Chapter 4 – The Chasm Between Gods and Demons

Chapter 4 – The Chasm Between Gods and Demons


It was an incredibly vast hellish sea of blood.


Mountains, valleys, and black clouds covered the land. Demons danced in the vast world, and sword energy filled the air, while spiritual light shone everywhere.


Yu Yang stood at the peak of the black clouds, holding a beautiful girl hostage, making a man with a spirit sword feel helpless.


The man was the protagonist, Yun Qianqiu, and the girl was one of the heroines, Xiao Xinger.


Yu Yang struck Yun Qianqiu with a single palm and then burst into maniacal laughter. His eyes were bloodshot, and he had lost all sanity. In the next moment, he grabbed Xiao Xinger by the throat and activated a formation for the “Ten Thousand Demon Purgatory.”


The Demon Lord had a black blood jade earring on his right ear. It was emitting a bizarre light in the grim world, making his smile even more sinister.


The world had already fallen into chaos, with both the mortal realm and the immortal realm descending into the chasm between gods and demons. Demons crawled out from the abyss, devouring everything in their path.


In the final moment, a figure flew over with a sword from the distant sky. Their radiance was blinding, and their long silver hair danced in the wind.


“Shizun!” Yun Qianqiu shouted in joy upon seeing the newcomer.


Gu Ruoqing took advantage of Yu Yang’s use of the formation, reached out with a single palm, and immediately rescued the dying Xiao Xinger, tossing her to Yun Qianqiu.


His brows furrowed, and the sword edge turned, piercing through Yu Yang’s heart.


No hesitation, no deviation.


Yu Yang was pushed back by the sword energy, taking a step back with an incredulous look at his heart being pierced.


His gaze was full of resentment, his teeth clenched as if he wanted to devour Gu Ruoqing’s flesh and drink his blood. “Back then… I should have torn you to shreds.”


Yun Qianqiu rushed forward to embrace Xiao Xinger, intending to join the battle. However, he only saw Gu Ruoqing pull out the sword and, with an expressionless face, lift Yu Yang by the collar, hanging him over the edge of the abyss.


Below them was a surging black mist, and the agonizing wails of countless spirits filled the air. Be they human, immortal, or demon, they would all be devoured.


Yu Yang, heavily wounded, could barely survive for a few more moments even with a pierced heart, but falling into the abyss meant being torn into a thousand pieces.


He had only his toes touching the edge of the cliff, and his hands, stained with blood, held Gu Ruoqing’s wrist. Suddenly, he chuckled, “Shizun, you’ve been so good to me.”


He laughed sweetly, but his eyes were filled with eerie malevolence.


“Unfortunately, this disciple won’t be able to reveal your true face to the world. I really wanted to see how those people below, who praise and worship you, would react if they knew your true face before you ‘attained enlightenment.'”


Gu Ruoqing’s eyes grew ice-cold, and his voice was low and trembling, “Shut up.”


“Hahaha,” Yu Yang had gone mad, “You’re afraid, Ruoqing. No wonder, you’re just a bastard, sneaking into a man’s bed in the middle of the night—”


Gu Ruoqing immediately raised his arm, and Yu Yang’s feet were almost off the ground.


This was the only thing he absolutely could not allow anyone to touch.


Yu Yang had laughed enough and stopped. He released his hands, spread his arms without hesitation, and leaned backward, openly towards the abyss, leaving only Gu Ruoqing holding onto his collar to keep him from falling.


“Gu Ruoqing, this time I lose. You’ve killed me, and I’m willing to accept my defeat.”


“But you’d better pray that I don’t survive, don’t come back, and don’t turn into a demon and crawl up. Otherwise…”


Yu Yang’s muscles tensed, his waist twisted in an odd posture, and with a sudden burst of power, he stood upright, leaning close to Gu Ruoqing’s ear in an intimate manner, “Otherwise, I will make sure you, my Shizun, will experience a life worse than death and a death worse than life.”


“Shizun, it’s fate that we meet again.”




Memories came to an abrupt halt, and Gu Ruoqing woke up suddenly, gasping for air as if he were a fish on the brink of death.


He looked at the round jade that had fallen to the ground, feeling his heart being squeezed, overwhelmed by fear and suffocation.


“What is that…?” Gu Ruoqing covered his chest, trembling as he muttered to himself, “What is all of this… why…”


[System: Congratulations, big brother, for gaining Gu Ruoqing’s memory fragments *2! Supporting character development progress: 15%. Keep up the good work! Friendly reminder: Memory fragments can cause strong emotional impact, and if too severe, they may harm your health. Take care, big brother.]


Gu Ruoqing listened dazedly to the voice of the system in his mind. He only began to react after his heartbeat had calmed down.


He had just experienced two vivid, lifelike scenes as if he had been on a roller coaster.


If he remembered correctly, the second segment should be the climax of the main novel—the God-Demon Abyss.


This was the final ending of the novel, where the protagonist, Gu Ruoqing, descended from the sky and “killed” the antagonist, Yu Yang.


In the original text, the description of Yu Yang’s death was only two lines long, and “The Immortal Path of Nine Thousand Years” was criticized for its abrupt ending. However, just now, he felt as if he had personally experienced the spectacular scene of the earth and sky splitting.


He could even see the earring on Yu Yang’s right ear, which looked like a teardrop about to fall when he fell into the abyss.


Gu Ruoqing’s mind was now in a whirl, and his ears were ringing.


Trembling, he leaned on the table, sat on the edge of the bed, and began to slowly contemplate these two memory fragments.


There was no doubt that the protagonists of these two memories were Gu Ruoqing and Yu Yang.


However, one was a miniature version, and the other was a version with a darker side.


But it was strange, how could someone so adorable as a child turn so dark when they grew up? It was rather unsettling.


[Gu Ruoqing: System, what was Yu Yang’s level of darkness during the God-Demon Abyss?]


[System: I didn’t dare to measure, I was afraid the measuring instrument would break.]


…It was probably more than 200%.


[Gu Ruoqing: …Did you say last time that if Yu Yang’s level of darkness exceeded 80%, he would remember the God-Demon Abyss?]


[System: That’s correct.]


He sighed, stood up slowly, picked up the round jade from the ground, and paced to the window. While sipping tea, he looked at the sky, which was beginning to turn pale.


In the original work, although Yu Yang was the antagonist, the author had portrayed him as a very complex character, leaving a deep impression on many readers. Gu Ruoqing was one of those readers.


He remembered that in the original plot, the Immortal-Demon Great War from five hundred years ago had pushed the Demon Clan to the brink of extinction, and Yu Yang was the orphaned child of Le Lin, a fugitive member of the Demon Clan.


Yu Yang grew up under Le Lin’s indifference and disdain, and for some reason, he ended up as a street urchin. In the original story, when Gu Ruoqing found him and brought him back, he was already somewhat reclusive, likely due to the circumstances of his birth that shaped his personality.


Although he grew rapidly and had a natural talent for cultivation, he was constantly discriminated against within the sect, and he was always overshadowed by Yun Qianqiu’s protagonist halo.


Despite his considerable talents, he couldn’t keep up with Yun Qianqiu in cultivation speed, opportunities, and social connections. His family background couldn’t match up, and even the precious treasures and herbs he found ended up in Yun Qianqiu’s hands. The girls he liked also ended up with Yun Qianqiu.


It was as if he was cursed and could never surpass Yun Qianqiu.


Yu Yang became increasingly radical and competitive, even becoming ruthless towards himself. However, at that time, he hadn’t actually done anything wrong; he just had a provocative personality, a sharp tongue, and a tendency to challenge anyone who crossed him.


The more people he offended, the more he was targeted, and he was eventually thrown into a group of junior disciples who were treated poorly.


At that time, he knelt in the icy wilderness, alone and naked, his hands and feet turning purple, holding back tears with gritted teeth.


But he still cherished his Shizun’s kindness and, at the age when children longed for adult care, he hoped that his Shizun, Gu Ruoqing, could help him.


So he quietly went to Gu Ruoqing’s door and knocked, whispering with teary eyes, “Shizun, Shizun.” But in the original story, Gu Ruoqing only opened the door, looked at him coldly, and asked, “Who allowed you to come here? Go back.”


At that time, Yu Yang was truly disheartened, but he continued to cultivate in silence.


It was only a year later, during a sect mission, that Yu Yang discovered something unbelievable. The Demon Clan they were hunting down was led by none other than Yu Yang’s birth mother, Le Lin. He realized that he and Yun Qianqiu’s father were the same person! Yun Sifeng was Le Lin’s old patron in the brothel!


The same father; Yun Qianqiu was born as the pride of heaven, while Yu Yang could only live in the darkness, as a despised, “mixed-blood” illegitimate child of the Demon Clan.


Yu Yang, who had long harbored resentment, finally exploded. His demon blood awakened, and the command disc of the Demon Lord began to revolve.


Yu Yang personally killed Le Lin, concealed his identity as a member of the Demon Clan, and secretly practiced demonic cultivation in the Qingyun Sect. However, his secret couldn’t stay hidden, and Yun Qianqiu exposed him.


He was besieged by the five Grand Elders of the Qingyun Sect and tied to the Demon-Sealing Pillar. His Shizun, Gu Ruoqing, took the stage and, disregarding his disciple’s pleas, directly cut open his demonic pearl.


Before the demonic pearl could be successfully removed, the demon realm suddenly became turbulent. Yu Yang, taking advantage of the chaos, was rescued by a mysterious figure and embarked on the path of the Demon Lord.


After recalling Yu Yang’s journey into darkness, Gu Ruoqing instantly had a splitting headache.


He gloomily summarized the reasons for Yu Yang’s transformation:


The fundamental reason was Yu Yang’s tragic childhood with his mother.


The main reason was Gu Ruoqing’s persistent indifference and neglect towards Yu Yang. He picked him up but wasn’t responsible for him, leading to Yu Yang being insulted and abused within the sect.


The direct reason was Gu Ruoqing, as Yu Yang’s Shizun, attempting to cut open Yu Yang’s demonic pearl, and the key point was that he hadn’t succeeded.


Yu Yang’s descent into darkness meant that Gu Ruoqing, as his Shizun, was responsible for eighty percent of it.


Oh, nearly forgot, shortly after the mission to kill his mother, he even sneaked into Yu Yang’s room at night and committed an unspeakable act with the underaged Yu Yang, causing both physical and mental harm to the young man.


Well, now he had a hundred percent of the responsibility.


Gu Ruoqing’s heart lamented as he downed the cup of tea in his hand.


Suddenly, someone rushed past downstairs. The person was running and shouting, “There’s a flood! Liuxiang is flooded! Hurry to put out the fire!”


He jolted.


Liuxiang, where “Where Spring Winds Seek” was located, was in Liuxiang!


Gu Ruoqing thought to himself that something was amiss.


With a quick gesture of his right hand, he caught the sword hanging on the wall and swiftly descended the stairs using light-footed techniques. He then rushed toward Liuxiang.

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