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Zhong Lan’s second child was a sweet girl named Zheng Zhen. She had big, beautiful eyes just like Zhong Lan. Zheng Tianyi held her gently after she was born. Her birth greatly eased Zheng Tianyi and Zhong Ning tense relationship –  as he would soon be too busy playing with his sister instead of seeking out Zhong Lan’s attention.

Zheng Zhen is five years old now. After more than a year of “negotiating”, Zheng Tianyi has finally agreed to let Zhong Lan go out to work. Zhong Lan has always dreamed of opening a dessert shop, and naturally Zheng Tianyi let him realize this dream of his.

Today was Halloween and Zhong Lan got up early this morning thinking about preparing a special cake. Reminiscing of past days, it seems he and Zheng Tianyi have been together for many years already but that animal’s interest in him hasn’t diminished one bit, in fact, he had been getting more naughty with his ways.

Zhong Lan went downstairs wearing a loose nightgown. When Zheng Zhen saw her father, she rushed over, demanding a hug. Zhong Lan complied. Under his robe, his swollen nipple that Zheng Tianyi had caused had inadvertently rubbed at where they both hugged, giving him goosebumps.

After packing the breakfast and school supplies of his two children, the driver sent them to school. Zhong Lan whipped together a cake according to the recipe and placed the batter in the oven. Today, he needed to make the cakes at home, which means that he will be alone with Zheng Tianyi for the rest of the day. Thinking back to the past that were filled with days like these, Zhong Lan sped up his movements. He had to quickly finish whatever he was doing before Zheng Tianyi woke up so he could prevent that animal from attempting anything during the day.

When he first had this thought, Zhong Lan was surprised. After being together for so long, their routine had become so familiar to him that such a thing would turn up in his mind.

While preparing the melted chocolate, the room permeated with the scent of chocolate. That was when Zheng Tianyi finally came downstairs. The first thing he did was walk into the kitchen and hug Zhong Lan’s waist from behind.

Zhong Lan scooped a bit of the melted chocolate with his fingers and brought it to Zheng Tianyi’s mouth for a taste. His brows knitted together as it was too sweet for his tastes so Zhong Lan withdrew his fingers and stuck them in his own mouth, eating the remaining chocolate he had been feeding Zheng Tianyi.

Zheng Tianyi watched Zhong Lan’s fingers going inside before withdrawing from his lips, those lips that were slightly pink and swollen. Recalling the thicker appendage other than his fingers that were also thrust in and out of that same place last night caused Zheng Tianyi’s naughty hands to wander again.

Last night when they both went to bed, he had been stripped naked. Zheng Tianyi did not allow him to wear clothes when they were alone, but since he had to take care of the children when morning came, Zheng Tianyi had bought him a loose silk robe that was much too easy to peel off. In the present, Zheng Tianyi was not in a hurry to take off those clothes. Holding Zhong Lan’s bottom half through his clothes with one of his large hands, he caressed his nipple with the other. Zhong Lan paused for a second, he was just about to decorate the cake earlier.

“Go on then, let me see how the patisserie chef usually works.” The movements of his hands did not stop while telling the other to continue, kneading those nipples through his clothes until they stood upright as his head was buried in the crook of his neck, nibbling on his ears. Zhong Lan endured the pleasure, barely making any progress on the cake. He had planned to make a glazed icing to go with some biscuit crumbling but it seems there was an excess of cream.

“What should we do if there’s still so much of this left? Should we just throw it away? But that’ll be such a waste, babe. I’ll give you a hand too, take off your clothes.” Looking at the unused cream still sitting on the bottom of the large mixing bowl, Zheng Tianyi felt that it was time for him to mess with his lover again. He turned the person below him around and reached towards his lips.

“…..” Animals won’t be called animals without any reason, as they’re bound to reveal their true nature some day. He’s learnt his lesson from before, so Zhong Lan had already cleaned up the table, leaving only the extra leftover ingredients before simply taking off his robe and underwear, looking at the other with provocatively.

Zheng Tianyi lifted him onto the table and glanced at his bare skin. Zhong Lan subconsciously wanted to cover it all up with his hands but Zheng Tianyi lifted them over his head and tied it with a ribbon. Then, he began to wipe the whipped cream all over his body, getting it all over his face, collarbones and chest, not even sparing his nose or the corners of his lips. Strawberries were also placed on the slightly hardened mounds on his chest, making them look like small cakes from a distance.

After the decoration of his upper body was roughly finished, Zheng Tianyi still had some plans for his lower half. The chocolate sauce which had just been melted down was still warm so Zheng Tianyi grabbed Zhong Lan’s half-hard member he had just touched and allowed it to sink a little into the bowl. The temperature of its contents had been a little higher than his body and it instantly enveloped Zhong Lan. He felt a surge of pleasure rushing to his head despite it not being enough to wrap around his entire shaft. The slanted bowl was then tipped over, allowing its contents to trickle down his perineum. Zheng Tianyi spread the flower petals located there with his two fingers, allowing some chocolate to sink inside and envelope them. Curling his toes, Zhong Lan couldn’t bear it anymore and squirmed away. He wanted to stop.

“You… hurry up… uhu…” Zhong Lan hoped that Zheng Tianyi would stop his torturous teasing soon. It was a pity the other had no such intention. Instead, he brought out some baby corn and carrots that were to be used to make salad from the fridge. The corn wasn’t thick but it was about the length of a middle finger while the carrots were thicker while not as lengthy.

Before going to bed yesterday, Zheng Tianyi had taken advantage of his tiredness and helped him to wash his privates. The baby corn and carrots were stuffed into his backhole little by little with the help of the cream as lube. The ridges of the corn against his body were not too light or rough, making Zhong Lan feel a little anxious, both physically and mentally.

“It’s okay babe, I’ll touch you soon.” Zheng Tianyi leaned down against Zhong Lan as he kissed his eyes.

“You should take a look at yourself right now. It’s even prettier than an omega in heat.” It was unknown if it was because they had been doing it too frequently or if it was due to the procedure from before but Zhong Lan’s body was now extremely sensitive.

Zheng Tianyi licked the cream from the tip of Zhong Lan’s nose, leaving reddened marks on the corners of his lips and neck before arriving at the small cakes. Zhong Lan’s chest were as plump as other breast-feeding omegas but the condition of his nipples were purely due to being bullied by Zheng Tianyi.

“Ah, no… Tianyi, it hurts… uhu don’t bite… ah, you can lick them, don’t…”

The small ‘cakes’ were bitten one by one. After the cream was swiped off them, the nipples were bitten, pulled and suckled on. Zhong Lan was tormented by both pain and pleasure. He wanted to wrap his arms around Zheng Tianyi’s neck, but his hands had been tied up and he was unable to move. After having his fill of bullying him, Zheng Tianyi pulled away as a line of silver formed where they had parted. He licked his lips.

Zhong Lan felt he could cum just from this, but the sticky chocolate sauce on his body had blocked his front and he couldn’t release it. He could only continue to suffer for now, but that’s okay because zheng Tianyi would take care of him soon.

His member that was covered in chocolate sauce had been standing upright but Zheng Tianyi took his time. He didn’t touch it, instead opting to tease his pu/ssy first.

“Babe, eating chocolate on its own is far too sweet. I want to pair it with some condiments. You can squeeze them out through some hard work right?” Although his ass, which had been filled with corn and carrots were not as big as Zheng Tianyi’s meatstick even if combined, it was still difficult to remove without some external help.

“Tianyi… help me… I feel so strange… wuu…” Repeatedly contracting his sphincter muscles didn’t do much, instead he only felt the ridges of the objects trapped in his body more vividly, which only increased his desire to orga-m.

“Don’t you dare try to get off right now. Here, I’ll help you get them out.” Suddenly, Zheng Tianyi picked him up and raised his butt into a shameful position. The carrot that had been peeking out of his hole was pressed back inside by Zheng Tianyi.

“En ah, ahh… uhuu..” In order to end this quickly, Zhong Lan could only hang on and continue to work hard. The change in position had indeed made it easier to expel the objects inside him. Soon, the condiments popped out one by one. Suddenly, Zhong Lan realized that the mirror on the opposite cabinet clearly reflected both their silhouettes, exposing him and giving a lustful show of the Zheng Tianyi holding him as the condiments fell to the floor one by one.

After the stuffings in his hole had been cleared, Zheng Tianyi pulled out his hardened c0ck and pressed it inside him to ensure that there was nothing left inside. After thrusting a few times, he shot his load inside.

“Don’t let it spill!” After pulling his c0ck out, Zheng Tianyi carried Zhong Lan onto one of the high swivel chairs and asked him to hug his legs while spreading his thighs to reveal his bussy. He then turned on the camera on his phone and pointed it between his legs.

The chocolate sauce had smudged all over, making him look like a three-year-old who was caught stealing candy.

“Now, push it all out from your ass.” Zheng Tianyi only sat down behind the camera as he masturbated to Zhong Lan after giving the order. Zhong Lan could only reach his hand out and spread his hole with two fingers. The semen inside couldn’t wait to escape and Zhong Lan dug deeply into himself with one finger to try and scoop it out. Zhong Lan lowered his head and his long lashes drooped down, looking somewhat picturesque in the video.

After spreading his ass open, Zhong Lan touched his pu/ssy again, parting the fleshy petals. Zhong Lan felt a bit awkward, the chocolate sauce was very sticky and it couldn’t be completely cleaned by just wiping it with his hands. Raising his head, Zhong Lan blushed and asked Zheng Tianyi, “I can’t clean it all, will you lick it for me?”

Zheng Tianyi’s c0ck hardened again as he smiled and walked closer with his camera in hand. He put his face close to his pu/ssy and gave it a sniff.

“Smells just as sweet as its owner. Hold it open yourself.”

Zhong Lan pulled open the plump flaps of his pu/ssy with both hands so Zheng Tianyi could lick it with his tongue. The hole was repeatedly licked, mouthed and stimulated. After a while, he squirted, covering Zheng Tianyi’s face with obscene fluids as the other didn’t have enough time to move away. As a reward, Zheng Tianyi inserted his c0ck shallowly inside the hole before cumming inside again.

Zhong Lan had still been dazed by the pleasure of his release and messily asked Zheng Tianyi to help clean up the chocolate sauce that was still clinging onto the mouth of his c0ckhead. Zheng Tianyi enveloped Zhong Lan’s member in one gulp and sucked on it hard, causing Zhong Lan to immediately shoot out inside his mouth. Before Zhong Lan could react, Zheng Tianyi swallowed without much thought and raised his head to invite Zhong Lan into a kiss.

The two lingered under the camera’s gaze for a while before Zheng Tinayi turned off his phone and carried him to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Zheng Tianyi didn’t bully Zhong Lan anymore for the first time, and only filled the bath with warm water for him. Zhong Lan was exhausted and slept in Zheng Tianyi’s arms. The kitchen was now a mess and the only thing that could be salvaged were the cakes that he had placed in the fridge in advance. Fortunately, it was still long before the children came back from school, which was just enough time for Zhong Lan to clean up.

In the evening, Zheng Zhen and Zhong Ning both dressed up as ghosts and ran around the house. Zhong Lan had no strength to accompany them, instead, after dinner, Zheng Tianyi’s assistant took the children out for trick-or-treating. Lying on the sofa with Zhong Lan, Zheng Tianyi cuddled him as he gently massaged Zhong Lan’s back, aiding him in the better digestion of their earlier meal. Zhong Lan gradually fell asleep to the scent of Zheng Tianyi, and thus did his invigorating day end just like this (?)

T/L notes: Before I say anything else, uh… be sure to never place anything sweet near your bottom cavities… especially the front one, cause it can cause some pretty nasty yeast infections, and as for the back hole, never place objects that can’t be easily fished out with string or a handle cause like… it can get lost there, which could result in a very… unforgettable trip to the ER. Assorted baby carrots and corns are just a few examples.

Anywoots, I hope you enjoyed this chapter because I had a heck of a time going through it haha d(*-*)b

I hadn’t expected to get this many views, and I would like to thank my friend for letting me host my translations on her site. She encouraged me to do stuff that I hadn’t had the motivation/ courage to do, plus she also guided me along the way. Thanks Mochi :D!!
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