Chapter 50

       However, Li Zhenruo seemed to have misunderstood Li Zhenran.

       Because at the same time he fell down, Li Zhenran reached out and grabbed him. But Li Zhenran just happened to only grab his tail, which made him shriek in the middle of the night

       Li Zhenran hurriedly pulled his tail to lift him up and put him on the windowsill.

       Li Zhenruo was still in shock, plus, his tail was pulled up painfully. The whole cat was in a trance, just burying his head and licking the root of his tail.

       Li Zhenran looked at him, his slender legs rolled over the window frame and hung outside. He sat on the window sill, raised one hand and stuffed a cigarette into his mouth, and then lit the cigarette with a lighter in the other hand.

       Li Zhenruo smelled the smoke and looked up at him. It seemed that he hardly ever seen Li Zhenran smoke, but now he was sitting on the windowsill looking into the distance with a cigarette in his mouth, which made Li Zhenruo feel a little uncomfortable.

       If he had to summarize this emotion, Li Zhenruo felt that Li Zhenran was probably heartbroken.

       The pain at the base of the tail became less distinct. Li Zhenruo hesitated for a long time, stretched out his paw, and touched Li Zhenran’s thigh nervously.

       He should actually turned into a human form and sat down to have a serious chat with Li Zhenran, but he was a little timid. He always felt that he didn’t need to talk if he looked like this, so he didn’t need to face Li Zhenran’s questioning.

       Li Zhenran ignored him. He just bent his left leg and stepped on the window sill, his left arm rested on his knee and held the cigarette between his fingers.

       Li Zhenruo looked a little bewildered at his handsome side profile.

       Li Zhenran suddenly opened his mouth and said, “Why are you climbing to my room in the middle of the night?”

       Where in the middle of the night it is? Li Zhenruo cursed, but after he heard him say this, he finally felt relieved and thought that Li Zhenran was probably not so angry.

       He carefully withdrew his sharp claws, placed the soft pad of flesh against Li Zhenran’s waist, and raised his head while looking at him, while gently pressing his waist.

       Li Zhenran still ignored him.

       So he pressed again.

       Li Zhenran looked at him this time and said, “I’ll throw you down.”

       Li Zhenruo quickly retracted his cat’s paw.

       He hesitated for a while, and finally stretched his limbs to become a human and sat beside Li Zhenran. The two men crowded the same window sill. Li Zhenruo’s naked skin was close to Li Zhenran’s body, and he could feel the temperature of Li Zhenran’s skin through a thin layer of cloth.

       Li Zhenruo said, “I can’t say that I came to Li’s house and stayed with you for no purpose, but it has nothing to do with my feelings for you.”

       Li Zhenran took a puff of smoke, and suddenly spew all the white smoke on Li Zhenruo’s face. He then asked him, “What kind of feelings do you have for me?”

       Li Zhenruo shrank his neck back, looked at Li Zhenran, thought about it and said, “Isn’t it the master…”

       Li Zhenran didn’t answer, took a puff and spew the smoke on his face.

       Li Zhenruo raised his hand and waved the smoke away, and asked Li Zhenran tentatively, “What’s that supposed to be?”

       Li Zhenran said coldly, “How do I know? Think for yourself, and tell me if you understand.” With that, he turned into the room and walked towards the bathroom.

       When he went to bed at night, Li Zhenruo still didn’t know how to answer Li Zhenran’s question. Li Zhenran’s attitude towards him was cold, but not as angry as when he confessed his identity to him at first.

       Maybe Li Zhenran forgave him after the entanglement and he didn’t care about his impure intentions at the beginning. Perhaps it was enough to know that he was now a good cat who was devoted to his master.

       Li Zhenruo slept beside Li Zhenran’s pillow, but Li Zhenran refused to reach out and hug him. Li Zhenruo somewhat suffer from insomnia, and he didn’t fall asleep for a while. Li Zhenran didn’t move next to him, and he didn’t dare to toss and turn for fear that if he woke Li Zhenran, he would be thrown out of bed.

       After he lay down quietly for a while, Li Zhenruo changed himself back to the appearance of a cat, quietly got up and made a circle on the pillow. He stared straight at Li Zhenran. After staring for more than ten minutes, he felt sleepy, yawned and closed his eyes to sleep.

       The next morning, Li Zhenran didn’t talk to Li Zhenruo when he got up. After Li Zhenran took a bath and dressed, he went downstairs to have breakfast.

       Li Zhenruo looked disappointed, washed his face with his paws, and followed Li Zhenran downstairs.

       During breakfast, there were only Li Zhenran and Wen Chun in the dining room, and neither of them spoke, making the Li family particularly cold. In fact, there weren’t many people in the past, but Li Zhenzi and Zhu Kai never kept their mouths shut, and Li Zhentai was always friendly and liked to engage in small talk with his younger brother.

       Wang Ma probably also felt a little down. She turned on the TV in the living room after eating breakfast early.

       Li Zhenruo swallowed a few pieces of cat food and suddenly heard Li Zhenran say, “Sister-in-law enjoy your meal, I’ll be going first.” He immediately turned to look and saw that Li Zhenran had picked up the coat hanging on the back of the chair with one hand and was already going out.

       So Li Zhenruo didn’t care about the cat food he hadn’t swallowed, and hurriedly wanted to chase him out, but Li Zhenran closed the door as soon as he got in the car.

       Li Zhenruo rushed over and throw himself at the door. He then tried to jump up and saw that the window was not open.

       Wang Ma chased him out and picked him up. She took two steps back, and said, “Be careful, they’re going to drive.”

       Sure enough, Li Zhenran didn’t even look at him and asked the driver to drive.

       Li Zhenruo stared blankly at the car driving away and weakly dropped his head in Wang Ma’s arms.

       He was listless all day, lying on the back of the sofa in the living room, waiting for Li Zhenran to come back. But at the same time, he was a little dazed, not knowing what Li Zhenran should say to him when he really came back.

       In the morning, when Wang Ma went to help in the kitchen, Wen Chun came down to the first floor and stood outside in the courtyard to make a phone call.

       Li Zhenruo looked at her slender back and felt that she was a little pitiful, but when he thought of her relationship with Li Zhenzi, he felt that she was to blame.

       Li Jianglin came back from a walk, took a book and sat on the reclining chair in the yard. He was flipping through the book.

       Li Zhenruo hesitated for a moment, then got up and walked out, straightened up and leaned on the side of the reclining chair. When Li Jianglin saw him, he bent down and stretched out his hand to lift Li Zhenruo up and put him on his lap.

       When Li Zhenruo lay down, Li Jianglin stroked his head and back with his rough palms.

       Li Zhenruo was already a little aggrieved, but he felt even more aggrieved by being treated so gently by Li Jianglin and closed his eyes quietly.

       However, in the afternoon, Li Zhenruo was lying on the stairs to take a nap when was awakened by the sound of Wang Ma’s footsteps suddenly passing by. He saw Wang Ma hurrying upstairs, and followed quickly. But unfortunately, he couldn’t ask what happened.

       He saw Wang Ma go to Li Zhenran’s room on the third floor, opened the door, went in, opened the closet, and unexpectedly started packing.

       Li Zhenruo was startled and felt strange. He grabbed Wang Ma’s legs and began to “meow meow” with his mouth on and on.

       Wang Ma was tired of being pestered that she reached out and gently lifted him and said, “Your master is going on a business trip. I’ll help him pack up, so don’t make trouble.”

       Li Zhenran is going on a business trip? Why didn’t he tell him so suddenly? Li Zhenruo was stunned for a while.

       After a while, Wang Ma packed the suitcase and dragged it outside.

       Li Zhenruo tried to stop her, but he couldn’t stop her. So he could only lie on top of the suitcase in the end.

       Wang Ma dragged the box to the top of the stairs, and raised her hand to drive him down, but failed. She put down the suitcase and called the gardener to help.

       The gardener was a middle-aged man in his forties. He picked up the suitcase and walked downstairs regardless of whether there was a cat or not. Li Zhenruo almost fell in an instant, but fortunately, he still had his claws firmly grasping the handle of the suitcase.

       Wang Ma instructed the gardener to put the suitcase by the door of the living room and ignore the cat that was still lying on it, and go about his own business.

       After half an hour, Hua Yibang drove over.

       Wang Ma brought him to get the suitcase. Hua Yibang stood at the door of the living room, looked at the cat lying on it, and was slightly startled.

       Wang Ma asked, “Did Zhenran say he was going to take the cat with him?”

       Hua Yibang shook his head blankly.

       Wang Ma asked again, “Are you going with him? How many days are you going to go?”

       Hua Yibang replied, “I guess about half a month.”

       Wang Ma was a little surprised, “It’s so long! Then take care of yourself and keep an eye on Zhenran.”

       Hua Yibang nodded, “I know.”

       Wang Ma felt a little strange again, “He’s not going to bring the cat? He didn’t take the cat with him even though he was gone for so long?”

       Hua Yibang let out an “um”.

       Wang Ma said, “So I guess it’s probably going to freak out when it’s not going to find its owner for half a month.”

       Li Zhenruo felt that he was about to go crazy in less than half a month.

       Hua Yibang obviously couldn’t be that thoughtful to Li Zhenran’s pet cat. He only said to Wang Ma, “Mom, I have to go, or I won’t be able to catch the plane.”

       Wang Ma said, “Oh, oh, go quickly.”

       Hua Yibang pointed to Li Zhenruo, “The cat.”

       Wang Ma understood and held Li Zhenruo’s two front paws to carry him down. Li Zhenruo was clinging to the suitcase to death, his claws were about to go in, but after all, his strength was not as strong as that of humans, so he was finally pulled off by Wang Ma and let out a cry.

       Hua Yibang put the suitcase into the car.

       Li Zhenruo was unwilling to give up and waved his paws, “Meow…”

       However, Hua Yibang had already gotten into the car. But after hearing Li Zhenruo scream forlornly, he just glanced at his face and started the car mercilessly.

       Wang Ma held him tightly in her arms and said to Hua Yibang, “Be careful!”

       Hua Yibang responded, “Mom, take care of your health.” Then he drove the car away.

       Wang Ma stood there and watched her son drive away, and then went back to the house with the cat.

       After Li Zhenruo was put on the ground, he jumped up and wanted to rush out, but just after he left the living room door, he stopped.

       He originally thought he could leave the Li family after taking human form to catch up, but then he thought, Li Zhenran went out of town on a business trip, his ID card was locked by the other party, and he couldn’t catch up with him if he couldn’t buy a plane ticket. And since Li Zhenran deliberately avoided him, what would happen if he caught up with him? Li Zhenran asked him some other questions, but he was still speechless. The final result, he afraid might not be any different from now.

       He felt his heart cold, Li Zhenruo stopped and lay down.

       Wang Ma thought he was about to run away. She was startled and just chased after him, only to see Li Zhenruo lying down at the door again. Frightened, she walked over and lightly kicked his ass with her feet in slippers, and scolded, “Troublemaker!”

       Li Zhenruo was kicked and shook for a while. He raised his paws to cover his face.

       Li Zhenran’s visit really lasted half a month, and he didn’t call back halfway. No, he may have called Li Jianglin, but he didn’t call Li Zhenruo.

       It was impossible for him to say on the phone: Let my cat answer the phone, I want to talk to it.

       Li Zhenruo was listless all day and lay motionless on the sofa. When he slept at night, he went back to the third floor. Sometimes his mind wandered and he slowly walked to the door of Li Zhenran’s room before he even realized it, Then he would finally lay down against the door, resting his head on his paws.

       Li Zhenruo thinks that his current mood was probably the same as someone who was lovelorn. Every morning when he opened his eyes, he thought of Li Zhenran, and then he falls into endless worries. At night, he couldn’t sleep for a long time. The cat was left alone and left here, and bursts of sorrow flooded into his heart.

       One day at dinner, Li Zhenruo was licking cat food carelessly, and sometimes he would pause for a few seconds after eating one.

       Li Jianglin sat on the side and observed him for a long time, and asked Wang Ma, “What happened to the cat?”

       Wang Ma said, “Maybe the owner has been away for too long and it is in a bad mood.”

       Li Jianglin sighed, “This is the first time I’ve seen such a humane cat.”

       Wang Ma also said, “Yes, this cat is very smart, just like a child.”

       Li Zhenruo raised his head and looked dazed, only to feel that the cat food in his mouth was rough, dry and tasteless.

       Li Jianglin turned his gaze back at this moment, glanced at Wen Chun, who was sitting across from him eating silently and said, “My birthday is on the seventh of next month, and I plan to have a drink at home. Please invite your parents to come.”

       Wen Chun was a little surprised when he heard the words, “Didn’t Dad say you don’t want to celebrate?”

       As early as half a month ago, Li Zhenran asked Li Jianglin if he wanted to arrange a birthday for him. At that time, Li Jianglin said there was no need, and the family would just have a meal together. But now listening to Li Jianglin’s tone, it felt like another show to invite guests.

       Li Jianglin said, “I’m just inviting some close old friends and relatives. There are only two or three tables in total. We are not going to eat out, and can just eat at home.”

       Wang Ma was also eating with her at the dining table and then said with a smile, “Okay, okay, I’ll go talk to the kitchen later, plan it out properly, and write a menu out for you to look over first. It’ll be lively then.”

       The house has been deserted for a long time, and even Wang Ma was looking forward to being able for the whole family to come back for a gathering.

       For Li Jianglin’s birthday, no matter how big the conflict, it was impossible for Li Zhentai and Li Zhenzi not to show up. It was impossible to pull each other down when they come back since there were going to be so many guests at home. It seemed that Li Jianglin couldn’t bear it either, and wanted to find an opportunity to resolve the current situation.

       Li Zhenruo had a portion of cat food in his mouth, but he didn’t swallow it.

       Li Jianglin nodded, “I’ll call the eldest later and tell him to come back. The second child is not here recently. This matter still has to be handled by him.”

       Wen Chun replied softly, “Okay, Dad.”

       Sure enough, that night, Li Zhentai rushed back from the outside, and after returning home, he went into Li Jianglin’s study and closed the door to talk to him.

       Li Zhenruo was not in the mood to eavesdrop. After dinner, he took Erhuang for a walk in the yard and then jumped in from the living room window after the walk. Before he hit the floor, he was caught by Wang Ma and went to the bathroom to wash his feet, wiped clean water and thrown to the floor.

       When he came out, he met Li Zhentai who also came out of Li Jianglin’s study. Instead of leaving, he went to his room on the second floor.

       Li Zhenruo walked behind him, went to the second floor and looked around, and saw Li Zhentai reach out to close the door.

       Li Zhentai stayed at home for the night that night, and he went home to sleep every day after that.

       Li Zhenzi also came back, but it was daytime. Li Zhentai hadn’t come back at that time. As soon as Wen Chun saw Li Zhenzi, he went upstairs without saying hello, presumably to avoid suspicion.

       Li Jianglin asked Li Zhenzi to enter the study, and the father and son chatted for about an hour, but Li Zhenruo didn’t eavesdrop. In fact, he has no interest in doing anything recently, but he guessed that Li Jianglin must have asked Li Zhenzi to apologize to Li Zhentai.

       Otherwise, Li Jianglin couldn’t persuade Li Zhentai to stop worrying about it. He should know that even if Li Zhentai really didn’t care about it, the knot in his heart will never be solved there, and it would probably stay with them for a lifetime.

       Li Zhenruo suddenly felt that if he was Li Jianglin, he would just let Li Zhentai and Wen Chun divorce, so why bother?

       Although Li Zhenran was not there, in order to prepare for Li Jianglin’s birthday banquet, the family suddenly became lively, especially Wang Ma, who has been instructing the cleaning aunt to clean up thoroughly for the past two days and wiped the windows and glass of all the rooms with ladders repeatedly.

       At the same time, she was still planning the dishes for the banquet and asked the kitchen to make a list for Li Zhentai to look over. Li Zhentai felt that it was not satisfying enough, so he simply asked his assistant Gao Qi to go to the restaurant to order a few dishes to send over.

       When they were cleaning, Li Zhenruo was given a cold shoulder by this family more than once because he got in the way. He was a little angry, and thought that he never chase the robot vacuum cleaner or the mop, so why was he treated like he got in the way?

       In anger, Li Zhenruo left the living room and went to the yard, and ran to Erhuang’s doghouse to lie down with him.

       A dog and a cat were waiting for their owners to come back soon.

       Life without a master always seemed to pass very slowly. However, no matter how slow, as he stared at the clock’s second hand going up and down, half a month had passed before he knew it.

       Li Jianglin’s birthday came, and Li Zhenran still didn’t come back.

       The night before, Li Zhenruo heard Li Jianglin tell Wang Ma that Li Zhenran would come back before lunch the next day.

       Wang Ma heard the words and said, “That’s good then.”

       Li Jianglin said, “Let Yibang stay and eat together.”

       “Ah,” Wang Ma smiled.

       When Li Zhenruo heard their conversation, he suddenly had a little appetite. It was not that he pretended to be pitiful. When Li Zhenruo looked in the mirror in the bathroom last night, Li Zhenruo felt as if he had lost weight.

       He was not too sure. He turned around in front of the mirror a few times and finally pulled the hair on his chin with his paws with difficulty, before nodding with certainty, that he had really lost weight.

       The next morning, Li Zhenruo woke up shortly after dawn. He got up from his nest and jumped to the window to look outside.

       Although it was still early, it could already be seen that today would be a good day and everything would be fine, Li Zhenruo told himself.

       Wang Ma also got up very early and started to be busy after breakfast. Wen Chun did not stay in the room, but wore a beautiful dress with decent makeup on her face, and helped Wang Ma direct the workers in the house to make preparations.

       It was rare for Li Zhentai not to go out, so he called Gao Qi soon after getting up and told him to go to the restaurant to confirm today’s order.

       Li Zhenruo went downstairs full of energy, stood at the door of the living room and looked outside, waiting for Li Zhenran to come back.

       However, he waited until almost noon. When the guests had all come together, the tables were placed directly inside the courtyard. A total of three tables.

       Li Zhenzi came back. Although Li Zhentai did not communicate with him, he did not embarrass him in front of the guests.

       Wen Chun’s parents also came, and Li Zhentai put his arms around Wen Chun’s waist in front of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, as if the husband and wife were in a good relationship.

       Where is Li Zhenran?

       Just as Li Zhentai and Li Jianglin greeted the guests to sit down at the round table together, Li Zhenruo saw a black car driving in from outside. He didn’t have to look carefully to know that it was Li Zhenran’s car.

       The car drove until it stopped nearby, Hua Yibang opened the passenger’s door and got out, and the rear door also opened from the inside, and Li Zhenran stepped out first with his long leg.

       Li Zhenruo was a little excited, took two steps forward and hesitated whether he should pounce, but saw Hua Yibang go around to the other side of the back seat and open the car door, and a beautiful woman with long hair and a tall slender figure came down from inside.

This is probably how Li Zhenruo looks like

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