Arthur searched around the room and found no one. His ferocious lion followed behind him, sniffing desperately no matter where he was.

       “You are just like a male dog in heat.” Arthur muttered to himself as he lowered his head down and stroked the top of the lion’s head.

       Ke Qing smiled and added, “The gardener just said that he saw Mr. Shen among the lions. Why don’t you go over there and look for him, My Lord?”

       Arthur frowned as he casually tied his long red hair into a bundle and took the whip from the wall.


       The evening sun had not yet faded, and the lions were circling the city in twos and threes. Shen Zhuofan was sleeping on the belly of a male lion, with grass clippings still on his face.

       Arthur waved his whip a few times to signal the lions to disperse. He squatted down and carefully scanned Shen Zhuofan’s body before bending down and picking him up.

       Sweetheart jumped on Arthur’s shoulder, and its huge tail was like a scarf wrapped around the other person’s neck.


       As a result, when Shen Zhuofan woke up, they were already aboard the Duke’s aircraft. Arthur turned on the automatic flight and rested his legs on the console.

       “…” Shen Zhuofan glanced at his work uniform, “…Why don’t you wake me up?”

       Arthur: “Don’t want to let you go.”

       Shen Zhuofan was speechless, “Don’t think that everything will be fine if you have a sweet mouth…” He frowned and looked at Arthur’s messy long red hair, and motioned for the other party to lower his head, “Don’t tie it so haphazardly; every time I undo it, I end up pulling out a bunch… Aren’t you afraid of going bald?”

       Arthur didn’t move. He closed his eyes and felt Shen Zhuofan’s fingertips brushing across his scalp, and the other party neatly tied his hair into a ponytail.

       Shen Zhuofan: “There is no comb… Just settle with this.” He held Arthur’s face and looked around, “Come on, smile.”

       Arthur didn’t smile; he just lowered his head and kissed Shen Zhuofan’s forehead.


       When Qin Yun saw Shen Zhuofan, he almost didn’t recognise him for a while. After pondering for a while, he struggled to find the right words and finally blurted out, “…Are you here to eat or to work?”

       Shen Zhuofan rolled his eyes, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat until you become poor.”

       Ba Jin was roasting golden sea hare meat in the yard. This thing was a speciality of B Star. The meat was fat and delicious, but it was not easy to catch. A golden sea hare in the Imperial Capital was sold at a sky-high price. In the words of Shen Zhuofan, eating the hare can buy you a toilet within the Fifth Ring Road.

       But the people who usually clamour for it didn’t eat much of it today.

       Qin Yun frowned and looked at Arthur, who was carefully cutting up the rabbit meat, almost coaxing and forcing Shen Zhuofan to take a few bites.

       “Have you lost weight?” Qin Yun looked at Shen Zhuofan, “You don’t look good either.”

       Shen Zhuofan yawned, “I’ve been sleeping late recently…have I lost weight? I haven’t weighed myself.”

       He waved his hand at the hare meat that Arthur brought to his mouth, indicating that he couldn’t eat it anymore.

       “I’ll take you to get some rest.” Qin Yun watched Shen Zhuofan start to doze off again and said worriedly, “Eat when you wake up and you are hungry.”

       Shen Zhuofan hesitated for a moment, then looked at Arthur, who kissed his cheek, “Go to sleep. I will pick you up later.”


       Moschery watched Qin Yun leave before kicking Arthur under the table. The Duke snatched the sea hare meat from His Majesty the Emperor’s bowl without changing his expression.

       “How did you turn someone into this?” Moschery mocked, “Did you torture him?”

       Arthur raised his eyebrows and pointed to his temple, “I remembered.”

       Moschery’s face became solemn, “He unlocked your conscious hypnosis?”

       Arthur didn’t seem to want to say more. He wiped his mouth and suddenly asked, “Is the god-level guide really in Olympus?”

       Moschery was silent. After a long time, he responded indifferently, “I don’t know.”

       Arthur looked at him.

       Moschery: “I appreciate your willingness to send troops and put pressure on the Cabinet to release Skarter.”

       “I didn’t do this.” Arthur smiled, “It was Zhuofan who wanted to help you. Your guide is the same as him…don’t you want him to recover?”

       Moschery remained silent. Of course, he hoped Qin Yun could recover, but whether it was Tristana or Lin Dongliang, the results were failures.

       “Only the god-level can completely heal the brain.” Arthur said calmly, “If you want to marry a guide who has no guide ability at all, the Cabinet and Olympus will definitely not take it kindly.”


       Shen Zhuofan was lying on the bed, his eyes closed and his face pale, but he couldn’t fall asleep completely. He could only chat with Qin Yun.

       “I’m worried that he’s not treating you well…” Qin Yun babbled, “Look, you let him forget about you… This is simply abandonment in disguise…”

       Shen Zhuofan couldn’t bear it and raised his eyelids, “Please, I was the same as you now. Oh no, it’s even worse; we both have made the final mark… Well, at least if we can save one, we can save one. Do you want the two of us to watch each other die together?”

       Qin Yun frowned, “Then how did you get yourself into such a state these days?”

       “It’s hard to explain in words.” Shen Zhuofan sighed, paused, and said hesitantly, “I released Arthur’s conscious hypnosis.”

       Qin Yun: “…Can this thing still be solved?!”

       “Yes…” Shen Zhuofan looked calm. He turned his face and looked at the other person, “Just one shot is enough.”

       “…” Qin Yun, “Don’t tell me that you are indulging in lust and become like this…”

       “It would be great if this were the case.” Shen Zhuofan frowned, “To die under the peony flower and being a ghost is also a romantic thing1to die for love!”

       “…” Qin Yun couldn’t imagine Duke Garcia as a peony. He felt that the black dahlia was more understandable.

       “What’s that expression on your face?” Shen Zhuofan said in disgust. He suddenly remembered something and stared at Qin Yun’s face, “Have you ever had sex with His Majesty?”

       Qin Yun: “…How is that possible? I can’t even have Bonding Heat.”

       Shen Zhuofan nodded, “It’s okay if you haven’t done it before. You won’t be like me.” He smiled bitterly, “The hypnotic suggestion I gave before was ‘estrus’, but you also know that I don’t have the ability to guide, which means I can’t produce real Bonding Heat. During the process, I almost couldn’t bear Arthur’s mental strength and completely collapsed.”

       “I didn’t think it was so terrible to lose the ability to guide before… As long as I can survive.” Shen Zhuofan closed his eyes and said with some difficulty, “But now, the first thing I think about is how good it would be to still be a guide…”


       Zhongyan lay on the ground and watched Qin Yun attach a large rhinestone pillow for him. It tried its best to move its huge dragon head in front of him, but unfortunately, it didn’t get any response.

       Moschery looked up at it, then lowered his head to continue reviewing the documents. Zhongyan tilted his head, then carefully straightened up, spread his giant wings and hugged his guide.

       Qin Yun seemed to feel something. He turned back to look at Moschery, but the latter showed no reaction, with a serious expression on his face.

       “What are you looking at?” Moschery asked suddenly without raising his head.

       Qin Yun felt ashamed, as if being caught cheating on the exam. He plucked his hair in embarrassment, “Uhm… well, where is Zhongyan?”

       Moschery looked up at him.

       Qin Yun blushed a little. He picked up the pillow with rhinestones on it as an excuse, “I, I want to ask if it likes it…”

       “He’s hugging you.” Moschery interrupted.

       Qin Yun: “?”

       Moschery stretched out his hand, but he did not get close to Qin Yun. He touched the other person’s neck with his fingertips, “Its head is over there.” Then traced it to near the chest, “The wings are here.” Finally, fell to his waist, “The tail is here.”

       Qin Yun couldn’t help but look at all the places Moschery pointed at.


       “It is hugging you.” His Majesty the Emperor supported his head as he calmly said with an expressionless face, “Because I want to hug you too.”

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