Chapter 36: Awake Yet Drunk


It was evening, and for once, there was a bit of sunshine. The orange hues spread across the sky, faintly visible through the hospital corridor’s window glass. Only a rough outline could be seen.


A sparrow landed on the branches of the plane tree outside the window, flapping its wings and causing a few dry leaves to fall.


The hospital was crowded with people, and the corridors were bustling with activity. No matter which corridor one walked down, there were people either excited about the birth of a newborn or grieving for the loss of an elderly family member. Hospitals saved lives but also took them. Those who were lucky would escape the gates of death, while the unlucky ones would be sent to the morgue as soon as they left the operating room. As Tan Xilu walked through the hospital, he saw two patients being wheeled out of the operating room and struggling to stand. They had to rely on Xu Huaiming’s support to walk.


Tan Xilu had witnessed death up close only twice in his life. The first time was when he learned of Xu Huaiming’s disappearance, and he went to the scene a few days later. The place was so high that there was almost no chance of survival if a truck overturned there. But they couldn’t find Xu Huaiming, and after Tan Xilu’s initial despair, he reluctantly accepted the likelihood of his death.


The second time was now, when he was facing a person who had been alive and walking in front of him just a few days ago but was now lying on a cold stretcher.


The impact was overwhelming, and Tan Xilu found it difficult to bear.


This was death: merciless, indifferent, and frightening.


The bright light bulb hung above, covered in years of dust, and each time someone cried, the dust would fall, floating in the air.


Tan Xilu, supported by Xu Huaiming, walked slowly towards the operating room. He saw Lin Changyu standing in a daze at the door of the operating room. Lin Xiaozhi was crying beside him, and Lin Manling’s husband was angrily berating the doctors, “I have money! I’ll give you money! How can you not save her? I have money, as much as you need. Save her! Are you just taking money without doing anything? I’ve thrown in hundreds of thousands, and she still couldn’t be saved. Are you all just here for the paycheck?”


The doctor lowered his head and apologized, “I’m sorry, sir, we did our best.”


The man sneered and said, “I don’t care. Yesterday, the nurse said she was recovering well. How could she die so suddenly?”


“Sir…” a nurse said, “It was because the patient was under a lot of stress.”


The implication was that it wasn’t our fault; she went into shock on her own.


The man’s mouth twitched, and he turned to look at Lin Changyu, who had been silent the whole time. He kicked Lin Changyu hard, “You jinx, not only did you kill your dad, you also made Manling die.”


Lin Changyu was kicked into the corner of the wall and groaned in pain.


“Changyu…” Tan Xilu, with a quick reaction, broke free from Xu Huaiming and rushed over to protect Lin Changyu, glaring at the man. “What are you doing?!”


“Who are you? What’s it to you if I educate my son?” The man frowned at Tan Xilu and was about to push him aside.


Before his hand could touch Tan Xilu, someone grabbed his shoulder. Their voice was cold, “Try touching him.”


The person was ice-cold, and the man felt his whole body freezing. He struggled but realized that he couldn’t move a muscle. He couldn’t believe it and turned to look at a very handsome face, but this person was looking down at him with a detached expression, hidden behind a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.


Instinctively, the man was overwhelmed by this person’s aura. He clenched his lips and didn’t dare to move.


Tan Xilu helped Lin Changyu up, and he had fallen quite heavily. The pain made him break out in a cold sweat, and Lin Xiaozhi, who had been crying for her mother, had now switched to crying for her brother, “Brother.”


Lin Changyu touched her head and said, “Brother is fine. Don’t cry, little bean.”


Lin Xiaozhi heard him and wanted to cry but was afraid to cry, her face was streaked with two teardrops, wet and beautiful, and her small face was wrinkled.


Lin Changyu took a deep breath, and the man had gone too far. His business had indeed encountered problems in recent years, and he urgently needed a large sum of money to tide over the situation. So he set his sights on the dying Lin Manling.


Lin Manling had said that she had helped him before, but he was too greedy, like a bottomless pit. Lin Manling felt that she couldn’t let this continue and decided to leave the money to her two sons, at least to ensure that they would have enough to eat and drink for the rest of their lives, instead of seeing the money being squandered.


Lin Changyu had initially found it strange. After all, they were still husband and wife, why would Lin Manling do this? But he could never understand Lin Manling’s mind. For example, when she remarried, she could have left her ex-husband’s son and married the wealthy man alone, but she still brought him along, ensuring he didn’t become an orphan. But when her new husband abused him, she turned a blind eye.


So he felt both grateful and resentful towards this woman.


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