Day: April 3, 2023

Chapter 18

       This completely subdued posture made Xu Ye angry and ashamed. He gritted his teeth and tried hard to break free, only to be met with an even stronger grip.


       “Looks like you’re not going to listen to me.” Chu Yu pulled both of Xu Ye’s hands up over his head and grabbed them with his right hand, while his left hand flipped open a piece of the sofa’s soft backrest at his side. Xu Ye was surprised to find that it was actually a hidden locker, and there were many props on the built-in wooden partitions, including soft whips, lubricating fluid, mouth gags and a few other toys. Chu Yu took out a pair of metal handcuffs with a soft leather inner ring, handcuffed Xu Ye’s wrists neatly, and fastened the iron chain attached to the middle of the handcuffs to the protruding metal ring on the side of the sofa.


       Xu Ye had noticed those metal rings and felt that they were awkward to use for decoration, but now he finally understood what they were used for. He struggled and twisted to no avail. The seemingly thin chain was so strong that it completely restrained his arms. “Why did you handcuff me here?” He looked at the man angrily, “The relationship between me and you is over. You are not my dom…”


       “Well, I’m not.” Chu Yu’s expression was very calm, “So next, I will use another identity to interact with you, just as you hoped.”


       The coldness of the man’s words made Xu Ye feel inexplicably flustered. When his slender fingers unbuttoned the shirt he had just put on, Xu Ye opened his eyes wide in disbelief and asked, “What are you going to do?”


       There was a hint of mocking laughter in his condescending dark eyes, and the corners of Chu Yu’s lips curled up as he said, “It seems that you are the only one I can do here.”


       “…Are you crazy?!” As the buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned one by one, Xu Ye felt that the blood in his body froze, and his voice trembled a little, “You can’t… not like this…”


       “Oh?” Chu Yu stopped, as if he was really seeking advice, and asked, “Why?”


       Xu Ye said urgently, “Because I don’t want to!”


       The man lowered his eyes and smiled as if hearing something interesting, “What you want is not important to me.”


       The last button was undone, and the shirt was wide open on both sides, exposing the white body to the air without any cover. Xu Ye trembled from the slight chill on his skin, and he said in a panic, “You can’t force me…”


       Chu Yu looked at him leisurely, “Of course I can. It is clearly written in the membership rules that low-level members who break into the exclusive area without permission are at the disposal of the owner of that area. This is my territory, so whatever I do to you, it’s reasonable.” He moved his hand to Xu Ye’s belt and untied it gently. Xu Ye’s hands were bound by handcuffs and he couldn’t move, so he could only shrink his body upwards desperately, but the man held his waist firmly, with such force that hurt his waist.


       It was completely different from before when this man put away those gentle wings. Now he was surrounded by a hostile coldness, so powerful that it made people feel frightened.


       This was not a joke, he was really going to get the better of him.


       Xu Ye was completely confused when he realized this, and argued urgently, “I didn’t break in… it was Marvin who brought me in…”


       When Chu Yu heard Xu Ye say Marvin’s name, his eyes grew colder, and he said word by word, “No matter who it is, as long as I don’t approve of it, your reason will not be valid. Everything here is at my disposal, including you.” The ruthless sentence, an icy tone. As he spoke, he pulled down the zipper on Xu Ye’s jeans, deliberately slowing down his movements, as if he was tearing a beautifully wrapped present.


       Under such a sense of oppression, the slightest touch on his sensitive parts made Xu Ye’s body stiffen. The horror in his eyes deepened, and he repeated helplessly, “Don’t do this…you can’t do this…”


       “Don’t do this? Oh yes, you seem to prefer Lion’s wild style.” Chu Yu grabbed Xu Ye’s trousers by the waist and roughly ripped them all the way down, then tore his underwear in half as Xu Ye fiercely resisted and threw them to the floor with his hands.


       With his shirt wide open and his lower body completely naked, the most vulnerable part of his body was exposed to the sight of others. The feeling of being forced to be naked like this was completely different from the nakedness he had experienced when he was a slave. Panic, shame, and humiliation of being powerless to resist were intertwined, making him uneasy and resistant from the bottom of his heart. Xu Ye trembled, and the fear in his eyes turned into terror.


       “Not going to resist anymore?” Chu Yu looked down at the person below him with a hint of mockery at the corner of his mouth. “You should understand one thing. Whether here or somewhere else, whether you are my slave or not, if I want to, I can hold you in the palm of my hand, dominate you, possess you, control you, and make you kneel at my feet.”


       The man grabbed Xu Ye’s jaw with his hands and forced him to look at him, “To let you go, to agree to your leaving me, to allow you to find another dom at the club, was my leniency to you. But you took it for granted and repeatedly provoked my tolerance. It was a great show today. The line ‘All the past was just a rehearsal, everything is just to meet you at this moment is truly impressive. Unfortunately, I don’t like this kind of farce very much. I can indulge you as much as I like, but I can also destroy you as easily as I like. Your fortune, your future, your life, your family, everything can be a plaything in my hands, including your body.” Chu Yu’s eyes were full of dangerous dark light. He let go of his hand, and raised the corners of his lips, “So when I want to fvck you, you have no other choice but to open your legs.”


       These words pierced Xu Ye’s pride like a sharp knife and pulled him straight from the cloud into the mud like a ruthless hand. At this moment, the masked man was no longer his gentle master, but the second young master of the Chu family, the ruler standing at the top of the circle, and the Golden Eagle tycoon who holds power. In either capacity, it was enough to let him be slaughtered without any power to fight back. Like a lazy giant beast, he allowed Xu Ye to do anything until he was completely enraged and ruthlessly pressed that presumptuous little thing under his sharp claws.


       There was no escape.


       Xu Ye curled up cold all over, and this action obviously displeased the man. The man took a leather ring, got up and grabbed Xu Ye’s left ankle, and tied it to the metal ring beside the sofa. Except for his right leg, Xu Ye could hardly move anymore.


       “I’m usually very patient with disobedient people.” Chu Yu smiled lightly, but his eyes were cold. “Every time you move, I will add a toy to you. I’m giving you a warning, the next one I’m going to use is an electrified nipple clamp.”


       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move any more but looked at him sadly, and begged for mercy with a trembling voice, “Let me go… Please… I won’t appear in front of you again… I won’t make you angry…”


       Chu Yu took out a transparent sealed bag from the hidden locker at hand, tore it open, and put the thin surgical glove in it on his right hand. Then he squeezed some lubricant on his fingertips, pulled Xu Ye’s right leg away, and inserted a finger into the entrance of his hole.


       This sudden intrusion made Xu Ye scream out, his body arched like a fish, and his dilated pupils were filled with fear.


       This was not training, not a game, not an intimate interaction between dom and sub, but a simple act of violence. Chu Yu was a top dom, he knew exactly how to make his subs feel pleasure, and he also knew how to make them feel pain.


       The cold lubricating fluid entered the hot inner walls and sent shivers down his spine. Every movement of fingers inside the body made Xu Ye gasp and shiver uncontrollably. He instinctively tensed his body to resist, but the man pulled his fingers out.


       Xu Ye looked at Chu Yu helplessly, not knowing why he stopped suddenly, nor what he was going to do to him next. The man’s ink-coloured eyes were so cold that not a single emotion could be seen in them. He grabbed Xu Ye’s right ankle and stretched his legs to a wider angle.


       Xu Ye’s whole body was tinged with a faint crimson colour, and he didn’t dare to struggle. He could only let the man put himself in such a humiliating posture, scanning the most secret parts of his body.


       Chu Yu curled his lips into a smile, but his voice was as cool as the night breeze, “All cleaned up. It seems that you are well prepared to find a new master. It’s a pity that the person who will use this place is not Marvin.” The two fingers on the back of his hole were inserted in without hesitation, causing Xu Ye to shriek.


       Although the curtains hung all around cutting off the view, they couldn’t cut off the sound. His cry made the whole venue gradually quiet down. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the covered special area, and they were all speculating on what was going on inside.


       Pharaoh who was sitting by the window glanced in that direction, and said to Tom who was beside him, “The smart-ass are in for a treat this time.”


       Tom smiled, “The Earl is the type of man who is usually well-mannered, but when he gets angry, he is very scary. This time Marvin deliberately got the kid in front of him to perform such a show. I watched it and felt that the kid was just trying to kill himself.”


       “How can this be my fault?” Marvin leaned on the sofa, “He came to seduce me. I didn’t seduce him. Besides, a disobedient little slave always needs to be taught a lesson to remember. I returned him to the Earl with such grace, waving my sleeve and not taking a cloud with me, it should’ve touched the whole of humanity.”


       “Aren’t you tempted?” Jerry said with a smile, “touched someone’s face, scratched his neck, tsk… I remember that the Earl seems to hate people who touch his man the most.”


       Marvin said, “Don’t be ridiculous, that was all for the plot development…”


       Jerry’s eyes curved into a crescent as he continued, “Everything shows that the Earl has a soft spot about that little guy. Lion, when you had him between your legs, don’t you feel that the line of sight on the side was so cold it was dropping ice?”


       “… Forget it, I won’t be coming to the club for a few months,” Marvin said with a dark face.

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Chapter 17

       It was only for a split second, and Xu Ye quickly looked away. He raised his eyes to look at Marvin in front of him, and said in a quiet voice, “Yes, sir.”


       Everyone found that his eyes no longer wandered, and gradually became clearer.


       “How many?” Marvin continued to ask.


       “One, sir.” Each of Xu Ye’s responses was in respectful sentences. He expressed his desire to be accepted with a good attitude.


       “Why did you split up?”


       Xu Ye’s eyelashes trembled slightly when he heard this question clearly.


       Each of Marvin’s knowing questions had a purpose. While testing Xu Ye’s bottom boundaries as a dom, he also used this method to tell him ‘If you want to be mine, show the loyalty you should have—in front of your former master’. From the very beginning of this game, Xu Ye knew that the other party would ask this question, and he also prepared the answer, and simply saying ‘they are not compatible’ could solve everything without criticism.


       But he changed his mind.


       Because of that look just now, because of the way Chu Yu looked at him, and because of the man leaning on Chu Yu’s lap.


       Xu Ye straightened up and smiled at Marvin in front of him. He heard his own voice, steady and calm.


       “All the past was just a rehearsal, everything is just to meet you at this moment, sir.”


       This somewhat poetic response was just right to stir up some emotions, and Marvin was flabbergasted. The other people sitting on the sofa turned to look at Chu Yu in unison. The man just sat quietly, and no emotion could be seen on his face covered by the mask.


       “That’s an interesting answer, but…” Marvin dragged his voice and said slowly, “Guess your ex-dom would be very angry when he heard that?”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips, and replied, “I don’t think so, sir. He probably already has a better sub. Everyone should move on, it’s not good to cling to the past.”


       Marvin laughed, “Are you rebuking me for asking too much?”


       “No, you have a right to know everything about me.” Calm and courteous. At this moment, Xu Ye tried his best to shake off the fetters in his heart, making himself look more indifferent. Especially… in front of Chu Yu. However, when the Lion gave the first command, such a mental fortitude collapsed in an instant.


       “Such a blank expression, do I need to repeat it again?” Marvin sat with arms crossed, “Take off your clothes.”


       “Sir, the club’s regulations state that nudity is prohibited in the venue.” Xu Ye’s voice was dry.


       “Yes, it seems that you have read the regulations very carefully.” Marvin smiled, “Then you should have also noticed the part about the rights of platinum members in the additional terms.”


       Xu Ye’s face became a little ugly. He had indeed seen such clauses. Platinum members were shareholders and veterans of the club, and they had many privileges, one of which was that they could move around in exclusive areas without restriction. In other words, Lion’s request for him to be naked in the sofa area was in order.


       “The privileged class is really annoying, isn’t it?” Marvin said teasingly, then snapped his fingers, summoned the young slave he brought today, and ordered, “Go and lower the curtain, our new friend is a bit shy.”


       In no time at all, a white curtain dr4p3d from the roof of the room surrounded the entire sofa area, blocking out the view of the outside world and creating a small, enclosed space, and for the first time, Xu Ye realised that the so-called premium members’ area was not just a circle of sofas, but also had this function.


       But what really concerned him was not the people blocked by the curtain, but… his gaze drifted away from Marvin inadvertently, and he retracted as if he was electrocuted when his gaze landed on that person.


       Chu Yu was looking at him.


       Xu Ye’s ears flushed a faint red, he gritted his teeth, and quickly took off his clothes as if he were tearing them off.


       Since he was the one who wanted to start this, there was no need to pretend to be reserved. He was the one who had taken the initiative to seduce the Lion, so it was too hypocritical to be coy now. Despite the constant self-hypnosis in his heart, he hesitated when he took off his underpants, and just when he made up his mind to take them off, Marvin suddenly called for a stop.


       “That’s it.” Mr. Lion looked at him with a smile, “I have no intention of making you strip naked, but I’m sure if I asked that you would comply, right?”


       “…Yes, sir.” Xu Ye stood in the middle of the circular field, with only a pair of dark blue boxer briefs left on his body. The temperature of the air conditioner in the club was not too high, but it felt a bit cold to the naked skin. And those sights that fell on him made his face uncontrollably blush gradually.


       “Second order.” Marvin patted his leg, “Come and kneel.”


       Xu Ye secretly breathed a sigh of relief. This could be regarded as a standard request for subs, much simpler than those weird commands.


       Marvin sat with his legs wide open, looking handsome for his height and build. Xu Ye hesitated for a moment, knelt between his legs, and looked up at him.


       He was waiting for the last command.


       Marvin narrowed his eyes and asked, “Didn’t your former master teach you what you needed to do when he sat like this?”


       Xu Ye was stunned for a moment, his eyes darting to the side once more, and replied, “No, sir.”


       There was a snort, and Jerry, who was sitting on the sidelines watching, laughed out loud. He was the handsome man who said Xu Ye was ‘very handsome’ last time. “Ah, I’m sorry, his confused eyes are so cute, I couldn’t hold back…” Jerry waved his hand, “How can you do that to such an innocent face, Lion, don’t be so mean.”


       “It is the wish of every devil to blaspheme an angel.” Marvin bent down, his tall figure almost completely blocking out the light above Xu Ye’s head. He looked at the almost naked man in front of him with a smirk and said, “Since he hasn’t taught you, I’ll have to help you speed up your basic lessons.” As he spoke, he held Xu Ye’s chin with one hand so that he was looking directly at him. He then said it word by word, “Usually when the master sits like this, he is asking his slave to serve him in the way he likes, for example, with this.” He cupped Xu Ye’s jaw and forced him to open his mouth with a slight pressure.


       Xu Ye stiffened and stared in horror as Marvin released his grip, and leaned on the back of the sofa. He looked down at him and said, “This is the third command, please use your mouth to please me.”


       Xu Ye had asked to be Marvin’s sub and he was mentally prepared for the difficulties he might encounter. But he didn’t expect to be given such an order. For many subs, performing oral sex on dom was a common occurrence. But he had never done it, let alone in front of so many people.


       He clenched his fist so tightly that his nails sank into his palm, causing pain. At this moment, the emotions that surged up in his heart were not regret, but disappointment. Disappointment in himself. Disappointed in himself for not being able to stop looking at Chu Yu, for not being able to help but thinking of Chu Yu, and for caring deeply about Chu Yu all the time.


       Xu Ye moved his gaze down from Marvin’s face to between his legs. His bangs covered his eyes, and his naked upper body trembled slightly as he breathed. Time seemed to have stopped, and there was silence in the confined space. Although Jerry persuaded him in a joking tone just now, this was a matter between him and Marvin, and others were not qualified to intervene in any way. Everyone was quietly watching Xu Ye’s reaction.


       After a long silence, Xu Ye finally moved. He raised his hand to the leather belt in front of him, unbuttoned it abruptly, followed by the button, and then pulled down the zipper of the dark blue jeans. His tense fingers rubbed against the warmth of the man’s underwear, and he shrank back.


       “Sir…” Xu Ye’s voice was very soft, as he raised his head, and his eyes were full of pleading, “Can you change the place?”


       “Reason?” Marvin asked.


       “There are too many people….I can’t do it.”


       “Is there too much audience?” Marvin looked at him with interest. “So, who do you want to leave?”


       Xu Ye was stunned, his eyes tilted to the side, and he lowered his head and stammered, “I didn’t mean that… I’ve never done this before, so…”


       “Ah, a first-timer.” Marvin smiled, “It’s a pity that I’m not a sympathetic man, and I don’t have time to wait for you to take your time and think about it.” He reached out and grabbed the back of Xu Ye’s neck, hooked him forward and pushed him right up against his crotch.


       Xu Ye was taken aback and put his hands against Lion’s thighs in a panic.


       “I’ll give you one last chance before my patience runs out.” Marvin’s dark brown eyes glowed with a dark light, “No more tricks, no more bargaining.”


       Xu Ye looked at the man’s erection who was close at hand, and for a moment, he closed his eyes in despair.


       “I can’t do it.”


       There was a familiar smile on Marvin’s lips, he got up and straightened his clothes, and said lightly, “So, you don’t meet my requirements, and I refuse to be your dom.” He paused and said, “Xu Ye, I’m not a substitute for someone you want to forget. If you are looking for dom with this in mind, I advise you not to continue.” With that, he lifted the curtain and left with his slave.


       Tom and Jerry looked at each other, got up and left. Pharaoh stopped in front of Huamei and said, “You, come with me.” Huamei was startled, and looked at Chu Yu who was sitting beside him, but found that his eyes had been on the naked man, and his heart suddenly sank. He got up silently and left with Pharaoh.


       In the small area blocked by the curtain, there were only two people left.


       Xu Ye gritted his teeth and got up, picked up the clothes on the ground one by one and put them on. When he was about to leave, the man who had been quiet all this time spoke in a cold voice, “Stop.”


       Xu Ye’s hand paused as he lifted the curtain and turned back with an expressionless face, “Is Second Young Master is calling me?”


       “Come here.”


       This commanding tone made Xu Ye a little annoyed. He looked at the man coldly and didn’t move.


       Chu Yu got up and slowly walked up to him, looking at him with his ink-like eyes. Xu Ye looked at him for a moment, pursed his lips, lowered his head and looked away.


       It seemed that every time their eyes collided, it ended in his own failure. Xu Ye smiled wryly in his heart, and tried to avoid him, but was grabbed by the wrist. He wanted to shake it off, but the man increased his strength, and he couldn’t help crying out in pain.


       “Let me go!” Xu Ye, who couldn’t break free, felt even more depressed, and almost said three words in a loud voice.


       The man did not let go, but increased his strength and pushed him to face up on the sofa, firmly pressing Xu Ye’s wrists on both sides of his head, with a bit of playfulness in his eyes behind the mask, he asked leisurely, “Was it fun to change masters?”

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Chapter 16

       Xu Ye felt that he needed to get some air.


       The sky was pitch black, with no stars or moon in sight. The night breeze came blowing towards his face, blowing the cool air through his hair, and gradually calmed him down, allowing him to see his own mind clearly.


       He knew exactly what the irritation that had swept over him when he had just witnessed Chu Yu and Huamei’s intimate actions were about. Xu Ye smiled wryly in the silent night sky.


       He couldn’t believe he was acting like a bitch and was jealous of the men who approach him. It was crazy.


       According to others, he was lucky to be accepted by the Earl, but now it seemed that he was unfortunate. It was like having tasted the most delicious dish among a table of dishes and eating the other dishes afterwards, one would always feel that it didn’t taste good, and then one would want to continue to relive the taste of that dish again and again. For Xu Ye, Chu Yu was that dish. He knew that it would be difficult for him to find a better dom than him, but the arrow had already left the string, if he kept holding on, he would be trapped in an endless loop.


       He needed to move on.


       “Hey.” A familiar voice came from behind. Xu Ye turned around and saw Marvin walking over with a glass of wine. He was wearing a brown leather coat, raised his hand and made a gesture to retreat, and his slave took a few steps back and knelt down quietly.


       “Hello, Mr. Marvin.” Xu Ye greeted first.


       “It’s really an estranged greeting.” The man stood beside him with a smile, putting his arms on the railing, “Looking at the scenery alone here?”


       “Out for a breath of fresh air.”


       “Hmm. Indeed, it’s quite stuffy inside.” Marvin glanced at him sideways, seemingly casually picking up a topic, “It looks like he’s starting to be interested in Huamei.”


       Xu Ye pursed his lips. He knew who the ‘he’ Marvin was referring to, and even though he didn’t want to discuss the topic at all, he did his best to smile and said, “That’s good.”


       “One of the requirements for being a good dom is to be able to read people. You can tell how a sub is feeling by recognising his expressions. Whether he wants or refuses, whether he is happy or in pain, whether he is honest or lying.” Marvin tapped his fingers rhythmically on the railing and looked at him with a smile, “The look on your face—it’s clearly a lie.”


       It was not a good feeling to be exposed in person. But Xu Ye didn’t bother to take the trouble to refute him and just remained silent.


       “Xu Ye, you make me very curious.” As Marvin saw him like this, he cut to the point directly.


       “I’m flattered.” There was a hint of sarcasm in his response.


       Marvin didn’t care and said to himself, “I have to admit that my original intention of taking you there in the first place was to play some tricks on you. The Earl has high requirements for subs and is very picky, and you’re a prickly newcomer who’s never going to meet his standards, so I waited to see how you hit the wall. But he took you upstairs and took off the mask when he came down, which surprised us all, and he ended up putting his mask back on again today.” He paused, “At first I guessed that you had done something out of line to make him angry and abandoned you.”


       “It’s a good guess, that’s what happened.” Xu Ye said indifferently.


       “Put your little wits away, Xu Ye. You don’t know what a sub that angers the Earl and is abandoned by him will become.” Marvin looked at him with dark brown eyes, “His rejects are the ones that no one dares to reach out and pick up, so the sub he openly discards will not find any dom in the circle who dares to accept him and will be ostracised by everyone, bitter and alone. There was a sub who cheated on him with another dom and you will know what happened to those two if you ask around. You can’t afford the price of betraying him.”


       Xu Ye’s heart sank, and he raised his eyes stiffly.


       “Now that’s a good look on your face, you should understand that isn’t something you can joke about.” Marvin curled his lips and continued, “So, you guys didn’t split up because you did something out of the ordinary, or he wouldn’t have suppressed your relationship with him and asked us to keep it a secret.”


       “Secret?” He was taken aback and repeated.


       Marvin laughed, “Otherwise, with that much attention on the Earl, do you think no one would have known about the sub?”


       Xu Ye was a little confused and turned his head to glance at the brightly lit hall. Chu Yu was sitting, and Huamei knelt by his legs and leaned up to talk to him. That mask was still on.


       “Based on what I know about the Earl, he will not easily establish a relationship, nor does he cut them off easily.” Marvin leaned against the railing, facing the hall, “And yet you parted on such short time. So it seems…” He chuckled softly, “It turned out that you abandoned him on your own accord.”


       Xu Ye’s breathing stopped for a beat, but the expression on his face remained unchanged, and his tone was also light, “That kind of speculation is too wild and unconstrained, as they say, it is the greatest luck to be able to make the Earl look at you. How could I dare to spoil such fortune.” This guy’s guess was so accurate that Xu Ye was secretly startled. If other people know that he offered to end the relationship and left the Earl, how could he still be in this circle…


       “Don’t be nervous.” Marvin stood with folded arms, “I didn’t mean to make a big deal out of it. And since your former dom is so generous, I’m not in a position to get involved. I’m just a little curious, the Earl would condone a sub who dumped him. It’s incredible that he allowed his sub to be here properly.”


       Xu Ye lowered his eyes and smiled silently. The light through the glass reflected in the dark eyes under the pair of long eyelashes, making it look brighter like obsidian polished to a dazzling lustre. The slightly curved eyebrows and the raised corners of the lips softened the lines of the face, giving it an indistinct charm, like a white deer appearing in the forest at night, making people unconsciously want to chase it.


       The smile left Marvin stunned. He didn’t expect that the handsome man in front of him would have such a stunning smile. His sight was firmly drawn by those bright eyes as if it would take great effort to move them away.


       The man’s fluttering lips were speaking bewitching words one at a time.


       “If you want to know, why not try to be my dom.”


       It was provocative, but also seductive.


       It was the most instinctive desire of all doms to dominate, conquer, control, and to bring others under their feet. As a top dom, Marvin had his own standards for selecting and measuring subs, and he also had the ability to be picky. In the beginning, he was messing around with Xu Ye out of novelty, and he wanted to tease him on a whim, without much seriousness. In fact, there are many handsome subs around Marvin, but none of them seemed to be as special as the one in front of him.


       He was obviously a person who was not very outstanding, but he had such a heart-warming smile, which teased the desire in the man’s heart. Marvin thought of the water demons lurking in the sea in those fairy tales, who confuse those navigators who broke into the forbidden area with their beautiful singing voices, entangling their ears and hearts, and leading them step by step towards their own doom.


       The Earl’s indeed had a good eye. What kind of demeanour should such a person be when he kneels at his feet or was pressed under him, enduring, weeping, and begging?


       Marvin felt that his body seemed to heat up, and squinted at him. “You are seducing me.”


       “Yes.” Xu Ye was still laughing, and made a point of licking his lips with his tongue, “Of course, a single sub wants a good dom, so I want you.”


       “Fleeing from the Earl and fall into my arms.” Marvin’s voice became low, “You are playing with fire.”


       Xu Ye tilted his head slightly, and looked back at him with an almost provocative look, “So, do you dare to want me?”


       “Don’t try to provoke me, it won’t work.” There seemed to be a faintly flickering flame in Mr. Lion’s eyes, which flickered in and out of existence, and he hooked his hand under Xu Ye’s chin. He looked at him for a moment and smiled. “You pretended to be well-behaved before, but now you’re showing your claws. I never realised you were a dangerous animal.” He let go of his hand, turned around and took two steps into the house, turned around and said, “Don’t you want to be my sub? Come with me.”


       Xu Ye’s thoughts were very simple. He wanted to find a dom with good skills to form a fixed relationship to relieve his desire. Although Marvin already had a sub by his side and couldn’t meet the one-on-one requirements, overall speaking he was a very good candidate, so Xu Ye was willing to settle for the second best. But with his relationship with Chu Yu on the table, and knowing their previous relationship, he would definitely not accept him readily.


       Since the other party wouldn’t take the initiative, then he should take the initiative. He desperately needed a new dom, to erase the man’s scent, temperature, and touch from himself. This was his first attempt at seducing a man. Although he pretended to be calm, his heart was not in it. And as he followed Marvin to the circular sunken sofa area, he felt foolish for doing so.


       The presence of the same newcomer twice in that premium members’ area was bound to attract a lot of attention, and many eyes would gather, making Xu Ye feel like a having a burden on his back. Several people on the sofa had surprised expressions on their faces, but no one spoke.


       Marvin sat down, leaned on the back of the sofa with a relaxed body, and said with a smile on his face, “I’m taking subs for an interview, so you’d better try to satisfy me. First, introduce yourself.”


       Xu Ye kept his head down, keeping his eyes on the ground. He was hiding, avoiding the gaze from behind the mask. He could feel that Chu Yu, who was sitting beside him, was looking at him quietly, and that gaze made his body tense unconsciously. He was silent for a moment, curled up his cold fingers, and said, “My name is Xu Ye.” It seemed that it took a lot of effort to say those short words, and he felt that his breathing was not smooth.


       “It’s not good for you to be so nervous.” Marvin chuckled, “In this case, why don’t we do it in the form of a question-and-answer session? Honesty is a basic requirement of being a Sub, and you know I can tell when you’re lying, so, Xu Ye, answer my questions honestly.”


       “Yes, sir.” He tried to calm himself down and to not care about anything else.


       “Have you ever had a dom before?” Marvin’s first question made his heart choke. Xu Ye subconsciously raised his head and glanced at the man in front of him.


       The eyes behind the mask of black feathers were as deep and cold as the night. Chu Yu sat with folded arms, and beside his long overlapping legs was a kneeling Huamei.

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