Carefully, he used a small blade to make an incision on the skin near the collarbone. There it was, a code engraved on the bone, casting a soft blue glow.

Content tag: Sci-Fi/ Mystery/ Future/ Childhood sweethearts
Author: Researcher No.4869/研究员4869
Artist: /
Alt. Name: 成为恋人的恋人的复制品

My lover is a researcher, and I love him very much. He loves me dearly too, but I recently found out that I am in fact, a clone of his previous lover. I really want to ask if I’m just a stand-in? Does my lover really love me? What should I do? I’ll be online and waiting anxiously for your answers.

This is the love story of a hypocrite and a coward, of Tan Yunxiao and his lover, Feng Sheng.

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T/L notes: I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve taken some creative liberties to change the titles so that it makes a little more sense in terms of its context to the chapters (?) This piece was a little tough to translate as the story never refers to our MC using pronouns, but only by his name, probably hinting at his identity as a clone w/o gender. But worry not for it is confirmed that our MC does indeed have the, ahem, parts that make him a he hehe.