this money, Song Jun could complete three years of graduate school with peace of mind. Even if he wanted to continue his doctoral studies, he would not have to worry about living expenses.

       But even so, Song Jun chose to go out to work next. Originally, he had planned to start working after the official start of school with a set class schedule. However, now he felt he shouldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to strive for an earlier and sufficient financial source so as not to make his grandmother worry.

       Because he had to do experiments during the day, Song Jun went out for two days and found a night shift job in a fast food restaurant. He needed to work from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am every day. Since his workplace was not far from the school, he bought a second-hand bicycle to make it easier to commute to get off work.

       Today was Song Jun’s first day at work, and tomorrow will be half of the Ghost Festival.

       In fact, in big cities, the atmosphere of the Ghost Festival was not that substantial. However, when he was a child, people could often be seen burning paper on the roadside in rural villages in small counties. He asked his grandma at that time, and she said they were all burned to the wandering ghosts passing by.

       Perhaps after experiencing what happened with his grandma, Song Jun suddenly felt that even ghosts were not so scary anymore. Maybe they had some reason to linger in the human world, looking forward to seeing their relatives and lovers for the last time.

       Although the fast food restaurant closes at 12:00 am, there was basically no work after 10:00 pm in the evening. Song Jun helped clear the counter and then cleaned the store. At 11:30 pm, the fast food restaurant would close and no longer accept new customers. By 12:00 am, work was finished, and he left promptly.

       On his first day at work, Song Jun came out of a fast food restaurant and walked to the bicycle park on the side of the road to pick up his vehicle, and found that his bicycle had been stolen. Although it was a second-hand bicycle, it looked quite new, but the lock was not very strong. It was probably for this reason that the thief took it away.

       Suddenly, he felt unspeakably frustrated. On the first day, he came out to work; he didn’t make any money but lost a bicycle. It only took more than ten minutes to go back to school from here by bike, but it took nearly forty minutes to walk. It was too late when he went back, and the buses were gone. If he took a taxi, wouldn’t that be a lot of money spent?

       Song Jun felt that he was really unlucky and wondered if he should go to the temple to worship.

       But there was no other option now. Song Jun walked towards a bus stop on the roadside, hoping to catch a taxi there.

       He stood by the roadside for a few minutes, but before the taxi came, he suddenly saw a bus coming from a distance, and that bus was heading in the direction of the school.

       The bus drove to the station, stopped, and the door suddenly opened in front of Song Jun.

       This bus obviously leaves at ten o’clock, so how could it be possible that there was still a bus now? Song Jun was stunned for a moment and looked up at the driver in the car.

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