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The Dragon Egg I Nurtured for a Thousand Years Finally Hatched

Chapter 5 – The Miser

Chapter 5 – The Miser


After giving some guidance to Little Black Dragon, Su Muluo remembered that Zheng Hechun and a few others were still standing at the door. He slightly stepped aside and said, “Please come in.”


Zheng Hechun thanked him and led the others into the room. Their faces were calm, but their movements were cautious, as if they were not entering an ordinary rented house but a place filled with hidden dangers.


Su Muluo had initially thought about making tea for his guests, but he realized he didn’t have any tea leaves. However, he had a few cans of milk. So, he asked, “Would you like some milk?”


Zheng Hechun waved his hand and smiled, saying, “No, we’re not thirsty, so you don’t need to trouble yourself.” They didn’t dare to let this gentleman pour water for them, especially since the real dragon in his hand was coldly watching them.


Su Muluo didn’t insist and simply nodded, then sat down with Little Black Dragon.


The living room fell silent for a moment, and Zheng Hechun spoke again with a smile, “Is this your first time in Lin City? I don’t recall seeing you before.”


He had noticed the wristband provided by the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings on Su Muluo’s wrist and knew that only young talents who had recently arrived in the human world for less than a year needed to wear such magical monitoring devices.


Su Muluo replied, “Yes, I registered with the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings just yesterday.”


He wasn’t afraid of the Bureau discovering his true identity because the Phoenix and Dragon clans were long gone from the human world’s perspective. With the power of these human cultivators, they wouldn’t be able to see through his true form. When the old Rabbit Yao helped him sell feathers, they only claimed they were feathers from a thousand-year-old demon, as publicly revealing himself as the last Phoenix might cause trouble. Now that Little Black Dragon had just hatched, revealing his true identity would undoubtedly stir up trouble once again, which would be detrimental to him and his dragon.


Zheng Hechun was slightly surprised but quickly understood the coincidence. He realized that the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings wanted to show goodwill to Su Muluo and was inclined to cooperate with him. Su Muluo’s earlier words indicated his willingness to accept this overture because he also had a request for the Bureau.


With this understanding, the situation became much clearer. Zheng Hechun’s smile became more sincere as he said, “Usually, when supernatural beings want to open a shop in a human city, they have to go through several inspections. But since it’s your request, we will expedite the process for you. You don’t need to worry about any formalities, including obtaining your human identity card.”


Su Muluo nodded slightly and said, “Thank you. You’ve helped me, and in return, if you ever need assistance, I’ll be there.”


He didn’t plan to join the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, but now that Little Black Dragon’s identity was exposed, the Bureau would undoubtedly keep an eye on them. In such a situation, it was better for both sides to show goodwill and cooperate amicably.


Zheng Hechun was pleased with this outcome. It was the best result they had hoped for, as Su Muluo’s commitment included not only himself but also the real dragon he possessed. They had no intention of recruiting Su Muluo into the Bureau, but having this commitment was more than enough.


Although humans and supernatural beings had lived in peace for many years, there were still hidden undercurrents at play. However, due to the balance maintained between the two sides, these tensions had not erupted into major conflicts. Now, with a real dragon in the mix, that balance might be disrupted, and opportunistic individuals might manipulate the situation, leading to renewed conflicts and hostilities. The consequences of such a scenario were unimaginable.


That’s why the Bureau’s headquarters wanted to establish a positive relationship with the real dragon. They believed that as a potential disruptor of the balance, the real dragon, as long as it didn’t interfere with that balance, could help maintain the peace between humans and supernatural beings.


Now that they had obtained the commitment, Zheng Hechun bid farewell to Su Muluo, promising to deliver the identity card and ensuring that all procedures for opening a shop would be hassle-free if he decided to go ahead with it.


Su Muluo thanked them and escorted them to the door. As they walked out of the ordinary old housing complex, Zheng Hechun let out a sigh of relief, realizing that he had broken out in a cold sweat at some point.


“Let the headquarters know,” he said, feeling relieved. “The one who accepted our goodwill, the danger has temporarily passed.”


A fellow cultivator beside him asked, “Should we withdraw the people who were staying nearby?”


“Not for now. After all, that’s a real dragon, and we mustn’t take it lightly.” Zheng Hechun looked around the area and continued, “Of course, I believe he has noticed too, but since he hasn’t shown any aggression, it means this is within his tolerance.”


The fellow cultivator nodded, somewhat contemplative. “It seems we still don’t understand supernatural beings well enough. We thought we had a good grasp of their power, but suddenly, such a being emerges. Is this what creatures with hundreds or thousands of years of lifespan are like? They’ve hidden themselves very deeply.”


After a few seconds of silence, Zheng Hechun shook his head and sighed, “It’s an unavoidable situation. In any case, we need to be even more cautious from now on.”


“Zheng Bureau,” at that moment, a female cultivator who had been lost in thought since leaving the rental property suddenly spoke up. “I have a question.”


Zheng Hechun turned to her, and she continued, “I checked the records before we came. It seems that a being of similar scale to today’s events appeared about 1,800 years ago, and it’s eerily similar. You see, the only beings on the same level as a real dragon are phoenixes.”


Zheng Hechun’s expression changed, and the female cultivator paused before lowering her voice. “Could it be that the one we met just now is the legendary phoenix…”


“No, that’s impossible.”


Zheng Hechun took a deep breath, ran a hand over his forehead, and realized that he had broken into a cold sweat again, unnoticed.


“If it were a phoenix, he would never tolerate the existence of a real dragon, and the same goes for the dragon.” He said, “The Dragon and Phoenix clans harbored deep hatred long before their fall, and they wouldn’t just settle for breaking bones and shedding blood. How could they coexist peacefully under the same roof?”


The female cultivator fell silent for a moment, then nodded and said, “My mistake. I completely forgot about that.”


“No, you’ve been attentive enough; it’s just that our understanding of supernatural beings is still limited.” Zheng Hechun said, “Let’s go. We need to report back to headquarters, and as for what happens next… we’ll figure it out later.”


Inside the rental property, Su Muluo removed the wristband provided by the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings. Before leaving, Zheng Hechun had told him that he no longer needed to wear it, a sign of the Bureau’s trust in him.


Of course, on the surface, it was trust, but Su Muluo didn’t believe that the Bureau would completely leave him alone. At least for some time to come, there would be many hidden eyes on him.


Currently, he had only made an agreement with the Bureau, and neither side fully trusted the other. As for what would happen next, it was a step-by-step process.


However, Su Muluo wasn’t afraid of those people; at most, he found them troublesome. He looked down at Little Black Dragon, poked it and said, “Look at you, a little troublemaker.”


Little Black Dragon whined in response, then hugged its own Phoenix’s hand.


Su Muluo patted its head, took out his phone, and messaged the coffee shop owner to inform him that he had decided to rent the coffee shop. Since he could only collect his ID card the next day, they agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon.


With the coffee shop plan settled, Su Muluo opened the supernatural beings forum he had visited the day before and entered one of its sections.


While browsing the forum yesterday to find a quicker way to obtain his ID card, he had stumbled upon a special section for supernatural beings seeking assistance.


In this section, supernatural beings could post requests to hire other supernatural beings for various tasks. For example, if they had been mistreated by a powerful demon and needed help retaliating, or if they had a deep-seated grudge with another supernatural being and wanted someone to resolve the conflict… Although supernatural beings couldn’t harm humans, disputes among supernatural beings were left unchecked.


Moreover, due to the hiring nature of these requests, the compensation offered was usually quite substantial. Su Muluo even thought that if the coffee shop didn’t do well, he could take on some challenging tasks and, in addition to receiving compensation, ask the client to visit his coffee shop and help with free publicity.


If he couldn’t earn human money, he would earn supernatural being money. After all, it was all about making money!


Thinking of this, Su Muluo was brimming with confidence. He said to Little Black Dragon, “Once we start making money, we can buy a big house.”


He had spent a few days in the human city and had begun to like it. He was willing to stay longer, and buying a new house with money he earned would be quite satisfying.


Little Black Dragon whined and made a sound of agreement. Su Muluo watched it crawl up his sleeve and perch there, observing as the Phoenix made a beef stew.


Although this was the first time he was formally cooking in the past few days, Su Muluo learned quickly. After reading the recipe once, he was able to get started. After more than twenty minutes in the kitchen, a bowl of beef stew was ready.


The color was a bit strange, but other than that, everything seemed fine.


Little Black Dragon: “…”


Su Muluo said, “Don’t you want to try it?”


Little Black Dragon glanced at the peculiar-looking bowl of beef stew, then back at Su Muluo. Su Muluo urged, “It smells really good. Won’t you try it?” He pushed the bowl toward Little Black Dragon.


Little Black Dragon: “…”


Little Black Dragon reluctantly made a soft sound, then slowly lowered its head and took a sip of the beef stew.


And then, it took another sip.


Surprisingly, it was delicious!


Little Black Dragon was exceptionally thrilled, burying its head in the bowl, drinking with its tail wagging and its deep golden dragon pupils narrowing in satisfaction.


Su Muluo raised an eyebrow, looking at the tiny wagging tip of Little Black Dragon’s tail and couldn’t resist reaching out to touch it.


Then Little Black Dragon retracted its tail.


Su Muluo: “?”


He said, “Can’t you let me touch it?”


Little Black Dragon protested.


Su Muluo said, “Just once, a little touch.”


Little Black Dragon hugged its tail tip tightly.


Su Muluo: “…Tsk, so stingy.”


And he took the beef stew away.


Little Black Dragon: “???”


Su Muluo said, “It’s because you didn’t let me touch your tail.”


But despite what he said, he wouldn’t let Little Black Dragon go hungry, so he brought the beef stew back.


Little Black Dragon stared at him for a few seconds, then discreetly hid the tip of its tail, continuing to drink the soup.


The amount of beef stew was generous, and after finishing a bowl, Little Black Dragon’s belly was round, and it lay on Su Muluo’s palm, letting out a small satisfied burp.


Su Muluo rubbed its belly, and Little Black Dragon made a contented sound, snuggling affectionately in his hand.


Su Muluo watched this little dragon for a while, and a smile crept onto his lips. “So, you need to grow up quickly. When I was born, I was even bigger than you.”


Little Black Dragon grumbled and buried its head in Su Muluo’s hand, pretending it hadn’t heard.


During the night, Su Muluo took a bath and returned to bed. He saw Little Black Dragon crawl out from under the blanket. When he had entered the bathroom, it had even tried to hide in his pajamas and accompany him, but he unceremoniously pulled it out and tossed it onto the bed.


Su Muluo lay down under the cozy covers, watching Little Black Dragon curl up happily beside him. He thought for a moment and said, “I feel like you shouldn’t sleep beside me. What if I accidentally roll over and squash you? After all, you’re just a small dragon, and it could be dangerous.”


Little Black Dragon immediately grabbed his fingers and let out a little sound, indicating that it wasn’t afraid of getting squashed.


Su Muluo, watching this, couldn’t help but feel like he was the one being taken advantage of. While he and this dragon were officially partners, they hadn’t gone through a formal bonding ceremony yet.


No ceremony but already cohabiting and even sleeping in his bed!


This couldn’t continue!


When he turned off the lights, Su Muluo thought about this.


And when he finally had the chance, he would make the dragon sleep on the couch.


With this thought in mind, Su Muluo closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep.


—However, he didn’t know if it was because he had thought about Little Black Dragon before going to sleep, but he had another dream that night, a dream about the man with an obscured face but those deep golden eyes.


The man was once again sitting beside him. Though Su Muluo couldn’t see the man’s face, he could tell that the man was in a good mood, his intense gaze never leaving him.


Su Muluo didn’t want to see him, so he tried to move away. However, the man was faster and immediately grabbed his wrist.


Su Muluo: “Let go.”


“No,” the man’s voice contained a faint smile as he watched Su Muluo for a few seconds and then said, “Let me touch your feathers.”


Su Muluo: “?”


Were they close friends or something?


Was he crazy?


The man said, “Just a little touch.”


Su Muluo was cold and ruthless. “No, get away from me. I don’t want to talk to you.”


His feathers were delicate and precious; he couldn’t let anyone touch them casually.


Upon hearing this, the man clicked his tongue, then as if he had prepared for this moment, eagerly said the second part of his sentence, “So stingy.”


Su Muluo: “…”


He paused for a moment.


Suddenly, he realized why this phrase sounded so familiar.


The man continued, “Can’t even let me touch your feathers. So miserly.”


Su Muluo: “…”




The words he had once said were now being spoken by this person, and for a moment, he found it hard to argue.

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Chapter 4 – The Unusual Incident

Chapter 4: The Unusual Incident


At dawn, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


Early this morning, the Director of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, Zheng Hechun, arrived on the lower floor of the bureau with a restless mind. He stood before the specially designed Demon Energy Detector in the bureau.


The staff responsible for monitoring the detector was a powerful Wolf Demon. He observed Zheng Hechun, who had a solemn expression while staring at the detector for quite some time, and couldn’t help but ask, “Director, what’s going on? Has something happened outside?”


Zheng Hechun furrowed his brow and shook his head, saying, “No.” Then he inquired, “Has there been any activity with the detector today?”


The Wolf Demon replied, “No, I’ve been here, keeping watch all the time.”


As the name suggests, the Demon Energy Detector could sense intense fluctuations of Demon energy. In the past, when powerful Demon were born, their energy would spread into the world the moment they were born, and the energy detector would sense it. However, in recent decades, there had been peace in the human world, and it had been a long time since any major Demon had been born, so the energy detector had remained dormant for many years.


“Is that so?” Zheng Hechun mumbled, “But I can’t shake the feeling that something might happen today… perhaps another major Demon is about to be born.”


The Wolf Demon chuckled and said, “That’s impossible. With the thin spiritual energy in the world today, there are only a handful of thousand-year-old Demon left. Where could another major Demon come from?”


Zheng Hechun remained silent, just staring at the detector for a while longer, and then he slowly said, “Maybe I’m just being overly cautious.”


As he turned to leave, at that very moment, there was a thunderous, ancient bell-like rumble from behind, and the long-dormant Demon Energy Detector suddenly emitted a dazzling golden light and a deafening noise!


Zheng Hechun’s expression changed, and the Wolf Demon let out a terrified scream, trembling all over as he knelt on the ground. Within a hundred miles, the beasts quivered, and the Demon prostrated themselves. A vast and violent Demon energy swept through like a thunderstorm, with an underlying, majestic dragon roar that pierced the sky, lingering for a long time.


At that moment, the human world remained as calm as ever, and ordinary people continued to live their lives unaware. However, within a radius of hundreds of miles, centered around dawn, cultivators all felt the incredibly powerful and chilling Demon energy. Zheng Hechun looked at the sky in disbelief and finally managed to utter one sentence:


“A real dragon… has appeared in this world?!”


As for the commotion in the outside world, Su Muluo, who was at the scene, did not perceive it much.


At this very moment, his attention was entirely focused on the small black dragon that had just hatched.


The small black dragon was tiny, not even as thick as a thumb, covered in soft black scales. It had four tiny claws. It was rumored that dragon claws were extremely sharp and could easily split mountains and rocks. However, when these four little claws gently held onto the Phoenix’s finger, there was an indescribable softness.


In addition, the two small horns on the top of the little black dragon’s head were also soft. They rubbed against the Phoenix’s finger, and it was incredibly affectionate.




The small black dragon cuddled Su Muluo’s finger for a while, then snuggled onto the phoenix’s wrist, resting its head in his palm, contentedly narrowing its dragon eyes.




Su Muluo remained silent.


In the memories left by the Phoenix clan, the Dragon clan was the dominant ruler of the world, exuding an unrivaled air of authority. He had once imagined that his dragon would look magnificent after hatching… definitely not like this.


It was just too small!


Not at all fearsome!!


Su Muluo pouted slightly and poked the small black dragon.


The small black dragon lifted its head to look at him, made some whimpering sounds, and then turned to expose its soft belly to him.


Su Muluo touched its soft belly and, feeling the tenderness, smiled.


Well, it may be small, but it’s also soft.


Kind of cute.


He gazed at the little black dragon that was being affectionate with him and gently touched its not-so-hard horns, saying, “Will you grow bigger in the future? Really big.”


The small black dragon raised its head, proudly making a noise.


Seeing this, Su Muluo smiled, looked around, and took a blanket from the room, laying it on the table. He gently placed the small black dragon on it.


He had been worried that the newly hatched dragon might get cold, so he wanted to wrap it in the blanket. However, the small black dragon clearly disliked the blanket and used its claws to push it away, climbing back onto his hand, curling up comfortably in his palm.


It wanted its phoenix, not that blanket.


Su Muluo chuckled and said, “How about you? Why didn’t you hatch earlier?”


The small black dragon made some incomprehensible noises.


Su Muluo fell silent for a moment.


Well, it seems communication with the small black dragon is a bit tricky at the moment. He’d have to wait for it to grow and take human form before trying to communicate again.


Su Muluo remembered that he had gained human form just a few days after hatching. Phoenixes and dragons were both powerful beings that possessed sentience from birth, so it shouldn’t take long for his dragon to grow up.


Thinking about this, Su Muluo felt even more delighted. He touched the soft little black dragon again and asked, “Are you hungry? Should I make something for you to eat?”


He didn’t know what dragons ate, but he recalled that he had been drinking honeywater in the days right after hatching. Later, after gaining human form, he absorbed the essence of heaven and earth and didn’t need to eat much.


The small black dragon shook its head, indicating that it didn’t want to eat. However, not eating right after hatching was not a good idea. Su Muluo remembered that he had bought a few cans of milk at the supermarket two days ago, so he poured a bowl, heated it to a comfortable temperature, and placed it in front of the small black dragon.


The little dragon stared at the bowl of milk for a few seconds, sniffed it, wagged its tail, and then turned its head away.


Su Muluo thought, “Well, it’s picky.”


Then he asked, “Do you want meat?”


Again, the small black dragon shook its head.


“Well, there’s nothing else,” Su Muluo said, pointing at the bowl of milk. “Drink it. Don’t starve yourself.”


The small black dragon hesitated but slowly lowered its head and took a sip of the milk. Then it lay down in Su Muluo’s palm and didn’t move.


Su Muluo thought, “I guess it really doesn’t like milk.” He reluctantly put the empty bowl away, thinking that he would search for infant food recipes online to feed the small dragon.


Or perhaps… recipes for kittens or puppies?


Su Muluo looked at the small black dragon wriggling in his palm and playfully poked it again.


It felt nice.


One more poke.


The small black dragon made a sound.


It clung to Su Muluo’s finger with its tiny claws, rubbed its head against his hand, and held onto it tightly.


Thud, thud, thud.


Just as Su Muluo was playing with the small black dragon, there was a sudden knock on the door of the rented room. He thought it might be the landlord, so he gently placed the small black dragon in his pocket and got up to open the door.


However, when he opened the door, he was surprised to find that it wasn’t the landlord standing outside but a group of people he didn’t recognize at all. There were three men and two women, with an elderly man in his fifties at the forefront. He had a benevolent expression and a friendly smile, but at the moment they saw him, Su Muluo realized that they were not ordinary people but human cultivators with some level of cultivation.


Cultivators were individuals who practiced Taoist arts among humans. They had extraordinary talents and gained power through cultivation. In the era of strife between humans and Demon, they were the ones who opposed Demon, maintaining peace in the human world.


However, in the present day, humans and Demon had reconciled, and cultivators were prohibited from revealing their identities. Therefore, most of them concealed themselves among ordinary people, and a significant portion had even joined the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings. Currently, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings was composed of 40% Demon and 60% cultivators.


Perhaps sensing the intentions of these people, Su Muluo kept his emotions in check and calmly examined each of them before asking, “Is there something you need?”


The several cultivators in front of Su Muluo were taken aback for a moment when they saw him. They had speculated and imagined various things before coming here, trying to guess what the person behind the door would look like. However, when this man appeared before them, they realized that their imagination had been quite limited.


He was a young man, even younger than they had anticipated. He had black hair and dark eyes, and his features were exquisite. In particular, his eyes, as dark as gems hidden beneath the icy surface of a frigid night lake, refracted a breathtaking coldness and beauty.


His temperament was also aloof, not intentionally keeping people at a distance, but rather an innate aura that seemed to have crossed a thousand years of time, as if he had traversed the currents of time over a long period, leaving behind the tranquility and unwavering calmness after the turmoil and tides had receded.


Extraordinarily beautiful but not to be judged by appearances. This person, or rather, this Demon, was truly unfathomable. This was the first impression in the hearts of all the cultivators present.


Su Muluo didn’t know what they were thinking, but in these few seconds, he could guess their intentions. After all, his dragon had just hatched, and it was impossible for human cultivators not to have noticed. However, he had not anticipated that his dragon would hatch so suddenly. If he had known, he would have returned to the mountains. Even if he had alarmed the human world, these people would not have been able to find him.


Su Muluo was lost in thought, and the cultivators were in shock, creating a tense atmosphere between the two parties. However, the leader of the cultivators, a middle-aged man, was the first to react. He realized that their silence might be inappropriate in the eyes of the person before them and smiled slightly, saying, “We apologize for the interruption. We indeed have a matter to discuss, but before that, let me introduce ourselves. It’s our first meeting, I am Zheng Hechun, the director of the Lin City Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.”


Just an hour ago, a real dragon had appeared in Lin City, causing a shock throughout the human world. The headquarters of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings had called an emergency meeting, instructing Zheng Hechun to locate the real dragon as quickly as possible. He had a duty to fulfill and was prepared to face possible death. After all, no matter how talented a human cultivator was, their physical limits remained. Facing a real dragon in combat with nothing but human flesh was a hopeless endeavor. However, he had never expected the real dragon to be here, in this ordinary rented room.


And the person before them surely had an extraordinary connection to the real dragon.


Su Muluo didn’t react much to Zheng Hechun’s words. He was familiar with the name Zheng Hechun, having heard it when he visited the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings yesterday. He merely nodded slightly to indicate that he understood.


Zheng Hechun didn’t find Su Muluo’s reaction inappropriate. He recognized that this person was truly inscrutable, and even if they had brought someone from the headquarters, it likely wouldn’t have made any difference to him.


“Why we have come here, I believe you are already aware,” Zheng Hechun continued, his smile intact. “With the real dragon’s emergence, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings is willing to offer its goodwill. We wonder if you are willing to allow us the honor of meeting the real dragon?”


Su Muluo thought, “Well, that was a direct approach.”


He actually liked this directness. Moreover, he could discern the meaning behind Zheng Hechun’s words. The Bureau of Extraordinary Beings had come for the real dragon, but with goodwill and the intention of forming an alliance. They didn’t intend to harm him or his dragon. However, if he refused this goodwill, he might be facing the entire Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, and possibly all human cultivators.


With this in mind, Su Muluo reached into his pocket and gently pinched the small black dragon.


It might have been better to hatch in the mountains, where he wouldn’t be found, and there wouldn’t be all this trouble.


The small black dragon, puzzled, clung to his hand even tighter. Su Muluo used this opportunity to take it out and show it to Zheng Hechun and the others. “Here, this is it.”


Zheng Hechun: “…”


They had been nervously observing Su Muluo’s movements, thinking that he might attack. Their hearts had been in their throats. But to their surprise, he didn’t attack; he simply reached into his pocket, as if he were pulling out his keys at his own front door, and casually presented the real dragon to them.


This was a real dragon!


Over the centuries, the spiritual energy of the human world had gradually weakened, and many cultivators and great Demon had perished. Currently, not only were the abilities of cultivators declining with each generation, but powerful Demon were becoming rare. Five-hundred-year-old Demon were scarce, and thousand-year-old great Demon were like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. A real dragon, an entity similar to a deity and on the same level as the phoenix, was something unimaginable. After all, the appearance of each of them was an event that could shake the world and overturn heaven and earth.


Now, a real dragon had not only appeared but had been casually presented in an ordinary rented room.


At that moment, Zheng Hechun and the others felt dizzy, and they suddenly realized that the person before them was far more than they had anticipated.


On Su Muluo’s side, he had just taken out the small black dragon and saw the stunned expressions on Zheng Hechun and the others’ faces. He understood that his dragon had just issued a warning to them.


But they hadn’t done anything yet. Why was there a need for a warning?


Su Muluo lowered his head and glanced at the small black dragon, intending to stop it, but to his surprise, the little dragon lazily wrapped its tail around his wrist, opened its mouth, and spat out a small fireball at Zheng Hechun, who was at the front of the group.


The fireball didn’t hit Zheng Hechun but disappeared with a soft “pop” before reaching him. 


However, Zheng Hechun and his team still felt the scorching heat, as if they were about to be engulfed by molten lava in an instant.




Cold sweat trickled down Zheng Hechun’s forehead. He felt like he had narrowly escaped death twice in a row. He had now completely understood that although the person before him appeared easygoing, the real dragon in his hands could easily take their lives with a mere gesture.


They needed to be more cautious, more careful. He needed to inform the headquarters. They must not act rashly…


On this side, Zheng Hechun’s brain was running at full throttle. On the other side, Su Muluo slightly squinted his eyes, pinched the small black dragon’s head, and lifted it entirely by its body. Then he waved the small dragon in the air and shook it a bit.


“Don’t be mean to others,” he said. “Did you hear me?”


The small black dragon: “…”


Zheng Hechun and his team: “…”


In that moment, they dared not breathe, only to watch in astonishment as the real dragon, who had nearly wiped them out a moment ago, was now being tossed around like a small fish by the young man before them, shaken back and forth…


Fortunately, Su Muluo didn’t shake the dragon for too long, only a couple of times at most before he stopped. Then he told the small black dragon in his palm, “Don’t be so impolite in the future. Do you understand?”


If this time it was Zheng Hechun who had shown disrespect to his dragon first, as the snake demon did yesterday, he wouldn’t mind letting them understand their mistake. But this time, Zheng Hechun and his team were respectful, and it was his dragon who acted aggressively… This temper wasn’t good; it needed to change.


The small black dragon: “…”


Just as Zheng Hechun and his team felt like their throats were about to explode and were bracing for the next moment when the cold and ruthless real dragon might attack, the small black dragon let out a pitiful “squeak” and curled up into a ball in Su Muluo’s palm.


It extended its claws to grip his fingers, expressing its grievance, yet it remained affectionate.


Zheng Hechun and his team: “…”


Suddenly, they felt that the world was extremely surreal, and the person before them was truly inscrutable, hidden, and terrifying!

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Chapter 3 – Breaking the Shell

Chapter 3: Breaking the Shell




The water in the pot was boiling, and a smooth, round white egg was unceremoniously dropped into it, on the verge of being cooked on the spot. In the next second, the hot water suddenly receded like a tidal wave, leaving the dragon egg to crash onto the dry bottom of the pot, rolling around with a gurgling sound.


Dragon egg: “…”


Su Muluo scooped the dragon egg out, which had remained dry. He said, “Surprised? Excited? Touched?”


Dragon egg: “…”


The dragon egg didn’t dare to move.


Seeing it unmoving, Su Muluo’s lips curled slightly, and he poked it, saying, “I just wanted to scare you.”


He didn’t explain why he wanted to scare the dragon egg, and the dragon egg certainly couldn’t ask. It could only lie sulking in Su Muluo’s palm, not rolling around happily.


Su Muluo didn’t care, he tucked this emotionally sensitive egg into his pocket and left after getting ready.


Today, he was planning to get an ID from the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings — the Bureau was an organization dedicated to handling affairs related to supernatural creatures and had branches in various cities, including Lin City.


Since it was an organization for supernatural beings, its existence, like theirs, couldn’t be made public. Therefore, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings often concealed itself within the city. It appeared as a regular office building from the outside, and those entering and exiting, whether human or supernatural, all appeared as ordinary office workers, indistinguishable from normal people.


However, no matter how well they hid their appearance, without strong supernatural abilities, it was difficult to completely contain their supernatural auras. So, as soon as Su Muluo approached the place, he felt various supernatural auras in the air.


His first reaction was, they’re weak, not as formidable as the minor supernatural creatures he had encountered a few hundred years ago.


Then he stepped into the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


Hundreds of years ago, after a thousand years of conflict, humans and supernatural beings reached a peace agreement. Humans no longer hunted or indiscriminately killed supernatural creatures, and the supernaturals chose to hide, with most retreating to the mountains and forests. However, in the past hundred years, with the rapid development of human technology, more supernatural beings emerged from the wilderness, wanting to integrate into human cities. Due to the rapid increase in the number of these supernatural beings, after re-negotiations between both sides, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings was established.


Su Muluo had initially expected the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings to be quite different, but it turned out the building was not at all remarkable. Not only did it look like a regular office building on the outside, its interior division was also not much different from a typical company. After asking the receptionist, he successfully found the registration office. Since he arrived early, he was the only supernatural being there, so he didn’t have to wait in line.


“Hello,” the employee in charge of registration was an enchanting woman in a green dress. She smiled sweetly, and when she did, her red lips revealed a forked tongue, appearing both sweet and eerie. “Your human form is quite attractive. Are you from the fox clan?”


Su Muluo could tell she was a snake supernatural being. He shook his head and stated the excuse he had prepared before coming, “I’m from the bird clan.”


The snake supernatural being said, “Oh,” raising her eyebrows with a giggle. “I really like the bird clan; their taste is often delicious… But among the bird clan, I’ve never seen a supernatural being as beautiful as you, at least I haven’t.”


She had no idea that the being in front of her was not from the bird clan but the Phoenix, the lord of all birds. She took out a form from a drawer, pushing it toward Su Muluo with her fingers painted with bright red nail polish.


“Fill out your information first,” the snake supernatural being said. “You must be new to the human city, so you may not know the rules here. To obtain a legal ID, you need to stay here for a year.”


Su Muluo was about to pick up the pen and write down the information he had fabricated when he paused upon hearing that. “A year?”


It seemed different from what he had in mind.


The snake supernatural being extended her hand, seemingly unconcerned about his hesitation, and wanted to touch the long, slender fingers lying on the table before him. “But you don’t need to worry. Humans and supernatural beings have been living in peace for hundreds of years. As long as you don’t cause trouble and don’t expose your true identity to humans, getting an ID is quite simple.”


Su Muluo withdrew his hand before she could touch it. He said calmly, “Is there a faster way?”


“A faster way? Of course,” the snake supernatural being replied with a smile, her voice soft and sweet. “If you can join the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings and become a member here, you can get a legal certificate immediately, and you can enjoy various benefits. But getting recruited by the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings isn’t that easy. You need to pass a strict examination and review.”


Su Muluo had no intention of joining the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, and he had promised the old rabbit supernatural being that he would give a response within half a month. This short amount of time probably wouldn’t be enough for him to pass the Bureau’s review. It seemed that the coffee shop might not be able to open.


With a faint sigh in his heart, he lowered his eyelashes and filled in the identity information he had fabricated on the form.


The snake supernatural being patiently waited beside him. When Su Muluo paused, she smiled and said, “Alright, someone will take you for a supernatural power test later, and then you’ll receive a special bracelet. If you wear that bracelet, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings will monitor you for the next year. Don’t worry, the bracelet can only detect fluctuations in your supernatural power. Generally, as long as you don’t use your powers for anything harmful, the Bureau won’t interfere too much.”


Su Muluo thought it was quite troublesome. He wanted to return to the mountains. However, he maintained a calm demeanor and said, “Thank you.”


The snake supernatural being nodded and suddenly remembered something, reminding him, “By the way, do you have a partner? If you do, they also need to be registered.”


Su Muluo replied, “Yes,” and then took a egg out of his pocket.


A smooth, round, somewhat proudly looking egg.


The snake supernatural being: “…”


Dragon egg: “?”




Dragon egg: “…”


Su Muluo: “Is there a problem?”


His voice grew colder, like frost crystallizing in the heat of summer, instantly lowering the temperature in the room.


The snake supernatural being was startled, and an instinctual fear of danger ran up her spine, but this fear also made her quickly suppress her laughter. She straightened up, “Sorry, I lost control… Since your partner is not very convenient, you don’t have to register them.”


Su Muluo: “…”


Before, the old rabbit supernatural being didn’t tell him that getting a legal ID in the human city would be so troublesome.


The snake supernatural being kept nodding, “Of course, of course. I’ll have someone take you for the test.”


She pressed the button on her desk, and an employee soon walked over. Su Muluo stood up, nodded slightly to the snake supernatural being, and thanked her.


His voice was elegant and pleasant, and his appearance was flawless. Such a person politely thanking her should have been a pleasing sight. However, the snake supernatural being remembered his gaze from earlier, and the fear lingered, making her unable to look at him for long.


Once Su Muluo left, the snake supernatural being, still trembling from the earlier fear of offending a powerful being, wiped her sweaty palms and muttered, “Bird clan? Since when did the bird clan have such outstanding individuals? Could it be a reclusive powerful supernatural being?”


She took a deep breath to calm herself, thinking, “Well, regardless, he’s very good looking.”


Su Muluo didn’t pay much attention to the little incident earlier. He followed the staff for the supernatural power test. Since he concealed his aura, the testing device didn’t register anything significant. In the end, they categorized him as a bird clan minor supernatural being with less than a hundred years of cultivation. He left with the bracelet provided by the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


According to the rules, he had to stay in the human world for a full year to get an ID. Su Muluo had originally planned to contact the coffee shop owner to inform him that he couldn’t rent the space. However, he decided to visit the supernatural forum first to see if there were any other solutions.


On his way back home, the dragon egg remained quietly in Su Muluo’s pocket, not moving much. Su Muluo keenly sensed that the egg’s mood was a bit off, as if it wasn’t very happy. However, this unhappiness wasn’t directed at him but seemed like the egg was sulking on its own.


When he got home, Su Muluo took the egg out, gently placing it on the coffee table. The surface of the table was smooth, and the dragon egg couldn’t stand steadily. Normally, it would roll towards him, cuddling affectionately, but this time it lay still on the table, not moving.


Su Muluo stared at the dragon egg for a few seconds, then reached out to touch it and asked, “What’s wrong?”


He could feel some subtle emotions from the dragon egg, as if it wasn’t very happy. However, this unhappiness wasn’t directed at him but was something the dragon egg was experiencing on its own.


Thinking of this, Su Muluo’s attractive brows curved slightly. He picked up the dragon egg, kissed it lightly, and said, “Don’t worry, even if you don’t hatch, I’ll always wait for you. I won’t leave you alone.”


In reality, he didn’t know how long the dragon egg had been inside the egg. At least, when he first hatched, the first living thing he saw with his newly opened eyes was this dragon egg. At that time, he was still a soft and small phoenix, curled up next to the dragon egg, instinctively drawing warmth from it. He spent the first night of his life like this.


For the next 1,800 years, he and the dragon egg had never been apart. Perhaps in the long years before the egg hatched, they had been keeping each other company like this. So, he had a natural fondness and attachment to the dragon egg. Even if it never hatched, he was willing to wait for it.


With the soothing words and a light kiss from the Phoenix, the dragon egg seemed dazed for a moment. It then turned over in a slight but incredibly graceful motion in his hand.


It was comforted.


Su Muluo smiled, his fingers gently caressing the dragon egg. He said, “Don’t overthink it from now on. Others are others, and we don’t need to care about their opinions.”


The dragon egg rolled over again and affectionately rubbed against its own Phoenix. Su Muluo held it in his hands, letting it stick to him.


The day went by peacefully, and Su Muluo didn’t have any strange dreams that night. He slept soundly, but when he woke up the next morning, he found that the dragon egg was no longer by his pillow.


He got up and searched the house but couldn’t find the dragon egg. He also noticed that the front door was slightly ajar, so he went outside. Eventually, he found his dragon egg in the kitchen.

The dragon egg was upright beside the induction cooker, appearing to contemplate the meaning of its existence. Su Muluo had no idea how it had gotten there. He reached out, touched it, and said, “What’s the matter? Do you want to cook yourself?”


The dragon egg seemed to roll toward the pot after hearing this, then remained still.


Su Muluo: “?”


He looked at the dragon egg, then at the pot, and after a few seconds, he said, “You don’t really want me to cook you, do you?”


The dragon egg turned in place, seemingly contemplating.


Su Muluo: “…”


Could it be that cooking it would make it hatch? Then why didn’t it hatch before?


Full of doubt, he reluctantly turned on the induction cooker, boiled a pot of water, and as the water started to bubble and steam rose, he poked the dragon egg with his finger, saying, “So… am I supposed to throw you in now?”


The dragon egg nudged his finger, giving its approval. So, Su Muluo carefully picked it up and placed it in the pot.


At first, the dragon egg floated on the water, but as the temperature increased, it gradually sank.


Su Muluo: !


Is it getting cooked?


In a hurry, he retrieved the dragon egg from the pot, and because it was too hot, he rinsed it under cold water for a while, asking, “How are you feeling now?”


The dragon egg remained motionless, not even rolling.


Su Muluo tried shaking it, asking, “Wake up, are you asleep? Can you hear me? If you can, roll a bit.”


The dragon egg continued to stay still, as quiet as a dead egg.


Su Muluo: …


Oh no, did he actually cook his dragon still inside the egg?


What should he do now?


Su Muluo stared silently at the dragon egg, a jumble of thoughts in his mind, not sure how to sort them out. After a while, he seemed to have an idea. He slowly raised his hand, tentatively tapping the eggshell on the table’s edge.


It didn’t break.


Su Muluo tapped it again.


Still intact.


He added a bit more force and tapped it a third time.


This time, there was a “crack” sound, and a small crack appeared on the smooth eggshell.


Su Muluo: !


He hadn’t used much force, yet the eggshell actually cracked. He immediately put it down, afraid to touch it again.


However, the crack on the eggshell didn’t disappear; instead, it grew larger. With his heart pounding, he saw a small piece of the eggshell being pushed open.


Su Muluo was in shock.


It really hatched!


He stared intensely at that small piece of eggshell, afraid to miss anything. Inside, he found a tiny black dragon, still with its eyes closed. It grasped his finger, seeking warmth, and raised its head with two little horns, making a cute, cooing sound.




Su Muluo: …

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Chapter 2 – Dragon

Chapter 2: Dragon


Although at first glance, the two eggs looked very similar, Su Muluo, after all, had carried the dragon egg with him for so many years. It was impossible not to tell the difference. So he reached out and touched it, only to find that his dragon egg still felt good, smooth, and comfortable, unlike a duck egg, which was a bit rough.


Now that he had distinguished the dragon egg from the duck egg, Su Muluo set the duck egg aside and soothingly stroked the dragon egg.


The dragon egg remained quiet, not moving at all, appearing rather sulky.


Su Muluo said, “Are you angry again?”


The dragon egg remained silent.


Su Muluo knew it was indeed upset. It probably felt that as soon as his phoenix arrived in the human world, it lost its charm and was even mistaken for a common duck egg. It must have felt wronged.


Thinking about this, Su Muluo couldn’t help but chuckle. He leaned down and kissed the dragon egg, saying, “Chu chu 1kissing noises, are you not angry anymore?”


The dragon egg remained silent.


The dragon egg leaned in Su Muluo’s palm, rolling slowly.


Well, reluctantly forgiving you.


Su Muluo smiled and carried his dragon egg into the kitchen to continue cooking.


Originally, he had planned to fry a duck egg for lunch, but because he had almost caused a kitchen explosion a while ago, he was still a bit jittery. So, he decided to simply boil the duck egg.


As the pot boiled, the duck egg simmered in the water. Su Muluo watched the duck egg for a while, then looked down at the dragon egg. Suddenly, a bold idea popped into his mind: “Can you be cooked?”


The dragon egg remained motionless.


Su Muluo poked it and asked, “If I cook you, will you hatch?”


The dragon egg still didn’t move.


Su Muluo wondered, “Why are you ignoring me?”


The dragon egg remained motionless.


Su Muluo said, “?”


In theory, the dragon egg shouldn’t be angry anymore, but it was now refusing to answer. Why?


After pondering for a few seconds, Su Muluo tentatively said, “What I said couldn’t be true, could it?”


The dragon egg still didn’t move.


Su Muluo suddenly found it very suspicious and thought about tossing the dragon egg into the water to test it, but he restrained himself. After all, what if he accidentally boiled the dragon egg? Even though he didn’t think a dragon egg could be easily cooked.


After a while, the duck egg seemed to be done. Su Muluo cracked it open and tasted it, only to furrow his brows. “It’s terrible.”


Surprisingly, the duck egg, which looked round and appealing, didn’t taste good at all. Su Muluo threw the remaining half into the trash can and decided not to have lunch.


Then he sat on the sofa with the dragon egg, took out his phone, and continued to explore the magical box he wasn’t very familiar with.


The dragon egg probably thought the sofa was soft, so it rolled around on it. Su Muluo tapped it gently with his fingers and said, “I’ll have to find a job in a few days. I can’t rely on selling feathers forever.”


The old rabbit demon had told him that his feathers were valuable, worth millions for a single one. However, to live in the human world, having a job was necessary. Su Muluo also valued his feathers and didn’t want to sell too many of them.


The dragon egg didn’t seem to have any objections and rolled in his hand. Su Muluo thought for a moment and asked, “How about a coffee shop?”


He had come across a coffee shop for sale this morning. Coffee wasn’t unfamiliar to him because the old rabbit demon had mentioned that young people in the city liked coffee and milk tea. Opening a coffee shop should be profitable.


The dragon egg still didn’t express any opinion and nuzzled Su Muluo’s palm. So, Su Muluo happily put it in his pocket and left the house.


A few minutes later, he returned to the coffee shop he had passed by in the morning. The owner had woken up and was playing with a small fish treat to amuse the nearby orange cat. However, the orange cat remained unimpressed.


Su Muluo walked into the shop, and even before he could say anything, the owner’s eyes lit up. He set down the small fish treat and stood up, asking, “Would you like something to drink?”


“No, thank you,” Su Muluo shook his head and said, “I saw the ‘for sale’ sign outside and wanted to inquire.”


The owner didn’t seem disappointed by this. Instead, he appeared surprised and said, “You want to take over this shop?”


Su Muluo gave a small “yes,” and this surprised the owner even more. He remarked, “You’re quite young; why are you considering this?”


Su Muluo remained silent for a moment and then replied, “You don’t look that old yourself.” After all, he wasn’t young; he was 1,800 years old.


The owner sighed, touched his receding hairline, and said, “You don’t understand. I’m already an experienced person… So, do you really want to take over this shop?”


Su Muluo glanced at the owner’s hairline, waited for a few seconds, and then nodded.


The owner said, “Well, then come and take a look.”


This coffee shop is not very large, but it’s elegantly and exquisitely decorated, with a subtle aroma of coffee lingering in the air. As Su Muluo followed the owner and listened to his explanation, he said, “The decoration here is quite nice, right? I had a designer specially design it. You see, this is the coffee area, and behind that small hidden door is the storage room. There’s also a lounge inside for the employees… but, well, I couldn’t afford to pay the employees, so they left.”


Su Muluo asked curiously, “Why, is the coffee shop not making money?”


The owner shook his head and said, “These days, it’s not that easy to make money. Young people nowadays prefer going to milk tea shops over coffee shops. Besides, I use carefully selected coffee beans, which means higher costs and prices. They don’t want to come… Besides, the location is near the city center, and I don’t know how expensive the rent is. I impulsively bought this shop space, and now the money I earn every month isn’t enough to cover the mortgage.”


Su Muluo pondered. If he couldn’t make much money later on, he might have to sell his feathers again… Phoenixes could only pluck their feathers to make a living, which was quite a grim thought.


Seeing Su Muluo’s silence, the owner assumed that he might be hesitating due to the high price and said, “If you’re really interested in taking over this shop, I can lower the price for you. If you don’t have enough money, I can rent it to you. You can consider it as my investment, and later, you can give me a share of the profit.”


He then quoted a very affordable rent, which was quite rare for a location near the city center.


Su Muluo quietly used his phone to look up what a “share of the profit” meant and then said, “But what if I can’t make a profit later? What if there’s no profit to share?”


The owner sighed once again and appeared somewhat forlorn, saying, “Money or no money doesn’t matter to me. I just hope that someone will continue to run this coffee shop because it used to be my dream. I don’t have much time left…”


Su Muluo was surprised, and he was about to say “I’m sorry” when the owner added, “In half a month, I’ll have to return to work at my father’s company.”


Su Muluo: “…”


The owner continued, “Even though I can’t fulfill my dream, as long as someone helps me keep it alive, it won’t be shattered. So, would you be the one to help me?”


“…I’d be willing,” Su Muluo said, “but I need some time.” Renting a shop would require signing a contract, which would need an ID, and he didn’t have one.


The owner heard this and felt a bit conflicted. He said, “Try not to take more than half a month. My father has given me strict orders that I must return in half a month, and if I don’t, I’ll be forcibly taken back.”


Su Muluo wasn’t sure if half a month would be enough, but after thinking for a few seconds, he agreed, “Alright, I’ll contact you within half a month.”


Relieved, the owner nodded and then took out his phone, saying, “Let’s exchange contact information. Oh, by the way, do you mind having several cats in the shop?”


Su Muluo asked, “What?”


The owner glanced at the orange cat near the counter, lowered his voice, and said, “My parents hate cats, and when I go back this time, I won’t be able to keep one. I’ll have to leave Qiansui here… But Qiansui is well-behaved, doesn’t disturb anyone, and doesn’t run around. He’s the shop’s mascot, and all the customers who came here before liked him. If you keep him, your business will surely thrive!”


He finished speaking, looking at Su Muluo with a hopeful and reluctant expression. Su Muluo turned his gaze to the orange cat named “Qiansui,” who was gazing outside with indifference, seemingly oblivious to their conversation.


“But are you not afraid he’ll be upset?” Su Muluo looked at the owner and added, “Cats are very sensitive, and maybe he’s already guessed that you’re going to abandon him.”


The owner was taken aback by this and looked at his orange cat. Qiansui turned his head, and their eyes met. Soon, the owner lowered his head.


“…There’s nothing I can do,” he said sadly. “I’m not a good owner, I can’t even support myself, and I have to rely on my parents… If I ever start earning money on my own and move out of my parents’ place, I’ll definitely bring him back!”


Su Muluo didn’t say much more. After all, it was the owner’s decision, and he didn’t want to interfere. He nodded and said, “Alright, if I can take over this shop, I’ll keep him.”


They agreed to stay in touch within half a month, and Su Muluo said goodbye to the owner before returning to his rented room. He opened a small package in his room.


Inside the package were several delicate and beautiful white feathers that he had shed over the years. Phoenix feathers didn’t fall easily, so he had only shed about thirty in his 1,800 years. He had kept them well.


Su Muluo calculated that one of his feathers was worth millions, according to what the old rabbit demon had told him. So, these thirty feathers would be enough for him to live in the human world for quite a long time. However, selling feathers was his last resort. If he didn’t make much money from the coffee shop, he could always spend the rest of the money and then return to the mountains with the dragon egg, considering it an experience of life in the human world.


With these thoughts, Su Muluo quietly reassured himself. He decided not to worry too much about money for now. The most important thing at the moment was getting an ID. He had heard that if a supernatural being wanted a suitable identity in the human world, they had to register with a special agency called the “Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.” He didn’t know how to do it, so he needed to research it.


Su Muluo took out his phone, visited a specific website that the old rabbit demon had given him – a forum dedicated to supernatural beings – and found the nearest branch of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


However, the location was quite far from his rented place, and he had already been out twice today. He didn’t feel like going out again and decided to rest. He would go and register tomorrow.


In the evening, Su Muluo walked into the bathroom with clean pajamas and a dragon egg.


For him, the human bathroom was quite novel. While he had looked up how to use it on his phone and had a basic idea, he still wasn’t very accustomed to the “showerhead.” After all, in the mountains, he had taken baths in hot springs to clean his feathers.


Here, there was definitely no hot spring, but there was a brand new bathtub. The landlord had mentioned that the previous tenant had paid extra for it. However, as soon as it was installed, that tenant had some issues at home and had to move out, not getting the chance to use the bathtub.




The bathtub was filled with hot water. The temperature was slightly high, almost a little too warm, but very comfortable. Su Muluo submerged himself in the warm water, his soft black hair getting wet and resting against his fair skin. He half-closed his eyes and let out a contented sigh.


The dragon egg was originally nestled among the pile of clothes next to the bathtub, but it soon rolled slowly towards the bathtub. With a gentle “plop,” it splashed a few droplets of water.


Su Muluo smiled and gently pushed the dragon egg back into the water, where it bobbed up and down, circling around him.


Su Muluo watched it for a moment and then suddenly remembered something. He asked, “You can’t see me, can you?” – Back in the mountains, the hot spring waters were filled with spiritual energy from heaven and earth, making them a hazy shade of blue, not transparent. In this human world, the water was clear, allowing everything to be seen clearly.


The dragon egg hesitated in its circling.


Su Muluo’s gaze turned somewhat mischievous. “Are you trying to peek at me?”


The dragon egg froze in place for a moment and then slowly sank into the water.


Su Muluo said, “You are peeking at me!”


He grabbed the dragon egg, wrapped it tightly in clothes, not allowing it to show even a bit.


The dragon egg, looking rather dejected, tried to nudge its way out after a while.


Su Muluo promptly wrapped it up again. “No peeking!”


The dragon egg, looking even more forlorn, wriggled around in the pile of clothes. After a while, it attempted to emerge from its cloth prison.


Su Muluo said sternly, “No peeking!”


The dragon egg: “???”


Su Muluo teased, “If you don’t hatch soon, I’ll find someone else to be my partner. I won’t need you!”


The dragon egg: “???”


Su Muluo continued, “If you’ve been an egg for so many years and still don’t hatch, you might turn out to be a duckling instead of a dragon, and that won’t be very attractive.” Of course, he was just teasing the egg, trying to get a reaction out of it.


The dragon egg: “???!?”


It seemed that the dragon egg was on the verge of being exasperated, and it rolled around in the pile of clothes, even bouncing up in frustration.


Su Muluo’s eyes glinted with amusement, and he acted as though he was saying, “You can’t do anything to me anyway.” He continued, “Getting angry won’t help; if you have the ability, hatch first.”


Ignoring the dragon egg’s antics, Su Muluo changed into fresh clothes and placed the dragon egg in a small nest he made with some of the clothes. He didn’t want it rolling off the large, flat bed and breaking.


The dragon egg appeared to be quite traumatized by the earlier episode, and it remained still, not moving at all. Su Muluo lay down on the bed, running his hand gently over the smooth surface of the eggshell. A small smile played on his lips, and he said, “Remember to hatch tomorrow.”


Then, he turned off the lights and closed his eyes.


Although it was his first time sleeping in a human city, the softness of the bedding made him feel comfortable, and he slept soundly, without the discomfort he had expected.


However, he did have a dream. In the dream, a stranger in black clothes approached from the mist in the distance and silently sat down next to him.


Su Muluo turned his head to look at the man. He knew it was a dream because he couldn’t see the man’s face, only a pair of dark, golden eyes that seemed bottomless, deep and enigmatic.


Su Muluo couldn’t recall ever meeting this man before, but he did like the man’s presence; it felt oddly familiar, as if he saw this person every day.


The dream world was quiet, and the man just stared at Su Muluo without saying a word. After a while, Su Muluo broke the silence, “Who are you?”


The man didn’t respond.


Su Muluo continued, “Why are you in my dream?”


This time, the man spoke, his deep voice melodic and captivating, but for some reason, there was a touch of bitterness in his tone, “The person I love doesn’t want me anymore.”


Su Muluo: “…”


He wasn’t sure why, but at that moment, he felt a bit guilty. He coughed lightly and averted his gaze, “I’m sorry, I misspoke.”


The man continued, “He finds me unattractive and wants to elope with someone else.”


Su Muluo: “Ah… That’s really unfortunate. My condolences.”


The man: “…”


He fell silent again, and while his dark golden eyes remained emotionless, they seemed to carry a hint of grievance.


Su Muluo: “…” Under the man’s gaze, he felt like a scoundrel. After a few seconds, he cleared his throat and said, “Do you want to tell me about your situation? I can try to help.”


The man didn’t answer.


Su Muluo added, “You don’t want to know what this help is, do you?”


The man stared at Su Muluo for a while, his eyes still carrying that hint of grievance.


“…,” Su Muluo found himself feeling awkward. He coughed lightly, “Okay, that’s good then. I wish you success.”


He had intended to end the conversation at this point, but it seemed that the man was not pleased. He continued, “Don’t you want to know what the solution is?”


Su Muluo made a thoughtful sound. “What is it?”


The man kept looking at Su Muluo for a while and then slowly said, “The solution is…”


And then, he suddenly leaned in and kissed Su Muluo’s cheek.


Su Muluo: “?”


In that instant, the phoenix almost exploded with anger. Who knew, as soon as the man kissed him, he disappeared from the dream, disappearing at a lightning-fast speed. Simultaneously, the dream came to an end.




The bedroom was quiet in the morning. The curtain allowed a faint light to filter in from the window. Su Muluo sat up from the bed, his gaze lowering to the dragon egg that had been resting beside his pillow.


The dragon egg remained peacefully nestled in its small nest, appearing as if it hadn’t woken up yet, looking cute and innocent.

Su Muluo tapped the dragon egg and asked, “Are you awake?”


The dragon egg affectionately snuggled against his palm.


Su Muluo used the blanket to shield the dragon egg, preventing it from peeking. He changed into fresh clothes, got out of bed, and headed to the kitchen with the dragon egg in his hand.


The dragon egg obediently nestled in his palm, watching as he boiled a pot of water. He turned on the electric stove, poured the hot water into the pot, and after a few seconds, the water in the pot started to boil vigorously.


The dragon egg: “?”


It stared at the boiling water, feeling a sudden sense of unease.


At that moment, Su Muluo pointed at the boiling pot and, with a blank expression, said to the dragon egg, “Do you see this pot?”


The dragon egg: “…”


In the next moment, it was with a “plop” sound that the dragon egg was thrown into the boiling water.

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Chapter 1 – Su Muluo

Chapter 1: Su Muluo


At dawn, early autumn.


Su Muluo ascended the dim and narrow staircase of the old building, following the landlord to the fifth floor, where the apartment he intended to rent was located.


The apartment was not large, with one bedroom and two living rooms. The furniture was somewhat outdated, but still serviceable, and it came with a small balcony. In the afternoons, sunlight streamed in through the balcony, brightening most of the living room.


“The location here is a bit off the beaten path, but it’s quiet, not noisy, and you can move in with just your bags. Look, the furniture is still in good condition!” the landlord enthusiastically recommended. “The rent is two thousand, and if you go elsewhere, you won’t find such a good deal.”


Su Muluo looked around and felt that everything seemed fine. He replied, “Then, I’ll take it. Thank you.”


No contract needed to be signed. He paid a month’s rent upfront, along with a one-thousand-yuan deposit. Su Muluo handed three thousand yuan in cash to the landlord, who was taken aback and said, “Don’t you use WeChat or Alipay?”


Su Muluo replied, “I’m sorry, don’t you accept cash?”


“I haven’t seen cash in a long time… Well, it’s okay,” the landlord accepted the stack of money with one hand and handed the keys to Su Muluo with the other. “Here are the keys. Keep them safe. Rent is due on the 5th of each month, and you can contact me through WeChat if you need anything.”


Su Muluo nodded slightly as he took the keys. Afterward, the landlord couldn’t help but take another look at his new tenant.


The new tenant appeared quite young, in his early twenties. While he was friendly when dealing with people, his demeanor exuded an air of cool detachment, as if he were an untouchable snowflake atop a mountain, inherently noble. Apart from that, he was rather handsome, especially with those deep, ink-colored eyes, like gemstones that had been polished by ice-cold springs, radiating indescribable beauty.


He’s really good-looking… I’ve never seen anyone this good-looking before.


The landlord thought this way but noticed that Su Muluo turned his head and glanced at him. 


Quickly, the landlord coughed and left, pocketing the cash.


After bidding farewell to the landlord, Su Muluo surveyed his new home. It was located on the outskirts of the city, in an old residential complex with some history. The nearest bus stop was a twenty-minute walk away. In recent years, in the rapidly appreciating housing market of Lincheng, the rent here was considered quite affordable.


However, Su Muluo’s choice wasn’t solely due to affordability but rather because the landlord didn’t require identification or a signed contract for renting the place. After all, he had just arrived in the human city, and he was an undocumented wanderer.


After a thorough inspection of the house, Su Muluo sat down on the sofa, took out his luggage, and checked its contents.


It was called luggage, but in reality, it was just a few simple sets of clothes for changing, all purchased by an old rabbit spirit he had known for many years in the mountains. He also had several thick bundles of cash, meticulously wrapped in white paper. The old rabbit spirit had exchanged these for him, using feathers that Su Muluo had given him to find someone willing to do the exchange.


He had known the old rabbit spirit for almost three hundred years, starting from when the little white rabbit had transformed into a small rabbit spirit and now into an old rabbit spirit. However, Su Muluo didn’t think the rabbit spirit was really that old, considering that he was still in his prime years.


Su Muluo was a phoenix. If you counted the time inside the egg, he was already five thousand years old. Without counting the egg’s time, he was only eighteen hundred years old. However, in any case, he was much older than the old rabbit spirit.


But the old rabbit spirit didn’t see it that way. He said to Su Muluo, “You’re a phoenix, and I’m just a rabbit. How can a rabbit’s lifespan compare to a phoenix’s? Besides, you’ve been in the mountains for over a thousand years. Aren’t you curious about the human city?”


At first, Su Muluo had no intention of leaving the mountains. He thought life there was quite good. It was only when the old rabbit spirit came down to the mountains and brought many novelties supposedly invented by humans that he began to develop some interest in the outside world.


“Life in the mountains is always the same. Even a phoenix can become a recluse if it stays there too long,” the old rabbit spirit said. “And look at your egg; it’s been so many years, and there hasn’t been any movement. Maybe you’re just getting tired of life here and don’t want to come out.”


Su Muluo felt that the old rabbit spirit made a lot of sense. After pondering in his nest for several nights, he decided to pack his feathers and take his egg into the city.


Yes, as a phoenix, he had an egg, but this egg wasn’t his own; it housed his partner—a dragon.


A thousand and eight hundred years ago, when he was just born, a small fluffy phoenix, this dragon egg, had been by his side. He was born with the memories of the Phoenix clan, knowing that the Phoenixes and Dragons had a history of intermarriage. This dragon egg was his marital partner. Thus, for so many years, he had kept the egg with him.


However, a thousand and eight hundred years had passed, and the dragon egg remained smooth with no sign of hatching.


Thinking about it, Su Muluo placed the dragon egg on the table. The table was smooth, but the egg wasn’t stable, so it rolled a bit and ended up back in his palm.


Su Muluo stared at the dragon egg in his hand and asked, “When will you hatch?”


The dragon egg remained silent, knowing it couldn’t answer.


Su Muluo placed the dragon egg back on the table, and again, it rolled in a circle, finally returning to his palm.


Although it hadn’t hatched, Su Muluo knew that this dragon egg had its own consciousness. It clung to him persistently, always wanting to be near him. Even if he placed it at a distance, it would silently roll back to him.


Then, it continued to cling.


It didn’t seem like a very dignified dragon.


A hint of a smile flickered in Su Muluo’s eyes as he tapped the dragon egg with his finger. “Never mind, I won’t ask you. I need to go out shopping.”


He planned to buy some daily necessities at the nearby supermarket. Before coming here, the old rabbit spirit had given him a crash course on modern knowledge for three days and nights, emphasizing that he should go to a supermarket for shopping. If he was unsure about the directions, he could use a magical box called a “phone” to check.


The old rabbit spirit had also helped him acquire a phone, so Su Muluo took out the phone and, not very proficiently, started searching. After a while, he realized that the closest major supermarket to this neighborhood required a half-hour bus ride. So, he decided to fly there, after all, he was a phoenix, capable of flight, and with a bit of invisibility magic, he didn’t need to worry about being seen by people.


Three minutes later, the phoenix touched down, carrying his dragon egg, and entered the supermarket like a regular person.


The supermarket was vast, filled with all sorts of intriguing products. Su Muluo glanced left and right, and suddenly, his gaze was fixed on a neatly arranged row of duck eggs.


“…,” he took out his dragon egg and compared it to the duck eggs for a few seconds, astonished to find that there didn’t seem to be much difference.


“Could it be?” Su Muluo exclaimed, “Are you not a dragon but a duck?”


The dragon egg: “?”


Su Muluo: “It’s slightly whiter than them. Are you a white duck?”


The dragon egg: “???”


The dragon egg rolled around in Su Muluo’s hand and appeared quite annoyed.


Su Muluo couldn’t help but stifle a laugh and quickly reassured it. “Alright, alright, you’re not a duck. Let’s not ask you anymore. I need to go shopping.”


He decided to buy a few duck eggs and placed them in his cart, planning to compare them at home later.


Next, he bought some meat and vegetables. As he walked past another section, his peripheral vision caught the diverse range of snacks on the shelves. He came to a sudden stop.


A few minutes later, the phoenix exited the supermarket with several large bags of snacks. Outside the supermarket, the bustling street was visible, and not far away, there was a café. Su Muluo paused briefly and glanced inside the café.


The café was nearly empty, and a sign reading “For Sale” was posted on the glass window. Due to slow business, the owner had slouched in a wicker chair, face buried in a book, sound asleep.


Next to the owner, a plump orange cat lay sprawled, its aqua-blue eyes fixed on the street outside. Su Muluo locked eyes with the cat for a few seconds and then continued on his way.


This place had some spiritual activity, but it was a minor spirit and posed no threat to people.


Five minutes later, Su Muluo returned to his rented house, sorted and stored his purchases, and, when he took out the duck eggs, he couldn’t resist comparing them to the dragon egg.


Then, he murmured, “Could it be that dragons and ducks share a bloodline?”


The dragon egg: “…”


The dragon egg was about to explode with anger and even bounced up in Su Muluo’s hand.


Su Muluo nearly burst out laughing, quickly restrained himself, and stroked the egg. “Alright, alright, there’s no blood relation. You’re not a duck.”


The dragon egg sulked, refusing to come out of his pocket and see the duck eggs outside.


Su Muluo allowed it to sulk and took out one of the duck eggs to prepare for a fried egg for lunch. He carefully put away the remaining duck eggs, fearing he might accidentally mix them up with the dragon egg and cook it.


However, when it came to cooking, he had no idea how to do it.


Su Muluo took out his phone once more and began searching online.


The dragon egg rested calmly in Su Muluo’s pocket, but after a while, it sensed that its phoenix was moving around and seemed to be handling various pots and pans… then came a “ka-ching” sound, the noise of the gas stove igniting.


Then, a loud “bang.”


The kitchen exploded.


The dragon egg: “…”


It didn’t know what had happened outside, but it felt its phoenix’s actions were frantic. It seemed like a plate was even shattered during the chaos. Afterward, something was hastily stuffed into its pocket.


It was a plump, round duck egg.


The dragon egg: “…”


It glared at the duck egg in its pocket for several seconds, discovering that the duck egg was anything but smooth and refined, unlike itself. It was suddenly filled with disgust.

So, he tried to push the duck egg, wanting to push it out of his pocket, not allowing it to compete for space with the dragon egg.


But the pocket was soft, making it difficult to exert force. Before the dragon egg could successfully eliminate the duck egg, a long and fair hand reached in and took both of them out of the pocket.


Su Muluo had been a little startled earlier when he accidentally activated the electric stove and didn’t know how to turn it off. Then, he wasn’t sure if it was the stove’s fault, but it suddenly made a loud noise, causing him to drop a plate and spill oil.


Fortunately, the kitchen didn’t actually explode. He quickly cleaned up the mess. Suddenly, he remembered that when he was in a panic, he had stuffed the duck egg somewhere… into his pocket.


Now, in his palm, he held two eggs that were nearly identical, smooth and round, and even in size.


“…,” Su Muluo fell silent for a moment and asked, “Which one are you?”


The dragon egg: “…”


The dragon egg was about to explode with anger again.


As a form of revenge, it remained perfectly still.


Su Muluo: “…”


Oh no, he genuinely couldn’t tell them apart.

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