Chapter 2 – Family's Daily Routine*

Zhong Lan is pregnant again. This is to be expected because as long as Zheng Tianyi wants for it to happen, Zhong Lan can’t help but to cave under his requests.

It’s just that this time, Zhong Lan has to take care of two children, instead of one. Zheng Tianyi has always been a bastard, insistent on wanting to expand the family and adamant on doing it with him several times a night, every night – even refusing to pull out after. Meanwhile, there is also the pitiful Zhong Ning who waits for Zhong Lan to tell him bedtime stories every night.

There is no child who does not like sweet or candy-flavoured pheromones, but Zheng Tianyi has always been possessive and monopolizing of his mother so Zhong Ning could only quietly climb into Zhong Lan’s when everyone else is sound asleep at night.

At first, it was peaceful. But after, little Zhong Ning had a revelation. This isn’t right at all. This is my mother, mine. In the future, there’ll be more children who will fight over him. If I don’t snatch up all the attention now, I will become the lowest priority ranking member in my family! So Zhong Ning began coming up with plans to steal his mother away from his father.

The struggle starts early in the morning, when little Zhong Ning finds himself back in his own room when he gets up in the morning. Zhong Lan is sitting on the side of his bed as he arranges his son’s clothes. He’s been pregnant for more than four months, and the bulge of his lower abdomen is clearly visible. Zhong Ning rubbed his eyes and sat up, reaching his hands to Zhong Lan for a hug and kiss. Zhong Lan smiled at the gesture and was about to reciprocate when the door slammed open, and there stood Zheng Tianyi outside with an unhappy expression.

“Is it so difficult for you to get up? If you can’t catch the school bus, you have to walk to school by yourself.”

Zhong Lan realized that even Zhen Tianyi could get jealous of his own son, so he immediately got up to console him, only kissing Zhong Ning’s cheek after he left.

Little Zhong Ning failed to act like a baby for the first time. As he sat in the school bus, the other children haplessly sang school songs with the teacher while Zhong Ning lowered his head for a long time without a peep of noise. His classmates who sat on his table only watched him and stopped talking as well.

In class, the teacher taught everyone how to make handcrafted roses. Zhong Ning studied hard and wanted to go home and give one to Zhong Lan, but his handiwork wasn’t the best, compared to the rose bouquet that Zheng Tianyi often gave to Zhong Lan. In fact, the roses on the bouquet were always gorgeous and you could even smell the flowers inside the house from far away.

Throwing the origami flowers he folded into the waste paper bin, he carried a small stool and sat near the door, looking up at the sky listlessly. One of his deskmates noticed his lonely self and picked up the crumpled little flower from the trash can. Placing it in his pocket, he dragged another stool and sat next to Zhong Ning.

“What’s with you today?”

“My mother doesn’t love me anymore.”

“No way, your mother doesn’t love you? I love you! I’ll give my flower to you.”

“Ah. Thank you.”

“En… My grandpa knows how to make cookies. They are very delicious. Do you want to come to my house to play?”


“Yay! Okay! Let me tell you, my house has…”

Zhong Ning, who had been in good company for the entire afternoon, was in a good mood. He made a promise with his deskmate to visit him during the weekends and returned home with a bounce in his step.

As soon as he entered the house, he put down his schoolbag and rushed to the kitchen to share the rose he had been given with Zhong Lan, but was frightened by what he saw instead.

The kitchen was filled with the scent of sweet chocolate pheromones and Zheng Tianyi had Zhong Lan pressed on the edge of the table, one hand wrapped protectively around Zhong Lan’s belly while the other was on his neck, forcing the other to kiss him. The half-decorated cupcakes on the table had been messily pushed aside and scattered.

Zheng Tianyi opened his eyes slightly to glance at Zhong Ning, only making an impatient ‘tsk’ before letting go of Zhong Lan, a thin thread of saliva snapping between them. During his pregnancy, Zhong Lan felt more emotional, and after being suffocated by Zheng Tianyi’s kiss, his face flushed easily. Turning to see Zhong Ning still standing at the door, he felt a bit at a loss.

Zhong Ning who stood by the door experienced a small change in his expression, his round eyes filled with tears and the corners of his mouth were pulled down, and he was about to cry out. Zheng Tianyi however, was quicker to react. Grabbing the cupcakes on the table, he carried some close to his chest while using his other hand to drag his kid out of the kitchen by the back of his collar, as one would with a cat or puppy. After half a minute, a loud cry sounded from the living room.

In the end, poor Zhong Ning was compensated with a bedtime story, but it was a pity that the story was not told by Zhong Lan.

The child went to take a bath, and strangely didn’t make a fuss while watching cartoons earlier in the evening, hugging his baby sea otter plushie as he shrank into his blanket. The door opened, and he blinked at the stars at the corner of his vision only to see Zheng Tianyi walk in with a gloomy face holding a children’s storybook… Half a minute later, Zhong Lan, who was clearing up the tableware in the kitchen, suddenly heard an earth-shattering cry again…

After Zhong Lan was done cleaning up the living room, he returned to the master bedroom to prepare to rest. Zheng Tianyi, who had come out of Zhong Ning’s room, stood on the balcony smoking a cigarette. When he noticed Zhong Lan entering, he extinguished the cigarette and peeled the wrapper off a piece of chocolate and popped it inside his mouth.

“Has Ningning already fallen asleep?” Zhong Lan circled his arms around Zheng Tianyi’s neck, his nose twitched at the remaining smell of smoke on the other’s clothes and frowned.

“I’m guessing probably not yet.” Zheng Tianyi rested one of his hands on Zhong Lan’s waist while the other was already on his back.

“I see… go wash up.”

In the bathroom, Zheng Tianyi turned on the heater and faucet to start the bath. When half the bathtub was filled, he stripped Zhong Lan of his clothes and placed him inside. Zhong Lan himself was a very lean person, but in addition to that, it was not easy for fat to accumulate in him due to his alpha physique so the four-month-old swell in his belly was very prominent.

Steam rose from the bathwater, and the whole room gave off a steamy atmosphere. Zheng Tianyi, who was sitting at the edge of the bathtub, scooped hot water from the tub and poured it over Zhong Lan’s chest again and again. The rivulets of water running down felt comfortable, but it left more to be desired.

Changing his posture, Zhong Lan laid his head on Zheng Tianyi’s lap, rubbing his face on the majestic bulge to greet whatever was hidden underneath it.

“Hmm? Does it taste that good?” Zheng Tianyi always had a way of spitting provocations when he was bullying Zhong Lan, but perhaps he did not expect for Zhong Lan to pick up his habit of doing so.

Zhong Lan’s face was already slightly red from the steaming heat, but he raised his head and replied to Zheng Tianyi.

“I’m just more used to eating it from the back, so I didn’t have a chance to taste it yet.”

Zheng Tianyi felt the blue veins from his lower half throbbing, holding down Zhong Lan’s head, he freed the thing from his pants. The c0ck that was close to Zhong Lan hit his face, bouncing off it a few times. Its weight hurt him a little.

“Alright, now that you have the chance to, take some initiative and do it on your own. Let me reward you, so you can eat and taste it all you want!”
Zheng Tianyi found a more comfortable place to lean on and Zhong Lan only cursed in a low voice with a smirk.

“My husband’s too kind, thank you husband.”

Lowering his face, he started to lick the c0ckhead.

Although it always feels good to have sex with Zheng Tianyi, thinking about the shameful compromises he has to make still causes him to grind his teeth in hate. However, it is also why Zhong Lan feels so turned on this time round.

After a while, Zhong Lan began to realize how difficult it was to actually suck his husband off. Zheng Tianyi was too big, and no matter how he licked or sucked, there was no way to take care of the whole length at once, and the meatstick hasn’t reacted at all ever since he started. Zhong Lan began to grow impatient and secretly glanced at Zheng Tianyi, only to find that the other party had been looking at him with a smug expression. He didn’t want to pretend any longer, so he stood up, hovering over the other and bit his bottom lip.

“Can’t do it anymore? Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Zheng Tianyi reached out behind him to spread his ass and touch his pu/ssy. After thrusting his fingers inside, he slowly pushed his meatstick, thrusting in a regular rhythm. Although his husband’s mouth earlier felt comfortable too, it couldn’t possibly compare to the softness and wetness of his pu/ssy.

“Uh… Ah… ah ah… slow down… feels good…” Zhong Lan’s mouth still tasted like c0ck, and thinking about the vigorous pistoning behind him made him imagine if his mouth was just another fvckhole. Like a mouth, his pu/ssy spasmed unconsciously around the meatstick, suckling as if it were like a mouth.

It was a fact that Zheng Tianyi was better at his job than Zhong Lan as it didn’t take long for the meatstick to grow harder and bigger as he was about to cum. Just when Zhong Lan was about to squeeze down and prepare to receive a spurt of hot cum, Zheng Tianyi suddenly left him empty and came inside his mouth instead, much to Zhong Lan’s confusion.

“Swallow it. If you even think about spitting it out, I won’t let you get out of bed today!”

Zhong Lan looked up pitifully at Zheng Tianyi, doubtful that he would let him go even if he was obedient, however, his throat moved first and he swallowed. After gulping it down, he deliberately opened his mouth to show the other proof of his action.

Zheng Tianyi had always liked seeing Zhong Lan crying as he crawls into his arms, so as long as Zhong Lan remains playful like this, he would always assume that the other has not been fvcked enough, so the second round of sex continued at the sink. 

As for our little Zhong Ning, who has suffered a series of losses, could only be frustrated. He didn’t think he could come between his parents when they showed their affections toward each other, so now all he could hope to do was to quickly grow up and find his own significant other.

“Hmph, I will also one day show off my love with my wife in the future!” The child covered himself under the blankets and angrily turned off the lamp.



T/L notes: I think there’s a new steamy extra that the author just posted, perhaps I’ll look into that soon. Btw, dad is so childish that even his poor son has to compete with him for mom’s attention kek. Hopefully little Zhong Ning grows up fast and moves out soon, let’s cheer him on!! Personally, I don’t think I could stand listening to my parents being touchy-feely every day around the house O.o

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