The child took Song Jun towards the top of the tower and told him that in the tower, he had seen a person exactly like Song Jun, except that he was dressed differently.

       “That man seemed to have lived in the tower for a long time,” the child said.

       Song Jun watched him jump up the stairs and suddenly asked, “When were you imprisoned here?”

       The child looked a little gloomy, “A few months ago.”

       Song Jun asked him, “Can you never get out again?”

       The child said ‘En’ and said, “I will become like them in the future, and then I won’t feel lonely anymore.”

       Song Jun raised his hand and touched the child’s head. They didn’t feel warm at all.

       The child raised his head and looked at him as if he didn’t need him to pity him and said to him, “You can’t get out either. You can talk to me in the future. Maybe we won’t become like them.”

       Song Jun smiled but said nothing.

       They arrived at the highest floor of the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda. The child suddenly stopped walking and pointed to a man in front of him who was leaning against the railing and looking up at the top of the tower.

       The man was wearing dark clothes, with long black hair hanging down his shoulders. His appearance was clearly the same as Song Jun’s, but his face was serene, and his eyes were devoid of any expression.

       This was the incomplete soul in Song Jun’s body. He had Song Jun’s missing memory, but he had lost his sanity. He just relied on his memory and looked in the direction of heaven day after day, wanting to return to his master.

       Song Jun looked at him, closed his eyes, and then slowly walked in his direction.

       Ever since he first accompanied Xia Hongshen to the City God Temple, he felt a pull from his own soul. However, at that time, he didn’t know what it was. Even now, he remained unclear about why his soul and spirit were lost and trapped in this place. Yet, he was certain that once he retrieved his lost soul, he should be able to recover his past memories.

       At the time when his soul fused, many memories and emotions came together. Even though he could no longer feel the pain without his body, he still felt extremely painful because of this feeling.

       When Song Jun was about to kneel on the ground, he supported his body with his hands. He raised his head, gasped for air, and then slowly closed his eyes.

       Xia Hongshen waved his Gilded Phoenix Wings and struck them repeatedly against the Shining Snow in Mei Ling’s hand.

       In fact, this was the first time Xia Hongshen had fought against Mei Ling. As the daughter of Jade Emperor, Mei Ling’s spiritual power was naturally not weak, but she should not be so strong. After all, her opponent was Demon Zhen, an ancient monster that even the Jade Emperor dared not offend easily.

       Xia Hongshen used the Gilded Phoenix Wings to force Mei Ling to take a few steps back, then stopped and said, “Didn’t you notice?”

       Mei Ling was startled, “What did you notice?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “The demonic energy in your body is restless and is about to overflow.”

       When Mei Ling heard this, her face turned cold.

       Xia Hongshen continued, “Are you the one who bring the demonic energy into the city?”

       Mei Ling didn’t speak, which seemed to be her acquiescence.

       Xia Hongshen didn’t understand, “Do you realise that as the demonic energy spreads, the heavenly realm won’t let you act freely? Sooner or later, you will ruin this city.”

       Mei Ling said, “How do you know I don’t have the ability to contend with the heavenly realm?”

       Xia Hongshen asked, “As the daughter of Jade Emperor, what’s the point of doing such a thing?”

       “The daughter of Jade Emperor?” Mei Ling showed a look of disgust, “Isn’t the Jade Emperor helpless against you as well? If there’s something I want to achieve, I will do it. Since the Jade Emperor is of no use, I’ll rely on my own abilities to accomplish it.”

       Xia Hongshen frowned slightly.

       Suddenly, Xia Hongshen noticed that the ground beneath his feet began to tremble. He looked at Mei Ling and asked, “What’s going on?”

       Mei Ling smiled and said, “I opened the passage from the human world to the demon world. Then, monsters from the demon world can use this passage to enter and exit the human world.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Did you really collude with the demon world to do such a thing?”

       “Stop talking nonsense,” Mei Ling said impatiently, “Sooner or later, you will be nothing more than a prisoner under my command.”

       The Shining Snow Sword flashed with dazzling light and stabbed Xia Hongshen in the face again.

       At the same time, cracks invisible to the naked eye opened in countless dark corners of the city, and demonic energy sprang out from the cracks, flowing freely throughout the city.

       On the contrary, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck from the sky, followed by thunder and strong winds, as if a heavy rain was brewing.

       At this time, Xia Hongshen’s cell phone suddenly rang.

       He didn’t have time to answer the phone, so he flicked his fingers in his pocket, threw Xi Anling out, and asked her to answer the phone.

       Xi Anling turned over and knelt on the ground, with her short skirt not even covering her knees. After answering the phone, she heard Yun Po’s voice coming from the other side. He shouted loudly, “I can’t enter the city!”

       Xi Anling then shouted to Xia Hongshen, “Yun Po said he can’t enter the city!”

       While Xia Hongshen was fighting Mei Ling, he was still distracted and replied, “Tell him that this city has opened a gap with the demon world and has been sealed off by the heaven.”

       Xi Anling then told Yun Po again.

       Yun Po asked loudly, “What should we do?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Tell him to find a way to get into the city.”

       Xi Anling conveyed Xia Hongshen’s words again, then hung up the phone, stood up and wanted to help Xia Hongshen deal with Mei Ling, but Xia Hongshen ordered, “Go to Long Xing and tell him the situation.”

       Xi Anling was unwilling to give in and stared at Mei Ling fiercely.

       Xia Hongshen raised his voice slightly and yelled, “Go!”

       Then she stamped her foot, turned around and ran away.

       Mei Ling glanced at Xi Anling, sneered, and drew a semicircle in front of her forehead with her left hand. Then Xia Hongshen saw countless dark demonic energy surging in the direction of Mei Ling and entering her body.

       Mei Ling wanted to use the power of the demon world to defeat Xia Hongshen.

       A dark glow spread along the snowy white blade. As it continued to clash with the Gilded Phoenix Wings, the golden glow of the Gilded Phoenix Wings slowly faded, and it was about to be eroded by the demonic energy.

       Although Gilded Phoenix Wings and Dragon Tip Whip were Xia Hongshen’s usual weapons, the most powerful weapon around him was still the Chunjun, and it was also the weapon he used most easily.

       Even now, Xia Hongshen still did not know the true identity of the owner of the Demon Market. However, since it was related to the demonic energy and connected to Princess Meiling, then Chunjun should also be trapped by them.

       Where was Chunjun?

       Xia Hongshen raised his head and let out a beast’s roar, which was the sound he made to summon Chunjun. In their long years, once Chunjun had left his side, he had always been like this, impatiently calling Chunjun back; he did not want to leave Chunjun.

       Before that, Song Jun, who had found his soul and memory, was half-kneeling on the ground, trying to digest the things that were pouring into him.

       The child next to him cautiously looked at him and asked, “Are you okay?”

       Song Jun shook his head, resisted the pain and stood up. He reached out and touched the child’s head and said, “I’m fine.”

       The child looked up at him and suddenly felt something strange because the expression of the person in front of him had changed. He was not as calm and lifeless as before, nor was he the silly and innocent one just now. It was as if he was a different person.

       Song Jun stretched out his hand to hold the railing in front of him and gently pressed his chest with his other hand. He finally remembered everything. He also knew why he was here, and he knew more clearly what he should do next. And only now did he realise that Chunjun in his previous life was not as indifferent as he saw, but had more and stronger emotions, far beyond what he thought.

       “There’s no way out,” the little child told him, “none of us can get out.”

       Song Jun turned around and told him, “I will definitely go out.”

       The child didn’t know whether to believe it or not and kept looking at him with his head raised.

       Song Jun said, “I will take you out with me and send you to reincarnation.”

       The child opened his eyes wide, then sniffed as he said, “I don’t have any tears, but my nose is a little sore.”

       Song Jun smiled slightly at him.

       He took the children down from the top to the bottom of the pagoda. If he remembered correctly, Xia Hongshen told him that the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was connected to the eighteenth level of hell. Even if there was truly no way out of the pagoda, he was determined to find a way to escape, even if it meant entering the eighteen layers of hell.

       He was Chunjun, and there were thousands of lives under his sword. He had nothing to fear in this world, only concern.

       The door of the Soul-Suppressing Pagoda was still closed. The soul could only enter, but there was no way to get out.

       The ghost guarding the door was still trying to grab Song Jun’s arm. Song Jun raised his hand and waved him away. His whole body suddenly flew up and then landed in the distance.

       Song Jun reached out and touched the tower door.

       “It can’t be opened,” the kid said. He didn’t want to discourage Song Jun. He was just afraid that too much hope would eventually lead to more painful disappointment.

       Song Jun slowly closed his eyes. He was a sword spirit, and his soul carried Chunjun’s sharpest and purest sword energy. The sword energy was slowly injected into the pagoda door in front of him, and he wanted to use the sword energy to split the door directly.

       The entire Soul Suppressing Pagoda began to tremble, but it was still not enough. He could not use his sword energy to break open the door.

       The child was very disappointed and said to Song Jun, “It won’t do.”

       Song Jun opened his eyes, and he was not disappointed. If his ability were not enough to break through the door of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda, then he would go and find the passage to the eighteenth level of hell.

       At this moment, Song Jun heard Xia Hongshen’s call.

       The child asked in surprise, “What is the sound?”

       Song Jun raised his head and said, “My master is calling me. He needs me.”

       “Huh?” The child didn’t know why.

       The beast’s roar came one after another.

       Song Jun closed his eyes hard, and countless energy from the sword overflowed from his soul. The child was frightened and hurriedly hid in a corner to avoid the Chunjun sword energy.

       He saw Song Jun emanating a bronze-coloured glow, the sharp sword energy disrupting the stagnant air within the tower. Countless spirits emitted wailing cries. As the radiance expanded, the entire tower began to tremble violently. Sounds of collisions echoed from doors and windows. The seal outside the main gate was slowly sliced through by the sword’s energy, burning into a pile of ashes.

       When Night Patrol God led the guards from the City God’s Temple arrived, they saw that the door of the Soul Suppressing Pagoda was broken open from the inside. Song Jun, who was lying on the ground, slowly stood up. The blood on his forehead was not dry yet, but the wound there was already healing slowly.

       “Chunjun?” Night Patrol God shouted angrily, “Do you dare to destroy the tower?”

       As soon as the tower door opened, Song Jun came out, and many souls scattered in all directions.

       Song Jun didn’t have time to struggle with the Night Patrol God. He used his sword energy to force them away and flew away outside the City God’s Temple.

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