Chapter 15


None of the three of them knew what had happened. The leading officer gave a signal to the others behind him, saying, “You go and take statements from Shu Yi and Xiyan.”


Then, he turned to Qu Di and said, “Sir, I’m afraid we’ll need you to come with us.”


Shu Yi pulled the man behind him and furrowed his brow, saying, “We need evidence for everything. Are you taking someone away without saying anything?”


The officer chuckled and said, “I forgot to clarify. This person here is an employee of the hotel, responsible for servicing the rooms on the upper floors. She told us that on the day of the incident, she saw a person coming out of Mr. Wen Gu’s room, and that person is this gentleman.”


After he said this, Qu Di finally remembered where he had seen this lady before…


Shu Yi looked back at Qu Di and Qu Di quickly explained, “I didn’t go inside… I just happened to pass by Mr. Wen Gu’s room, and I noticed that he forgot to close the door, so I helped him close it.”


The officer said, “The hotel’s surveillance system happened to be under maintenance during that time frame, so we can’t confirm the truth of what you’re saying. However, this is the only lead we have, and we’re just bringing you back to assist in the investigation. You don’t need to panic.”


Then he gestured, and the people behind him moved forward to take Qu Di away. Tang Xiyan naturally couldn’t stand by and watch them take Qu Di away like this. He was protective and couldn’t let them take Qu Di away. Just as he was about to go and argue with them, Qu Di held him back.


Tang Xiyan turned around, and Qu Di shook his head, saying, “Stay calm. You don’t want to become a target for speculation.”


He still remembered his job, and now this matter had become a nationwide sensation. It was not just news in the entertainment industry; hurting an Omega was a serious criminal case. Tang Xiyan needed to distance himself from this matter as much as possible.


Then he said to the officer, “I’ll go with you.”


“Hey!” Tang Xiyan was not convinced, and he couldn’t just watch them take Qu Di away. Shu Yi said to him, “Don’t go. Qu Di is right. The situation is still unclear. We can figure out a plan later.”


The police had promised not to make Qu Di’s situation public until the case was solved, but at noon that day, a post appeared on the internet, instantly igniting public outrage.


“Wen Gu Case Suspect Apprehended, Allegedly the Personal Assistant of a Famous Singer”


Combining the Wen Gu incident with a well-known singer, the post quickly rose to the top of the homepage and became the number one trending topic.


The post was written by someone claiming to be a hotel employee who had witnessed the suspect being taken away. The post didn’t mention any names, but everyone could guess who the “famous singer” was.


As a result, Tang Xiyan’s name also appeared in the trending topics, attracting a lot of negative comments.


Bululu: Xiyan is no saint either. Back in the day, he beat up Zhou Zhou and sent him to the hospital, forcing him to leave the industry. Now he’s involved in another scandal. I wonder if he had his eye on Wen Gu and sent his assistant to do this. He’s trying to shift all the blame onto his assistant.


Yanyan, Mom Loves You: Can the people upstairs stop talking? Zhou Zhou already apologized for the past incident, okay? Xiyan is just a boy who loves music. He doesn’t have the background to make someone disappear. On the other hand, Zhou Zhou’s father is a big shot in politics, and he still ran away. Clearly, he’s guilty.


Skinny Tiger Fan: Right! The assistant’s actions are his own, what does it have to do with Xiyan? Let’s look forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


LINDA-: Why is a singer going to act in a TV drama? I think he has ulterior motives. I get annoyed just seeing him. Lots of nonsense.


Pie Crumbs Rule: You guys are so good at making up stories, why don’t you become screenwriters? If you can’t prove anything before the facts are out, I’ll always believe in Xiyan. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


I’m Waiting at the Station to See You Off: Some people are just bitter. Xiyan is innocent. Don’t spread baseless accusations. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Little Fox is So Cute: Why would Xiyan want an Omega when he’s so talented? Do you really think he needs to scheme to find an Omega? This is just nonsense. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Nostrils Eating Dinner: Hey, can the person above not re-victimize the victim? Are you trying to blame the victim again? We salted fish are rational. Stop attacking others. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Hot Hands: Oh no, the assistant was the one who saved Xiyan from sasaeng fans before, right? I’m starting to suspect that he orchestrated this himself, just to stay by Xiyan’s side. Xiyan is definitely innocent. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Heartless Killer: So toxic! Stop speculating. How can an assistant do such things without Xiyan’s involvement?


Shushu Loves Eating Noodles: Why is everyone focusing on Xiyan? The one who caused the trouble is clearly the assistant.


Easy Eight Pulls: I think I know this person; he’s a Beta.


POT: This Beta must be trying to take advantage. He knows he can’t find an Omega by his own merits, so he’s resorting to such methods. Beta is disgusting, always trying to find an Omega. But does he even know what kind of person he is?


My Headphones Broke Again: Why are you discriminating by gender? Do some people still live in the last century? The current mayor of Y City is also a Beta. What kind of fool are you?


You Exploded: Speaking the truth, map cannons are all trash.


Flowers Scattered All Over: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


Carrying a Bomb to School: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.


^-^: Before the evidence is out, don’t accept any mudslinging. Looking forward to the new song #Mu Xia#.



“Brother, can you think of a way? What’s going on here? Qu Di is definitely innocent. Just get him out for now.”


Tang Chaobai scolded, “Whoever gets involved in this matter will be finished. Do you want to ruin your reputation? I won’t get involved in this matter, and the company will issue a statement later, clarifying that you have no connection to this incident. Outside, you need to watch your words.”


“What about Qu Di?”


“He is just an assistant. Whatever the police say, that’s how it is. Don’t go out casually in the near future. I’ve already asked Qiu Fei to come find you.”




“Shut up. I won’t let you ruin your reputation to protect an assistant. Don’t do anything foolish.” After saying that, Tang Chaobai hung up the phone. When Tang Xiyan called back, he only received an ‘unable to reach’ notification.


Tang Xiyan knew that there was no use in saying anything more. His older brother was a businessman who always put his interests first. Not getting his assistant implicated and having the company issue a statement to protect his own reputation was already the best he could hope for.


After being taken to the police station, Qu Di sat in a room with white walls on all sides, with only two surveillance cameras on the ceiling, their red lights blinking. He could only sit on the floor.


He didn’t know how long he had been here. They had taken away all his belongings and told him to wait. He had been waiting for a day.


He sat in a corner, burying his face in his arms, not knowing how the investigation was going.


After what felt like a long time, someone finally entered from outside. The person had an expressionless face and spoke coldly, “Come out.”


Qu Di swallowed hard. He was hungry and thirsty now, and his throat was dry and sore.


He followed the officer into another room, also with white walls on all sides. In the middle, there was a table and three chairs. Two officers were already waiting inside.


“Are you thirsty? Have some water.”


Qu Di didn’t hesitate, he said thank you and quickly drank the water in front of him. It instantly made him feel better.




“Qu Di.”




“Male Beta.”










“On August 6th, at 10:23 AM, where were you?”


“I… I was on the 53rd floor of the hotel.”


“At this time, the crew was shooting. Why did you go back?”


“My artist got injured, but he forgot to apply medicine that day. I went back to get the ointment for him.”


“Why did a witness say you came out of room 5315, which is the victim’s room? If you’re not his assistant, how did you get in?”


This question was filled with accusations, and even the tone became harsh, as if he was the criminal. Qu Di was getting anxious, and he said, “I was just passing by and saw that Mr. Wen Gu’s room door was not closed. I called inside to check if anyone was there, but there was no response. I thought he had forgotten to close the door, so I just helped him close it.”


“Did you see a room keycard at the door?”


Qu Di was stunned, “What keycard?”


“If, as you say, you should have seen a keycard at the door. The victim said he didn’t realize he had lost his keycard, but when he went back, he saw his lost keycard at his room door. If you didn’t see it, it’s because you placed it there afterward, right?”


“I didn’t!”


The other officer interjected at this point, “I advise you to confess. A good attitude can lead to a reduced sentence.”


“I didn’t do it. Why should I confess?”


The two officers looked at him with furrowed brows, as if they were dealing with a disobedient child. One of them said, “If you don’t cooperate with our investigation, we’ll have to detain you for now. Let us know when you’re ready to talk.”


Qu Di was locked back into the same small room. He leaned against the wall, feeling powerless for the first time. He also realized that in this society, true justice wasn’t always needed. All they needed was a scapegoat to suppress public opinion and maintain the facade of a harmonious society. In that context, his sacrifice was considered “worth it.”


His stomach grumbled, protesting after a day without food. He pressed his hand against his stomach, trying to suppress the hunger. There wouldn’t be anything to eat today.


That night, all the information about the “culprit” Qu Di, including his family, school, and current address, was exposed on the internet. A post titled “The Culprit of the Wen Gu Case, Qu Di, Is a Shameless Scumbag” was trending.

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