Chapter 86

       Inside the university building classroom, the students were quietly studying for their evening classes. A girl sitting in the back row stretched and stood up to go to the toilet. She had just walked to the back door of the classroom when she saw a cat looking inside.

       The girl squatted down in amazement and reached out to touch the cat’s head.

       Li Zhenruo raised his head and glanced at the girl. When he saw that her nails were clean and she was cute, he held back and didn’t avoid it. He continued to look inside while he let her touch the top of his head.

       “Huh?” The girl noticed the phone hanging around his neck and reached out to get it.

       Li Zhenruo retreated this time, dodged to the side, and ran into the classroom at the same time since he had already found the person he was looking for.

       Shen Luming was attending the evening self-study, and the girl sitting next to him was his girlfriend. The classroom was quietly filled with students, and at first, except for the girl who went to the toilet, everyone lowered their heads and studied hard, so no one noticed a cat running in.

       Then all of the sudden, Shen Luming stood up abruptly.

       His table and chair rattled, and all the people in the classroom looked in his direction. His girlfriend was even more startled and reached out to pull the hem of his clothes, asking, “What’s wrong?”

       Shen Luming didn’t answer and turned to look at the passage leading to him from the back of the classroom.

       Li Zhenruo stopped halfway to look at him.

       The others were also baffled, they followed him and saw the cat sneaking in.

       One person and one cat began to look at each other in silence for a long time, the kind of heart-warming attraction to each other. If Li Zhenruo didn’t know what was going on, he would definitely suspect that he had fell in love with this person at first sight.

       Shen Luming was more at a loss. He looked at the cat standing in the corridor for a long time, and said to his girlfriend, “I’m going out for a while.”

       The girl asked him strangely, “Why is this ……”

       Shen Luming didn’t answer her, and asked the people sitting outside to get out of the way, and walked out by himself until he stood in front of Li Zhenruo, lowered his head and asked him, “Are you here to find me?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t say anything, just turned around and walked outside, he knew that Shen Luming would definitely follow.

       Then Shen Luming’s girlfriend stared dumbfoundedly as her boyfriend followed a cat halfway through his self-study session.

       Li Zhenruo walked with Shen Luming towards the secluded path. Behind the dark teaching building where no one was there, Li Zhenruo took light steps, stretched out the fluff of his hands and feet, and turned into a young man.

       Shen Luming stood there and looked at him, seemingly surprised and seemingly taking it as a matter of course that this was how it should be.

       “Are we related in some way?” Shen Luming asked.

       Li Zhenruo nodded, “Do you remember your past?”

       Shen Luming looked puzzled, “My past?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Someone told me that my current body belongs to you.”

       Shen Luming froze in place and didn’t respond. After a while, he said, “You mean you, or the cat?”

       “Both,” Li Zhenruo said, “I am the cat.”

       Shen Luming asked, “Am I a cat?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “I don’t know, you should be a cat.”

       Shen Luming sounded at loss, “But I’m a person, I’m not a cat.”

       He was afraid that only when Shen Luming’s memory was complete would they be able to know how everything came to be the way it was now.

       He didn’t know what Shen Luming was thinking, but it could be seen that Shen Luming wanted to get close to Li Zhenruo because he felt a strange attraction, but had no intention of doing anything to Li Zhenruo.

       “I was injured and lost my memory before going to college, and I don’t remember anything from before,” Shen Luming said.

       Li Zhenruo thought for a while, “Are you a sophomore this year?”

       Shen Luming nodded.

       Yes, the time when Shen Luming lost his memory was almost exactly when Li Zhenruo had just turned into a kitten and was born from the mother cat’s belly. Maybe the body that was supposed to be Shen Luming’s had been taken over by him, and Shen Luming was not the original Shen Luming?

       Li Zhenruo was a little confused.

       Shen Luming asked him at this time, “Why did you come to me? I thought you were avoiding me.”

       For Li Zhenruo, Shen Luming had always been a thorn in his heart, even if Li Zhenran really tricked Shen Luming to go abroad, it did not mean that Shen Luming would never come back. Even if Shen Luming died, as long as his soul was still there, Li Zhenruo would have to return his body to him one day.

       In fact, even if Li Zhenran was not involved, Li Zhenruo thought that he should find Shen Luming to really solve this problem. But now, it was just a matter of getting him to make up his mind sooner.

       “I’ll give you this body back, do you want it?” Li Zhenruo asked tentatively.

       Shen Luming was stunned by his question, and hesitantly said, “I don’t want to be a cat.”

       Li Zhenruo was also stunned. He had been worried that Shen Luming would take the initiative to take his body back, but he didn’t expect that Shen Luming would dislike the deal.

       When he saw Li Zhenruo’s reaction, Shen Luming quickly explained, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, I mean you are doing a good job as a cat, I think I may not be suitable for being a cat, I am living a good life now.”

       Li Zhenruo thought of the girl in the classroom, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

       Shen Luming nodded, “The college recently had an exchange to study abroad, and I wanted to go out with her.”

       “But that’s—” Li Zhenruo stopped in the middle of his sentence. He wanted to say that it was deliberately arranged by someone, but so what if it was deliberately arranged? Now it seemed to be a good opportunity for Shen Luming.

       So Li Zhenruo didn’t finish the rest of his sentence, and could only say, “You can think about it again, and if there is anything you need, you can tell me.”

       Shen Luming looked at the phone hanging around his neck, “Can you give me your contact information?”

       “Of course,” Li Zhenruo exchanged mobile phone numbers with him.

       Shen Luming said, “Although I’m also curious about what’s going on, I’m pretty sure now that I’m satisfied with my own life, and I’ll get in touch with you if I really want to.”

       Li Zhenruo nodded.

       At this time, a girl’s shout came from a distance, “Shen Luming!”

       Shen Luming said, “My girlfriend is looking for me, I’ll go first.”

       Li Zhenruo replied, “Okay.” Then he saw Shen Luming turn around and left in a hurry.

       After Shen Luming walked away and only Li Zhenruo was left. He looked up at the dense bushes and said, “Master, you can come out.”

       Xia Hongshen stood on the branch, folded his arms over his chest, and stuck his head out to look at him, “You come up.”

       Li Zhenruo looked at the tall and straight tree trunk and chose to change into a cat to climb up. As a result, when he finally climbed to Xia Hongshen’s side, he was slapped down by him.

       “Good for nothing,” Xia Hongshen scolded.

       At night, only some pairs of lovers were left by the school lotus pond. Xia Hongshen and Li Zhenruo occupied a bench and watched the lotus leaves that were gradually starting to wither by the roadside light.

       Xia Hongshen said, “It’s not bad, being able to detect my traces.”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Master, your spiritual power fluctuates so obviously, how could I not notice it.”

       Xia Hongshen looked ahead, “Why do you want to return your body to him?”

       Li Zhenruo didn’t answer directly, but asked, “Master, if one day you found out that Song Jun had lied to you about many things, said he was doing it for your own good, but he wouldn’t let you know anything, and had once watched you get hurt by others, would you hate him and leave him?”

       “No,” Xia Hongshen replied without even thinking about it.

       He answered so quickly that it took a moment for Li Zhenruo to come back to his senses and asked him, “Can you not care about all this?”

       Xia Hongshen said, “I have been through too long a life, and he has always been by my side. All this is nothing to our long life.”

       “It’s nothing? Just forget about it? There’s no need to even be angry?” Li Zhenruo asked one after another.

       Xia Hongshen said to him, “You can spank him.”

       “…… What if the spanking doesn’t work?”

       “Hit again.”

       Li Zhenruo felt that he made no sense.

       Xia Hongshen said softly, “He belongs to me. Even if he betrays me, I will only find him and punish him severely, not punish myself.”

       Li Zhenruo was a little startled.

       Xia Hongshen asked him, “Lost your love, huh?”

       Li Zhenruo said, “Master, it really feels strange to discuss this kind of issue with you.”

       Xia Hongshen said, “Then let’s not talk about that, and try to see how your abilities are now.”

       After he said that, Xia Hongshen raised his hand, and out of thin air, a small rat fell to the ground and darted into the grass, “Go, catch it, or you won’t be allowed to rest at night.”

       “Master!” Li Zhenruo complained, but still stood up and chased the little mouse. He didn’t need to look, anyway, it was right to run to the place where he heard the girl scream.

       Just after 11 pm, the yellow-and-white Garfield stepped on the wooden stairs and slowly climbed up the second floor of the old dormitory building with a small mouse in his mouth.

       Xia Hongshen stood at the entrance of the stairs on the second floor and looked at him. With a flick of his finger, the rat turned into a ball of air. He said, “Pass, come back to sleep.”

       Li Zhenruo had just gone up when he was picked up and rubbed by Xi Anling, “Little Gaffey!”

       Song Jun came out of the room with a bag of dried fish in his hand. He leaned in to feed Li Zhenruo, but Xia Hongshen grabbed his hand and said, “Mine.”

       Li Zhenruo was surrounded by a group of them and was suddenly a little stressed.

       Long Xing touched his head and asked, “Where’s Erhuang? Is it okay?”

       Li Zhenruo nodded.

       Song Jun quietly handed the dried fish to Feng Junyuan from behind, and Feng Junyuan directly stuffed the dried fish into Li Zhenruo’s mouth while Xia Hongshen was not paying attention.

       Li Zhenruo had no appetite, and could not bear to disappoint their kindness, so he raised his paws to cover his mouth and chewed the dried small fish.

       After a while, he heard Xia Hongshen say, “Do you think I can’t smell it?”

       Li Zhenruo hurriedly closed his mouth and chewed something, not daring to open it.

The author has something to say:

Of course it’s HE1Happy Ending, the second brother still loves Zhenruo

The original persona of Zhenruo was that he was young, proud, and indulgent. He has certain abilities, but he is hated by others without knowing it. It seems that many readers feel that Zhenruo is not strong enough and is feminine, but why is being talented in business must be someone who was scheming or a deep and steady man? His business talent is brought into play because he has a strong father

In fact, I was also very puzzled by Perfection serialization. Isn’t it the acting that the actor requires? In reality, there are movie stars who are also unsociable geeks. Why should one characterize a person based on his professional performance? What kind of character should he be? He is not a Film Emperor/business elite character…

O-ho, I’m really excited whenever author talking about some mini Perfection behind the scenes~

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