After half a year, Eta Star once again became the premiere battleground between the Empire and Olympus. The previous devastation was still there, and the two armies faced each other at the border. Arthur’s warships deployed in a chain formation, almost completely encircling the opposing force.

       The huge metal wings were like the scythe in the hand of death in the dark night, and the intensive artillery fire tore apart Eta Star’s fragile defence line.

       Shen Zhuofan was sitting at the back. He looked at Arthur, who was about to land and connected to the video call.

       “The guide team will set off in five minutes.” Shen Zhuofan was wearing a black field uniform. He was tall and slender. Although he was not as robust as a sentinel, he was still standing tall and graceful.

       Arthur’s fiery red hair stood out conspicuously on the battlefield. He joked, “It’s okay if you don’t go over. Just hide behind.”

       Shen Zhuofan rolled his eyes, “We can switch places if you want. You come here, and I’ll go there.”

       Arthur laughed. He put his two fingers together and made a handsome military salute in front of his forehead, “It is my honour to fight alongside you, Guide Shen Zhuofan.”


       Skarter and Lin Dongliang came not long after, and they were used to wearing formal clothes. This was the first time Shen Zhuofan saw his usually gentle and elegant senior wearing a field uniform.

       Lin Dongliang was a little shorter than him, but he didn’t look thin, and he had a gentle and heroic air.

       “There are a lot of controlled guides here; many of them are still underage.” Shen Zhuofan’s face turned ugly. He had not investigated Eta’s experimental projects before. However, when he actually saw it, he still couldn’t accept it, “Most of the Sentinel are diehard Olympus loyalists, and only a small portion of them are willing to submit and surrender.”

       Lin Dongliang frowned, “There is a reason why Olympus has been independent for so many years.” He took the lead in entering the Eta gene bank. He saw nothing else except a few sentinel corpses on the ground. Olympus had already emptied the furnishings inside beforehand.

       Arthur clicked his tongue, “It seems that what happened before has basically made them give up here.”

       Skarter didn’t comment. He led his men around a few times and returned to the gene bank with a serious expression, “I think we have to go directly to Olympus.”

       The others looked at him.

       Skarter took a deep breath, “If this side really gives up, then the size of Olympus’s current army is not something that His Majesty can fight against.”


       Moschery did not show any difference when he received Lin Dongliang’s report. He just replied, “I understand.” Then, he readjusted the distribution of the aircraft ships.

       Qin Yun saw that he had changed into a flight suit and did not stop him, “You don’t plan to take me with you?”

       Moschery glanced at him, “I’m just going to investigate. I’ll be back in a while.”

       “Then you stay here.” Qin Yun suggested, “There is no rule that the Emperor must personally take part in the danger. I can go if it is just for investigation.”

       Moschery frowned, “Don’t make trouble.” He said helplessly, “Little Bixi will be worried.”

       Qin Yun: “I will be worried if you go. That’s not the reason.”

       Moschery was a little angry, but he was reluctant to get really angry with Qin Yun. He glared at Qin Yun a little irritably, and finally, he could only compromise, “Call Chen Xiao and Tristana. You will be on a ship with them.”

       “…” Qin Yun was confused, “How could you give your guide to someone else…”

       Unmoved, Moschery insisted, “For your own good, cut the crap.”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       In the end, when the actual departure time came, the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, and Qin Yun didn’t expect to wait for Bixi.

       “I’ll go with you.” Bixi was carrying a first aid kit that looked bigger than her, “Just arrange an aircraft for me, or I can fly it myself.”

       Qin Yun was going crazy, “What’s the point of you going along for the ride?! Want me to die of fright?!”

       Bixi said confidently, “There are no big or small battlefields. As the commander, of course, I can go, but you, as a member of the royal family, should, in theory, one go, and one stays behind to oversee the overall situation”

       “…” Qin Yun was too depressed to refute and could only watch Bixi boarding Moschery’s ship.

       Tristana comforted him and said, “We’re not far away anyway, so we can always back up if something’s wrong.”

       Qin Yun folded his arms and said nothing. He had a lingering sense of unease, but he couldn’t quite articulate it in the moment. He had to endure it alone with no apparent solution in sight.


       When they were about to arrive at the border of Olympus, Moschery gave an order for everyone to hide. Chen Xiao piloted the aircraft to follow his, and the remaining ten or so small spacecraft formed a cross to protect the rear.

       Qin Yun couldn’t help but connect to the video and waited for a long time before seeing Moschery’s face.

       “Don’t get too far forward.” Qin Yun warned, “There’s no way Olympus isn’t patrolling.”

       Moschery nodded, “I know.” He frowned, “Sit down, don’t stand and talk to me, be careful of falling.”

       Qin Yun sat down obediently. He and Moschery looked outside together. After actually sneaking into the border of Olympus, they both discovered the problem.

       “…” Qin Yun, “This has gone full military base.”

       Moschery said nothing with a sullen face. Chen Xiao said seriously, “They’re on high alert. We’ll only be able to stay for a while at most.”

       Bixi’s voice came from the communicator, “Can you confirm where Helu is?”

       “It’s in progress.” Tristana quickly entered the command, “I’ve hacked into the Alliance map of Olympus… but it is too big. As His Highness said, they do not have any civilian equipment. It is just a large military base.” Suddenly, the female general’s face changed drastically, “Crap, they spotted us!”


       Several patrol ships had already moved quickly from a distance. Moschery calmly dodged the tracking bullets and gave the order in a deep voice, “Chen Xiao will go first. I will cover your retreat.”

       Qin Yun was just about to say whether the order was reversed when he felt the wings of the aircraft shaking. One of the enemy aircraft carriers was close to them at some point. The fuselage hit the side and almost overturned Chen Xiao in the driver’s seat.

       Moschery controlled the aircraft to fly upward quickly, and he concentrated his firepower to knock down the opponent without hesitation.

       “Damn it!” Chen Xiao’s head had just hit the top of his head; he wiped it only to realise that it was bleeding, and couldn’t help but curse.

       Tristana’s Crested Ibis flew to his side, its red and black wings gently caressing Sentinel’s wound.

       “I’m fine.” Qin Yun confirmed to Moschery in the video, “Stop covering up and just rush out.”

       The Emperor’s face was as dark as water, “It’s too late, the firepower is too strong, we must abandon one.”

       Qin Yun just discovered that half of the dozen or so spaceships that had followed him had been sunk by Olympus, and Moschery had arranged the rest around his own ship.

       “I’ll lure them away.” Moschery glanced at Qin Yun one last time, and he suddenly smiled, “There is something I want you to take a look at.”

       Qin Yun’s expression was a mix of bewilderment and anger. Before he could speak, Moschery turned off the communication device.

       Then, a huge black dragon appeared above the Moschery aircraft.

       “Oh my god…” Tristana covered her mouth and said in disbelief, “Is that His Majesty’s spiritual link?”

       At this moment, Qin Yun finally understood what his sentinel wanted to show him.


       Almost at the same time, the artillery fire of all Olympus patrol ships was aimed at Moschery’s aircraft. Chen Xiao roared and increased the speed of the aircraft to the extreme, and finally rushed out of the border, grazing the gunfire.

       Qin Yun turned around in panic. In a blaze of fire, the Moschery aircraft could no longer be seen clearly.


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