Chapter 90 – Who Says Omegas Can’t be as Explosive as Alphas

Chapter 90


Undoubtedly, Lan Yuanzhou was the most eye-catching presence in the entire arena before, but after Lu Jingning outperformed such a star player in the first preliminary round, securing their group’s first place, he naturally attracted a significant amount of attention too.


As they saw the two of them teaming up, the other participants couldn’t help but envy the last spot in their team.


In the end, under the pressure of multiple opinions, the team leader randomly scanned a participant code and completed the team formation.


The lucky person shed tears of joy, while the others were mentally exhausted and continued their search for teammates.


As the final preparation time counted down, those who hadn’t found a team were randomly assigned to incomplete teams by the system. At the same time, everyone was transported into the map for the current match.


Lu Jingning checked the newly refreshed specific rules and couldn’t help but feel delighted.


Oh, isn’t this just about farming monsters for points?


No strongholds, no final destination to reach; it was purely a last-team-standing mode.


As it was a brand-new map, nobody knew their exact location, making decision-making even more crucial.


The team leader himself was a mediocre player and subconsciously turned to Lan Yuanzhou, asking, “What do we do now?”


Lan Yuanzhou was an experienced veteran and familiar with various competition rules. However, he didn’t rush to speak at this moment; instead, he turned to Lu Jingning with a half-smile and asked, “What do you think, Ningning?”


Lu Jingning seemed to have already made up his mind. He replied calmly, “You all stay here and wait. I’ll handle the rest.”


Lan Yuanzhou doubted his confidence but was also curious about how he planned to accomplish such a challenging task. So, he lazily leaned against a nearby large rock and nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait here for your triumphant return.”


Lu Jingning waved to them, “Stay in touch on the voice channel~!”


At this moment, the livestream director focused the camera on their team.


Seeing Lu Jingning leave the others and head out alone, the barrage of comments on the screen immediately became active:


“What kind of plot is this?”


“Isn’t this a team competition? Are they already fighting at the start?”


“Let me take a wild guess, is Lu Jingning really running so fast? Is he serious? Damn!”


“Isn’t this Omega the one who snatched Lan Yuanzhou’s first place in the last match? Weren’t they supposed to have a revenge plot? Why did they end up teaming together?”


“Wow, Lu Jingning is about to encounter the other team, and it’s a five-member team! Will we witness the first blood explosion?”


“What? He’s not running away? Why is he charging forward?”


“What’s going on???”



In the meantime, Lan Yuanzhou, who remained in place, was unaware of what was happening on the other side. He simply waited for news as Lu Jingning had promised.


Time passed minute by minute, and after who knows how long, a joyful voice finally sounded on the voice channel, “Cheer up, my teammates! Get ready to collect the first wave of points in this match!”


From his tone, it seemed like he was in a good mood. The background noise sounded like a chaotic battle, as if he was indeed fighting. However, there was also a subtle feeling that something wasn’t quite right.


Lu Jingning said, “Xiao Zhouzhou, did you hear that? These points are dedicated to you, amidst the excitement of cheers!”


Whether they heard his extremely arrogant words or not, someone gasped for breath and shouted, “You, this Omega, don’t be too arrogant!”


Lu Jingning didn’t forget to argue with them, “Arrogant? Do you know who’s in my team? Lan Yuanzhou! And you still call me arrogant? If you don’t want to die without knowing how, keep up and don’t run away, tsk tsk.”


Those people went completely wild, “Kill him!!!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “…”


He was just about to say something when the voice channel was abruptly cut off by Lu Jingning.


Watching the peaceful scene around him, Lan Yuanzhou had a bad feeling growing stronger within him.


They couldn’t see it, but the audience in the livestream was witnessing everything.


At this moment, amidst the tranquil image, they couldn’t help but light virtual candles for Lan Yuanzhou and his teammates.


Take care, everyone!


Driven by his instincts as a bounty hunter, Lan Yuanzhou couldn’t hold back any longer. He stood up from the rock.


However, before he could take further action, he saw a rolling cloud of dust in the distance, accompanied by faint ground vibrations.


The others panicked, “What’s happening? What’s going on? Are there other monster groups in this map?”


Lan Yuanzhou didn’t answer but couldn’t help his lips twitching harshly.


With his keen eyesight, even from afar, he could clearly see the figure sprinting ahead of that large group.


It was too familiar.


This feeling of wanting to beat someone up was just like the last match when he abandoned them and rushed towards the stronghold.


Lu Jingning’s voice echoed through the voice channel once again, “Your vanguard, carrying a luxurious points package, has returned! Xiao Zhouzhou, get ready to deal with the monsters!”


Lan Yuanzhou felt his “Buddha-like” attitude completely crumbling at this moment, and he almost had the impulse to turn around and leave. What the hell was this? He was supposed to stay in place and wait for Lu Jingning to handle everything? Handle what? Was he supposed to solve the problem of taking too long to find targets in this match?!


However, it seemed like Lu Jingning had anticipated him possibly abandoning the team, so he confidently showed up, proudly announcing to the chasing teams behind, “See that guy with blue hair! The unquestionable MVP of this match! He’s the man you all will kneel down and call ‘Daddy’! Scared? Afraid? Better bow down and apologize now. Who knows, our Big Brother Zhou might forgive you little scoundrels!”


The others roared in anger, “Apologize your 4ss! Brothers, let’s team up and kill this team first, and then we’ll settle scores with each other!!!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “???”


To be honest, after traversing the stars for so many years, this was the first time he had seen someone stirring up so much animosity with just their words.


To make so many teams unite against a common enemy with only his mouth, how the hell did this guy achieve it?!


But there was obviously no time for him to explore this further. In the blink of an eye, the massive enemy forces were already charging towards them.


Seeing the other three teammates frozen in fear, Lan Yuanzhou took a deep breath and unsheathed the weapon he brought for this match.


A whip of astonishing length.


Thankfully, this match allowed everyone to choose a suitable cold weapon. Otherwise, he might really abandon his teammates and run for his life.


With the weapon in hand, he had to admit that facing so many mobile points did give him an uncontrollable itch to start fighting.


In the next moment, Lu Jingning had already reached him, and his footsteps were barely stopping as he struggled to regain his footing in the mud.


Lu Jingning patted Lan Yuanzhou’s shoulder, smiling heartily, “I’ll officially take over!”


Lan Yuanzhou almost wanted to whip that face in front of him.


But considering that Lu Jingning was skilled enough to fight alongside him and might save him a lot of effort, he managed to control himself.


Lan Yuanzhou gritted his teeth, “No time to waste, let’s settle this quickly!”


Lu Jingning replied with an affirmative “hmm,” and then said, “You go for it!”


Lan Yuanzhou: “???”


And what about you?


Feeling that something was off in his response, Lan Yuanzhou looked up.


Only to see Lu Jingning stepping forward again, passing right by his side without looking back, and just… ran away.


Through the voice channel, Lu Jingning’s words of advice came, “Xiao Zhouzhou, finish them quickly, I’ll bring the next wave!”


Lan Yuanzhou almost stumbled when he had just finished off the last enemy and struck a dashing pose towards the virtual camera upon hearing Lu Jingning’s words.


Damn it! You’re not done yet?!



In the livestream chat, the audience didn’t know how to describe what they were witnessing today.


Seeing wave after wave of monsters appear, um, the players were attracted by Lu Jingning, but in the end, they all fell under Lan Yuanzhou’s whip. Their hearts were left with only one exclamation.


Is it really possible to play the game like this???

Author’s note: Lan Yuanzhou: Who am I, where am I, what am I doing?


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