When Suo Yang walked out of the bar behind Shen Huiming, he felt like he had stepped on a sponge, as if he had eaten too many cherries soaked in wine and got himself completely drunk.

       As he pushed the door open, the autumn night wind didn’t show mercy to them at all, and the slightest sweep of it sent a shiver down Suo Yang’s spine.

       Shen Huiming turned his head to look at him and took his hand to walk directly towards the parking place.

       Although it was night, there were quite a lot of people on this street, and it was too eye-catching for two men to walk in the crowd holding hands.

       Shen Huiming didn’t care, and neither did Suo Yang at the moment.

       Suo Yang just looked at Shen Huiming, looked at the ends of his hair blown by the wind, and thought about the sentence this person said before, “As soon as you appear, I can’t see anyone else. So, it can only be you. “

       It can only be you.

       Suo Yang remembered this sentence.

       They walked through the night like this, passing by a shop where a song that Sawyer liked very much when he was at school was playing on the stereo.

       I want to take you and run away, to the farthest town.

       I want to take you with me and run away, to be the happiest person.

       He suddenly had the illusion that he was running away with Shen Huiming, and the thrill of that deviation made him ecstatic.

       He had been too disciplined over the past 20 years, and the only thing that had not developed according to his parents’ wishes seemed to be his sexual orientation.

       He had always disliked excitement and adventure and put himself in a safe shell. Now Shen Huiming came along, cracked his eggshell, and pulled him out.

       Even the evening wind tasted like wine, a cherry-flavoured fruit wine that tasted exactly the same as the one in Shen Huiming’s mouth.

       Suo Yang smiled as the other party took his hand, and quickly found the car parked there.

       Shen Huiming only opened the door of the back seat, and Suo Yang glanced at him. When the two looked at each other, there seemed to be some secret signal in it that others could not comprehend.

       Suo Yang got in, and Shen Huiming got into the car after him.

       As soon as the car door closed, before Suo Yang could turn around, he was kissed by Shen Huiming who came up to him, holding the back of his head.

       The space inside the car was cramped but it was enough for a kiss.

       Shen Huiming whispered in Suo Yang’s ear, “Coming with me?”

       Suo Yang clasped his fingers instead of answering.

       Shen Huiming smiled softly, took out his mobile phone, and called for a chauffeur. While waiting for the chauffeur to arrive, the two just held hands and kissed.

       It turned out that kissing was such a stress-relieving thing.

       It was as if the kisses weren’t enough and they didn’t want to stop. At this time, the brain was completely empty and just enjoy the kiss itself.

       Until the call from the chauffeur came, Shen Huiming had to put his finger on Suo Yang’s lips.

       “Wait a minute.” Shen Huiming looked at the somewhat misty-eyed Suo Yang with a smile and rubbed his fingers lightly on his lips.

       Suo Yang obediently sat there watching him, waiting for him, and listening to his phone call with the chauffeur.

       After Shen Huiming hung up the phone, he leaned over and kissed Suo Yang.

       “Wait for me.” Shen Huiming turned around and got out of the car to meet the chauffeur.

       When Shen Huiming came back, the chauffeur sat in the driver’s seat. Suo Yang had sobered up a bit. He opened a gap in the car window and sat in the back seat.

       Shen Huiming gave his leg a gentle squeeze, “Are you okay?”

       Suo Yang smiled as a response.

       After calming down for a few minutes, Suo Yang began to feel a little embarrassed.

       He still didn’t take things easy on this kind of thing. He enjoyed it dizzily at the moment and then began to feel ashamed afterwards.

       The chauffeur confirmed the address with Shen Huiming again and then turned on the navigation.

       Suo Yang had never been to other people’s houses since middle school, and even when he was a child, he seldom visited with his parents. His parents were not the kind of people who like to visit relatives and friends, and he didn’t want to disturb others or be disturbed.

       ‘Home’ was a very private place where the most essential parts of a person could be exposed.

       Now, Suo Yang was following Shen Huiming on his way home, and he would soon know what kind of person Shen Huiming was.

       Halfway through the car, Shen Huiming suddenly asked the chauffeur to pull over and stop the car, saying that he was going to a convenience store to buy something.

       The chauffeur didn’t know what he wanted to buy, but Suo Yang knew it in his heart.

       He glanced at Shen Huiming, who just smiled at him and said to him softly, “I’ll be back soon.”

       Shen Huiming got out of the car and walked quickly into the convenience store on the side of the road.

       As he said, he came back soon, with a bag in his hand, and it was impossible to see what was in it.

       Back in the car, Shen Huiming thanked the driver and told him that he could go.

       Suo Yang hardly dared to breathe hard. At this moment, he seemed to return to the first day of flying, nervous but looking forward to it.

       He wasn’t sure if the next developments would make this adventure more amazing, but he was sure that his decision was at least the right one.

       Whether more wonderful or not, he should and wanted to experience it.

       Shen Huiming was the one he chose, at least emotionally he was satisfied.

       For the rest of the journey, Shen Huiming held Suo Yang’s hand all the time, and the two of them did not communicate too much more, nor did they need to. It was enough to just wait quietly for the rest of the day.

       The car drove into the neighbourhood and parked in the underground parking garage.

       The money was paid and the chauffeur was sent off.

       The two stood in the garage, looked at each other, and then kissed each other.

       They didn’t need to pretend to be reserved, it was too unnecessary for them.

       Shen Huiming took Suo Yang back home, a three-hundred-square-metre flat-floor residence, and he entered the house directly as soon as the elevator door opened.

       On the porch, before Shen Huiming untied Suo Yang’s belt, he asked again, “Are you drunk?”

       Suo Yang looked at him in the dark, and replied, “Very sober.”

       The night was always enchanting, and so were the people in the night.

       On a night full of wine fragrance, two slightly drunk people soaked in the liquor brewed by each other, sinking a little, getting a little confused, and falling a little into each other’s world.

       This adventure was indeed wonderful, and it was even more unpredictable than Suo Yang imagined. He felt as if he had become an artist’s overturned palette. all the colours mixed together, only to rub out an abstract painting on this bed that could only be imagined.


       Time seemed to suddenly become precious. No matter how tired the two of them were, they were reluctant to just fall asleep like this.

       Shen Huiming got up and wanted to get a glass of water for Suo Yang, but before he could get off the bed, Suo Yang grabbed his wrist.

       He turned around and asked with a smile, “What’s wrong?”

       Suo Yang lay there watching him. He didn’t have the nerve to say that he just subconsciously didn’t want him to go away.

       “I’m going to get you some water.” Shen Huiming said, “I remember there’s honey at home, drink some so you don’t get a headache tomorrow.”

       “I’ll join you.” Suo Yang was actually not comfortable moving, but he sat up anyway.

       Shen Huiming found his own pyjamas to give to Suo Yang, and the two walked slowly from the bedroom to the kitchen.

       As they passed by the living room, Suo Yang glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it was past one o’clock.

       Suo Yang counted how many hours were left in his mind, and began to hope that the time would pass more slowly.

       Up to now, Suo Yang has really begun to believe that the closeness of the naked body could indeed quickly change the relationship between two people. No matter how compatible he and Shen Huiming were before, they still seemed to be separated by a thin veil, and the two of them would feel each other’s palm lines with their palms pressed against the veil, which always felt a bit unreal.

       But after tonight, or rather, after the hours just passed, that layer of veil disappeared.

       He followed Shen Huiming into the kitchen, and the other party took two cushions and put them on the chair, “Sit here and wait for me.”

       Suo Yang went to the chair and sat down, watching Shen Huiming getting busy over there for him.

       Shen Huiming took a cup of warm water, scooped out some honey, added it, and stirred gently with a spoon.

       He walked back, handed the cup to Suo Yang, and before bending down to sit down, he kissed Suo Yang lightly on the forehead.

       Suo Yang’s ears felt hot from this soft and intimate kiss. He had done everything, but his heartbeat would still speed up because of such a move.

       He lowered his head to drink water, and Shen Huiming sat beside him to accompany him.

       Suo Yang drank half of his glass, looked up at the people around him, and passed the glass over.

       Shen Huiming took it with a smile and took a sip, “It seems a bit sweet.”

       “It’s alright.” Suo Yang didn’t like anything too sweet, but he felt this cup of honey water was just right, just like Shen Huiming was just right for him.

       Shen Huiming held the cup in both hands and kept looking at Suo Yang.

       “What’s the matter?” Suo Yang felt a little uncomfortable when he saw him and pursed his lips after asking.

       Shen Huiming smiled, “I still want to kiss you.”

       Shen Huiming put down the cup, took advantage of Suo Yang’s lack of response, and leaned forward to kiss Suo Yang.

       He really couldn’t get enough kisses.

       Maybe this was the feeling of falling in love with someone. Wishing to keep kissing and hugging all the time, and no one could escape this curse.

       When the two came out of the kitchen, they sat by the window again, under the pretense of ‘watching the moon’ because they didn’t want to sleep.

       The two were close to each other, and as soon as Shen Huiming sat down, he took Suo Yang’s hand.

       After a carnival, what was left was not loneliness and emptiness, but rather an endless tenderness.

       This was a very different kind of love from what Suo Yang had once thought, on this night he confirmed that he had been too pessimistic about relationships in the past.

       He looked at the moon outside the window, sat on a strange carpet in a strange house as he wore Shen Huiming’s pyjamas, and thought about whether he was a little too clumsy just now.

       He thought about it, and then he laughed.

       “What are you laughing at?” Shen Huiming asked him softly.

       “I’m laughing at myself.” Suo Yang said, “I always think highly of myself and feel that I am not the kind of person who is greedy for pleasure, but I never thought that I simply overestimated myself.”

       “You can’t say that,” Shen Huiming squeezed his hand, and the shoulders of the two touched each other, and they could feel each other’s body temperature. “If it wasn’t me today, you might still be who you thought you were.”

       Suo Yang laughed out loud, “Aren’t you being conceited?”

       “Yes, I’m being conceited.” Shen Huiming lowered his head and fiddled with Suo Yang’s fingers, which were white and slender, beautiful and powerful. He thought of those hands that were tightly clutching his shoulders just now, and that scene was indeed worthy of his pride.

       “We still have seven hours.” Shen Huiming said, “Use these seven hours to seriously consider a question.”

       “What’s the question?” Suo Yang asked.

       “Do you want to accept me as your boyfriend?” Shen Huiming looked at Suo Yang and said solemnly, “Seven hours to think about this question, is that enough time?”

       “It doesn’t take seven hours.” Suo Yang turned around, facing Shen Huiming, he smiled, leaned forward and kissed him, “I’m not an indecisive person.”

       Shen Huiming looked at him, “Have you got an answer?”

       “Before I came here.” Suo Yang said, “Nice to meet you, my Mr. Shen.”

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