Chapter 14


Tang Xiyan stirred the tomato hot pot in front of him and remarked, “Eating hot pot without spiciness just doesn’t feel right.”


Qu Di handed him a piece of tripe and reminded, “Dr. Yu said you shouldn’t eat too spicy lately.”


Shu Yi smiled and said, “Qu Di is looking out for your well-being. Just ease up on the spice. I think the tomato base is pretty good.”


“I didn’t say I wouldn’t listen to him.” He tossed the meat from his bowl into Qu Di’s, as if he had done it countless times before. “I overcooked this meat by accident. You have it.”


Qu Di, used to this, wasn’t as picky as Tang Xiyan. He was about to eat the meat, but at that moment, Shu Yi used his chopsticks to take the overcooked meat from his bowl. “I like overcooked meat, it’s chewy. Give it to me.”


Tang Xiyan said, “Your preferences are quite unique.”


Shu Yi didn’t say anything but looked at Qu Di and then served him a piece of beef tripe, saying softly, “I noticed you seem to like this.”


“Th-thank you.” He promptly stuffed it into his mouth. The beef tripe he had just picked up was quite hot, so he opened his mouth and exhaled heavily. Shu Yi handed him a glass of cola, and Qu Di took several sips.


Tang Xiyan handed him a napkin to wipe his mouth and said, “If you like it, you can have it; no need to rush.”


“Thank you.”


At this point, Shu Yi seemed a bit uneasy and said, “Uh… I think I accidentally gave you my cup…”


Qu Di: …


Seeing his reaction, Shu Yi quickly reassured him, “It’s fine, I haven’t used it.”


Qu Di got up and said, “I’ll find a new cup for you.” Then he hurriedly left as if he was escaping.


He went to the lounge area and looked for a clean cup, but at that moment, there was a knock on the door.


“Is anyone there? Is anyone there?”


Qu Di turned to the others and said, “I’ll go open the door first.”


Tang Xiyan had a big bite of beef and murmured, “Does Wen Gu smell the hot pot and want to eat it?”


“Xiao Xiao?” Wen Gu’s assistant was named Qin Xiao Xiao, a beta girl who usually didn’t talk much.


At this moment, the quiet and composed girl’s eyes were moist, as if she was about to cry. She turned to Qu Di for help, speaking incoherently, “Qu Di, please help me! I’ve already called an ambulance, but Wen Gu… Wen Gu doesn’t seem to be well. What should I do? What should I do?”


Hearing her crying, the three of them in the room walked out, but as soon as Qin Xiao Xiao saw Shu Yi and the others, she shouted at them, “Don’t come over!”


The three of them were puzzled but stopped in their tracks. At this point, Shu Yi suddenly covered his nose and said, “Do you smell the scent of omega pheromones on her?”


Shu Yi’s comment made Tang Xiyan notice the faint scent as well. For those with sensitive olfactory senses like Alphas, this scent had significant implications.


Qu Di got up and said, “I’ll go and find a new cup for you.” Then he quickly left the room.


As he approached the room, even with the door closed, Qu Di, a beta, could still catch a faint whiff of the scent. It was easy to imagine what this meant for the highly sensitive Alphas.


Qin Xiao Xiao wiped her tears and tried to collect her thoughts. She choked out, “I don’t know exactly what happened. After we returned to the hotel, we each went to our own rooms. But he suddenly called me just now, and he couldn’t explain clearly over the phone.


“I only heard him gasping on the other end, and I was afraid something had happened, so I came up. I asked the hotel for a spare key card and then entered the room. I saw him lying on the floor, and there was a used suppressant nearby…”


She didn’t want to ask the hotel staff for help right away to avoid any negative publicity. She called an ambulance and then informed Wen Gu’s manager.


Wen Gu woke up, still in a daze. The numb sensation surged through his body once again, and his throat felt like it was on fire. He couldn’t speak. The deep-seated desire emanating from his body was eroding his nerves. Right now, he needed an Alpha… anyone would do.


He had already taken a suppressant… so why was he feeling like this again? This was the last thought he had before his rationality vanished.


The ambulance arrived quickly. Medical personnel entered the room, provided some basic care for Wen Gu, and then took him away. Qu Di had initially thought of accompanying them but was stopped by Qin Xiao Xiao.


“You can go back; I’ll go with them.”


Qu Di didn’t insist, understanding that artists’ matters often shouldn’t be intervened in by someone unfamiliar.


“Alright, if you need any help, you can reach out to me.”


After Wen Gu was taken away, the corridor was still filled with the strong scent of pheromones. Any Alpha passing by would likely be overwhelmed by this lingering scent. Hotel staff quickly arrived to disperse the pheromones.


When Qu Di knocked on the door, the three people sitting on the sofa in the lounge quickly reacted. Shu Yi was closer to the door, and he said, “I’ll go and open it.”


Upon opening the door, Shu Yi’s first question was, “Are you okay?”


What trouble could a beta get into?


Qu Di shook his head and replied, “I’m fine, but Wen Gu went to the hospital. It’s a temporary judgment that he’s in heat, and his pheromones are out of control.”


Hearing this, everyone felt relieved. Sudden heats were not uncommon, especially for mature Omegas like Wen Gu who hadn’t found an Alpha. They were prone to irregular heat cycles.


But going to the hospital was a first, as with advanced technology, even when a heat came on suddenly, a single injection would usually provide relief without the need for medical intervention.


However, it seemed that Wen Gu’s situation was different. Due to this unexpected turn of events, no one felt like eating any longer. Shu Yi and Zheng Siyi left, but Tang Xiyan couldn’t bear to leave a table full of food and urged Qu Di to help finish it.


“Didn’t you just say you weren’t hungry?”


“Well, this is in front of outsiders! If Wen Gu is in trouble, I have to show my concern, isn’t that what you guys taught me? Come on, help me finish everything; I treat you like family.”


Tang Xiyan served him a piece of tripe and said, “Adding the collateral fee for this hot pot, it’s one thousand five! Wasting food is a sin!”


In the end, Qu Di couldn’t refuse and helped finish the food on the table. Both of them were stuffed, and Qu Di intended to clean up, but Tang Xiyan stopped him, saying, “The person said there’s no need to clean up. He’ll come to collect it himself tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.”


“Are you really going to sleep with all this food tonight?”


Tang Xiyan considered it and said, “It does have a strong smell. You go take a shower, I’ll tidy up a bit, and then I’ll come to help you apply the medicine before I go back.”


Tang Xiyan stood up and stretched lazily. “One of the lead actors is in the hospital. I wonder if we’ll have the day off tomorrow.”


The cast and crew had a sleepless night due to the recent events. Tang Xiyan, however, slept soundly, and the next day he was curious why everyone seemed like they hadn’t slept well.


The director took out a cigarette but didn’t light it. He looked somewhat troubled and said, “We’ve only been shooting for a few days, and one of the leads is already in the hospital. Today, there will surely be a lot of media waiting for us. Please be cautious.”


As expected, when Tang Xiyan stepped outside, a horde of cameras and microphones were thrust in his face. Even those who had been interviewing passersby rushed over. The presence of the cast added more spice to the story.


“Tang Xiyan, we are from Huayan Entertainment. We’d like to ask for your thoughts on Wen Gu being hospitalized.”


“Some sources claim he had a rendezvous with an Alpha in the hotel. Can you confirm if this is true?”


“It’s been revealed by insiders that he lost control of his pheromones due to excessive use of aphrodisiacs. Is this accurate?”


“We’ve heard that the person he was with was the male lead of the same drama, Shu Yi. Do you have any information on this?”


“Tang Xiyan, please answer our questions!”


The security guards hired by the production company stood in front of him and pushed these people away.


Qu Di raised his voice and said, “Tang Xiyan has work to do today. Please make way for us.”


However, the media showed no sign of backing down. Until the situation was clarified, it was best for anyone to remain silent and avoid disclosing any information to the press, even if they knew anything. Everything should be left for the company to handle. Tang Xiyan kept his head down and, escorted by security, got into the nanny car.


It was said that Shu Yi’s situation was even more serious when he came out. After all, he was one of the main characters in the rumored heat incident involving Wen Gu.


Fortunately, the set location; Red Pear Film and Television City wasn’t a place reporters could enter, or they would have to halt production altogether.


Yang Jisheng didn’t come yesterday, and now Wen Gu is missing today. Just as the two had some conflicts, it seemed they wouldn’t have to see each other for a while.


Everyone received news that Wen Gu’s situation wasn’t extremely severe but not a minor issue either. He had been forced into a heat out of season, and the drug dosage wasn’t small. It might take him half a month to recover.


With this revelation, the incident was no longer a simple accident.


The director approached and whispered, “The police are already at the hotel, investigating the matter. They want to speak to those who knew about it last night. They’ll be here soon. The four of you wait.”


Then he turned to Yang Jisheng and said, “Come on, Yang Jisheng, let’s shoot scene 22 first. Go change your clothes, and the other actors should get ready as well. Stay focused!”


Shu Yi and the others waited for almost an hour. Tang Xiyan seemed impatient, frequently checking the time on his phone. Finally, a group of police officers wearing uniforms, along with a hotel cleaner, approached. There were six officers in total.


They first displayed their credentials, and Qu Di kept watching the cleaner, feeling that she looked familiar.


The cleaner also kept staring at Qu Di, which made him somewhat uneasy. Just as he thought he might be imagining things, the police asked the cleaner to come forward.


“Take a look and see if you recognize anyone you saw that day.”


The cleaner didn’t say a word but straightforwardly pointed her finger at Qu Di, saying, “It’s him!”

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