The clone of a lover who eventually became a real lover
Turn around, your true love is waiting

Feng Sheng has already left while Tan Yunxiao worked a rotational shift today. He unhooks the buttons in front of the large mirror in the bathroom, revealing his smooth chest and shoulders. Sneering at the sight, he tossed his shirt aside.

Carefully, he used a small blade to make an incision on the skin near the collarbone, which caused blood to spill from the wound profusely. He had injected himself with a stimulant earlier to keep himself from fainting, and carefully peeled off the skin, looking for bone.

“Ah, found it.” He sighed softly.

There was a code engraved on the bone, casting a soft blue glow.

“Ah.” He sighed again.

Slumping weakly to the floor, he was immediately attended to by a medical robot. His last hope had been dashed.

When evening came, Feng Sheng returned home with a handful of daffodils that he had just purchased on the street. As soon as he entered, he was greeted to the sight of his lover huddled over on the sofa and flustered.

Before he could change his clothes, Feng Sheng hurriedly stepped forward, half-kneeled on the ground as he put his arms around his lover’s shoulders and quietly soothed him, only for his lover to raise his tear-stained face at him.

“What’s the matter, dear?” Feng Sheng wiped away his lover’s tears, in distress.

“Do you love Tan Yunxiao?” His lover asked in a whisper.

“Of course.”

“Do you love me?”

“… What do you mean? What are you talking about? Honey, aren’t you Tan Yunxiao?” There was a warm smile on Feng Sheng’s face.

It was a pity that his smile quickly turned cold and was abruptly shattered, after Feng Sheng saw that Tan Yunxiao was smiling to himself and unresponsive.

His heart skipped a beat as he called the medical robot. After checking the treatment records, his heart sank.

Feng Sheng was still half-kneeling on the carpet next to the sofa. He shifted himself and sat on the ground. Taking out a cigarette from the inner pocket of his coat, he took a shaky drag of nicotine on the spot as smoke filled out the space between the two of them, covering their respective expressions.

Ah… just when did Feng Sheng learn to smoke…?

“So you already found out that you aren’t really him.” Feng Sheng spoke suddenly, his tone was still soft.

“That… I… I already know.” Tan Yunxiao sniffed again.

There was another long silence.

“So what now? Do you wish to leave me? Feng Sheng had said bitterly while smoking a cigarette, his cool demeanor long gone.

“I… I…”

“Do you blame me? I implanted his memory inside you, tricked you into thinking you were him and lied about us. Your AI level is high so you should choose your own life, instead of being held down by a coward like me who prefers to play pretend.”

Feng Sheng was interrupted by Tan Yunxiao who kissed him on the lips fiercely. The taste of smoke in the man’s mouth was off-putting but Tan Yunxiao didn’t care, in fact, he was even more excited for it, biting Feng Sheng’s lips but stopping just short of tearing flesh.

After the kiss ended, both of them were breathless.

“I still want to be your lover, even if the memory from before was implanted, we can still make fresh new ones after. I am not angry at all that you tricked me, because I already liked you from the first time I saw you. Even without his memories, I still like you.”

The two hugged each other tightly, with a new sort of spark igniting between them as they renewed their love for one another.

Coming close to losing something was bound to make anyone insane, and for Feng Sheng, who has a habit of toughing-it-out and holding everything inside wouldn’t be able to avert it, this insanity. He has been waiting alone for too long, and the long length of time could change or destroy a person.

Feng Sheng used to be arrogant. He still managed to fall asleep peacefully on the night he received the news of his lover’s death, but he never thought that it would be the last gift that the god of insomnia would bless him with. He thought he could redirect all his attention and focus on work instead, but found that everywhere he looked, everyone sported the look of his dead lover. What was he to do? How should he do it? He’s even prayed to god countless times that someone who shared their past memories as lovers would appear before him.

However, the prayers could never come true, so he decided to become his own god, through the process of countless re-rendering of his personality and failure of his specialized organ parts, Feng Sheng would be disappointed and slowly destroyed over and over again.

He picked up smoking along the way, using this destructive pastime to try and restore his racing mind to some semblance of peace from before that he knew was fake. When the scent of smoke began to cling to his fingers, Feng Sheng had the revelation that he had already gone insane, whether he wanted to resurrect his lover or whether he was successful in his endeavors, he would soon lose it.

It is said that a thousand tries will be met with a few thousandths of chances. When he procured the present Tan Yunxiao from his culture solution, he was nothing short of ecstatic. Wiping that face he had seen umpteen times before with his sleeves, he couldn’t even bring himself to feel nauseous, only anticipation.

He knew that the god of technology had bestowed upon him this gift, for he must cherish it well this time.

It was unbeknownst to them who made the first move, or who’s lips touched the other but the two rolled on top of each other while tearing at the other’s clothes, eager for each other’s touch.

When Feng Sheng became one with Tan Yunxiao’s body, his brain had already been unable to think as he obsessively pressed Tan Yunxiao under him, ignoring the other’s writhing. He did it harshly as he bit down on his shoulder, unwilling to let go.

“fvck, my head hit the headboard of the bed, have you gone mad?”

Feng Sheng was only slightly relieved when he heard Tan Yunxiao reprimanding him, kissing his lover’s collarbone as compensation as he turned his petite partner over so that he was now sitting on top of him.

“What are you doing?” His lover sounded impatient.

“Move yourself.” Feng Sheng had said meekly.

With their lips and lower halves connected, Tan Yunxiao didn’t even have the chance to move twice before he was broken under Feng Sheng’s ministrations and could only lie pliantly on Feng Sheng’s chest and allow the other to move inside him from time to time, with broken moans escaping his lips which only fueled Feng Sheng’s lust.

Unlike previously, this time had been more intense. Chalking it up to the new position, or shift in mood between the both of them, they were both exhausted by the end of it.

The two laid in bed side-by-side, staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily like fishes out of water.

“Ah.” Feng Sheng had broken the silence first. “This isn’t a bad idea dear, to change one’s taste.”

“En, I guess that makes sense.” Tan Yunxiao replied as he turned around, only to see Feng Sheng’s quiet expression.

He smiled silently as his eyes sparkled.


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