Li Zhenran’s body has a clean perfume smell.

       Li Zhenruo moved, changed into a comfortable posture, laid on his stomach, and sneezed again.

       After he sat down, Li Zhenran pulled a tissue and wiped his nose.

       Li Zhenzi raised one leg and watched him move, and said, “Second brother, do you like it?”

       Li Zhenran combed Li Zhenruo’s fur with his fingers, and said casually, “Yeah.”

       Li Zhenruo liked this feeling very much and quietly plopped down on his lap.

       Li Zhenzi raised his hand and touched the wound on his face, without saying anything.

       Li Zhenran took an egg, peeled it, broke the yolk into pieces, and fed it to Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo hasn’t eaten anything other than cat food for a long time. Although he didn’t think of it before, he felt that the egg yolk smelled quite fragrant. He opened his mouth, licked the egg yolk in Li Zhenran’s hand, and then licked Li Zhenran’s fingers. Later he licked Li Zhenran’s fingers clean.

       He was a cat anyway, and he gradually didn’t mind this anymore.

       A few minutes later, Li Zhentai came down from the upper floor. He stopped when he saw the injury on Li Zhenzhi’s face, and said in surprise, “What happened?”

       Li Zhenzi made such a big noise in the room last night, and even Li Zhenran came down from upstairs. But Li Zhentai did not even open the door of the room.

       Now that he saw the wound on Li Zhenzi’s face, Li Zhentai’s first sentence is, “This was scratched by a woman, right?”

       Li Zhenzi glanced at him, and said coldly, “The cat scratched it.”

       With a smile on Li Zhentai’s face, he walked to the table and sat down, and saw the cat lying on Li Zhenran’s lap eating egg yolk, and said, “Even after scratching his master the cat still got a good treatment?”

       Li Zhenruo lifted his round face from Li Zhenran’s arms and glanced at him blankly.

       Li Zhentai still found it funny and sat down at the table. After a while, he said to Li Zhenzi, “Have you gone to the hospital? Beware of rabies.”

       At this time, Wang Ma put the hot milk on the table for Li Zhentai, and after hearing that, she said, “It’s not like it’s a dog, where rabies came from.”

       Li Zhentai said, “It’s better to be careful after all.”

       Li Zhenzi ate a piece of cookies, clapped his hands and said, “I called and asked. This cat has undergone a physical examination and was vaccinated. It has been domesticated since it was a child, so it is not a big problem.”

       Li Zhenran came down last night and helped him squeeze the blood from the wound. Later, he asked Wang Ma to disinfect it with iodine. After that, he called Li’s personal doctor and said that there was no problem and no injection was needed.

       Li Zhentai heard the words and said, “That’s good.”

       Li Zhenruo stayed on Li Zhenran’s lap until he finished his breakfast.

       Li Zhenran carried him to the ground, stood up and patted the cat’s fur on his leg, and asked Wang Ma to inform the driver to send him to the company.

       Seeing Li Zhenran gone, Li Zhenruo immediately ran back to his cat bed to hide and waited until Li Zhenzi and Li Zhentai had both left before getting out.

       In the morning, the auntie went to clean up the rooms on the second and third floors.

       Li Zhenruo followed up to the second floor and walked around in the rooms of Li Zhentai and Li Zhenzi, and found nothing interesting.

       After he came out, he saw the auntie taking the key to open the door of his room.

       Li Zhenruo was stunned.

       He did not expect that after so long since his death, the Li family still cleaned his room every day.

       The door opened, and the auntie walked directly in.

       Li Zhenruo stayed at the door, poked out his head cautiously and looked inside.

       Everything seems to be the same as when he left. Even when they didn’t move his computer, it’s just that the whole room was neatly cleaned, and the room has lost a bit of his traces.

       What he didn’t know was that the clothes he hadn’t packed away in his closet had all been burned after his death, and a lot of his personal belongings had been burned as well, and now the room just remains an empty shell.

       The cleaning auntie swept the floor and wiped off the dust on the tabletop, and then stepped out to close the door.

       Seeing Li Zhenruo still poking his head and looking in, she whispered to him, “Let’s go, I’m going to close the door.”

       Li Zhenruo withdrew his head.

       The auntie immediately closed the door and locked it with the key.

       Then the auntie went to clean up the room on the third floor. Li Zhenruo felt depressed and unwilling to follow up anymore, and slowly descended the stairs to the first floor.

       When he walked all the way down, he saw his cat home had been moved back to the corner of the living room. He couldn’t help but pause and hesitate.

       As soon as someone opened the door, one could see his spot. In addition to lack of security, things like Li Zhenzi going crazy after drinking alcohol last night will inevitably happen again.

       Li Zhenruo thought that if he wanted to stay, it would be better to change to another place. After much deliberation, the third floor would be the most suitable.

       Although Li Zhenran lives on the third floor, Li Zhenran has a very quiet personality, and some rooms on the third floor were usually not visited. There were also public toilets for him to put his cat toilets. Wasn’t that better than the first floor, which was full of people?

       Li Zhenruo looked at Wang Ma who was sitting on the sofa and continued to knit a sweater. It was impossible for him to express his thoughts to Wang Ma, and so he could only think of a way on his own.

       He thought it over. Li Zhenruo walked over and tried to bite his cat bed with his mouth. His entire face was too flat, and he worked hard for a long time to bite a little of his cat bed, and then dragged it up the stairs.

       At first, Wang Ma didn’t notice him.

       Li Zhenruo dragged his cat bed up a short flight of stairs, and the corners of his mouth were sore. Although the cat bed was made of cotton, and it was not too heavy, but it was not light for a cat.

       He dragged the cat bed until he finished a flight of stairs, if not he couldn’t rest at all. As long as he released his mouth’s grip, the cat bed would slide down the stairs again.

       While he was struggling with his bed, the auntie who was cleaning upstairs came down and was stunned when he saw him at the top of the stairs, “Oh my, what are you doing?”

       Wang Ma looked up and was also surprised. She quickly put down the things in her hand and walked here.

       The auntie finally saw that Li Zhenruo was struggling to move, and she reached out to help him pick up the cat bed with a dazed expression, “What does this cat want to do?”

       Wang Ma came over, held the glasses with one hand, and asked, “Dumpling? What are you doing?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t know how to express his action, he could only climb up the stairs, stand on the top and call out to the two of them.

       The auntie reacted first and said, “It wants its own cat bed to be dragged up, right?”

       Wang Ma asked strangely, “Dragged it up to where?”

       Li Zhenruo heard her question and hurriedly ran ahead to show her the way. He took Wang Ma and the auntie to the third floor together. Seeing that the door of the recreation room was not closed, he ran in and shouted at them in the corner.

       Wang Ma was at a loss.

       The auntie understood, and said to Wang Ma, “It wants to move here.”

       Wang Ma heard it and said, “How can you do that! This is a recreation room, not a pet room, you can’t live here.”

       “Meow!” Li Zhenruo was a little anxious.

       Wang Ma still waved her hand, “No way, no way, I can’t make the decision.”

       After she finished speaking, she asked the auntie to put Li Zhenruo’s cat bed back into the living room on the first floor.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly became a little frustrated, he chased it back to the first floor and saw her put his cat bed back to its original place.

       Wang Ma lowered her head and said to him, “You’re a good boy. Don’t run around, and beware when Zhenzi came back to see you and bully you again.”

       His mouth was sore, and he really got no strength left to drag the bed again. Besides, he couldn’t drag it upstairs at all.

       Wang Ma thought that he was just looking for trouble, and fed him some cat snacks to make him behave.

       Li Zhenruo went back to the bed and laid down for a while. He thought that if there was one person in this family who could agree to let him move to the third floor, and that was his second brother.

       But Li Zhenran was not at home at this time.

       Li Zhenruo thought for a while, got up from the cat bed, walked to the edge of the door and lay down, waiting wholeheartedly for his second brother to come back.

       However, in the evening, Li Zhenran did not come back, and Li Zhenzi went home first. As soon as he saw Li Zhenzi, Li Zhenruo hid behind the sofa, Li Zhenzi didn’t pay attention to him and went straight upstairs.

       After a while, Li Zhenruo saw that Li Zhentai was back, and his fiancé Wen Chun was walking with him.

       Wen Chun is the daughter of Li Jianglin’s old friend. When Li Jianglin was struggling to start a career, his friend gave him a lot of help. Later, when the Li family became wealthy, he never forgot this friend.

       Wen Chun was from a wealthy family since she was a child and coupled with her beautiful appearance, she naturally has a high standard.

       Li Zhentai also has a high position, is upright, and is Li Jianglin’s eldest son. The two are quite a good match.

       Wen Chun saw Li Zhenruo lying in front of the door, and was a little surprised. She asked Li Zhentai, “Who owns the cat?”

       Li Zhentai said, “The third child.”

       Wen Chun wore a royal blue long dress with a white short coat and squatted down to touch Li Zhenruo.

       Li Zhenruo had a pretty good relationship with Wen Chun in the past, so he stay on the ground and didn’t move, letting Wen Chun touch the top of his head.

       Li Zhenran did not come back for dinner. During the dinner, Li Zhenzi sat at a table with Li Zhentai and Wen Chun. And as long as there are no guests at the dinner, Wang Ma will also go to the table to have dinner with them. Therefore, during the dinner today, most of the time Wang Ma was chatting with Wen Chun. Li Zhenzi didn’t speak much, but only occasionally talked and laughed with Wen Chun and Li Zhentai.

       Li Zhenzi had finished eating early, and said, “You guys take your time. I have an appointment with a tennis coach in the evening, so I’m going to change.”

       Wen Chun nodded politely.

       Li Zhenzi left the dining room and walked towards the stairs.

       Li Zhenruo glanced at Li Zhenzi, lowered his head and continued to eat cat food.

       On this side, Wen Chun stood up to help Ma Wang tidy up the table after eating. But Wang Ma didn’t dare to let her move and urged her and Li Zhentai to go upstairs to rest.

       Wen Chun smiled and said, “It must’ve been hard for you, Wang Ma.”

       When Li Zhenruo saw that Li Zhentai and Wen Chun were about to go upstairs, he didn’t want to finish the cat food. He raised his paw and pushed lightly the fur around his mouth and quickly followed.

       He didn’t dare to follow too close for fear that Li Zhentai would notice him, so he kept a distance by almost half a floor.

       Li Zhentai and Wen Chun walked towards the third floor while talking. The two of them entered the recreation room. Li Zhentai turned on the music and walked to the bar to drink red wine.

       Li Zhenruo went in close to the corner, and they didn’t notice him at first.

       Later, Wen Chun suddenly pointed at him and said, “The cat is coming up too.” After that, she knelt down and stretched out her hand to tease Li Zhenruo over.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated, walked over and let Wen Chun scratch his chin.

       Wen Chun asked Li Zhentai, “What’s its name?”

       Li Zhentai poured red wine into the glass and said, “I don’t know.”

       Wen Chun just smiled upon hearing this.

       Li Zhentai has a red wine glass in one hand, walks up to Wen Chun and handed her a glass, then carried his own wine to the front of the sofa and sat down in front of the sofa.

       Wen Chun stood in front of the window, took a sip of red wine, and said to Li Zhentai, “I heard that Li Zhenran is now in charge of the Qijiang project?”

       Qijiang’s project is Yunlin’s large-scale cultural tourism project in the west.

       Li Zhentai said “Um”, and the voice sounded a little unhappy.

       Wen Chun slowly turned around and looked out the window, “How long has Jason gone? Your family is really ruthless.”

       Li Zhenruo looked up at her.

       Jason is Li Zhenruo’s English name. He grew up not liking his name. He remembered when he was in primary school, everyone ridiculed him as “You’re so weak1his name 臻若(Zhēnruò) has the same sound as 真弱(zhēnruò) = so weak“. Later, he gave himself an English name, and friends around him who were close to him were not allowed to call him by his Chinese name.

       Unexpectedly, after returning home, the first person to mention himself was the future sister-in-law who had not yet married into the family.

       Li Zhentai sighed after hearing the words, “People die, so what if I grieve? Didn’t I still have to keep doing my job?”

       Wen Chun said, “Why don’t you say it’s because you just have to continue making money?”

       Li Zhentai didn’t answer this time.

       Li Zhenruo thought to himself, the fact that he is not Li Jianglin’s biological son was probably really well hidden. When he left, even Wang Ma didn’t know what was going on and only thought Li Jianglin was so mad at him that he was kicked out.

       And even Li Zhentai didn’t say anything about it to his fiancee.

       Wen Chun didn’t know what he was thinking and kept looking out the window.

       Li Zhenruo took two steps back and jumped onto the window sill with a run-up. His heart was pounding non-stop, but he didn’t expect to jump up smoothly! He was worried that it would be bad if he had pushed too hard and fallen out headfirst.

       Wen Chun saw him jump up, smiled and stretched out his hand to touch his head.

       Li Zhenruo stood on the window sill and looked out. Suddenly from here, he could see Li Zhenzi playing on the tennis court behind.

       Li Zhenzi liked tennis. He would ask the coach of the club to play with him at home from time to time, which saved the time of going out on the road.

       Wen Chun rubbed Li Zhenruo’s fur with her fingers, and said, “How is the hotel project along the coast going?”

       A resort hotel project along the coast was now in Li Zhentai’s charge. He heard Wen Chun ask and said, “Nothing, everything is going well.”

       But Wen Chun said, “I heard that there seems to be something wrong with the project there?”

       Li Zhentai reached out and ruffled his hair, “I’ll ask someone to go over and deal with it.”

       Wen Chun asked him, “You don’t go there in person?”

       Li Zhentai did not answer this time, but put down the wine glass and walked towards Wen Chun. He hugged Wen Chun from behind, reached out and took the wine glass in her hand, and said, “Don’t worry, I will take care of it.”

       After he finished speaking, Wen Chun turned to face him.

       The two kissed softly.

       Li Zhentai said, “Let’s go to my room?”

       Wen Chun nodded.

       As he saw the two of them leaving, Li Zhenruo breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid of their passion. If they had to do something in this place, he would feel so awkward.

       Although he was just a cat, he has seen the third and second elder brothers in succession. He really didn’t want to take a look at the eldest brother.

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