Hello, this is my first time translating a ‘book’ like this, so the chapter numbering might be kinda weird especially since the author moved the work from ueishang to Miguo (myrics.com)

I am well aware there’s an existing translation of this book;
Volume 1 was translated until around chapter 22
Volume 2 was translated until around chapter 28
Both were by the same translator (Taizidianxia) but the translation seemed to disappeared from NU
Volume 3 was fully translated Ontimestory group 
Volume 4 with no translation last time I checked

I do not wish for this translation to be linked in NU for now because this is my own desire to do the re-translation for so long since I wanted to do volume 4 so badly yet feel somewhat weird if I didn’t do it from the start because the books are connected to one another. So I will be linking it when I started to do volume 4

Without further ado, here’s the link for all the translations

Book 1 – Dangerous Love

Book 2 – Love under the Whip

Book 3 – Forbidden Love

TW: r4p3, sexual abuse(not like the previous book kind of abuse)


Book 4 – A Love Reunited