This completely subdued posture made Xu Ye angry and ashamed. He gritted his teeth and tried hard to break free, only to be met with an even stronger grip.


       “Looks like you’re not going to listen to me.” Chu Yu pulled both of Xu Ye’s hands up over his head and grabbed them with his right hand, while his left hand flipped open a piece of the sofa’s soft backrest at his side. Xu Ye was surprised to find that it was actually a hidden locker, and there were many props on the built-in wooden partitions, including soft whips, lubricating fluid, mouth gags and a few other toys. Chu Yu took out a pair of metal handcuffs with a soft leather inner ring, handcuffed Xu Ye’s wrists neatly, and fastened the iron chain attached to the middle of the handcuffs to the protruding metal ring on the side of the sofa.


       Xu Ye had noticed those metal rings and felt that they were awkward to use for decoration, but now he finally understood what they were used for. He struggled and twisted to no avail. The seemingly thin chain was so strong that it completely restrained his arms. “Why did you handcuff me here?” He looked at the man angrily, “The relationship between me and you is over. You are not my dom…”


       “Well, I’m not.” Chu Yu’s expression was very calm, “So next, I will use another identity to interact with you, just as you hoped.”


       The coldness of the man’s words made Xu Ye feel inexplicably flustered. When his slender fingers unbuttoned the shirt he had just put on, Xu Ye opened his eyes wide in disbelief and asked, “What are you going to do?”


       There was a hint of mocking laughter in his condescending dark eyes, and the corners of Chu Yu’s lips curled up as he said, “It seems that you are the only one I can do here.”


       “…Are you crazy?!” As the buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned one by one, Xu Ye felt that the blood in his body froze, and his voice trembled a little, “You can’t… not like this…”


       “Oh?” Chu Yu stopped, as if he was really seeking advice, and asked, “Why?”


       Xu Ye said urgently, “Because I don’t want to!”


       The man lowered his eyes and smiled as if hearing something interesting, “What you want is not important to me.”


       The last button was undone, and the shirt was wide open on both sides, exposing the white body to the air without any cover. Xu Ye trembled from the slight chill on his skin, and he said in a panic, “You can’t force me…”


       Chu Yu looked at him leisurely, “Of course I can. It is clearly written in the membership rules that low-level members who break into the exclusive area without permission are at the disposal of the owner of that area. This is my territory, so whatever I do to you, it’s reasonable.” He moved his hand to Xu Ye’s belt and untied it gently. Xu Ye’s hands were bound by handcuffs and he couldn’t move, so he could only shrink his body upwards desperately, but the man held his waist firmly, with such force that hurt his waist.


       It was completely different from before when this man put away those gentle wings. Now he was surrounded by a hostile coldness, so powerful that it made people feel frightened.


       This was not a joke, he was really going to get the better of him.


       Xu Ye was completely confused when he realized this, and argued urgently, “I didn’t break in… it was Marvin who brought me in…”


       When Chu Yu heard Xu Ye say Marvin’s name, his eyes grew colder, and he said word by word, “No matter who it is, as long as I don’t approve of it, your reason will not be valid. Everything here is at my disposal, including you.” The ruthless sentence, an icy tone. As he spoke, he pulled down the zipper on Xu Ye’s jeans, deliberately slowing down his movements, as if he was tearing a beautifully wrapped present.


       Under such a sense of oppression, the slightest touch on his sensitive parts made Xu Ye’s body stiffen. The horror in his eyes deepened, and he repeated helplessly, “Don’t do this…you can’t do this…”


       “Don’t do this? Oh yes, you seem to prefer Lion’s wild style.” Chu Yu grabbed Xu Ye’s trousers by the waist and roughly ripped them all the way down, then tore his underwear in half as Xu Ye fiercely resisted and threw them to the floor with his hands.


       With his shirt wide open and his lower body completely naked, the most vulnerable part of his body was exposed to the sight of others. The feeling of being forced to be naked like this was completely different from the nakedness he had experienced when he was a slave. Panic, shame, and humiliation of being powerless to resist were intertwined, making him uneasy and resistant from the bottom of his heart. Xu Ye trembled, and the fear in his eyes turned into terror.


       “Not going to resist anymore?” Chu Yu looked down at the person below him with a hint of mockery at the corner of his mouth. “You should understand one thing. Whether here or somewhere else, whether you are my slave or not, if I want to, I can hold you in the palm of my hand, dominate you, possess you, control you, and make you kneel at my feet.”


       The man grabbed Xu Ye’s jaw with his hands and forced him to look at him, “To let you go, to agree to your leaving me, to allow you to find another dom at the club, was my leniency to you. But you took it for granted and repeatedly provoked my tolerance. It was a great show today. The line ‘All the past was just a rehearsal, everything is just to meet you at this moment is truly impressive. Unfortunately, I don’t like this kind of farce very much. I can indulge you as much as I like, but I can also destroy you as easily as I like. Your fortune, your future, your life, your family, everything can be a plaything in my hands, including your body.” Chu Yu’s eyes were full of dangerous dark light. He let go of his hand, and raised the corners of his lips, “So when I want to fvck you, you have no other choice but to open your legs.”


       These words pierced Xu Ye’s pride like a sharp knife and pulled him straight from the cloud into the mud like a ruthless hand. At this moment, the masked man was no longer his gentle master, but the second young master of the Chu family, the ruler standing at the top of the circle, and the Golden Eagle tycoon who holds power. In either capacity, it was enough to let him be slaughtered without any power to fight back. Like a lazy giant beast, he allowed Xu Ye to do anything until he was completely enraged and ruthlessly pressed that presumptuous little thing under his sharp claws.


       There was no escape.


       Xu Ye curled up cold all over, and this action obviously displeased the man. The man took a leather ring, got up and grabbed Xu Ye’s left ankle, and tied it to the metal ring beside the sofa. Except for his right leg, Xu Ye could hardly move anymore.


       “I’m usually very patient with disobedient people.” Chu Yu smiled lightly, but his eyes were cold. “Every time you move, I will add a toy to you. I’m giving you a warning, the next one I’m going to use is an electrified nipple clamp.”


       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move any more but looked at him sadly, and begged for mercy with a trembling voice, “Let me go… Please… I won’t appear in front of you again… I won’t make you angry…”


       Chu Yu took out a transparent sealed bag from the hidden locker at hand, tore it open, and put the thin surgical glove in it on his right hand. Then he squeezed some lubricant on his fingertips, pulled Xu Ye’s right leg away, and inserted a finger into the entrance of his hole.


       This sudden intrusion made Xu Ye scream out, his body arched like a fish, and his dilated pupils were filled with fear.


       This was not training, not a game, not an intimate interaction between dom and sub, but a simple act of violence. Chu Yu was a top dom, he knew exactly how to make his subs feel pleasure, and he also knew how to make them feel pain.


       The cold lubricating fluid entered the hot inner walls and sent shivers down his spine. Every movement of fingers inside the body made Xu Ye gasp and shiver uncontrollably. He instinctively tensed his body to resist, but the man pulled his fingers out.


       Xu Ye looked at Chu Yu helplessly, not knowing why he stopped suddenly, nor what he was going to do to him next. The man’s ink-coloured eyes were so cold that not a single emotion could be seen in them. He grabbed Xu Ye’s right ankle and stretched his legs to a wider angle.


       Xu Ye’s whole body was tinged with a faint crimson colour, and he didn’t dare to struggle. He could only let the man put himself in such a humiliating posture, scanning the most secret parts of his body.


       Chu Yu curled his lips into a smile, but his voice was as cool as the night breeze, “All cleaned up. It seems that you are well prepared to find a new master. It’s a pity that the person who will use this place is not Marvin.” The two fingers on the back of his hole were inserted in without hesitation, causing Xu Ye to shriek.


       Although the curtains hung all around cutting off the view, they couldn’t cut off the sound. His cry made the whole venue gradually quiet down. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the covered special area, and they were all speculating on what was going on inside.


       Pharaoh who was sitting by the window glanced in that direction, and said to Tom who was beside him, “The smart-ass are in for a treat this time.”


       Tom smiled, “The Earl is the type of man who is usually well-mannered, but when he gets angry, he is very scary. This time Marvin deliberately got the kid in front of him to perform such a show. I watched it and felt that the kid was just trying to kill himself.”


       “How can this be my fault?” Marvin leaned on the sofa, “He came to seduce me. I didn’t seduce him. Besides, a disobedient little slave always needs to be taught a lesson to remember. I returned him to the Earl with such grace, waving my sleeve and not taking a cloud with me, it should’ve touched the whole of humanity.”


       “Aren’t you tempted?” Jerry said with a smile, “touched someone’s face, scratched his neck, tsk… I remember that the Earl seems to hate people who touch his man the most.”


       Marvin said, “Don’t be ridiculous, that was all for the plot development…”


       Jerry’s eyes curved into a crescent as he continued, “Everything shows that the Earl has a soft spot about that little guy. Lion, when you had him between your legs, don’t you feel that the line of sight on the side was so cold it was dropping ice?”


       “… Forget it, I won’t be coming to the club for a few months,” Marvin said with a dark face.

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