Chapter 20: The year 203


On New Year’s Day, Tan Xilu didn’t have many classes at school, so he returned to his apartment early. Next door, Lin Changyu’s family was planning to make dumplings, and they sent Lin Xiaozhi out to buy black vinegar.


When Lin Xiaozhi entered his own apartment with a bottle of black vinegar, Tan Xilu had just woken up in the apartment next door.


Perhaps it was because Xu Huaiming had been taking care of him more comfortably since he returned, but whenever he didn’t have to work, he went to bed early and woke up late.


When he got up and dressed, it was already noon. He walked out of the bedroom, and Xu Huaiming was in the bathroom, putting dirty bedsheets into the washing machine.


Seeing a black skirt in the laundry basket, Tan Xilu’s face turned red.


He had bought it a long time ago for fun, but he had only worn it a few times. After buying it, Xu Huaiming had disappeared.


Yesterday, Xu Huaiming found it while cleaning up the house and insisted that he wear it. He couldn’t refuse, so he put it on.


Although Tan Xilu had gained some weight from being fed so well these days, he was still relatively slim. The black skirt fit him perfectly, and he looked incredibly pretty. 


Tan Xilu’s memory of that moment was asking Xu Huaiming how he looked after he came out of the room.


Xu Huaiming stared at him in a daze and then smiled. He asked, “Has anyone ever seen you like this before?”


“Hmm?” Tan Xilu was puzzled, blinking, and said, “No.”


“Have I seen you like this before?” he asked again.


Tan Xilu pursed his lips, averted his eyes, and somewhat embarrassedly said, “No.”


Xu Huaiming seemed delighted. He stood up from the soft sofa and walked up to Tan Xilu.


Seeing Xu Huaiming approaching, Tan Xilu became even more embarrassed. He had tried on the skirt once when he first bought it, and he felt strange looking at himself in the mirror. He was clearly a man, but he was wearing a skirt. He didn’t know if Xu Huaiming would like it, but he never had a chance to show it to him.


Xu Huaiming reached out and touched Tan Xilu’s face. In the lamplight, Tan Xilu’s eyes seemed to have stars in them, and he looked beautiful.


Xu Huaiming mumbled that it was okay if he hadn’t, then couldn’t control himself any longer and hugged Tan Xilu into the bedroom.


The black skirt was now too dirty to look at, and Tan Xilu walked over, pointed at it, and said, “Don’t bother washing the skirt. Just throw it away; it’s so dirty.”


Xu Huaiming pressed the start button on the washing machine and turned to Tan Xilu, saying, “It’ll be fine once it’s cleaned.”


Tan Xilu looked at him and said, “I’m not going to wear it again.”


“Then just keep it,” Xu Huaiming said as he walked up to Tan Xilu and kissed his cheek.


Tan Xilu said “oh” and blushed deeply.


Xu Huaiming didn’t cook and planned to go out for dinner with Tan Xilu in the afternoon. He had been researching a lot of dating guides online recently, and the one with the most votes was having a candlelit dinner with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Tan Xilu changed into a white down jacket, while Xu Huaiming wore a black one. It happened to match, like couple outfits.


When he was zipping up his jacket, someone knocked on the door. Xu Huaiming opened the door, and Lin Changyu stood there with a plate of dumplings. He said, “We made too many dumplings, so we’re giving you some.”


He looked at Tan Xilu who was getting ready and seemed a bit surprised. Then he glanced at Xu Huaiming and asked, “Are you and Teacher Tan going out?”


Xu Huaiming nodded and said, “We’re planning to go out for dinner.”


“In that case, it’s fine. Dumplings can be kept, and we can have them for dinner later,” Lin Changyu smiled and said.


They would also be having the cake he made later in the evening, Xu Huaiming thought. He hesitated whether to accept the dumplings.


“Sure, we’ll put them in the refrigerator for now. Changyu, your cooking skills are great. We’ll heat them up and enjoy them later,” Tan Xilu came over first and placed the plate on the table. He smiled and thanked Lin Changyu, saying, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome,” Lin Changyu replied.


He stood by the door without leaving. When Tan Xilu came back from the kitchen, he seemed a little surprised. He looked at Tan Xilu and then at Xu Huaiming, asking, “Do you have a moment, Teacher Tan? I’d like to talk to you about something.”


“Sure, go ahead,” Tan Xilu said.


Lin Changyu looked at Tan Xilu, then suddenly changed his mind, shook his head, and said, “Forget it, Teacher Tan. I’ll talk to you in a few days.”


“Uh,” Tan Xilu was puzzled and wanted to ask further, but Xu Huaiming said, “We’re running out of time. Let’s go.”


Tan Xilu finally remembered that they had booked a restaurant that charged by the hour. He acknowledged and followed Xu Huaiming out the door.


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