Song Jun returned to the room where they stayed, and Feng Junyuan was already lying on the bed, ready to sleep.

       Long Xing, as he himself said, made a bunk on the ground and was leaning on the bed playing games on his mobile phone. When he saw Song Jun coming in, he asked, “Where is Teacher Xia?”

       Song Jun shook his head, said nothing, and sat down by the bed.

       It was quiet in the yard outside. Secretary Wang and his family seemed to have gone back to their room to rest after dinner. He originally wanted to simply wash up, but suddenly felt troublesome, so he simply took off his shoes and lay down on the bed to sleep directly.

       But it wasn’t like he could fall asleep immediately when he closed his eyes. Although he lay motionless, Song Jun had been paying attention to Xia Hongshen’s movements.

       After some time, Song Jun finally heard Xia Hongshen enter the room, but Xia Hongshen did not go to bed. Instead, he picked up Long Xing, who had fallen asleep on the ground, gently placed him beside the bed, and then opened the door to go out again.

       Song Jun turned over. He closed his eyes but became more and more awake. He didn’t feel sleepy, so he simply sat up again.

       He carefully rolled over Long Xing, got out of bed, put on his shoes, opened the door and walked outside.

       It was already quite late at this time, and all the rooms in the courtyard that had lights on before were darkened. Xia Hongshen was not in the courtyard, and Song Jun didn’t know where he had gone.

       The whole yard was very quiet, not only the whole yard, it should be said that the whole mountain village was very quiet.

       Song Jun originally wanted to call out for Xia Hongshen, but he felt that the brick wall was probably not soundproof. If he shouted, the whole courtyard would be woken up, so he gave up the idea and walked out of the courtyard gate.

       There was still the secluded path outside the yard, and a little further on, there was a small stream where not long ago, he had been sitting and talking with Xia Hongshen.

       The surroundings were dark, but not so dark that he couldn’t see his fingers. Everything could be vaguely outlined, but he didn’t see Xia Hongshen.

       Song Jun was a little scared. At this time, he should have quickly returned to a crowded place, but he didn’t know why. He seemed unable to control his legs and kept walking forward step by step.

       There didn’t seem to be many people living in this village, but because it was spread out, the entire mountain village was not too small. As Song Jun walked, he saw a two-story wooden building in front of him, faintly visible through the second-floor window. There seemed to be a person standing next to him.

       He stopped and suddenly saw a lot of people near the window, and there seemed to be a lot of quarrels. Then the person before was pushed down from the second floor, and his head hit a stone, and a large pool of blood suddenly flowed out.

       The chaotic figures on the second floor disappeared. Song Jun hesitated but still walked towards the man on the ground. He could somewhat tell it was a young man as he got closer.

       The teenager was probably in the same grade as the deceased Wan Jingsheng.

       Song Jun walked to him, lowered his head and wanted to take a closer look at him, but saw him suddenly reach out a hand and grab his ankle, his hand covered with blood.

       He almost screamed, but he held it back, turned around, and ran away in panic.

       After running for who knew how long, Song Jun stopped and found that he was lost. He was standing in front of a hillside and could not find the small courtyard where he stayed before.

       He was panting, confused and at a loss. He wanted to shout Xia Hongshen’s name loudly, but when he opened his mouth, he found that he couldn’t make a sound.

       Then, someone seemed to be moving in the distance.

       Song Jun stood there quietly and saw that a group of people were walking in this direction. They were all wearing white mourning clothes, which looked a bit dazzling in the dark night. In the middle of the group, a person was carrying a big dark coffin.

       The group of people walked towards him, but no one seemed to notice Song Jun’s presence.

       When he got closer, Song Jun saw that their faces were expressionless and their eyes were lifeless. The lid of the coffin was not closed, and Song Jun could see the people lying inside.

       That person was the boy Song Jun had seen falling from the second floor before. He was lying in the coffin fully clothed, but Song Jun felt that his whole body seemed to have lost weight.

       He was a little surprised at first, but then Song Jun suddenly remembered what Xia Hongshen told him that all the fat in Wan Jingsheng’s body had been drained.

       Song Jun didn’t see Wan Jingsheng’s body and didn’t know what Wan Jingsheng looked like. He was just wondering, could this boy be Wan Jingsheng?

       The funeral procession passed by Song Jun and headed straight up the mountain.

       Song Jun looked up the mountain along the road they were walking on and saw an old house like a temple at the end of the road, on the mountainside.

       He had been watching those people walking up the mountain, but then he heard footsteps coming from the direction down the mountain. He turned his head and saw the second funeral procession.

       Still wearing white mourning clothes, they were carrying a black coffin. Inside the coffin was a young man, but this time he looked completely unfamiliar.

       Song Jun felt horrified. He took a few steps back and found that there was not just a second funeral procession but a steady stream of funeral processions coming from the bottom of the mountain in this direction all the way up the mountain.

       He didn’t understand what was happening and was even beginning to be unsure whether the scene he saw before him was real.

       At this time, Song Jun heard a woman crying. The woman was following the end of the group. She was crying very loudly, and behind the woman stood a young man.

       At first, Song Jun thought the young man’s clothes were strange, but then he suddenly realised they were in mourning clothes.

       The young man followed the woman at first but then turned his head and looked at Song Jun.

       He was the only one among so many people passing by who noticed Song Jun’s presence.

       Next, Song Jun saw the pale young man wearing a shroud walking towards him.

       Song Jun wanted to avoid it, but he couldn’t control his legs until the young man walked up to him and stretched out a hand.

       The hand was wrinkled, with only a layer of skin covering the bones. Judging from his movements, it seemed that he wanted to hold Song Jun’s hand.

       Song Jun didn’t understand why he didn’t get out of the way. As if he couldn’t control it, he stretched out his hand to hold his hand.

       At this time, a black cat suddenly appeared out of thin air, rushed between the two people, and stopped the young man from holding Song Jun’s hand.

       Song Jun was so frightened that he suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed, only then realising that he had actually had a dream.

       However, this dream was too real. He raised his hand and looked at the palm of his hand, and he could still feel the touch of the young man’s cold fingers.

       That person seemed to want to take him somewhere instead of hurting him. For some reason, Song Jun felt that way.

       He turned his head and saw that on his left and right sides, Feng Junyuan and Long Xing were still sleeping soundly.

       Long Xing turned over and even uttered a few words in his sleep, but unfortunately, they were too vague to be heard clearly.

       Song Jun’s whole body was wet with sweat. He stretched out his hand and wiped his forehead. He still felt uncomfortable. He didn’t know where Xia Hongshen went, and he still hadn’t returned.

       With this in mind, Song Jun gently rolled over from Long Xing’s feet and got out of bed. As soon as he put on his shoes and stood up, he suddenly noticed something standing outside the window.

       He slowly walked towards the window, and when he got closer, he suddenly realised that the thing seemed to be a woman’s long hair. Song Jun suddenly held his breath because he could see clearly this time. There was clearly a woman with long hair outside the window, tilting her head and looking into the window. One of her eyes was covered by her hair, and only one of her eyes was exposed. One eye was staring at Song Jun.

       Before Song Jun made a sound, the woman outside the window suddenly let out a piercing scream, and Long Xing and Feng Junyuan in the room were awakened by her voice at the same time.

       Long Xing suddenly got out of bed and said, “Who is it?”

       The woman outside the window started banging her head against the window while making pitiful cries.

       As a result, everyone in the courtyard was awakened.

       Secretary Wang’s family turned on the lights and came out of the room. His wife screamed in fright when she saw the woman lying outside the window of Song Jun’s room.

       Next, Secretary Wang personally ran forward and pulled the woman away, “How did you get here?”

       Long Xing opened the door and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Secretary Wang pulled the woman and said, “This is the village chief’s wife and she is crazy. Go to the village chief’s house and ask someone to pick her up!”

       The woman struggled fiercely and scratched Secretary Wang’s face with her sharp nails.

       Long Xing then walked over to help pull her.

       The woman looked to be in her thirties or forties, with long hair that reached her waist. She was actually wearing white mourning clothes.

       Secretary Wang’s wife asked her son to go out and call for help while cursing bad luck.

       When the woman saw Long Xing coming to pull her, her eyes suddenly widened, and she stared at Long Xing. She got the strength to break away from the pull of others, rushed over and hugged Long Xing, and shouted, “My son!”

       Long Xing was small in both stature and appearance. He had just woken up and looked like a teenager with his messy hair. He was startled when the woman hugged him and shouted for someone to pull her away.

       Song Jun was shocked and sat on the edge of the bed.

       Feng Junyuan sat next to him, patted his back and asked, “Are you okay?”

       Song Jun obviously didn’t look like he was fine, but he still shook his head.

       Feng Junyuan noticed that Song Jun was sweating coldly, so he got out of bed and said, “I’ll get you a glass of water.”

       At this time, someone from the village chief’s family finally came and took away the crazy woman in the yard.

       Long Xing scratched his head and returned to the house, saying, “What a mess.”

       Feng Junyuan returned to the room with a water glass and handed the water to Song Jun.

       Secretary Wang came over, greeted them first, and then asked, “Why is Teacher Xia missing?”

       Only then did Long Xing and Feng Junyuan realise that Xia Hongshen was not there.

       “I went to the bathroom,” suddenly, Xia Hongshen’s voice came from outside the house.

       Secretary Wang turned around and saw Xia Hongshen and nodded, “Be careful. I’m going to lock the courtyard door. It’s still early. Let’s continue to rest.”

       When Secretary Wang and his family went back to their room, Xia Hongshen walked in and closed the door.

       Long Xing said inexplicably, “People in this village are all weird.”

       Feng Junyuan returned to the bed and squatted next to Song Jun.

       Xia Hongshen came over and reached out to touch Song Jun’s head, noticing that the cold sweat on his head had not yet dissipated.

       Song Jun suddenly grabbed Xia Hongshen’s hand and said, “There must be something weird in this village. I guess the village chief’s wife went mad because her son died. Many young people seem to have died in this village.”

       Xia Hongshen’s palms were dry, so he held Song Jun’s clammy hand with his backhand, sat beside him, and said, “Why do you say that?”

       Song Jun told him about the dream he just had.

       Not only Xia Hongshen, but Feng Junyuan and Long Xing also frowned slightly when they heard what he said.

       After speaking, Song Jun asked Xia Hongshen, “Where did you go just now?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I went to find out why there were so many ghosts in this village.”

       “What’s going on?” Song Jun asked.

       Xia Hongshen said, “I think I have found the whereabouts of the Thousand Years Lamp’s wick.”


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