Chen Yuncheng parked the car in the parking space on the side of the road, turned off the engine, and quietly looked at the gate of the restaurant in front of him.

       By now, it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. From time to time, customers who had just finished eating came out at the entrance of the restaurant, stood on the side of the road and chatted for a while, and then left separately.

       Chen Yuncheng had came to pick up Ning Junyan. Today Ning Junyan and his department were having a dinner party together. Chen Yuncheng recalled the time when he and Ning Junyan met on KTV. Later, he thought it was very strange and asked why Ning Junyan went to KTV. Ning Junyan told him that it was a department dinner party.

       Ning Junyan might not have many friends, but he has a job, colleagues, and normal social interactions.

       The weather was already very cold, Chen Yuncheng only opened the car window a crack, but he could still feel the cold wind blowing in. He was wearing the down jacket that Ning Junyan gave him last year, and stared at the bright lights of the restaurant in front of him in a daze.

       He didn’t call Ning Junyan and waited quietly for three or four minutes. He then saw Ning Junyan come out of the place, and a young man was with him.

       Ning Junyan was only wearing a sweater, and his coat was hanging on his arm. The man beside him was a few centimetres shorter than him, but he was still tall. He wore glasses, his skin was very fair, and his features looked very handsome under the orange light.

       Chen Yuncheng saw the man pulling Ning Junyan’s arm, leaned into his ear and said something.

       Ning Junyan listened patiently, then nodded.

       After the man finished speaking, he showed a faint smile. He suddenly reached out to grab the coat on Ning Junyan’s arm, and it looked like he wanted Ning Junyan to put it on.

       But at this time Ning Junyan saw Chen Yuncheng’s car parked on the side of the road, he avoided the man’s movements and walked towards Chen Yuncheng.

       Ning Junyan opened the passenger seat’s door, bent down and asked, “When did you arrive?”

       Chen Yuncheng answered him with a smile, “Just now.”

       Ning Junyan sat in.

       Chen Yuncheng noticed that the man was still standing there, just looking in their direction.

       He asked Ning Junyan, “Aren’t you cold?”

       Ning Junyan replied, “I’m not cold.”

       After Chen Yuncheng started the car, he still turned on the air conditioning1his car has a heating function also in the car, then parked on the side of the road and asked, “Don’t you need to say goodbye to your colleague?”

       Ning Junyan said, “You drive over there, and I’ll talk to him.”

       Chen Yuncheng drove the car forward slowly and stepped on the brake at the restaurant entrance.

       Ning Junyan pressed the passenger window, “I’m going back first.”

       The young man smiled, his eyes fell on Chen Yuncheng, and he asked, “Your friend, Senior?”

       Before Ning Junyan could speak, Chen Yuncheng took the initiative to greet him, “Yes, hello.”

       The young man nodded, “Take care and be careful on the road.”

       Chen Yuncheng drove away in the car.

       Until the car passed two intersections, Chen Yuncheng found that Ning Junyan beside him was still very silent. While waiting for the red light, he turned his head to look at him and asked, “What’s the matter? Not happy with the dinner?”

       Ning Junyan drank some wine at night, although not much, his breath still smelled of alcohol, his voice was deeper than usual, and he said, “You look at him for too long.”

       “Who?” Chen Yuncheng was stunned for a moment, and after a while, he realised, “Your junior?”

       Ning Junyan looked at him and said nothing.

       The red light had turned green by this time.

       Chen Yuncheng continued to drive the car forward, smiled and said, “Isn’t that your junior? He called you senior, right?”

       Ning Junyan didn’t speak.

       As if Chen Yuncheng was making small talk while driving, “Your junior looks really good-looking. What’s his name?”

       Ning Junyan still didn’t answer.

       Chen Yuncheng took time to look at Ning Junyan and saw that his eyes were closed and his head was leaning against the car window. Chen Yuncheng thought that perhaps he was not feeling well after drinking, so he didn’t talk to him anymore and drove the car home quietly.

       When the car parked in the underground parking lot and Chen Yuncheng was about to open the door to get out of the car, Ning Junyan grabbed his hand and called, “Wife.”

       When he heard Ning Junyan’s soft voice, Chen Yuncheng turned around, looked at him closer, and asked, “Are you feeling unwell?”

       Ning Junyan nodded, “A kiss to make me better.”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help laughing, kissed him quickly on the lips, and asked, “Better?”

       Ning Junyan said, “A little better.” He opened the passenger door and got out of the car.

       When Chen Yuncheng saw that Ning Junyan’s coat was still hanging on his arm, he walked up to Ning Junyan, reached out to help him put it on, and went home with him.

       As soon as he opened the door with the key, Chen Yuncheng was pushed to the back. Since his feet were unsteady, he stumbled two steps forward. Chen Yuncheng was instantly annoyed and raised his voice, “Ning Junyan!”

       Ning Junyan followed behind him. After entering, he forcefully closed the door, grabbed Chen Yuncheng’s arm, pressed him against the wall, and kissed him.

       Chen Yuncheng smelled the alcohol on his breath and couldn’t help but push him. He tried to turn his head and said, “Go take a bath first.”

       Ning Junyan’s lips trailed over, “fvck you first.”

       Warm palms stretched in from the hem of Chen Yuncheng’s clothes and slowly moved up against the skin of his waist, but the heavy down jacket blocked him, so Ning Junyan began to pull his clothes impatiently.

       Chen Yuncheng was frightened, “Don’t tear my clothes, they are very expensive!”

       Ning Junyan didn’t seem to hear it.

       Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to say again, “It’s the clothes you gave me!”

       Ning Junyan finally stopped and said very unhappily, “Take it off yourself.”

       Chen Yuncheng wanted to change places, but Ning Junyan trapped him in the middle with both arms, only allowing him to take off his clothes and not letting him leave. Chen Yuncheng had no choice but to lean against the wall and remove the down jacket, leaving a thin T-shirt inside. He grabbed the hem with some hesitation, looked up at Ning Junyan, and said, “It’s cold.”

       They had just come in, and the air conditioning in the house hadn’t even been turned on.

       Ning Junyan said coldly, “Weak.” Then he picked him up and walked into the room.

       Chen Yuncheng was thrown on the bed forcefully by Ning Junyan. He then turned on the air conditioning in the room and pressed himself up to Chen Yuncheng again.


       The two crowded their bodies in the not-so-spacious shower room to rinse their bodies clean.

       When they returned to the bed, Chen Yuncheng almost fell head first, not wanting to move.

       Ning Junyan hugged him from behind, repeatedly kissing his cheek and neck without feeling bored.

       Chen Yuncheng almost closed his eyes when he suddenly remembered something and asked Ning Junyan, “Is he in the same department as you?”

       Ning Junyan said, “Who?”

       Chen Yuncheng said, “Your junior.” He suddenly remembered that since that guy was Ning Junyan’s junior, he probably studied in the same major as him and would be in the same department.

       There was no emotion in Ning Junyan’s tone as he said, “Yes.”

       With an “Oh”, Chen Yuncheng turned over to face Ning Junyan and hugged him, then raised his head and kissed his lips after a while.

       Ning Junyan asked, “Still want more?”

       Chen Yuncheng couldn’t help laughing and said, “No, you’ve already satisfied me. Let’s go to bed.”

The author has something to say:
Saw Weibo comments. There are some readers wanted to see Chen Yuncheng jealous.

Bruh, but it looks like Ning Junyan was the one that was more jealous instead

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