Chapter 4: The Unusual Incident


At dawn, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.


Early this morning, the Director of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, Zheng Hechun, arrived on the lower floor of the bureau with a restless mind. He stood before the specially designed Demon Energy Detector in the bureau.


The staff responsible for monitoring the detector was a powerful Wolf Demon. He observed Zheng Hechun, who had a solemn expression while staring at the detector for quite some time, and couldn’t help but ask, “Director, what’s going on? Has something happened outside?”


Zheng Hechun furrowed his brow and shook his head, saying, “No.” Then he inquired, “Has there been any activity with the detector today?”


The Wolf Demon replied, “No, I’ve been here, keeping watch all the time.”


As the name suggests, the Demon Energy Detector could sense intense fluctuations of Demon energy. In the past, when powerful Demon were born, their energy would spread into the world the moment they were born, and the energy detector would sense it. However, in recent decades, there had been peace in the human world, and it had been a long time since any major Demon had been born, so the energy detector had remained dormant for many years.


“Is that so?” Zheng Hechun mumbled, “But I can’t shake the feeling that something might happen today… perhaps another major Demon is about to be born.”


The Wolf Demon chuckled and said, “That’s impossible. With the thin spiritual energy in the world today, there are only a handful of thousand-year-old Demon left. Where could another major Demon come from?”


Zheng Hechun remained silent, just staring at the detector for a while longer, and then he slowly said, “Maybe I’m just being overly cautious.”


As he turned to leave, at that very moment, there was a thunderous, ancient bell-like rumble from behind, and the long-dormant Demon Energy Detector suddenly emitted a dazzling golden light and a deafening noise!


Zheng Hechun’s expression changed, and the Wolf Demon let out a terrified scream, trembling all over as he knelt on the ground. Within a hundred miles, the beasts quivered, and the Demon prostrated themselves. A vast and violent Demon energy swept through like a thunderstorm, with an underlying, majestic dragon roar that pierced the sky, lingering for a long time.


At that moment, the human world remained as calm as ever, and ordinary people continued to live their lives unaware. However, within a radius of hundreds of miles, centered around dawn, cultivators all felt the incredibly powerful and chilling Demon energy. Zheng Hechun looked at the sky in disbelief and finally managed to utter one sentence:


“A real dragon… has appeared in this world?!”


As for the commotion in the outside world, Su Muluo, who was at the scene, did not perceive it much.


At this very moment, his attention was entirely focused on the small black dragon that had just hatched.


The small black dragon was tiny, not even as thick as a thumb, covered in soft black scales. It had four tiny claws. It was rumored that dragon claws were extremely sharp and could easily split mountains and rocks. However, when these four little claws gently held onto the Phoenix’s finger, there was an indescribable softness.


In addition, the two small horns on the top of the little black dragon’s head were also soft. They rubbed against the Phoenix’s finger, and it was incredibly affectionate.




The small black dragon cuddled Su Muluo’s finger for a while, then snuggled onto the phoenix’s wrist, resting its head in his palm, contentedly narrowing its dragon eyes.




Su Muluo remained silent.


In the memories left by the Phoenix clan, the Dragon clan was the dominant ruler of the world, exuding an unrivaled air of authority. He had once imagined that his dragon would look magnificent after hatching… definitely not like this.


It was just too small!


Not at all fearsome!!


Su Muluo pouted slightly and poked the small black dragon.


The small black dragon lifted its head to look at him, made some whimpering sounds, and then turned to expose its soft belly to him.


Su Muluo touched its soft belly and, feeling the tenderness, smiled.


Well, it may be small, but it’s also soft.


Kind of cute.


He gazed at the little black dragon that was being affectionate with him and gently touched its not-so-hard horns, saying, “Will you grow bigger in the future? Really big.”


The small black dragon raised its head, proudly making a noise.


Seeing this, Su Muluo smiled, looked around, and took a blanket from the room, laying it on the table. He gently placed the small black dragon on it.


He had been worried that the newly hatched dragon might get cold, so he wanted to wrap it in the blanket. However, the small black dragon clearly disliked the blanket and used its claws to push it away, climbing back onto his hand, curling up comfortably in his palm.


It wanted its phoenix, not that blanket.


Su Muluo chuckled and said, “How about you? Why didn’t you hatch earlier?”


The small black dragon made some incomprehensible noises.


Su Muluo fell silent for a moment.


Well, it seems communication with the small black dragon is a bit tricky at the moment. He’d have to wait for it to grow and take human form before trying to communicate again.


Su Muluo remembered that he had gained human form just a few days after hatching. Phoenixes and dragons were both powerful beings that possessed sentience from birth, so it shouldn’t take long for his dragon to grow up.


Thinking about this, Su Muluo felt even more delighted. He touched the soft little black dragon again and asked, “Are you hungry? Should I make something for you to eat?”


He didn’t know what dragons ate, but he recalled that he had been drinking honeywater in the days right after hatching. Later, after gaining human form, he absorbed the essence of heaven and earth and didn’t need to eat much.


The small black dragon shook its head, indicating that it didn’t want to eat. However, not eating right after hatching was not a good idea. Su Muluo remembered that he had bought a few cans of milk at the supermarket two days ago, so he poured a bowl, heated it to a comfortable temperature, and placed it in front of the small black dragon.


The little dragon stared at the bowl of milk for a few seconds, sniffed it, wagged its tail, and then turned its head away.


Su Muluo thought, “Well, it’s picky.”


Then he asked, “Do you want meat?”


Again, the small black dragon shook its head.


“Well, there’s nothing else,” Su Muluo said, pointing at the bowl of milk. “Drink it. Don’t starve yourself.”


The small black dragon hesitated but slowly lowered its head and took a sip of the milk. Then it lay down in Su Muluo’s palm and didn’t move.


Su Muluo thought, “I guess it really doesn’t like milk.” He reluctantly put the empty bowl away, thinking that he would search for infant food recipes online to feed the small dragon.


Or perhaps… recipes for kittens or puppies?


Su Muluo looked at the small black dragon wriggling in his palm and playfully poked it again.


It felt nice.


One more poke.


The small black dragon made a sound.


It clung to Su Muluo’s finger with its tiny claws, rubbed its head against his hand, and held onto it tightly.


Thud, thud, thud.


Just as Su Muluo was playing with the small black dragon, there was a sudden knock on the door of the rented room. He thought it might be the landlord, so he gently placed the small black dragon in his pocket and got up to open the door.


However, when he opened the door, he was surprised to find that it wasn’t the landlord standing outside but a group of people he didn’t recognize at all. There were three men and two women, with an elderly man in his fifties at the forefront. He had a benevolent expression and a friendly smile, but at the moment they saw him, Su Muluo realized that they were not ordinary people but human cultivators with some level of cultivation.


Cultivators were individuals who practiced Taoist arts among humans. They had extraordinary talents and gained power through cultivation. In the era of strife between humans and Demon, they were the ones who opposed Demon, maintaining peace in the human world.


However, in the present day, humans and Demon had reconciled, and cultivators were prohibited from revealing their identities. Therefore, most of them concealed themselves among ordinary people, and a significant portion had even joined the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings. Currently, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings was composed of 40% Demon and 60% cultivators.


Perhaps sensing the intentions of these people, Su Muluo kept his emotions in check and calmly examined each of them before asking, “Is there something you need?”


The several cultivators in front of Su Muluo were taken aback for a moment when they saw him. They had speculated and imagined various things before coming here, trying to guess what the person behind the door would look like. However, when this man appeared before them, they realized that their imagination had been quite limited.


He was a young man, even younger than they had anticipated. He had black hair and dark eyes, and his features were exquisite. In particular, his eyes, as dark as gems hidden beneath the icy surface of a frigid night lake, refracted a breathtaking coldness and beauty.


His temperament was also aloof, not intentionally keeping people at a distance, but rather an innate aura that seemed to have crossed a thousand years of time, as if he had traversed the currents of time over a long period, leaving behind the tranquility and unwavering calmness after the turmoil and tides had receded.


Extraordinarily beautiful but not to be judged by appearances. This person, or rather, this Demon, was truly unfathomable. This was the first impression in the hearts of all the cultivators present.


Su Muluo didn’t know what they were thinking, but in these few seconds, he could guess their intentions. After all, his dragon had just hatched, and it was impossible for human cultivators not to have noticed. However, he had not anticipated that his dragon would hatch so suddenly. If he had known, he would have returned to the mountains. Even if he had alarmed the human world, these people would not have been able to find him.


Su Muluo was lost in thought, and the cultivators were in shock, creating a tense atmosphere between the two parties. However, the leader of the cultivators, a middle-aged man, was the first to react. He realized that their silence might be inappropriate in the eyes of the person before them and smiled slightly, saying, “We apologize for the interruption. We indeed have a matter to discuss, but before that, let me introduce ourselves. It’s our first meeting, I am Zheng Hechun, the director of the Lin City Bureau of Extraordinary Beings.”


Just an hour ago, a real dragon had appeared in Lin City, causing a shock throughout the human world. The headquarters of the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings had called an emergency meeting, instructing Zheng Hechun to locate the real dragon as quickly as possible. He had a duty to fulfill and was prepared to face possible death. After all, no matter how talented a human cultivator was, their physical limits remained. Facing a real dragon in combat with nothing but human flesh was a hopeless endeavor. However, he had never expected the real dragon to be here, in this ordinary rented room.


And the person before them surely had an extraordinary connection to the real dragon.


Su Muluo didn’t react much to Zheng Hechun’s words. He was familiar with the name Zheng Hechun, having heard it when he visited the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings yesterday. He merely nodded slightly to indicate that he understood.


Zheng Hechun didn’t find Su Muluo’s reaction inappropriate. He recognized that this person was truly inscrutable, and even if they had brought someone from the headquarters, it likely wouldn’t have made any difference to him.


“Why we have come here, I believe you are already aware,” Zheng Hechun continued, his smile intact. “With the real dragon’s emergence, the Bureau of Extraordinary Beings is willing to offer its goodwill. We wonder if you are willing to allow us the honor of meeting the real dragon?”


Su Muluo thought, “Well, that was a direct approach.”


He actually liked this directness. Moreover, he could discern the meaning behind Zheng Hechun’s words. The Bureau of Extraordinary Beings had come for the real dragon, but with goodwill and the intention of forming an alliance. They didn’t intend to harm him or his dragon. However, if he refused this goodwill, he might be facing the entire Bureau of Extraordinary Beings, and possibly all human cultivators.


With this in mind, Su Muluo reached into his pocket and gently pinched the small black dragon.


It might have been better to hatch in the mountains, where he wouldn’t be found, and there wouldn’t be all this trouble.


The small black dragon, puzzled, clung to his hand even tighter. Su Muluo used this opportunity to take it out and show it to Zheng Hechun and the others. “Here, this is it.”


Zheng Hechun: “…”


They had been nervously observing Su Muluo’s movements, thinking that he might attack. Their hearts had been in their throats. But to their surprise, he didn’t attack; he simply reached into his pocket, as if he were pulling out his keys at his own front door, and casually presented the real dragon to them.


This was a real dragon!


Over the centuries, the spiritual energy of the human world had gradually weakened, and many cultivators and great Demon had perished. Currently, not only were the abilities of cultivators declining with each generation, but powerful Demon were becoming rare. Five-hundred-year-old Demon were scarce, and thousand-year-old great Demon were like phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. A real dragon, an entity similar to a deity and on the same level as the phoenix, was something unimaginable. After all, the appearance of each of them was an event that could shake the world and overturn heaven and earth.


Now, a real dragon had not only appeared but had been casually presented in an ordinary rented room.


At that moment, Zheng Hechun and the others felt dizzy, and they suddenly realized that the person before them was far more than they had anticipated.


On Su Muluo’s side, he had just taken out the small black dragon and saw the stunned expressions on Zheng Hechun and the others’ faces. He understood that his dragon had just issued a warning to them.


But they hadn’t done anything yet. Why was there a need for a warning?


Su Muluo lowered his head and glanced at the small black dragon, intending to stop it, but to his surprise, the little dragon lazily wrapped its tail around his wrist, opened its mouth, and spat out a small fireball at Zheng Hechun, who was at the front of the group.


The fireball didn’t hit Zheng Hechun but disappeared with a soft “pop” before reaching him. 


However, Zheng Hechun and his team still felt the scorching heat, as if they were about to be engulfed by molten lava in an instant.




Cold sweat trickled down Zheng Hechun’s forehead. He felt like he had narrowly escaped death twice in a row. He had now completely understood that although the person before him appeared easygoing, the real dragon in his hands could easily take their lives with a mere gesture.


They needed to be more cautious, more careful. He needed to inform the headquarters. They must not act rashly…


On this side, Zheng Hechun’s brain was running at full throttle. On the other side, Su Muluo slightly squinted his eyes, pinched the small black dragon’s head, and lifted it entirely by its body. Then he waved the small dragon in the air and shook it a bit.


“Don’t be mean to others,” he said. “Did you hear me?”


The small black dragon: “…”


Zheng Hechun and his team: “…”


In that moment, they dared not breathe, only to watch in astonishment as the real dragon, who had nearly wiped them out a moment ago, was now being tossed around like a small fish by the young man before them, shaken back and forth…


Fortunately, Su Muluo didn’t shake the dragon for too long, only a couple of times at most before he stopped. Then he told the small black dragon in his palm, “Don’t be so impolite in the future. Do you understand?”


If this time it was Zheng Hechun who had shown disrespect to his dragon first, as the snake demon did yesterday, he wouldn’t mind letting them understand their mistake. But this time, Zheng Hechun and his team were respectful, and it was his dragon who acted aggressively… This temper wasn’t good; it needed to change.


The small black dragon: “…”


Just as Zheng Hechun and his team felt like their throats were about to explode and were bracing for the next moment when the cold and ruthless real dragon might attack, the small black dragon let out a pitiful “squeak” and curled up into a ball in Su Muluo’s palm.


It extended its claws to grip his fingers, expressing its grievance, yet it remained affectionate.


Zheng Hechun and his team: “…”


Suddenly, they felt that the world was extremely surreal, and the person before them was truly inscrutable, hidden, and terrifying!

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