The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
Fulfilment requires cooperation

There’s no shame in admitting that Tan Yunxiao feels strongly jealous of Feng Sheng’s original lover.

After the two confided in each other and shared their hearts, Feng Sheng only smiled and watched as Tan Yunxiao removed the photo of the two from the bedroom and replaced it with the photo of them when they went to the amusement park last weekend. He calmly allowed Tan Yunxiao to redecorate the house, slowly but surely in an attempt to completely obliterate any traces of the original Tan Yunxiao’s life.

This was quite amusing. It was obvious that the two had the same memories and shared similar hobbies, but Tan Yunxiao stubbornly chooses to wear colors that he has no liking towards, eat foods that he didn’t like and does things he didn’t like to do before. Over time, he really did begin to like to wear different colors, and was more willing to eat foods he was originally unwilling to, as well as became less ashamed to try different positions in bed. Before, when they made love, they only had a few basic positions, but now there were too many for them to try – to the point that it’s ridiculous.

Tan Yunxiao also became more pampered as Feng Sheng indulged him gently, which changed greatly from his originally gentle and considerate temperament. Sometimes after a long night, Tan Yunxiao even stayed in bed until it was time to get up for work instead of spending time preparing breakfast.

Other times, Tan Yunxiao would whisper to the mirror when he was alone: The appearance he had right now, was it really his ‘real appearance’? When he thought about what his ‘real appearance’ might look like, he would always be reminded of the original Tan Yunxiao which would make him feel like throwing up. No, he mustn’t give his lover to someone else, even if that person is technically himself.

Sometimes, Tan Yunxiao has the smugness to think: Doesn’t Feng Sheng also like him as he is now, despite him already being different from the Yunxiao before? He was originally made by Feng Sheng and every bit of his body was made according to the other’s tastes. Even if he was different from his old lover, it was Feng Sheng’s own mind that has really been changed.

Perhaps what Feng Sheng really saw in him was his heart. Thinking of this, Tan Yunxiao couldn’t help but smile giddily at himself in the mirror. If he could’ve met Feng Sheng earlier, perhaps there was even a chance that he would choose him over his lover in the end!

Sometimes Tan Yunxiao feels sad, what does he need to do to be able to overtake a dead person in someone’s heart? Should he utilize his similar-looking face, or should he be more s/utty in bed?

Tan Yunxiao has spent many late nights awoken from his dreams. Stroking his sleeping lover’s cheek in the darkness, he recalled the events that have transpired over and over again.

After finding out about his true identity and Feng Sheng’s strong feelings towards his deceased lover, Tan Yunxiao was sad at first, thinking that he was just some substitute, before rejoicing because he was the one who got to enjoy the handsome and affectionate lover, and then feeling jealous again. The one who really owns his lover is some guy who had already died for a long time, and perhaps he was just a clown wearing the skin of his lover’s ex.

But after all the propositions have been said, Tan Yunxiao feels at ease again. Maybe Feng Sheng can’t refuse him because he had the same face as his lover, maybe this was just some fake affection being shown to him in exchange for experiencing a fabricated love. But it did not matter.

Everyone had to learn to see the good in the bad, and at least all his lover’s sweet words, caresses and kisses are now his own exclusive properties. No matter what his lover makes of this new love, he can no longer get away.

His deep affections have already weakened him, and he was deathly afraid of loss so the pair will stay together until their hair turns white, or even be joined in death.

This was enough. Tan Yunxiao was not that naïve to believe in Feng Sheng’s promise of this love they shared now. Who cares if this love is incomplete or lacking? He is already satisfied. A tear escaped from the corner of Tan Yunxiao’s eyes.

He quickly hid his face in his collar, when he reopened his eyes, he was still the same Tan Yunxiao who had loved Feng Sheng wholeheartedly. Tidying his mind, he sank himself deeper into Feng Sheng’s arms.

“Xiao Xiao…” Hearing his lover calling out his name in his dream caused Tan Yunxiao’s heart to beat warmly. Choosing to put away the jealousy and anger behind him before falling asleep peacefully.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

Under the cover of darkness, someone’s lips curled into a satisfied smile.



T/L notes: Eheh, there wasn’t much smut in this short story but I hope you still enjoyed it nonetheless. I enjoyed translating this quite a bit as there was just so much potential for the story. Even if it was simple, I hope it brought you some joy or gave you a bit to think about.

Life is short, and we should grasp the present moment with our own hands like Yunxiao did. There’s more I could say, but I’m sleepy so I’ll go rest now. Thank you for coming on this short journey with me (OAO)/

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