Chapter 74 – In case I become a widow

Chapter 74 – In case I become a widow


Jian Luo couldn’t find the right words to say, “Are you telling me I don’t need to worry? Are you saying they really didn’t reveal my face?”


Lu Shifeng neither confirmed nor denied, “What about you? Do you have that video? They only captured your figure, not your face.”


This was unbearable for Jian Luo. He hesitated, “But what if, I mean, what if someone recognizes me?”


Lu Shifeng smirked, “Then you can tell them you’re my partner.”


Jian Luo choked up and hesitated, “Forget it, forget it.”


Lu Shifeng’s expression wasn’t too pleased, and his sharp eyes narrowed as he lightly parted his lips, “Why? Does saying it out loud make you feel embarrassed?”


Jian Luo quickly shook his head. He didn’t dare to be so ungrateful. “No, it’s just that I’m afraid it will be more complicated to explain later.”


After a pause, Lu Shifeng straightforwardly said, “Then don’t explain.”


Jian Luo replied hastily, “Alright, then… huh? Don’t explain?”


“They’ll figure out the explanation themselves,” Lu Shifeng said languidly as he led Jian Luo forward. “No need for you to worry.”


Well, okay.


The people at Moonlight welcomed Jian Luo’s arrival with enthusiasm. Firstly, because Jian Luo was well-acquainted with everyone, and secondly, because he was currently at the center of gossip.


Everyone wanted to chat with the person involved in the gossip. However, as soon as they were about to speak, Lu Shifeng, who was following behind Jian Luo, silenced them all with his imposing presence.


Kazuki asked, “Luo Luo, what would you like to eat?”


Jian Luo rubbed his chin and thought for a moment before honestly saying, “Hmm… I’ll cook something myself.” Since he had signed a contract with Jiang Jiang to livestream at least once a week, he thought it would be best to find a place to do the livestream now that he was here.


Kazuki decisively said, “I’ll find a place for you to livestream.”


Jian Luo smiled, “Alright, thanks.”


“No problem,” Kazuki replied.


Kazuki glanced at Lu Shifeng, who was following behind Jian Luo, and felt that the imposing presence of the General following him made it difficult to speak. 


In the kitchen, Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “You can wait for me outside; I’ll be done quickly.”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him and asked, “Are you sure?”


Jian Luo made a gesture, “No problem!”


It was a small kitchen with all the necessary facilities, and most importantly, no one else to disturb them. Jian Luo expressed his satisfaction, “This place is perfect.”


Kazuki smiled, “As long as you’re happy.”


After finding a suitable spot, Jian Luo began setting up his livestream equipment. Kazuki, who was behind him, tentatively asked, “Hey, that video online, it looks like you, right? I recognized you instantly.”


Jian Luo’s movements paused as he contemplated whether or not to admit it. Although it seemed like it didn’t matter whether he admitted it or not, since people had already recognized him, he still hesitated.


Seeing Jian Luo’s hesitation, Kazuki leaned against the countertop and whispered, “Luo Luo, are you the Marshal’s illegitimate child?”



Jian Luo remembered that Lu Shifeng had told him not to explain, so he chose to remain silent.


Kazuki didn’t press the issue. Instead, she moved closer and caught a faint whiff of the dragon scent on Jian Luo, a very subtle and weak dragon scent that made people feel pity.


After some thought, Kazuki asked, “Or maybe, you’re carrying a little dragon cub in your belly?”


Jian Luo’s movements froze, and he turned his face away. Kazuki smiled and didn’t press further. It was neither confirmation nor denial, allowing him to stand quietly.


Kazuki waited for a response but didn’t get one. Her eyes gradually widened, and she couldn’t believe it. She covered her mouth and her gaze kept shifting to Jian Luo’s belly. Her eyes began to tear up as she whispered, “Is it true? Did I guess right?”


Jian Luo patted her shoulder as a gesture of comfort, assuring the young girl that there was no need to cry.


“That’s amazing!” Kazuki sniffled, “Humans are truly incredible. How did you end up pregnant? Can we really have children?”


Jian Luo didn’t expect such an intense reaction from Kazuki.


After hesitating for a moment, Kazuki tentatively asked, “Can I touch it?”


Jian Luo thought for a moment and didn’t object. Instead, he nodded and said, “Sure.”


The new aunt cautiously extended her hand, trembling slightly, and placed it nervously on Jian Luo’s belly, feeling it gently.


Just when Jian Luo was about to say that they didn’t usually move, he suddenly felt movement in his abdomen. He could clearly feel the dragon cub kicking forcefully. Kazuki’s hand happened to be on his belly, and she widened her eyes in disbelief.


Jian Luo chuckled, “Seems a bit mischievous.”


After waiting for a response and not receiving one, Kazuki lowered her head, wiped her eyes, and said, “This is wonderful. I hope they’ll be safe.”


Jian Luo couldn’t quite understand the emotions of the Darkstar people towards the cubs. Even an ordinary person, not the child’s parent, could shed tears because of the child.


Kazuki sighed, “It’s just a bit of a shame.”


Jian Luo was curious, “What’s a shame?”


“Why isn’t it our boss’s cub, but a dragon cub?” Kazuki lamented, patting Jian Luo’s belly, “It’s a pity.”



That’s enough.


After ushering Kazuki out, Jian Luo began preparing spicy and sour noodles. He had been craving them for a long time.


Before going live, he habitually prepared the ingredients. While sweet potato noodles were typically used for this dish, and he had considered using them, but since sweet potato noodles weren’t available at the moment, he decided to use potato starch noodles as a substitute.


Fortunately, Moonlight had all the necessary ingredients, and Jian Luo didn’t have to do much himself. He pressed the live button, ready to greet his audience.




The little circle indicated that everything was ready.


Jian Luo habitually started talking, “Hi, everyone. I’m streamer Jian Luo, and today, we’re going to make spicy and sour noodles.”


At the start of his broadcasts, Jian Luo usually glanced at the viewership count. Normally, when he first went live, the viewership would be around several tens of thousands. After about ten minutes, it would start to soar, sometimes reaching around a million, depending on the time.


However, today, when Jian Luo casually glanced at the viewership count, his eyes gradually widened, “One million five hundred thousand?”


Before, he hadn’t opened the live chat, but now, it was flooded with messages:


“Is the streamer the Marshal’s illegitimate child?”


“The figure and voice match perfectly; it’s you.”


“What’s the relationship between the streamer and the Marshal?”


“Streamer, please, are you pregnant?”


The weather was finally turning towards autumn, and he couldn’t wear oversized clothing anymore. Since April, Jian Luo’s pregnancy had become increasingly noticeable. Although he was relatively slim, his expanding belly couldn’t be hidden. His waistline had become rounder, and although it wasn’t very conspicuous, a close look would reveal the bulge.


Seeing the enthusiastic chat, Jian Luo hesitated, not sure how to respond. As he was still pondering what to do, suddenly, the entire livestream page froze and then crashed. Error 460.


The page instantly turned black and white, and Jian Luo was forcefully disconnected from the livestream mode.


Due to the overwhelming number of viewers and messages, the active user count had increased dramatically, causing Jian Luo’s livestream to crash. In no time, a hot trending topic appeared on StarNet: #JinjiangIsCrashing#.


#Jinjiang Streamer Jian Luo Goes Live#


The platform crash incident left Jian Luo with a wry smile. Fortunately, Jiang Jiang called him and assured that they would have it fixed overnight.


With all the commotion, Jian Luo decided not to continue the livestream. He made a simple dish of noodles, mixing in chili and vinegar to his heart’s content, and enjoyed his meal. After finishing, Lu Shifeng took him back.


Instead of going directly to the rest area, they went to Lu Shifeng’s office. The Marshal instructed Jian Luo to wait on the couch while he headed out for a meeting.


Jian Luo chatted with himself for a while, and Secretary Jin, came in first. “Luoluo, are you tired? Shall I take you back to rest?”


Jian Luo wasn’t tired; he was engrossed in the online gossip. “Not at all, it’s just a little past eight.”


“That’s good,” Secretary Jin poured a glass of water for Jian Luo. “There’s been a sudden emergency over there, and the Marshal has gone to a meeting. Don’t worry too much.”


Jian Luo shook his head. “He’s so capable; I have nothing to worry about.”


Secretary Jin smiled.


After some thought, this might be a good opportunity, so she decided to bring it up herself. “Luo Luo, this situation might not be easy to handle. Based on my experience over the years, if I’m not mistaken, the Marshal might have to leave for a while.”


Business trip?


Jian Luo froze.


Thinking about it, he had indeed been sticking with Lu Shifeng all this time. Because they had been together for so long, he had forgotten that Lu Shifeng was the Marshal, who could be in danger at any time and might need to lead troops into battle.


Jian Luo hesitated. “Is it going to be dangerous?”


Secretary Jin didn’t lie, “It might be a little bit dangerous. Are you worried?”


Without hesitation, Jian Luo said, “Of course, I’ll be worried!”


Secretary Jin was touched. Luoluo was really loyal. If the Marshal could hear this, he would be delighted.


“Well, if anything happens to him and he leaves us as orphans, what will we do? This dragon cub eats so much, and I can’t afford to raise it,” Jian Luo sighed, “He absolutely can’t have any accidents.”




Secretary Jin choked up.


But she comforted Jian Luo, “Luoluo, don’t think like that. The Marshal should be fine, and even if something happens to him, the Darkstar people won’t leave the child unprotected. Your child is very important, and a prominent noble family might even adopt him.”


Jian Luo was puzzled. “Like who?”

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